Armadillo Girdled Lizards and Nature’s Toughest Tanks

If you want to learn more about the world, check out Brilliant. Go to The first 200 people will get 20% off of their Brilliant Premium subscription. | The best offense is a good defense. These are nature’s greatest tanks.

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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Writer, Associate Producer: Andres Salazar


Examining the nature of the beast.



  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic2 months ago

    If you want to learn more about the world, check out Brilliant. Go to The first 200 people will get 20% off of their Brilliant Premium subscription.

  2. Jorn Navarre

    Jorn NavarreMonth ago

    Steve-O would be honored to hear you quoting him ! lol

  3. Lé Evil

    Lé Evil2 months ago

    Where can I buy that shirt

  4. Pedro Henrique Garlet Barbieri

    Pedro Henrique Garlet Barbieri2 months ago

    please Sucuri or in english anaconda

  5. Nurhusseen Ibrahim

    Nurhusseen Ibrahim2 months ago

    Ekram Ibrahim yes please

  6. Ritesh Yadav

    Ritesh Yadav2 months ago

    Predators as a mother

  7. Sparkle Sparkle Bitch

    Sparkle Sparkle Bitch15 hours ago

    If I were to meet Danielle in person I think I’d die

  8. Youtube Watcher

    Youtube Watcher23 hours ago

    Can you make a collab on TierZoo please

  9. DavidIsSalty

    DavidIsSaltyDay ago

    describing mollusks as “doughy”

  10. Noah Noah

    Noah Noah2 days ago

    Sad how almost every animal in China is dying there

  11. Justin Paolo Adelmita

    Justin Paolo Adelmita2 days ago

    Omg I thought glyptodons are small not the sized of a car

  12. Gacha_ Ginger

    Gacha_ Ginger2 days ago

    The armidilo resembles the extinct glyptodon

  13. Lucas Tigy

    Lucas Tigy3 days ago

    9:04 don't you mean "metal slugs"?

  14. Charles Garcia

    Charles Garcia3 days ago

    They jacked us up w COVID because we fucked w them so they got their revenge. Go Pangolin!

  15. Drakorex

    Drakorex3 days ago

    Any relation to Willam?

  16. nick sweeney

    nick sweeney5 days ago

    ChiComs. Always the rapacious ChiComs.

  17. Jan Oyapoc

    Jan Oyapoc5 days ago

    Pokemon shirt 👻😕

  18. Zilo le' Epic

    Zilo le' Epic5 days ago

    Something:exists in Africa You.endangered

  19. Good Bye

    Good Bye5 days ago

    Everyone else going to ignore the bi-pedal pangolin at 3:15 ?

  20. Tavryn Woodburry-Allgair

    Tavryn Woodburry-Allgair5 days ago

    imagine grabbing a pine cone but realize it's a pangolin

  21. freja Lenschow

    freja Lenschow5 days ago

    there is exactly one picture of the pink fairy armadillo on the internet.

  22. Dean Wilson

    Dean Wilson5 days ago

    Thumbnail makes it look like it's trynna say talk to the hand

  23. Handy Junaidi

    Handy Junaidi6 days ago

    Where can I get this armadillo lizard? I'm in indonesia.. want to have badly..❤️

  24. Limited Infinity

    Limited Infinity7 days ago

    Hard Boisss

  25. TheWanderer

    TheWanderer8 days ago

    SandSlash, I choose you!!!!!

  26. Blake Fountain

    Blake Fountain8 days ago

    "The skeleton if an insect is outside of its body. it's called an exoskeleton. Yes, this is real war."

  27. Marlyjade

    Marlyjade8 days ago

    Pangolins are just talented pinecones

  28. BaconWhale

    BaconWhale8 days ago

    Damn Chinese wiping out lots of animals because of their "traditional medicine" BS.

  29. Sheamus ofOrigen

    Sheamus ofOrigen8 days ago

    The more I watch ...the more I listen and look at her lips and hand gestures, the more I fall in Love. Everyday. Such a beautiful intellectual 💗

  30. Ape Fistivist

    Ape Fistivist8 days ago

    Girdlizard. Fixed it.

  31. Abe Exotics

    Abe Exotics9 days ago

    Armadillo girdled lizards are awesome. I keep them and they are incredibly beautiful

  32. Jetpack Lizard

    Jetpack Lizard9 days ago

    I Use two geckoes! To open the overlay network! I XYZ SUMMON SHIElD LIZARD, TOUGH TANK

  33. Draw 2Death

    Draw 2Death9 days ago

    Shields up Iron Breakers!

  34. Royal Betta

    Royal Betta10 days ago

    I havea questions does she have a omni pod

  35. Royal Betta

    Royal Betta10 days ago

    Because I have one and I think 5hats so cool

  36. Zyphro Rodriguez

    Zyphro Rodriguez12 days ago

    ahh the m3 lee tank

  37. Err Man

    Err Man13 days ago

    Pangolin: suffering from success

  38. Syed Rafiq Kazim

    Syed Rafiq Kazim15 days ago

    Has anyone here watched the South Park pandemic special episode?

  39. Jess Evans

    Jess Evans16 days ago

    Awesome Pokémon shirt 💖

  40. ze din0tab

    ze din0tab16 days ago

    virgin mammals chad reptiles

  41. Mr.GrassRoot

    Mr.GrassRoot16 days ago

    cool T-shirt

  42. Hanry Soul

    Hanry Soul16 days ago

    Greedy humans are the ones should go extinct not the innocent animals hunted for medicines or fashion.

  43. Jack Handy

    Jack Handy18 days ago

    Flipping spider

  44. Nicholas Adrin

    Nicholas Adrin19 days ago


  45. Malcolm Ang

    Malcolm Ang19 days ago

    I prefer daniel than other hosts

  46. Elissa Philgence

    Elissa Philgence20 days ago

    No, their not natures toughest tanks. That would be the tardigrade

  47. Joeyfridays

    Joeyfridays20 days ago

    china is the worst

  48. Key Path

    Key Path21 day ago

    That thumbnails... I thought this is monster hunter video..

  49. Midnight Comicle

    Midnight Comicle22 days ago

    So that’s what that turtle thing was in ice age

  50. Kerdayle Stewart

    Kerdayle Stewart22 days ago

    Why must most endangered animals be on the self proclaimed traditional Chinese medicine list

  51. Nick Joint

    Nick Joint24 days ago

    Did you also read it as armadillo grilled lizard? 🤤

  52. The Destroyah

    The Destroyah24 days ago

    Animal: *exists China: Oh, I don't think so.

  53. Constantine Petra Dewananda Haryanto

    Constantine Petra Dewananda Haryanto24 days ago

    *I need her dark/ghost type Pokémon shirt*

  54. Akeel Taylor

    Akeel Taylor25 days ago

    Maybe we should all get together and introduce China to pharmacies. I’m pretty sure some antibiotics will cure up that rash a lot easier than choking down that beautiful animals scales.

  55. mr doesvoices

    mr doesvoices26 days ago

    Talk about how u gave up a diet

  56. Haidyn W

    Haidyn W28 days ago

    Animals: *exist* China: Hey guys, check out this *Traditional Medicine*

  57. Matteo Fontes

    Matteo Fontes28 days ago


  58. RLomoterenge

    RLomoterenge29 days ago

    Nice shirt! Back at the Pokemon GO launch day I was wearing a similar one

  59. Nell Nell

    Nell Nell29 days ago

    Chinese eat them

  60. Haydn Thompson

    Haydn Thompson29 days ago

    China's not allowed to have anymore animals we need to export every single animal in China out

  61. MrNickelbrille

    MrNickelbrilleMonth ago

    I read about a shooter who died of an amardillo ricochet. The title was KARMAdillo. Yes, I know I should have felt sorry for the shooter - but I didn't

  62. Guerra dos Bichos

    Guerra dos BichosMonth ago

    Cordylus cataphractus

  63. gamerblisters

    gamerblistersMonth ago

    Shields up ironbreakers

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    Joel CarrilloMonth ago

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    Kriel QuintoMonth ago

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  66. Stephen Sutcliffe

    Stephen SutcliffeMonth ago

    Pleeease do thelyphonida/vinegaroons or 'interesting arachnids'! Huge fan. Will you marry me :)?

  67. Juluis Reyes

    Juluis ReyesMonth ago

    Wtf chinese medicine

  68. a very angry cat

    a very angry catMonth ago

    7:21 bro thats an Uragaan.

  69. João Vitor C.R.

    João Vitor C.R.Month ago

    Love how they showed as an example of carnivore an herbivore

  70. Ronnie Hughes

    Ronnie HughesMonth ago

    “Traditional medicine” smh, dumbest shit.

  71. Yonatan Huber

    Yonatan HuberMonth ago

    Pangulins.... yes another victim of China

  72. UwgAllDay

    UwgAllDayMonth ago

    It really dont take much for yall to hit the sinophobia button, huh

  73. James Utomo

    James UtomoMonth ago

    Did someone say TANK?!

  74. Azure Sea

    Azure SeaMonth ago

    1:21 leprosy outbreak waiting to happen.🤔🧐

  75. Prot0PrawnSuitablesInc. Dominion varient

    Prot0PrawnSuitablesInc. Dominion varientMonth ago

    Well Limpets use Biometal with their teeth.

  76. Prot0PrawnSuitablesInc. Dominion varient

    Prot0PrawnSuitablesInc. Dominion varientMonth ago

    Traditional Chinese Medicine: "With some expensive medicine we can convince your body to be healthy."

  77. Alexandrian Tria

    Alexandrian TriaMonth ago

    i really thought the thumbnail was a monster hunter brute wyvern

  78. Fox Wars

    Fox WarsMonth ago

    I was actully able to say armadilo girdled lizard 10 times in a row without a mistak 😎😎😎

  79. Enrico Sarmiento

    Enrico SarmientoMonth ago

    Chinese Medecine Ofcourse it has to be 🙄😑😤🤦‍♂

  80. aricre

    aricreMonth ago

    where is just kidding? i miss her

  81. JamesG 23

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  82. Nitish Sharma

    Nitish SharmaMonth ago

    I am in love with the way you narrate ❤️❤️

  83. Murat Özgün

    Murat ÖzgünMonth ago

    Lets see them against honey badger :)

  84. mmv naidu

    mmv naiduMonth ago

    Dying to meet the anchor plzz give me ur number if ur single

  85. Captian.destructo

    Captian.destructoMonth ago

    first mention of the actual lizard 7:10

  86. Ayden Bilow

    Ayden BilowMonth ago

    Pangolins like look pinecones

  87. Magnus

    MagnusMonth ago

    Chinese Medics: *Snorting on "traditional medicine"*

  88. Constantine Petra Dewananda Haryanto

    Constantine Petra Dewananda Haryanto24 days ago

    Reminder that a Ancient Chinese emperor drank some mercury to become immortal

  89. Maiq The Liar

    Maiq The LiarMonth ago

    Ah yes but what Animal is the best healer!

  90. Furry Slayer

    Furry SlayerMonth ago

    Girdled Lizards are Monster Hunter material

  91. Artificial Idiocracy

    Artificial IdiocracyMonth ago

    ... I legit thought I clicked on a MHW video...

  92. Wolfman7870

    Wolfman7870Month ago

    Real life is way more interesting than even Star Wars.

  93. Mike Adams

    Mike AdamsMonth ago

    the chinese made me sick with their "traditional medicine"

  94. It's 4aron

    It's 4aronMonth ago

    So cute

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  96. Zuzu

    ZuzuMonth ago

    *Sees thumbnail* Me : "Barroth..."

  97. Kyan Manning

    Kyan ManningMonth ago

    No the armoreddillo is not the first it was the ankylosaur

  98. The Mixer

    The MixerMonth ago

    Anyone know the music at 2:34?

  99. Nathaniel Bixby

    Nathaniel BixbyMonth ago

    2:24 Aw man why all the cool animals gotta go extinct by the time I get there?

  100. PBJMan

    PBJManMonth ago

    Lmao they used an M3 Lee as an example if a tank. Why?

  101. Alandan Vang

    Alandan VangMonth ago

    This video didn’t even show turtles

  102. Blu Tooth

    Blu ToothMonth ago

    I just want this lil creature to play dodgeball with my bois

  103. Ahmad Ilmam

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  104. Dave Schultz

    Dave SchultzMonth ago

    That lizard is a yugioh card

  105. Melanie Cabug

    Melanie CabugMonth ago

    The real predators of pangolins are humans!😠

  106. ツAllixe

    ツAllixeMonth ago

    By the thumbnail it looks like the logo for 'The hollow' from TO

  107. Cheems comamder

    Cheems comamder2 months ago

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