Centipedes: The Ultimate Nopes

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Nothing quite makes you say ‘nope, nope, nope’ like a centipede.

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Ironhide X

    Ironhide XHour ago

    idk centipedes never bothered me,they honestly p cool

  2. Mafadow

    Mafadow4 hours ago

    I can tolerate the fact that house centipedes definitely live in my house, I've encountered them numerous times But what are the odds of non-house centipedes showing up in my house? The thought of a foot long centipede with a giant stinger in my room is pretty anxiety inducing.

  3. Žygimantas Žurauskas

    Žygimantas Žurauskas4 hours ago


  4. Ken Fullman

    Ken Fullman10 hours ago

    Rich Hall once hypothesized that there is a claw on the end of each leg. Since there is an odd number of segments in every centipede (except one, btw) This proves that there really is a centre claws.

  5. Fun in Games and Siblings -

    Fun in Games and Siblings -12 hours ago

    For those who think centipedes are super dangerous they’re are not humans are not on their menu and they help you get rid of pests

  6. mini

    mini19 hours ago

    Haha, i'm everywhere... ........\...../ ......╚⊙ ⊙╝ ..╚═(███)═╝ .╚═(███)═╝ .╚═(███)═╝ ..╚═(███)═╝ ...╚═(███)═╝ ...╚═(███)═╝ ...╚═(███)═╝ ..╚═(███)═╝ .╚═(███)═╝ ╚═(███)═╝ ╚═(███)═╝ .╚═(███)═╝

  7. Myรtic・ Øp

    Myรtic・ ØpDay ago

    In video: They are harmless A centipede on my shoulder: Yes buddy! Me: *MUMMMAAAAAAAAA*

  8. Michelle uwu

    Michelle uwuDay ago

    cute :>

  9. Adrian Najmrodzki

    Adrian NajmrodzkiDay ago

    Hanz>>> ze flamethrower !

  10. SebSk

    SebSkDay ago

    7:02 Okay no no no no no I needed a new PC anyways Edit: Typing from my new laptop. Be careful when using kerosene (Firefighters persuaded me to spread awareness, they were quite understanding though)

  11. 冒険A w a k e n i n g

    冒険A w a k e n i n gDay ago

    Did I really have to watch this on the toilet..?

  12. Russ Hawkins

    Russ HawkinsDay ago

    Thanks for a very well presented and informative video.

  13. ThE_wRoNg_No.

    ThE_wRoNg_No.Day ago

    Ah yes, N O P E N O O D L E S

  14. The Wererapter92

    The Wererapter92Day ago

    "I wish they could be brought back to life" No you wouldn't, in the wild if prehistoric creatures like Mammoths and Saber toothed Cats were alive they would probably take any chance they'd get to down the human population, also I see Saber toothed Cats and Mammoths with my own eyes everytime I play Ark Survival

  15. Anime Dude

    Anime DudeDay ago

    Secreting disgusting smelling chemicals huh calling me out like that ;-;

  16. saji liju

    saji liju2 days ago

    Centipedes are so ridiculously disgusting!!

  17. Brent Polk

    Brent Polk2 days ago

    I didn't need to see one poop...

  18. Jaime Sada

    Jaime Sada2 days ago

    Pardon me. An odd number of segments is still an even number of legs


    CHRS MRVL2 days ago

    These used to be 6 plus feet long hundreds of millions of years ago. Yea fck that

  20. will york

    will york3 days ago

    most centipedes dont bother me at all. EXCEPT for the house centipede. it has a super short body by comparison to others, and super long legs by comparison! and its that combo that just......omg please no. ive seen one before, and i actually screamed

  21. E E

    E E3 days ago

    I mean unless your with me in Australia, yeah this is the most nope thing I can think of

  22. Don't Worry 'Bout It

    Don't Worry 'Bout It3 days ago

    6:56 So they're grossed out by themselves, huh?

  23. IronRain 15

    IronRain 153 days ago

    For all of you normies who wonder why people own flamethrowers, this is my reason.

  24. OIBOI

    OIBOI3 days ago

    “Generally Harmless”.... Did the centipedes pay you?

  25. brostenen

    brostenen3 days ago

    Well... The giant ones are something we do not have here. We call them Skolopender, not centipede. The ones we have are tiny and black.

  26. Eetu The Reindeer

    Eetu The Reindeer3 days ago

    Im not scared of insects. I often hold them on my hand and admire them. But centipedes are just too creepy for me

  27. Rambling Ryan

    Rambling Ryan3 days ago

    I've collected Scolopendra heros, put them in packing & shipped them. They must be the hardest invertebrate to catch on earth. Holy cow its sketchy. You need two pair of feeder tons, a container longer than they are, and nerves of steel. Lol.

  28. simeon John

    simeon John3 days ago

    Screw nope when you live in.West Africa It's hell no!

  29. hallodrie69

    hallodrie693 days ago

    they are not beautiful

  30. dimas Purba

    dimas Purba3 days ago

    I'm so freaked out if they climb up on my foot or drop from the ceiling/walls. I usually smacked them off and kick it away

  31. vlad quetes

    vlad quetes3 days ago

    danielle is sooo cute ^^

  32. chesburber671

    chesburber6713 days ago

    Danielle: im about to be bitten by a giant centipede,jk of course not Coyote Peterson: fine, ill do it myself

  33. Lord Of Chaos Inc.

    Lord Of Chaos Inc.3 days ago

    Google "Scutigera coleoptrata". (warning obviously) also at 2:18 - I had some around my old living place unfortunately and they love to come inside during winter. It's the worst to discover at night.

  34. Meatballs for life

    Meatballs for life3 days ago

    The correct terminology is actually a nope rope nope, a nope is a spooder, a nope rope is a snek, a nope rope nope is a leg conga

  35. Aditya Chebiyyam

    Aditya Chebiyyam4 days ago

    7:42 "I'm about to get bitten by a giant centipede..". Ha! Called her bluff. We all know the person brave enough to do that 😁

  36. Marco Narvaez

    Marco Narvaez4 days ago


  37. Mustafa Hasan

    Mustafa Hasan4 days ago

    i dig up from yard about a week ago centipede these orange one it was 12 14 cm and it started to hide in holes beneath rocks these dont like sun 😃

  38. Mo

    Mo4 days ago

    I absolutely hate spiders and think they're one of the freakiest looking bugs... But when I see one of those freaky looking house centipedes book it across my counter I shit and piss myself. I'm so freaked out by the things, I always check my bed for the things and I'm actively always expecting to see one under something, like a piece of clothing that's been sitting on the floor for longer than a day.

  39. kamalmanzukie

    kamalmanzukie4 days ago

    you were in the venture bros!

  40. hi hi

    hi hi4 days ago

    The centipedes in my house look like wild centipedes bruh they look exactly like the wild centipedes and range upto atleast a 6 cms

  41. JKLOLOMG1101

    JKLOLOMG11014 days ago

    I used to live on Hawaii and vividly remember these monsters. I'm talking about the giant ones, and they were horrible. Our neighbors had a small dog that got bit by one, and the pupper was sleeping through the entire day because of the bite. He was fine after a day, but it just shows how nasty the giant centipedes really are. They're programmed to hunt and kill, and they will attack anything.

  42. Lemmy Payet

    Lemmy Payet4 days ago

    One word.... blowtorch

  43. Dumpling216 3

    Dumpling216 35 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks that kinda cute. ?

  44. Michael Daugherty

    Michael Daugherty5 days ago

    They can't have sex so sad

  45. dina abdallah

    dina abdallah5 days ago

    Wild wilderness is more braver

  46. Marcus Allan

    Marcus Allan5 days ago

    i don't get it , if they gain legs throughout their life, how can they always have an odd number of leg paris

  47. 可愛••luci

    可愛••luci5 days ago

    my headphone wires kept touching me and i thought there was a centipede on me

  48. Error try again later

    Error try again later5 days ago

    I usually have a really strong stomach but that centipede moulting and growing more legs at 1:49 made my entire digestive system revolt.

  49. Cesar Garcia

    Cesar Garcia5 days ago

    Danielle, how on earth can you sleep at night?? o_O

  50. Ivan Lee

    Ivan Lee5 days ago

    I saw one 15 feet high on my ceiling one time. Nerf darts were the first thing to come to mind. Not the small darts either...

  51. Raghav Bhandari

    Raghav Bhandari5 days ago

    This video was sponsored by centipedes.

  52. Kayo Holanda Brasil

    Kayo Holanda Brasil6 days ago

    In Asia they like 'em fried and on a stick

  53. Wolfen Avalon

    Wolfen Avalon6 days ago

    Hell no

  54. Heywood Jablome

    Heywood Jablome6 days ago

    There are 4000 people that live on Antarctica???

  55. Randall C

    Randall C6 days ago

    “Now offering prime real estate in the Arctic Circle/Antarctica! Lots from 1 to 100 acres! Get them Now! Lots going Fast! Call 1-844-CENTIPEDES ARE WATCHING U! Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!”

  56. Cj W

    Cj W6 days ago

    "Their bodies consist of -" Evil. Pure evil.

  57. Jahanvi Yadav

    Jahanvi Yadav6 days ago

    "there can be centipede in ur house" I relate so much......since last year I have encountered 3 of them.....and before that I didn't even knew something that small could give me chills......they seriously look scary and are pretty fast in reality! well.....I have developed this centipede phobia coz of those memories of them appearing out of nowhere ☠️🌚

  58. Tae’s Things

    Tae’s Things7 days ago

    I’ve never seen a house centipede. I am unfortunately a lot more familiar with giant centipedes.

  59. Gamesmasher

    Gamesmasher7 days ago

    Yet Scolipede and Centiskorch are some of my favourite Pokemon

  60. Artemis

    Artemis7 days ago

    I took my legs up to my chair watching this

  61. AwfulMusik

    AwfulMusik7 days ago

    0:40 okay what kind of sick game are you playing here? Are you trying to make me start a fire in my home?

  62. Креветка

    Креветка7 days ago

    Ah yes the *forbidden noodle*

  63. Sam Fish

    Sam Fish8 days ago

    As long as it’s not a Human __________ You know what I’m thinking

  64. Bishal Debnath

    Bishal Debnath8 days ago


  65. Angelic Place

    Angelic Place8 days ago

    Except house centipedes! They're great for pest control!

  66. alldayagain

    alldayagain8 days ago

    It feels right to be watching this in the bathroom as I crap myself in fear

  67. Invisible Triangles

    Invisible Triangles9 days ago

    Subtle shot at coyote lmao at 7:50

  68. Hawkticus' History Corner

    Hawkticus' History Corner9 days ago

    That one Owl has got our back. Thank you great Owl.

  69. RainyVirus

    RainyVirus9 days ago

    Woah a demon, gotta take the holy water and the crucifix.

  70. Max Parsons

    Max Parsons9 days ago

    Centipedes Mini freight trains with steak knives for limbs and syringes for fangs and the mindset of a serial killer You can own centipedes as Pets

  71. Notsuzpicious

    Notsuzpicious9 days ago

    Man, screw centipedes. I found one of them bastards in my yard when I was 7 and tried to pick it up and it bit me and friggin' DREW BLOOD!

  72. Good Bye

    Good Bye9 days ago

    “The first order of centipedes is the one you’re probably most familiar with” Actually no it’s the last one. They grow up to 6-7 inches and fall out the damn trees every now and then. Thuck. That’s the sound it makes when it slaps the pavement and starts running.

  73. Lærke B

    Lærke B9 days ago

    They're called "Thousand legs" in Danish.

  74. Cougar Entertainment

    Cougar Entertainment9 days ago

    They're sick damnit

  75. Devin Crum

    Devin Crum10 days ago

    Human centipedes are the worst.

  76. Indiana The 3rd

    Indiana The 3rd10 days ago

    The time is 00:42 and I'm recommended this while I'm in bed AAAAAAAA

  77. Lethanief Ardum

    Lethanief Ardum10 days ago

    ok but its real... NOPE! i have seen on the wild and they can exceed 30 cms... i saw them on amazonia!

  78. Bird Boi Cyrus T

    Bird Boi Cyrus T10 days ago

    "One could be in your house right now" Me: *INITIATE EXTERMINATION SEQUENCE.*

  79. Luca 24K Vegà

    Luca 24K Vegà10 days ago

    Hey that giant centipede had a pet human.

  80. Luca 24K Vegà

    Luca 24K Vegà10 days ago

    I heard some scuttling in the corner of my dark room while watching this 😳Turned on the light, luckily it was just a Tarantula.🙄 Phew

  81. Muhammad Iqbal

    Muhammad Iqbal10 days ago

    There is a group that ooze green phosphorescent body fluid. Once I found this in my backyard and call my kids and crushed it to death to show them the phosphorescent liquid coming out and said "this bug is an alien."

  82. Swhedha

    Swhedha11 days ago

    Every itch I feel scares me right now I’m genuinely uncomfortable with the energy created in this studio

  83. Bella Nova

    Bella Nova11 days ago

    I'm only commenting so that I can scroll down away from the video, thus not having to watch.

  84. bitbuster149

    bitbuster14911 days ago

    The animals shown at 3:30 and 3:47 are millipedes, not centipedes. You can tell because they have two pairs of legs per body segment. Centipedes have only one pair per segment.

  85. Shadowbeast Titan

    Shadowbeast Titan12 days ago

    If any bugs where the size of small animals, we would all be effed

  86. Naturalistmind

    Naturalistmind13 days ago

    what are "Ear wigs" then!? \

  87. Jay Vetall

    Jay Vetall13 days ago

    I love them so much.

  88. Toby and Friends

    Toby and Friends14 days ago

    I let centipedes live in my house, i have no pest whatsoever, cockroach and all. Theyre very useful to have around

  89. Fedora Eagle

    Fedora Eagle14 days ago

    At least they're not made of humans.

  90. Gama Garcia

    Gama Garcia14 days ago

    Siento decepcionarte pero no, aquí en Aguascalientes , al menos en las ciudades, no hay "tantos" cienpies. Aún así lo pongo entre comillas pues en ninguna de las casas en las que he vivido, me he topado con alguno.

  91. Death UwU

    Death UwU14 days ago

    ah yes just leave a puddle of semen and then a female finds it and uses it

  92. Aftertale Sans

    Aftertale Sans15 days ago


  93. Range Majikol

    Range Majikol15 days ago

    5 was the type that lives in and around my house Fyi im from south east asia

  94. Kathy Lowrance

    Kathy Lowrance17 days ago

    nope rope with to many f ing legs

  95. Civil Protection

    Civil Protection18 days ago

    -known by many names including, the orange legged centipede, the red headed centipede, and F.R.I.E.N.D.

  96. Emmanouil J

    Emmanouil J18 days ago

    Sorry couldn’t watch this. Love the show but no!

  97. Bat Spidey

    Bat Spidey19 days ago

    I’m glad real centipedes don’t control people like they do in Sekiro.

  98. Bondrewd

    Bondrewd19 days ago

    If these dudes eat cockroaches, I'm willing to even make a plate with it's name for it

  99. swigitty swooty I'm coming for the booty

    swigitty swooty I'm coming for the booty21 day ago

    One time i found a centipede in my bathtub it scared the shit outta me

  100. Fox Hound1878

    Fox Hound187821 day ago

    That shade thrown at Coyote damn

  101. JD

    JD21 day ago

    "The Desert Centipede has one of the most painful bites in the world." Coyote Peterson: It's no Japanese Giant Hornet, but I get what you're saying."