Clouded Leopards: Modern Day Saber-Tooths

The clouded leopard is one of the most adorable predators in the world, but unfortunately, they are also one of the most poached.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Creepy Hair Sniffer

    Creepy Hair SnifferDay ago

    holy crap I had no idea their canines were that long...

  2. Va Ra

    Va Ra2 days ago

    INDONESIA Animal😘

  3. Kevin Estrada

    Kevin Estrada6 days ago

    They killed me so many times in farcry 4.

  4. Russia Did It

    Russia Did It6 days ago

    Cougars? They try to roar. Why cant they just identify as bit cats?

  5. Nasko Mitrov

    Nasko Mitrov7 days ago

    They are so cute, can i get one for myself, or even 2 so one day, I'll have an army from cute cats

  6. LucidJoe

    LucidJoe8 days ago

    TCM has roots in indigenous medicine from a time where people lived in rural, and impoverished places, but China has developed massively since the 20th century and they have access to evidence based medicine, yet still a market niche exists where people choose to believe that rhino horns (made out of the same stuff as our own fingernails), etc somehow cure cancer. If only the super duper magical animal part they use in their traditional medicine happened to be "the hind feathers off a rooster's rump" rather than some of the most endangered animals on the planet.

  7. Mr Opuntia

    Mr Opuntia10 days ago

    Flipping poachers and those stupid herbalist buggers. I hate those people...

  8. Aeturnalis

    Aeturnalis10 days ago

    Every time I hear about a beautiful animal being poached by backwoods idiots, it drives me one step closer to moving to the mountains with a rifle to hunt poachers. Also, if I catch someone wearing leopard fur, you can guarantee they're getting pistol whipped into a coma.

  9. 长者居中

    长者居中10 days ago

    Distribution and habitat shown here are WRONG.

  10. Captain Vanador

    Captain Vanador10 days ago

    Clouded leopards probably have one of the coolest coats of any animal

  11. Heywood Jablome

    Heywood Jablome11 days ago

    They rook dericious.

  12. Jf H

    Jf H11 days ago

    I want one.

  13. Marc T

    Marc T11 days ago

    There's honestly nothing more disgusting in this world than "traditional asian medicine".

  14. Dariyon the Clouded leopard

    Dariyon the Clouded leopard11 days ago

    I'm a Clouded Leopard.

  15. Huck Finn

    Huck Finn13 days ago

    I'm not one of those PETA freaks ,more concerned about animals than people ,but if I saw someone shoot one of these I can honestly say I would not feel guilty for killing the poacher

  16. davidcr

    davidcr8 days ago

    Well, poacher's aren't people, they're just criminals, a pest that needs to be erradicated.

  17. John Klenck

    John Klenck13 days ago

    My cat doesn't purr, I have no idea why?

  18. Peeple Eeter

    Peeple Eeter14 days ago

    Is it bad that I want horrible things to happen to poachers? Like awful things. Like drawn out agony. Like the kind of stuff that makes you wish for something as sweet as pain.

  19. Peter Smythe

    Peter Smythe14 days ago

    Elephant seals have pretty sabre-y teeth.


    WAVY WANTED14 days ago

    damn this is shit

  21. Imran Nawaz

    Imran Nawaz15 days ago

    If you don’t wanna eat it don’t poach it.Simple

  22. Azra Sashima

    Azra Sashima18 days ago

    am i the only one who thinks that thumbnail looking like the leopard is vomiting?

  23. doland trump

    doland trump22 days ago

    Leopard can't roar

  24. TheKellin1

    TheKellin124 days ago

    Oh. My.Gosh! They are gorgeous!!!!

  25. Charlotte Hackman

    Charlotte Hackman29 days ago

    i am a person from south america and jaguars have been poached

  26. Jorn Navarre

    Jorn Navarre29 days ago

    Borneo is in the middle of an animal apocalypse. Palm oil plantations are destroying rain forest areas at an horrific rate.

  27. Raven Kit

    Raven KitMonth ago

    Nature's revenge = CORONA

  28. Hame Boater

    Hame BoaterMonth ago

    Beautiful cat

  29. Dwi Andika

    Dwi AndikaMonth ago

    “Often accidentally killing the female while mating” thats some hardcore shit

  30. Thomas Love

    Thomas LoveMonth ago

    Hi my name is Thomas Love my favorite medium sized Wildcat is mountain lions ; Florida Panthers; Eastern Cougar. Can you talk about that on your animalocgy please

  31. Kidnoff

    KidnoffMonth ago

    Of course they are rare now, the male accidently kill the female during reproduction...

  32. Makemedinner 0

    Makemedinner 0Month ago

    Lets start poaching the poachers and use their skin as coats.

  33. anirudh sharma

    anirudh sharmaMonth ago

    Pine Marten! Can you cover them next of you haven't already?

  34. orbitalsatellite

    orbitalsatelliteMonth ago

    A female David Attenborough in the making, WITH a gift for illustration.

  35. Pule Ne,ih

    Pule Ne,ihMonth ago


  36. Jay Lone Wolf

    Jay Lone WolfMonth ago

    "This cat is at home in the rugged terrain of Kyrat. Mountain or river, it climbs trees and hides in tall grass, serving as an example to the Royal Army that nothing should ever block them from their goal."

  37. Phobos95

    Phobos95Month ago

    3:32 if a Clouded Leopard can ask for consent so can you

  38. leopard tiger

    leopard tigerMonth ago

    Shoot the poachers... Chinese are encouraging poaching they eat tiger leopard parts... One day soon world will be full of humans no tres no animals

  39. Sugarfox25 AJ

    Sugarfox25 AJMonth ago


  40. Cupid Love

    Cupid LoveMonth ago

    I want do a massacre on who do this Traditional medicine


    MANGO EARTHMMonth ago

    - MANGO EARTHM'S [989] Matthew 13:30-32 [989]

  42. Kristina Paxton

    Kristina PaxtonMonth ago

    Kakapoo! Do that next :)

  43. hamdija nukic

    hamdija nukicMonth ago

    i like her.. :)

  44. Jen O'Hogan

    Jen O'HoganMonth ago

    The unfortunate reality of poaching is (aside from the obvious), most do it only to feed their families due to a lack of other work or lack of skill set to find other work. Let's blame the governments for lack of support, resources and education, not the individuals. There's always more to the story than meets the eye and it's easy to judge. There's needs to be more questions asked, like why are they poaching. The whole situation it crappy for animal and poacher.

  45. davidcr

    davidcr8 days ago

    Oh come on. The "I need to feed my family" excuse is just bullshit here. There are tons of jobs which aren't criminal activities which can be done by anyone if the really are concerned about feeding their families. That's just like saying that drug cartels are on that just to feed their families and not because of the easy money.

  46. Dhivaan Salig

    Dhivaan SaligMonth ago

    Hi Danielle, I'm just wondering, what is your spirit animal?

  47. Nihat Fettahoglu

    Nihat FettahogluMonth ago


  48. Salomao Davi

    Salomao DaviMonth ago

    Nice skin coaaaaatt I want two ahahahah

  49. Taste of Flava

    Taste of FlavaMonth ago

    Beautiful creatures!

  50. Turbo Dreadnought Beats

    Turbo Dreadnought BeatsMonth ago

    Let people own them as pets and they won't go extinct

  51. Gabriel Grasso

    Gabriel GrassoMonth ago

    What about the formosan clouded leopard

  52. James Benton Ticer

    James Benton TicerMonth ago

    Please do the Sandhill Crane next :)

  53. Wanda Layne

    Wanda LayneMonth ago

    The blue tigers

  54. Santosh Kumar

    Santosh Kumar2 months ago

    Hindi me dikhao thank you

  55. Jasmine Gallagher

    Jasmine Gallagher2 months ago

    I read all of Bobby's message. Learned a lot

  56. Ashwathama

    Ashwathama2 months ago

    Clouded leopards are found in my state in india

  57. Tyer Isi

    Tyer Isi2 months ago

    Kita harus bangga punya hewan sekeren ini di indonesia kita tercinta. Semoga pelestariannya tidak terancam akan punah🙏🙏

  58. Rohan B

    Rohan B2 months ago

    I'm a Filipino and I saw a Chinese poacher get eaten by 3 leopards Clouded leopards:yes yes yes they are yummy

  59. Roi Darwin

    Roi Darwin2 months ago

    DAMN always chinese in all sorts of illegal trades and poaching. When they will wake up, when all the animals are gone ? Btw not all the chinese i mean.

  60. Sheila Liddicoat

    Sheila Liddicoat2 months ago

    its been said that poacher's bones, nail, feet, and, skull are made into medicine to heal all poached animals or extinct sweet gentle animals so give no mercy to poachers and rid of them!

  61. Gigi l'Amoroso

    Gigi l'Amoroso2 months ago

    What the fuc. you have in your nose, it's disgusting.

  62. Gopi D

    Gopi D2 months ago

    barn owl also known a the death owl

  63. williams ige

    williams ige2 months ago

    i like the clouded leopards it so adorable

  64. heather edwards

    heather edwards2 months ago

    Damn people leave the cats alone!!!! Can't people just admire from a far. The only reason one should want to be close to a cat is to give it a cuddle 🥰🥰🥰🥰 But Don't!!!!!

  65. Hazri Zahir

    Hazri Zahir2 months ago

    Poach the poachers


    SASWATI DEY2 months ago

    Cutest Tiger 😍😍

  67. The Toilet Inspector

    The Toilet Inspector2 months ago

    Poach eggs, not Leopards.

  68. Azman Abas

    Azman Abas2 months ago

    Sunda = "soon da" Not "Son da"

  69. Papa Grounds

    Papa Grounds2 months ago

    Just call them cats, who cares about the size xD

  70. Spinosaurus

    Spinosaurus2 months ago

    i kinda see why they are closest relative of the smilodon see that teeth?

  71. oscar trespalacios

    oscar trespalacios2 months ago

    what a handsome animal 🐆

  72. rene29200

    rene292002 months ago


  73. Boom Bang

    Boom Bang2 months ago

    Is this a Ocelot

  74. Goldabloone

    Goldabloone2 months ago

    That's why philippines wants to be part of Oceania/Australia because of their Asian neighbours.. China, Indonesia, Vietnam all eat wild animals or making wild animals medicines

  75. burro romo

    burro romo2 months ago


  76. Adrian Saenz

    Adrian Saenz2 months ago

    It’s over Anakin I have the high ground 2:25

  77. Blue Bro

    Blue Bro2 months ago


  78. MythicalKittydog

    MythicalKittydog2 months ago

    So cheetahs and cougars are small cats because they can purr?

  79. Nathaniel Gale

    Nathaniel Gale2 months ago

    traditional, "asian" medicine. any other asian in here not chinese who finds this offensive? that's the most important currency nowadays and i've not been seeing much in a way of it's use from other asians whenever that shit is mentioned. either people are quiet about it, not offended, don't care, or the comments are being deleted. who knows?


    KANG HENDRIS2 months ago

    Hewan buas tapi lucu

  81. Azura24

    Azura242 months ago

    Well we should start hunting ppl, I'm ok with that. how bout you?

  82. dangar kishan

    dangar kishan2 months ago

    Chinese medicine......not a asian medicine... understand

  83. Subhashis Purkayastha

    Subhashis Purkayastha2 months ago

    Not traditional Asian Medicine ... let's be specific, its "Traditional Chinese Medicine"...

  84. davidcr

    davidcr8 days ago

    Let's be more specific. "Traditional Chinese Bullshit".

  85. naoki hiro

    naoki hiro2 months ago

    he the most relative animal t smilodon

  86. Venomous

    Venomous2 months ago

    Snow leopard is also considered a member of _Panthera_ altho it can't roar.

  87. charlie

    charlie2 months ago

    im so buying one of these

  88. Canesane Jayaseeli

    Canesane Jayaseeli2 months ago

    You check out humans

  89. Sean Dai

    Sean Dai2 months ago

    Please can you check out the snow leopard?

  90. Juan Luis Rivera Velázquez

    Juan Luis Rivera Velázquez3 months ago

    Saludos desde México, muy buenos videos.

  91. John Doe

    John Doe3 months ago

    Why dont we poach poachers and make skin coats out of them?

  92. D' Otter

    D' Otter3 months ago

    They're beautiful!

  93. Travel Guide Guy

    Travel Guide Guy3 months ago

    Gorgeous 😍

  94. Kaushik Majumder

    Kaushik Majumder3 months ago

    I live in Tripura a state of India. In my state Clouded leopard is found in the deep jungle. We are proud of Clouded leopard. We love Clouded Leopard

  95. 赤い稲妻

    赤い稲妻3 months ago

    ウンピョウ、絶対に絶滅させてはいけない。 むしろ密猟者を射殺でも何でもいい、絶滅させるべき。

  96. Sarfaraz A.K. Yezdani

    Sarfaraz A.K. Yezdani3 months ago

    So Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda was basically a clouded leopard. Epic! Never knew that! The attention to detail. I respect the movie more now. Woah.

  97. Sarfaraz A.K. Yezdani

    Sarfaraz A.K. Yezdani2 months ago

    @Azman Abas Thanks for clearing that up brother. Appreciate it. 😊😊😊

  98. Azman Abas

    Azman Abas2 months ago

    Tai lung is snow leopard bro...not clouded leopard.

  99. Layla Forrest

    Layla Forrest3 months ago

    You didn't mention my species the mountain lion.

  100. Roy Azzurah

    Roy Azzurah3 months ago

    The island of Borneo blessed with everything and the world should protect and preserve from greedy and cruelty. Say No to killers chinese medicine.

  101. Abcflc

    Abcflc3 months ago

    thank you for using the metric system!

  102. Azman Abas

    Azman Abas3 months ago

    I am frm south east asia and not a chinese. We dont use animal in our traditional medicine, we use herb and jungle plants. Only traditional chinese medicine use animal.

  103. Kells G

    Kells G3 months ago

    Do a tiger one.

  104. Nitesh Surojia

    Nitesh Surojia3 months ago

    Cross between cat and leopard

  105. ØkÄmii Wōłfe

    ØkÄmii Wōłfe3 months ago

    Do we really need too see the mating ;-;