None Of These Animals Are Dead

In the season finale of Second Nature, we explore the animals that have learned that it’s easier to fake your own death than to fight back. These are nature’s greatest fakers.
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The Butterfly Farmer
Pete Barnes
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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Writer, Associate Producer: Andres Salazar


Examining the nature of the beast.



  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic2 months ago

    This is the season finale of Second Nature! I can't believe we're already here. Thank you so much for watching this past year, it's been a blast making this series, and we hope you enjoyed it.

  2. Joshua Partridge

    Joshua Partridge8 days ago

    @Andre Toney Jr are you that guy that used to bust into my room drunk and start singing?

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    Andre Toney Jr9 days ago

    @Joshua Partridge you are a great 👍 person to be my friend

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    not important2 months ago

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  7. Silver Silence

    Silver Silence22 hours ago

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  8. jg pliskin

    jg pliskin3 days ago

    Dating would be a lot easier of they just fell asleep when I approached them

  9. Leonardo Specht Martins

    Leonardo Specht Martins3 days ago

    I hate when this happens. Like, when i'm trying to save an animal like that idk If it's alive or not

  10. louis sungmok Cho

    louis sungmok Cho4 days ago

    How about the Speed of animals? Animals have to fly, run, or swim fast to get away predators and to catch their prey, like Roadrunners and Cheetahs.

  11. Friendly Guy

    Friendly Guy4 days ago

    For the last one what about the spider tailed snake

  12. Meloetta࿐but my dck is longer than ur relationship

    Meloetta࿐but my dck is longer than ur relationship5 days ago


  13. Red

    Red6 days ago

    Imagine someone hates you so bad that they play dead to avoid dating you

  14. talha driss

    talha driss6 days ago

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  15. linky boi

    linky boi6 days ago

    Imagine trying to hit on someone and then they die right in front of you

  16. Meloetta࿐but my dck is longer than ur relationship

    Meloetta࿐but my dck is longer than ur relationship5 days ago


  17. night killer fortnite

    night killer fortnite7 days ago

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  18. Maya Thompson

    Maya Thompson7 days ago

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  19. mikex1011

    mikex10117 days ago

    No animals were dead in this video.

  20. Micheal Jackson's Aborted Son

    Micheal Jackson's Aborted Son7 days ago

    My buddies cat gets so excited at the sight of strangers he sometimes passes out on his back from overexertion and looks like he's playing dead😂

  21. The Anime Libarian

    The Anime Libarian7 days ago

    Imagine if human women played dead it would be an epidemic of heart attacks

  22. Drew Pillerva

    Drew Pillerva8 days ago

    That Room reference!!! I stan this channel!

  23. Pk-Taylor

    Pk-Taylor8 days ago

    Male butterflies are now butterbros to me :D

  24. Pietro Cozzi Tinin

    Pietro Cozzi Tinin8 days ago

    Danielle, you always dance so beautifully while presenting.

  25. Ecci Grey

    Ecci Grey9 days ago

    the best series ever ! Sad that it is already end

  26. Juan D'Marco

    Juan D'Marco9 days ago

    How do scavengers react though?

  27. Im A Queen Like A Lion

    Im A Queen Like A Lion9 days ago

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    Wanxuk gaming9 days ago

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    Dankerson Spankerson9 days ago

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    Cassy Bug10 days ago

    You ended this video with "Ok google, stop" and made my Google mini turn off youtube

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    panos *_*10 days ago

    4:52 can anyone pls tell me how this animal is called???

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    Joshua Salamero11 days ago

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  33. Rk Deon

    Rk Deon12 days ago

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  34. miss oddity

    miss oddity12 days ago

    They are dead they are tricking you

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    Stream Spoart!14 days ago

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    H*ck14 days ago

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    HaZi22 days ago

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    ᵉˣᵉ.ᴛⁿⁱʳᵖᵗᵒᵒғ_ʟᵃʳⁱᴠ22 days ago

    Imagine being at a bar and some douchebag bro trying his hardest to hot on a woman and all of a sudden it just looks like she had a heart attack or something. Bro walks away to go harass someone else and then she just gets up like nothing happened.

  39. Falbert ALBUS

    Falbert ALBUS23 days ago

    thats why u need to step on it to comfirm

  40. The Real Goodwin

    The Real Goodwin24 days ago

    Those animals be like : "As you can see, I am not dead."

  41. Patrick Wenzel

    Patrick Wenzel25 days ago

    Whatever led scientists to create a cartoon of a severed dog head does not sit easy with me, but that seagull shirt was majestic none the less.

  42. Entertained2036

    Entertained203626 days ago

    Lol the cat that knocked over the camera at the end is a savage

  43. TheBullyFrog

    TheBullyFrog27 days ago

    Animal: plays dead Vulteurs: its free real estate

  44. Gagan Thakur

    Gagan Thakur27 days ago

    Why this video edited like some black topic video! This is natural thing not anything else.

  45. Lalalola

    Lalalola28 days ago

    I love it when I actually see things I've never seen before. I've been watching nature videos avidly for 30 yrs and there's not much I haven't seen on film before.

  46. Flargarbason

    Flargarbason28 days ago

    Something funny about the Hognosed Snake (Which plays dead if startled) is if you can pick them up and they’ll stay motionless but if you try to flip them on their stomach they’ll just flip back over onto their backs

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    F I S H F O O D29 days ago

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    MasonIsMissing 6429 days ago

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  49. Unknown Person

    Unknown PersonMonth ago

    **cow plays dead** Cow’s mind: Hehehe... now they’ll be fooled!! Vulture: ... oh well it’s dead.. time to eat!! Cow: **screams** *NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!*

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    Husain AlhaykiMonth ago

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  54. DraguenPlays

    DraguenPlaysMonth ago

    Btw the chicken thing is FALSE, my dad would show us (me and my brothers) this "line trick" when we were younger, but when i got older he explained that what actually happens is that u are pressing a part around the neck of the chicken so it can't breathe or something like that, this would make her stay still until she recovers from it.

  55. Tsukasa Yugi

    Tsukasa Yugi8 days ago

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  56. frankohero

    frankoheroMonth ago

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    Ch1l1C0nCarnag3Month ago

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  60. Maman Sudirman

    Maman SudirmanMonth ago

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    Ragil marghubiMonth ago

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    Florian BöschMonth ago

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    Stephen SutcliffeMonth ago

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    Tera BaapMonth ago

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    Sasha von SpakovskyMonth ago

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    MENGJIE SIMonth ago

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  102. kira liek butter

    kira liek butterMonth ago

    When i was about to watch this videp and a ad poped up and guess what..... IT WAS A ANIMALOGIC AD AND THATS MIND BLOWING!!! ouch can i have my head back?? Ok thank you

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