Weaver Ants: These Ants Turn Themselves Into Chains (Feat. AntsCanada)

These ants have colonized the tree canopy and built amazing cities out of leaves.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. sptheban

    sptheban11 days ago

    I’m a huge. Fan of animal logic 🦓🦏🐃🐄🦒🦒🦒🐄🐂🐂🐪🦧🐄🐑🐏🐏🐕 it is a suprise that ants Canada are. Working. With. Animal logic

  2. Pulsar Zihad

    Pulsar Zihad11 days ago

    I am here to see the ants. Not you lady.

  3. Ethan Galang

    Ethan Galang14 days ago

    the worst thing happened to me is a Nest of weaver ants fell infront of me that stung like bees

  4. RobloxSquad Playz

    RobloxSquad Playz19 days ago

    I'm a fan of AntsCanada

  5. Kim Bratton

    Kim Bratton22 days ago

    Animals are definitely intelligent!

  6. 209CALI* *

    209CALI* *25 days ago

    I didn't know they used the larvae as thread. That's awesome

  7. Eeee Buisan

    Eeee Buisan26 days ago

    OMG! animal logic knows ants canada and his name is mikey !!!

  8. Alonzo Reed

    Alonzo ReedMonth ago

    Anyone else here thought about naruto and his clones while watching this video?

  9. Cara Bom Demais

    Cara Bom DemaisMonth ago

    Came from kurgzarts*** in a nutshell

  10. Syed Muhammad

    Syed MuhammadMonth ago

    Natural born civil engineers

  11. The Fake Antichrist

    The Fake AntichristMonth ago

    Antscanada is at 4:20 🧐

  12. The Fake Antichrist

    The Fake AntichristMonth ago

    Only here because Antscanada. ❤️Ant Love Forever

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  14. guner smith

    guner smithMonth ago

    ants Canada is in here y he is my favorite you tuber

  15. venicio lindo

    venicio lindoMonth ago

    I love ants canada

  16. Laila Dizon

    Laila DizonMonth ago

    Mikey bustos

  17. goldkat 1234

    goldkat 1234Month ago

    His name is mikey?!

  18. feed mind

    feed mindMonth ago

    Child labor.

  19. Vexcarius

    VexcariusMonth ago

    RIP to the weaver ants above my roof.I just exterminated them all earlier :( They don't deserve it but they are already hurting us. My mango tree is their empire for almost 2 decades. And oh boy, they are fierce. They'll stare at you eye to eye. It's cute tbh.

  20. Wheatsy

    WheatsyMonth ago

    This ants are REALLY common in the Philippines.

  21. Vision Shader

    Vision ShaderMonth ago

    Here because of Kurgzesagt

  22. Blitzy

    BlitzyMonth ago

    This must what we look like to alien civilizations

  23. J o s h u a a a

    J o s h u a a aMonth ago

    Oh my ants canada and animal logic collab in this vid HAHAHA

  24. SCP 173

    SCP 173Month ago

    weaver ants don't just use leaves, the last weird one i saw was on my way to school one colony had set up a small nest in between to laminated pieces of paper which was supposed to be a caution sign that the school was under camera surveillance. Evidently not from the ants though as only after i reported it did they get exterminated.

  25. Andrew Ng

    Andrew NgMonth ago

    One of the most frightening things to see on a tree: A nest of weaver ants.

  26. GayOmarIsGay

    GayOmarIsGayMonth ago

    kurzgesagt any one?

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    challenge meMonth ago

    Imagined if homan babys where this useful

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    im surprise of ant canada showing up here

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  32. Христо Дамянов

    Христо ДамяновMonth ago

    Wow did not see antscanada in the title. I was amazed. Huge fan of ants Canada. Weaver are my favorite ants.

  33. Pocharapon Kongthong

    Pocharapon KongthongMonth ago

    It’s really smart when they use larva to stick things together

  34. Adan Hendrix

    Adan HendrixMonth ago

    Came here from Kurzgesagt

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    Wow it’s almost the same video lol

  44. Pelican74

    Pelican742 months ago

    They are not the size of a grain of rice. Not the ones you were talking about

  45. [• Į̷š̷ą̷k̷į̷ •]

    [• Į̷š̷ą̷k̷į̷ •]2 months ago

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    quarantine got me watching videos about ants i tell you

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    In a nutshell

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    Major 6th grade presentation vibes. Who chose her to do commentary :/

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    Me, i really wanted to see what they looked like irl

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    It's the "bring your kid to work day" in nature

  68. Reine Eira

    Reine Eira2 months ago

    I used to like Weaver Ants until I found out they support child labour...

  69. jigmond

    jigmondMonth ago

    Child abuse. We need to cancel them.

  70. Vinicius Rotger

    Vinicius Rotger2 months ago

    Just imagine the future of ant evolution...

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    Wow this channel is super nice! It also includes drawing timelapses?! VERY VERY INTERESTING!

  80. iadtag

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    I came right here after learning weaver ants from Kurzgesagt! Very interesting species!

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    Every one : ah yes the arquitects of animal world Asian : hmm yes rare food

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    Nutcracker Sam2 months ago

    Everybody chill till' the kids turn into glue- wh- Srsly karen?

  91. Saki The Weeb

    Saki The Weeb2 months ago

    AntzCanada calls them Unicorns of the antworld, but they are more like Griffins, instead of guarding gold and such, they guard their farm animals, which is adorable!

  92. Guest4DGamingTV

    Guest4DGamingTV2 months ago

    Team work make dream work Human: nah imma just troll and make my team mate angry lol Ants:we no want troll, we cant troll, we need to help us, we need team work to keep us colony to continue Not accurate i know :|

  93. This Skrub

    This Skrub2 months ago

    These animal with raw instinc have better team work than "Inteligent individual" i got in any online game

  94. M haliza

    M haliza2 months ago

    i dont think the tank top is flattering

  95. Tony995

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    People: infinitely war is the biggest crossover event in history Me an intellectual:

  96. Carlo Gwapo Sarmiento

    Carlo Gwapo Sarmiento3 months ago

    I am watching this video and remembered the weaver ant colony from AntsCanada, then it showed here in this video. I felt sad because Mikey decided to release his weaver ant colony. (Didn’t see the video title that AntsCanada is featured here)

  97. VM

    VM3 months ago

    Well, here in the Philippines we call them "ANTik" or "Hantik"..

  98. Evil John

    Evil John3 months ago

    When I was a child I'm so afraid of Weaver ants bite 😂 In Philippines we called that Antek/Antik Usually their nest are found in mango tree

  99. Wrel Rel

    Wrel Rel3 months ago

    AC family invades animal logic 😁

  100. Ethan matthew Bascuguin

    Ethan matthew Bascuguin3 months ago

    Yey antscanada

  101. Ethan matthew Bascuguin

    Ethan matthew Bascuguin3 months ago

    Hey thers ant like that in the filipina

  102. Nyan Ard

    Nyan Ard3 months ago

    I hate those ants When there's a wind they just scattered & land on my head

  103. Muralikrishnan S

    Muralikrishnan S3 months ago

    I am from India .Well I can say that when weaver ants were present in our Sappota and Guava trees ,there were no other pests except bats . They leave the place afterwarda

  104. Daniella Cue

    Daniella Cue3 months ago


  105. F 5

    F 53 months ago

    Minecraft tree house

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    Gaming Champ4 months ago

    A N T S C A N A D A

  107. Italak Kauring

    Italak Kauring4 months ago

    I really love this Channel . 🔥

  108. Marri Christmas

    Marri Christmas4 months ago

    Ants are farmers

  109. Saiful Pulau besar

    Saiful Pulau besar4 months ago

    For malaysian we call this kerengga😁😁😂😂😂 not ants ant is semut

  110. JoJoZep ofthejungle

    JoJoZep ofthejungle4 months ago

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    Baldwin xu4 months ago

    Ants are cool until they invade my room

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    Victor Givens4 months ago

    I support both animalogic and antscanada

  113. SilkBeard Danquah

    SilkBeard Danquah4 months ago

    The ants in AntsCanada eats more balanced diet than I do 😔😔😔

  114. ᘻᘿᖶᗩ ᐺ

    ᘻᘿᖶᗩ ᐺ4 months ago

    Why are these guys never brought up when talking about other animals capable of using tools? It’s a *short* list, and these Ants should be on it.

  115. Galaxy Vulture

    Galaxy Vulture4 months ago

    We are all ants

  116. Ace Garcia

    Ace Garcia4 months ago

    that man's pet are antss

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