Jaguar: The True King of the Jungle

The jaguar is the most feared predators in Latin America. This is the giant-slayer of the jungle.
Get ready to meet the most elusive predators in the world. These are no house cats. Watch here:

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. On iOS

    On iOS23 hours ago

    *When he grabbed that caiman and put it where it come from.. WAS S A V A G E*



    the lion 🦁 is the king 👑 he's merciful for the prey and live in prides nd also teach there sons until they become long


    DROYZ GAMING19 hours ago

    @Vionette Reyes yes bro i know but the way he lives is special

  4. Vionette Reyes

    Vionette Reyes19 hours ago

    But the lion doesn't live in the Jungle

  5. Dckinggambo

    Dckinggambo2 days ago

    how do you make your sketch animation it's so cool

  6. Manoj Srivastava

    Manoj Srivastava2 days ago

    My dude came all the way swimming grabbed the alligator in mouth and swam his way back.

  7. EnlightenedOne

    EnlightenedOne2 days ago

    Why don't you you ppl stick to what you can actually prove. Stop lying.

  8. Bronze Gamer

    Bronze Gamer3 days ago

    The John Wick of Animal Kingdom😂

  9. Joaquin PG

    Joaquin PG3 days ago

    Tigers - stalk Jag/leopard - camp Cheetah - chase Lions - wassup btch

  10. The Carnotaurus King

    The Carnotaurus King3 days ago


  11. Saurabh Patil

    Saurabh Patil5 days ago

    Only on South America. Visit Indian forests, you'll know who's the real King here.

  12. A B

    A B5 days ago

    The scariest creature physically and mentally on land. No doubt.

  13. Dark Warrior

    Dark Warrior5 days ago

    Show lep

  14. TheSecretBat

    TheSecretBat6 days ago

    Lion is the king of the animals and can easily kill this Jaguar

  15. Nick Fantini

    Nick Fantini6 days ago

    She is so annoying

  16. Abiodun Adegbulugbe

    Abiodun Adegbulugbe6 days ago

    OMAN Kuwait Jordan Saudi Arabia 11hr sugarcane escape

  17. Jinky Ching

    Jinky Ching7 days ago

    wait i dont get it. whats the diff between jaguars, leopards and cheetahs?

  18. ************************************

    ************************************7 days ago

    500,000 years ago...okay.

  19. ••

    ••8 days ago

    if you || at 7:42 a nice invisible wall can be seen as she starts moving her right hand... maybe "the jefe" did it. or maybe the gene pool problem! .😶😮😨😱🥵🥶🥵 muahahaha😇🤫

  20. ••

    ••8 days ago

    look at the sun. idk why its there but make a video on beeeez 6:57 cool hex@6:59 nothing like a icy cold curiosity stream. kinda perv butt watevr

  21. Verna Taylor

    Verna Taylor8 days ago

    Breed more animals that fit that area of food chain and release them nobody ever though of breeding back for the wild only captivity have 2 of several species native to that place and just breed and release babies we destroy now it’s time to replace and replenish

  22. MadJaster

    MadJaster8 days ago

    Do you think a Holocene Jaguar can take down a modern day lion or tiger in a fight?


    RAVI KUMAR8 days ago

    I love you so much 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  24. Ding

    Ding9 days ago

    "Capable of hunting the largest herbivores" you opened with it breaking an alligators neck. The jaguar can hunt whatever it pleases lol. "Until an even deadlier predator showed up" I forgot we are apex predators lol.

  25. jx

    jx9 days ago

    you can’t possibly believe humans hunted every single species to extinction, hunter gathers don’t do that

  26. Ryan Centnarowicz

    Ryan Centnarowicz9 days ago

    Maybe king of the deserts too. Aren’t there Jaguars in Mexico and Arizona as well?

  27. Sachin singh

    Sachin singh10 days ago

    In India tiger killed 2 jaguar 😭 in jungle

  28. CyberLA

    CyberLA10 days ago

    Another political re-education video masquerading as non bias education

  29. eliezer gustavo zuñiga vera

    eliezer gustavo zuñiga vera10 days ago


  30. Mallesh NM

    Mallesh NM11 days ago

    Lion is the king of jungle Jagwar is the hero of the jungle

  31. Wjc II

    Wjc II11 days ago

    Yeah great, love that shot of the wall being built on mex / american border. Right , so Jaguars take presidency over crystal meth and kids for rape in hollywood. Right , you stupid silly cow.

  32. Attoza Bawi

    Attoza Bawi12 days ago

    939. 959. 979. 999. 777. 555

  33. PIN BOY

    PIN BOY12 days ago

    Yes jaguars are cute but u are much cuter

  34. LOUIS

    LOUIS12 days ago

    El jaguar el rey de América sin duda alguna, pero lastimosamente en peligro de extinción en muchos países Americanos, este se encuentra mas en América del sur y poco en el norte del continente Americano, y creo que *Estados Unidos* ya mato a todos los de su territorio 😞

  35. LOUIS

    LOUISDay ago

    @Sem Nome po Si, de hay le sigue Perú y Colomba; en el resto de América esta prácticamente en peligro, como en México, Bolivia y países centro Americanos.

  36. Sem Nome po

    Sem Nome poDay ago

    Especialmente en el Brasil.

  37. TheLionHomie 1

    TheLionHomie 113 days ago

    All hail the king of the jungle Hint:It's the mighty Jaguar

  38. Kim Bratton

    Kim Bratton14 days ago

    Animals are awesome!!!

  39. Tails Power

    Tails Power14 days ago

    Jaguares love to hunt little alligators 🐊 known as caiman their favorite food to prey on.

  40. Sebag27

    Sebag279 days ago

    Theres no gators in south América bro.

  41. Chance Kuehnel

    Chance Kuehnel16 days ago

    I just learned I could buy a jaguar skin for $20 🤑🤑

  42. Jacob Oberg

    Jacob Oberg16 days ago

    I HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS SENSE I WAS 8 was actually about thinking this watching the tiger video lol



    lion real king best i have a lion and i got jaguar the lion king won yes luzer jaguar

  44. LOUIS

    LOUIS12 days ago

    OK, pero el jaguar es el rey de América, eso no se discute.

  45. Burt1038

    Burt103817 days ago

    Those Jaguar coats are almost as cheap as Jaguars on the used car market, and probably twice as reliable.

  46. Confessor Cromwell

    Confessor Cromwell17 days ago

    waiting for him to giant swing me to the wall

  47. Reverse FlasS

    Reverse FlasS18 days ago

    Damn you're hot, subscribed 😘

  48. Zerajnim Egroj

    Zerajnim Egroj18 days ago

    She kinda bad

  49. latenitehour

    latenitehour18 days ago

    Jaguars 🐆 need to be introduced to African prey🧐!!

  50. doland trump

    doland trump18 days ago

    Put them in the same cage with lion and tiger

  51. JaDeD dRaGoN

    JaDeD dRaGoN19 days ago

    5:30 Omg did you really Take a political jab in this video ? the indoctrination is real

  52. Bethasaur Chapman

    Bethasaur Chapman19 days ago

    0:57 all I could think of was how amazing those feet beans must be I just want to squish

  53. Gabriel Pires

    Gabriel Pires19 days ago

    I am brazilian and jaguars make me more proud of my homeland than my fellow humans.

  54. LOUIS

    LOUIS12 days ago

    Pienso igual y soy de Colombia, sin duda el jaguar es una de las especies mas hermosas que tenemos en América.

  55. Gerardo Perez

    Gerardo Perez20 days ago

    you talk about arizona and new mexico but your circle has mosttly area of Mexico.

  56. Smaran Pannala

    Smaran Pannala20 days ago

    wait!! at 0:20 did you see the shit coming out of the prey ?!

  57. Lemony Snicket

    Lemony Snicket20 days ago

    Why she talk like that...

  58. Junwoo Jang

    Junwoo Jang20 days ago

    01:50 That jaguar was like how a fisherman caught a salmon for his dinner, running off like "Yay, I have dinner tonight!" while shaking his butt. Except this jaguar caught a freaking alligator.

  59. Tyler aka Tiger squad

    Tyler aka Tiger squad20 days ago

    It is the king tiger is

  60. Mel Mel

    Mel Mel20 days ago

    Hello Danielle,you're cute too

  61. iTsBlue

    iTsBlue21 day ago

    who cares they need to be extinct anyway

  62. kaaajeee

    kaaajeee21 day ago

    not cute at all. terrifying.

  63. Helgi Jacobsen

    Helgi Jacobsen21 day ago

    sand cat the small one lions geopard liv in the desert evean hyena more cat then dog

  64. Black Assassin

    Black Assassin22 days ago

    Tiger is the real king of jungle

  65. Dinh Viet Dung Dinh Viet Dung

    Dinh Viet Dung Dinh Viet Dung22 days ago

    Imagin a jaguar with tiger size. That jaguar will rules animal kingdom

  66. Victor Henrique

    Victor Henrique22 days ago

    most of these animals are here in Brazil, I hope the population grows because it is still in serious danger of extinction

  67. Raul Martinez Aguirre

    Raul Martinez Aguirre22 days ago

    Jaguars are the true king of the jungle....USlikes next suggested video...The same lady saying Tigers are the true king of the jungle. LOL.

  68. Gene Mars

    Gene Mars23 days ago

    I wonder who was the first person to call the lion ''king of the jungle?'' Lions live in savannahs (grasslands), not rain forests (jungles).

  69. UtubeAW

    UtubeAW23 days ago

    Humans DID NOT “kill off all” mega fauna!

  70. phelipe

    phelipe17 days ago

    But mostly, yes

  71. Gopalakrishnan R

    Gopalakrishnan R24 days ago

    Every Jungle has it's own king and lots of territories. Tigers and jaguars are the major jungle rulers. Lions are the major Savannah rulers.

  72. Nick Aoke

    Nick Aoke25 days ago

    So glad she's not saying "jagwire" like people on 95% of the other videos about jaguars.

  73. Samuel Z.

    Samuel Z.26 days ago

    For a reason, that cracked turtle shell had me uneasy. Someone relating?

  74. Lennart Hagen

    Lennart Hagen26 days ago

    With a swift bite to the skull the Jaguar finish its prey,,very impressive cat

  75. Nailah Francis

    Nailah Francis26 days ago

    Well king of forest but lions are stronger and beastie

  76. Katie Brown

    Katie Brown27 days ago

    Is your series no longer available on Curiosity Stream? I can't find it

  77. Henrique Reis

    Henrique Reis27 days ago

    So poachers kill jaguars only for $20 ?

  78. Flash Frozen

    Flash Frozen27 days ago

    I wish we could eliminate all the people who hurt these gorgeous cats. They were there first, so we should accommodate them. Especially in the US, seeing as we actually seem to care about wildlife.

  79. Jean-Luc Da Juice Man

    Jean-Luc Da Juice Man27 days ago

    A 400 lb Jaguar is a terrifying beast.

  80. Edilson Martins

    Edilson Martins27 days ago

    Onça pintada.

  81. Sherlyn

    Sherlyn27 days ago

    I've always liked Jaguars/Panthers the best anyway. Especially black or snowy ones.

  82. Raven Kit

    Raven Kit28 days ago

    how to be idiot: Burn the forest to have "free" cattle land. if wild animal kills your cattle, kill them too because It's ThEiR fAuLt

  83. David Ortiz

    David Ortiz29 days ago

    Humans are the problem for majority of the worlds problems

  84. Mark Okafor

    Mark OkaforMonth ago

    Lion is the king of the jungle due to how its kingship and power like a real king

  85. Alan Alan

    Alan AlanMonth ago

    if Jaguars have Tiger's size, it will be the most powerful cat !

  86. Upmanyu Dubey

    Upmanyu Dubey24 days ago

    But its impossible. 🙂🙂

  87. Thanas Goga

    Thanas GogaMonth ago

    1:49 skull*

  88. adarsh sirsat

    adarsh sirsatMonth ago

    El jefe's friend 🐆


    Marcos MAGALHAES VASQUEZMonth ago

    Onça Pintada

  90. Unboxing Javascript

    Unboxing JavascriptMonth ago

    3:33 that monkey checking her nail polish

  91. Flavio Demarchi

    Flavio DemarchiMonth ago

    At this moment jaguar's main habitat, Pantanal, is being burned down by farmers, with the consent of Jair Bolsonaro, the president of brazil. It's a colossal environmental disaster, with little to none international attention.

  92. Mwelwa Nguni

    Mwelwa NguniMonth ago

    Who else just saw that video of a Jaguar killing that dog that was sleeping?

  93. Asheesh Chandel

    Asheesh ChandelMonth ago

    King of jungle is tiger not jaguar

  94. Meela Seejeram

    Meela SeejeramMonth ago

    Tiger is the king of jungle. Great video though.

  95. Cody Wells

    Cody WellsMonth ago

    Mountain Lion's. They are the "elusive" cat of the USA

  96. Paul717

    Paul717Month ago

    So if things keep going they way they are someday jaguars will be like cute fluffy kittens

  97. DemonicSun

    DemonicSunMonth ago

    Make a video about cougars

  98. Thomas Issac

    Thomas IssacMonth ago


  99. Nathália Isabella

    Nathália IsabellaMonth ago

    Like really, taking their food, invading and devastating their habitat and later killing them because they "supposedly" invaded our farms, when that space was theirs first... ah... humans...


    MANGO EARTHMMonth ago

    - MANGO EARTHM'S [989] Revelation 22:16 [989]

  101. sam bekhtyari

    sam bekhtyariMonth ago

    This title bothers me because tiger is the true king of the f in jungle

  102. jay bell

    jay bellMonth ago

    You're finding them "dates" after feeding them. How sweet. Why Don't you try that Same Sht with Mortgage Man.....

  103. Cosmic Moral man

    Cosmic Moral manMonth ago

    We have this kind of cat in Sundarban Bangladesh.

  104. SM

    SMMonth ago

    I thought Tiger is the king of Jungle.

  105. Yash Misal

    Yash MisalMonth ago

    Tiger : baap se bakchodi Lion : dadaji se bakchodi Smilodon : nahi mai chutiye hu

  106. Stenio Woney Ramos da Silva

    Stenio Woney Ramos da SilvaMonth ago

    some of them can unfortunately die because of the fire in the Pantanal.

  107. CS GO Coach

    CS GO CoachMonth ago

    wow just awesome, really liked them !!

  108. Johnny Williams

    Johnny WilliamsMonth ago

    You are doing a wonderful job.We thank U for your;wisdom.keep them coming.