Decorator Crabs: Fashionistas of the Sea

Decorator crabs are the fashionistas of the oceans, and like fashionistas here on land are somehow both beautiful and very creepy looking.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Patreon Supporters:
Luke Marshall
Jesse Clarke
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Bikram Das

    Bikram Das6 days ago

    Please make a video of shrike bir

  2. Carlene Panda

    Carlene Panda27 days ago

    Wow I've never heard of this crab! Really fascinating

  3. Autumn

    Autumn2 months ago

    As an autistic woman, I identify with the decorator crab.

  4. Lj Delaney

    Lj Delaney3 months ago

    This is the coolest animal I have ever seen , I have never heard of it before , this blowing my mind

  5. Helen Chen

    Helen Chen4 months ago

    The Drag queens of the oceans?

  6. Djurren

    Djurren5 months ago

    Fashionframe is the true endgame. - M.R. 20 Decorator Crab.

  7. husain mfh

    husain mfh5 months ago

    When you meet fashionable one, means you are in danger

  8. Bob_The_Jones

    Bob_The_Jones5 months ago

    3:33 "Mom said it's my turn with the skinsuit"

  9. Matt Boyle

    Matt Boyle6 months ago

    I love these!

  10. Bertong Badtrip

    Bertong Badtrip7 months ago

    3:44 I see this crab was inspired by the Brazilian samba carnival fashion

  11. Bertong Badtrip

    Bertong Badtrip7 months ago

    I say her fashion is deadly gorgeous

  12. Cat Bird

    Cat Bird7 months ago

    Hermit Crab: “Decorator crab why are you dressed like that?” Decorator Crab: “It’s called fashion darling, look it up.”

  13. Puting Tigre

    Puting Tigre8 months ago

    How many times did she say decorate??

  14. Cyfrik

    Cyfrik9 months ago

    2:55 - That one looks like something you'd see as a low-level enemy in a videogame.

  15. Ian Hernandez

    Ian Hernandez9 months ago

    Nobody: Literally nobody: These crabs: NEED MORE DECORATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ethan Shong

    Ethan Shong10 months ago

    2:42 She said "and stinging sea anenomes" OOOF

  17. riel bercasio

    riel bercasio11 months ago


  18. Vince85

    Vince85Year ago

    Fried crab, shrimp and seafood :)

  19. Dhriti Pasala

    Dhriti PasalaYear ago


  20. teletubby queen

    teletubby queenYear ago

    The thumbnail typo kinda bothers me-

  21. Alexander -

    Alexander -Year ago

    Saint Laurent crab 🦀

  22. LighdarTheThird

    LighdarTheThirdYear ago

    Wait, why are you saying "anenome"? "An enemy"? Have I beeen saying anemone wong alll my life? Is there some other joke I'm misssing?

  23. Banana Boat

    Banana BoatYear ago

    We first use clothing to warm ourselves then to stand out :)

  24. Super Menace archives

    Super Menace archivesYear ago

    It would’ve been so funny if every shot you appeared in you had added some new item to your outfit. For example: hats, other shirts, buttons and pins. Like it would have made a super funny site gag.

  25. Allison

    AllisonYear ago

    She slips into the sponsored bit so easily I wind up watching to the end.

  26. Kyle Dilbert

    Kyle DilbertYear ago

    When a crab is more fashionable than the clothing made today.

  27. István Sipos

    István SiposYear ago

    female decorator crab: "This shell goes well with that little stone, and the colour of these algae emphasizes the colour of my eyes" male decorator crab: "This shell is clean (enough)"

  28. anuja dasgupta

    anuja dasguptaYear ago

    Hi Danielle. I love all the videos. One request I have, could you speak on Bulbul birds please?

  29. willie peppers

    willie peppersYear ago

    He was skinny

  30. Ram Jam

    Ram JamYear ago


  31. Sandro Okrostsvaridze

    Sandro OkrostsvaridzeYear ago

    3:31 "Oh no I'm nude! Don't look at me! SHlT I can't put my clothes on"

  32. Iris Ariola

    Iris AriolaYear ago

    0:14 I thought that white stuff was an attack from Undertale.

  33. Chimmy Nekrikit

    Chimmy NekrikitYear ago

    You rock, Danielle!!

  34. DJ Monte

    DJ MonteYear ago

    Katamari Demacy is quaking

  35. Luc Praslan

    Luc PraslanYear ago

    Hi Danielle, I've watched heaps of your videos but just now read and realised (sorry!) that you draw the drawings. Fabulous! Well done! You're incredible!👍👍

  36. Rony Ramdan

    Rony RamdanYear ago

    RuPaul's CRAB Race All Stars

  37. Pelayo Suarez Borrego

    Pelayo Suarez BorregoYear ago

    Do you like my decorations?

  38. Ace Onlyone

    Ace OnlyoneYear ago

    I want a fashion collection game with that crab

  39. Leopard-King

    Leopard-KingYear ago

    A panda falling down for NO reason? Reeeeally? So we're just gonna pretent that two empty cases of Bud Light and a half spent bottle of Sangria aren't exhibits A and B? Okay, fine. I'll just flex my superpower denial. Up, up, and enable!

  40. Evan Powell

    Evan PowellYear ago

    Poisonous birds please! Let's do an episode about the Hooded Pitohui!

  41. Stephen Mataganog

    Stephen MataganogYear ago

    Do you sell prints of your drawing? If so, where can I buy them?

  42. Bro Coli

    Bro ColiYear ago

    It makes me sad that you would love animals enough to present a youtube channel about them but still turn them into bags

  43. Makarand Gawas

    Makarand GawasYear ago

    Danielle , I love you

  44. Thomas Brown

    Thomas BrownYear ago

    40 yrs ago they were called dresser crabs.

  45. Jdub14000

    Jdub14000Year ago

    Danielle is a cutie.

  46. Jackeline Garcia Cordero

    Jackeline Garcia CorderoYear ago

    Do a Lion fish

  47. Rex Torres

    Rex TorresYear ago

    Sea amenonie... anominie... anonymity... sea enemy... amenities... I give up...

  48. Nabil S

    Nabil S2 years ago

    That blooper at the end 😂

  49. Leah Schmaman

    Leah Schmaman2 years ago

    Looked like they caught the skinny lil yellow dude off guard while he was changing clothes, poor guy.

  50. Animeboy101 Drawings and animations

    Animeboy101 Drawings and animations2 years ago


  51. KYCrusher1

    KYCrusher12 years ago

    They are *FABULOUS*

  52. Jake Serra

    Jake Serra2 years ago


  53. MrHawk995

    MrHawk9952 years ago


  54. Golden Pants

    Golden Pants2 years ago

    Hydra symbol on bag. She makes tote bags for Red Skull.

  55. 4 Dub

    4 Dub2 years ago

    We should change their name to fashionista crabs. Can u pls do TARANTULA HAWKS! Love ur show!

  56. Matthew Quitos

    Matthew Quitos2 years ago

    0:35 lol

  57. Ryan Lamb

    Ryan Lamb2 years ago

    Fashionistas on land are equally creepy looking.

  58. a1duzit

    a1duzit2 years ago


  59. Wayv

    Wayv2 years ago

    What if that decorator crab that decorated itself with food became giant decorated itself with human arms

  60. yomaira alejandro

    yomaira alejandro2 years ago

    do a white lion video

  61. Rebel Trooper Hoth

    Rebel Trooper Hoth2 years ago

    so there drax

  62. The_Rumpled_Book

    The_Rumpled_Book2 years ago


  63. KhanMasid

    KhanMasid2 years ago

    I try to listen to you and learn about the animal but then your cuteness just makes me deaf and I only see you. I am serious.

  64. F Ahmad

    F Ahmad2 years ago

    Glad to see you guys are still making videos. Love your content!

  65. Markcus Blakc

    Markcus Blakc2 years ago

    how did your haircolor change during the video

  66. sag bear

    sag bear2 years ago


  67. David Pieper

    David Pieper2 years ago

    Please do the Coywolf.

  68. ricardo mello

    ricardo mello2 years ago

    sooo, if they stand really still, are they the drax of crabs?

  69. Saank Davis

    Saank Davis2 years ago

    Plz talk about humans!!!!!!

  70. Heather Chandler

    Heather Chandler2 years ago

    I want so badly to stick a mini cane, moustache, monocle, and top hat on a decorator crab.

  71. JD Tremblay

    JD Tremblay2 years ago

    Functional art, I personally love making my own robots and forges and love making chef knives too.

  72. henfjo

    henfjo2 years ago


  73. {Aegptiacus Animates}

    {Aegptiacus Animates}2 years ago

    Do a spinosaur

  74. mad max

    mad max2 years ago

    you are so hot.

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    al farissia2 years ago

    i love your work ❤ you are so inspiring to me :)

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    jd202 years ago

    Can you do an episode on the pelican spider

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    Skull Helmet2 years ago

    No more videos? :( We miss you.....

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    Alain Wolf2 years ago

    Do the Surinam Toad

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    Qwertyspack992 years ago

    Please do sea turtles 😀

  80. Brennan Miller

    Brennan Miller2 years ago

    Where is animalogig you haven’t posted in 2 weeks

  81. nospaulatu

    nospaulatu2 years ago

    Aposematism is my new favourite word!

  82. Nicholas Fensom

    Nicholas Fensom2 years ago

    Horseshoe Crab: That would be an interesting animal to check out!

  83. Sparkly Cranberries

    Sparkly Cranberries2 years ago

    Decorates itself with what it eats? Looking at you, Lady Gaga.

  84. Vicky Jones

    Vicky Jones2 years ago

    Do an episode on beavers, please!

  85. evil waifu

    evil waifu2 years ago

    Do sailfin dragons plz

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    Tamara C2 years ago

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    nawa aripurna2 years ago

    Do sea turtle, why they are endangered too

  88. Ardee Shanty Agustin

    Ardee Shanty Agustin2 years ago

    Tbh i have a crush on you😅😅

  89. Insertdeadmemes

    Insertdeadmemes2 years ago

    Someone count how many times she’s said decorator or a variant of the word

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    KRAZY APES2 years ago

    Tasmanian devils please.

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    Hannah and Marissa Carr2 years ago

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    Awesome video. Love the content on this channel as an animal lover myself

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