Swamp Cat: The King of the Swamp

The Swamp Cat is the the most wide-spread feline that you've probably never heard of. | Get 15% off on the new Everyday E25 Earbuds by clicking here: buyraycon.com/animalogic
Special Thanks to:
Durgesh Singh,
Gaurav Ojha
Franck Hollander
Wild India
Le Parc des Félins

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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Voiced by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.



  1. Djimmy King

    Djimmy King11 hours ago

    " is what they´re BUILD for" 02:15 I like it when they admitting without realizing

  2. Savasan Kahveci

    Savasan Kahveci15 hours ago

    desert, snow, mountain, swamp, and they even underwater! damn, were doomed! but at least i can pet it

  3. Abishi Taylor

    Abishi Taylor18 hours ago

    there is something SCARY at 4:04


    AND PEGGYDay ago

    Wait, the cat got bitten in the neck by a rattle snake, and it survived?

  5. leilamohamed a

    leilamohamed a2 days ago

    do a squirrel

  6. Axel Ded

    Axel Ded2 days ago

    I give my life not for honor, but for you~ Crime, it's the way I fly to you~

  7. Whatsoever Idontcare

    Whatsoever Idontcare3 days ago

    Do they understand pspsspspsp?

  8. OhDaughter Fan

    OhDaughter Fan3 days ago

    cats run every region they live in

  9. Philip Anthony Kenny

    Philip Anthony Kenny3 days ago


  10. acronymsforall by R Mcknight

    acronymsforall by R Mcknight3 days ago

    Love your series. I am fascinated by cats. Domestic & wild cats. Cats are very smart.

  11. Jonathan Ngo

    Jonathan Ngo5 days ago

    Seems like everyone has a Raycon deal lol

  12. Demetri Samuels

    Demetri Samuels5 days ago

    Swampthing wants to know your location

  13. Ms Iam Everythang

    Ms Iam Everythang6 days ago

    Cat: when there is no other food around you will nibble on snake. If it moves it's getting eaten.

  14. Aksam Rafiz

    Aksam Rafiz12 days ago


  15. avaellie

    avaellie12 days ago

    can people in the comments please stop comparing cats and dogs. You sound like you're comparing nicki minaj and cardi b. THEY CAN'T BE COMPARED. They are completely opposite of eachother. STOPP

  16. Sara Ansari

    Sara Ansari14 days ago

    Seriously, the whole "RAYCONS" are awesome & the "You should buy them especially for the price" part is probably one of the biggest rip-offs I've ever seen on USlikes. You'll probably know what I'm talking about if you've seen a dozen others being sponsored + genuine reviews.

  17. Nano Toledo

    Nano Toledo15 days ago


  18. cisse de clercq

    cisse de clercq16 days ago

    this cat is flemisch.....because we are the swamp people.

  19. Dzmitry Dym

    Dzmitry Dym23 days ago

    with less words, subzero...

  20. Thomas McGillivray

    Thomas McGillivray24 days ago

    Beautiful....I'd have one at home as a pet, but it probably wouldn't be happy in that environment.

  21. killerking101

    killerking10125 days ago

    i hv that cat

  22. 黃喚

    黃喚25 days ago

    一個人吃飽了 可以懶洋洋

  23. 黃喚

    黃喚25 days ago

    實在真孤單 單獨找食物

  24. Fan Kunner 258

    Fan Kunner 25829 days ago


  25. pabitra pariyar

    pabitra pariyarMonth ago

    the area you show is nepal not india

  26. Carl my name

    Carl my nameMonth ago

    Did u know cats got abilities to cure themselve from food poisoning

  27. just me

    just meMonth ago

    aside from being feline, they look nothing like a lynx. If they can eat vegetation they are a rear feline indeed as cats have lost the ability to digest vegetation. as for your description of the cat hunting. it didn't stalk, nor did it sneak up on the snake. the cat 'didn't recover' from being bitten. rat snakes are non venomous and are actually constrictors. if you're going to do a little class about an animal, get it right. thanks.

  28. agubaia

    agubaiaMonth ago

    ahhh I want to have one home !!!

  29. PurebreedFLA

    PurebreedFLAMonth ago

    We have quite a snake problem in our Everglades, maybe these cats can help.

  30. Jim M

    Jim MMonth ago

    I wonder if we can get a bunch together and take them into Washington DC - see what they can do with the swamp there.

  31. Van Rozay

    Van RozayMonth ago

    All cats are ambush hunters. They may run fast, but can't keep it up for long. Even the cheetah will fail to catch fast prey that get a head start. That's why, more than needing it for protection, the swamp cat needs hiding places, spots from which to pounce.

  32. Magno Avatar

    Magno AvatarMonth ago

    This cat is more one plague against environment and local species created by humanity.

  33. Anna Larsen

    Anna LarsenMonth ago

    They remind me of the maned wolf

  34. Juluis Reyes

    Juluis ReyesMonth ago

    Looks like a cross between a caracal and domestic cat..lol

  35. BWS205

    BWS205Month ago

    Cats (any kind) are the ultimate hunters/predators.

  36. pasayiv 23

    pasayiv 23Month ago

    really cute cat...

  37. Rx Bio

    Rx BioMonth ago

    I wanna buy its legs so no one gonna say i am short.

  38. jerry stubbs

    jerry stubbsMonth ago

    that was great

  39. Mohammed Nabih

    Mohammed NabihMonth ago

    And I was was wondering why my egyptian cats like olives.

  40. Francois Blair

    Francois BlairMonth ago

    Hmm, had a conversation with someone on USlikes and he/she claimed that snakes always killed cats, even showed him videos that made the claim false. thanks for uploading your ever so knowledgeable videos.

  41. tresleches DJango

    tresleches DJangoMonth ago

    Sounds like the chick on the dodo channel

  42. Muhammad Fakhri

    Muhammad FakhriMonth ago

    Still cute

  43. yung su lee

    yung su leeMonth ago

    Metal gear cat: snake eater

  44. Vasili Leung

    Vasili LeungMonth ago

    I was expecting to see ocelot

  45. Franco Elias

    Franco EliasMonth ago

    Insert MGS joke here

  46. Love Otis Hickory

    Love Otis HickoryMonth ago

    The chinese love tortured swamp cat stew. They can't steal enough.

  47. Adam A.

    Adam A.Month ago

    That shit like like a mf house cat bruh

  48. Master Ethan

    Master EthanMonth ago

    I’m truly amazed with your cat in the wild collection of videos. Keep it up. ❤️❤️❤️

  49. Roger Santos

    Roger SantosMonth ago

    the king of the swamps is the alligators

  50. Galaxy Supernova

    Galaxy SupernovaMonth ago

    2:51 “The Lynxes” Lynxes: who said dat

  51. LaviniaVeiled

    LaviniaVeiledMonth ago

    Where did the Small Cats Unknown series go on CuriosityStream?? And the Costa Rica doc?? They’re gone!! 😫😢

  52. Qayyum Chariff

    Qayyum ChariffMonth ago

    "Why are we here, just to suffer?"

  53. karthik puvvula

    karthik puvvulaMonth ago

    Swamp Cat: I kill snakes.. I'm dangerous 👿 Hoomans : Awwee you are so cute 🥰 Swamp Cat: 🙄

  54. AI

    AIMonth ago

    I like how this channel give information and the way she talks, and I like how they plan and design this vid. The storytelling style definitely is more engaging and make things easy to remember. Very interesting. That cat is majestic + cute + robust. New subscriber

  55. Gibran Rakhe Syailendra

    Gibran Rakhe SyailendraMonth ago

    Fishing Cats Dessert Cats Smol Cats Snake Cats Japanese Cats Cats.....

  56. cheah lionel

    cheah lionelMonth ago


  57. Krishnendu Nath

    Krishnendu NathMonth ago

    Cutest beast

  58. XtremeConditions

    XtremeConditionsMonth ago

    At 5:41 "I'm just a regular house cat, strutting my stuff like I own the place. But don't tell anyone!" lmao

  59. ricardo lewis

    ricardo lewisMonth ago


  60. Alizza Lovely Samonte

    Alizza Lovely SamonteMonth ago

    This cat is still cute...though I know my hands is in danger. ..I'd still try to...to.. Yes PET it..lol.

  61. LaviniaVeiled

    LaviniaVeiledMonth ago

    I am so grateful for this small cat series!!! So many small cats need recognition and love. I’m especially looking forward to the Lynx/Bobcat, Caracal, Black footed cat, and ocelot! Lynx are my fav, obviously! Thank you all and much love from Seattle! :D

  62. John Awesome

    John AwesomeMonth ago

    0:10 8000km stretching cat 🐱

  63. Spiriteus Mjir

    Spiriteus MjirMonth ago

    Khan is pronounced "Han".....

  64. hpufo

    hpufoMonth ago

    "I'll give my life, not for honor but for you"

  65. Xinxin Xu

    Xinxin XuMonth ago

    Who said cat can’t protect you?

  66. IJustFarted

    IJustFartedMonth ago


  67. Veronika Ejlertsen

    Veronika EjlertsenMonth ago

    I know this breed og cat -w- its becuse im actully studying Them.

  68. Veronika Ejlertsen

    Veronika EjlertsenMonth ago

    I meant of 🤦

  69. Captain Vanador

    Captain VanadorMonth ago

    Don't be foolish. Shrek is the king of the swamp

  70. June Caratao

    June CarataoMonth ago

    CHUPACABRA please...

  71. Saadon Aksah

    Saadon Aksah2 months ago

    so cute! 😍

  72. Johan Rodrigues

    Johan Rodrigues2 months ago

    The Genghis Khan under the cats . 💛💛the comparisson .


    SASWATI DEY2 months ago


  74. Joaquin Alvarez Zaragoza

    Joaquin Alvarez Zaragoza2 months ago

    I thought the king of the swamp was Shrek

  75. BerserkerRider

    BerserkerRider2 months ago

    Snake eater

  76. Konstantin Solovyov

    Konstantin Solovyov2 months ago

    There are no olives in Uzbekistan

  77. Isaiah Butler

    Isaiah Butler2 months ago

    "Can survive in a variety of environments, on a variety of diets and adapted to life in an incredible variety of habitats; savanah, grassland, desert, wetland, and forest" Are we sure Eevee wasnt inspired by this animal?

  78. rodo dentron

    rodo dentron2 months ago

    where is Shrek? :)

  79. Luca TheKid

    Luca TheKid2 months ago

    The same footage over and over 😴

  80. Queen Lion

    Queen Lion2 months ago

    *$5 says that Animalogic will not pin this comment and address the shrek memes in the comment section*

  81. Juega Frei

    Juega Frei2 months ago

    Is this puss n boots?

  82. Yoga Andoyo Aji

    Yoga Andoyo Aji2 months ago

    Another cute pokemon discovered

  83. Mario Sanders

    Mario Sanders2 months ago

    She's not being stealthy, she strolled right up to that snakey snack. Anyway get these bad boys to Louisiana! We have All the swamp and All the snakes dey'd ever need

  84. ken mwobobia

    ken mwobobia2 months ago

    Can I keep a swamp cat at home?

  85. Zero

    Zero2 months ago

    boss was right, cats do like play with snakes

  86. yes 12

    yes 122 months ago

    So swamp cat are omnivores?

  87. Benxall

    Benxall2 months ago

    Not to be confused with the Floridian swamp cat

  88. Rais Huang

    Rais Huang2 months ago

    Im the MGS3 joke your are looking for

  89. ImFutureYou

    ImFutureYou2 months ago

    I just watched a video about sand cat and swamp cat in one day but seriously though how many type of cats are out there?

  90. Nikki H

    Nikki H2 months ago

    "They call him...."Snake Eater". "

  91. tru

    tru2 months ago

    STARRING: "Punished (Venom) Cat"

  92. Cathy Statham

    Cathy Statham2 months ago

    Plot twist a python was like yall ate my son prepare to die

  93. Catify Co

    Catify Co2 months ago


  94. Erix Pizano

    Erix Pizano2 months ago

    Loved the video is top quality and the drawings are amazing!

  95. Choosy Beggar

    Choosy Beggar2 months ago

    Queens of the swamp.

  96. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones2 months ago

    Where Genghis khan can't, Genghis cat can.

  97. What Say

    What Say3 months ago

    Junglee Billi 😂

  98. Name

    Name3 months ago

    They look like mini-caracals

  99. Robert Schumann

    Robert Schumann3 months ago

    That’s not a swamp cat. That is “little man” my neighborhood stray. He is an awesome cat just don’t try to make him an indoor cat. A few have tried and they regret it.

  100. yes 12

    yes 123 months ago


  101. thtree

    thtree3 months ago

    And here I am still looking for his eye-patch