Coconut Crab: Your Worst Nightmare

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Japan Fisheries Research
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Ken Marks

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Writer, Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic7 months ago

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  2. Bipolar Spock

    Bipolar Spock15 hours ago

    Coconut crabs, sure my son would love one

  3. Grant Goldberg

    Grant Goldberg5 days ago

    Those are the most evil animals on Earth.

  4. Subarna Lama

    Subarna Lama12 days ago

    Please bring something about Red Panda

  5. Rachel Meyer

    Rachel Meyer17 days ago

    Here, havva cat!!! 😱

  6. Vin Smith

    Vin Smith28 days ago

    I was really sad to hear you couldn’t eat them.

  7. Graiden Wright-Turner

    Graiden Wright-Turner3 hours ago


  8. _Neon - Xeon_

    _Neon - Xeon_5 hours ago

    MrBallen anyone??

  9. アイザックunchi

    アイザックunchi5 hours ago

    This looks delicious if it was ediblea

  10. Gekko14

    Gekko146 hours ago

    Just be glad these things aren’t fast

  11. Graphik Dezigns

    Graphik Dezigns7 hours ago

    Fun Fact: The Facehuggers from the Alien movie franchise were inspired by Coconut Crabs. That's not a true fact, but it seems like it should be, doesn't it?

  12. im ded

    im ded9 hours ago

    poor bird ;-;

  13. BadAgent44

    BadAgent449 hours ago

    If we're being technical, this channels name is Anima Logic, because they foolishly made it one word, Animalogic, or another way to say it is Animal Ogic.

  14. Penguin?

    Penguin?10 hours ago

    Getting serious rockuncher vibes rn

  15. Luvii W

    Luvii W12 hours ago

    She really said sacrifice the kittens for crabs 💀

  16. Monsanto Fungaro

    Monsanto Fungaro12 hours ago

    She says they are poisonous to humans but there are videos all over of people eating them.

  17. JohniconGaming

    JohniconGaming13 hours ago

    I can't wait to visit an island to encounter them!

  18. pdr_

    pdr_15 hours ago

    quick, grab the shotgun

  19. muklis alisyahab

    muklis alisyahab15 hours ago

    So Dr Brackman design his megalith based on this giant armored will definitely kill you crab.

  20. Violent Tugboat

    Violent Tugboat17 hours ago

    I've seen these when I lived in the Marshall island's. At first I thought it was a small dog walking in the bushes. Looked like an alien.

  21. Ein Gipson

    Ein Gipson18 hours ago

    dont forget christmas island has some but due to yellow crazy ants they could go extinct

  22. Darrren Betker

    Darrren Betker23 hours ago

    Does it really matter if they go extinct

  23. Catandogclone 13

    Catandogclone 13Day ago

    I can’t let these things live if they eat kittens.

  24. Catandogclone 13

    Catandogclone 136 hours ago

    @megaman37456 I’d rather have to nuke an entire continent than have the coconut crabs around.

  25. megaman37456

    megaman374567 hours ago

    Let's put it to the test, the enitre species of Coconut Crab, or a single SCP-173 Nutty boi.

  26. Thomas The The

    Thomas The TheDay ago

    I don't eat meat I don't eat animal products I don't like guns I am a pacifist I don't like violance I don't believe killing another living thing is ever the right thing to do because all life is prescious But if I saw a coconut crab I'd pump it full of bullets

  27. L Riz

    L RizDay ago

    Poisonous? Try eating one. When I was a child I used to eat these. They are very juicy and the meat is kind of sweet. I'm still alive btw. Get your facts right.

  28. Play epic

    Play epicDay ago

    And the carb killed Emilia airhert

  29. Phillip J

    Phillip JDay ago

    0:24 word? Darwin had a future moment and started spitting out modern colloquialisms?

  30. Phillip Brewster

    Phillip BrewsterDay ago

    I thought you said coconut crabs are poisonous too humans? If so why do they sell them as food in the wet markets in china and Vietnam??

  31. Jaycup Haze

    Jaycup HazeDay ago

    had a dream the were living in the walls of my house

  32. Mylyfeya101

    Mylyfeya101Day ago

    Giant, enemy crab.

  33. Mikey Pickett

    Mikey PickettDay ago

    These are the things that ate Ameliaeargeart

  34. Kongajinken

    KongajinkenDay ago

    Down vote as its not ok to eat kittens.

  35. xLucky Sinz

    xLucky SinzDay ago

    Imagine if one falls on you.. omg

  36. John Thomson

    John ThomsonDay ago

    They're doing well in Florida where they've been released.

  37. adonis alamo

    adonis alamoDay ago

    Imagine seeing a crab twerking on the side of a rock

  38. snickle1980

    snickle1980Day ago

    Are they as delicious as they look?

  39. snickle1980

    snickle1980Day ago

    Nevermind 😒

  40. Richard S

    Richard S2 days ago

    Imagine a cat catching a sleeping bird at night, playing with it and eating it partially and leaving the remainder behind. That's what cats do. Every cat which can go outside does this. Every neat cat.

  41. Imran Saadat

    Imran Saadat2 days ago

    You are cuttier thn coconut crab ❤❤️❤❤️

  42. AllerasTheSphinx

    AllerasTheSphinx2 days ago

    Honey, get the flamethrower!

  43. Gandhiodus Klifgote

    Gandhiodus Klifgote2 days ago

    But is it edible.

  44. Julio Siezes

    Julio Siezes2 days ago

    stomping one would be oh so satisfying 🤤🤤

  45. TjayAntisocial

    TjayAntisocialDay ago

    never seen a lowlife in this type of comment section

  46. Zenids

    Zenids2 days ago

    wait a minute, THEY EAT KITTENS? oh hell nah. I hate these crabs now. thought they were cool until you said they eat kittens numerous times!

  47. QuarryBee

    QuarryBee2 days ago

    “I was a drab little crab once”

  48. Mohamed Reda Naimi

    Mohamed Reda Naimi2 days ago

    I dont want to meet these things these guys friek me out

  49. Baba Yaga

    Baba Yaga2 days ago

    Looks tasty AF. I want to throw it into some cajun boil.

  50. Saint

    Saint2 days ago

    shoot it

  51. Angelo Paul

    Angelo Paul3 days ago

    I would stomp one of these flat if I saw one 😂

  52. TjayAntisocial

    TjayAntisocialDay ago

    @Angelo Paul maybe stomp it dead but flat, no. but then again maybe you were just being hyperbolic

  53. Angelo Paul

    Angelo PaulDay ago

    @TjayAntisocial it’s just an exo skeleton made of keratin easily puncturable and breakable

  54. TjayAntisocial

    TjayAntisocialDay ago

    not possible

  55. ThePolish LegoGuy

    ThePolish LegoGuy3 days ago

    Why do I hear boss music

  56. Brandon Thailand

    Brandon Thailand3 days ago

    Maybe Earhart ate the crab and died.

  57. J D

    J D3 days ago

    They need to start breeding a legion of these in controlled, high oxygen environments. And feed them lots of coconuts and kittens

  58. J D

    J D3 days ago

    @Thymii "The judge has sentenced you to death." ..."Lethal injection?" "Nope. Giant crabs."

  59. Thymii

    Thymii3 days ago

    Would make for a great torture device, if not just a straight up death sentence by giant two meter wide crab

  60. DarkJGaming

    DarkJGaming3 days ago

    crap im near there i live in Indonesia

  61. Jehoiakim Eli Doronila

    Jehoiakim Eli Doronila3 days ago

    From 0:26: Darwin: "my dude, this thing is *MONSTROUS!* " Wallace: *"bro!"* Me: aaaaaahhhhhhh---!!!!!!!!!!!! (Screaming prairie dog reference; then cuts off) fit for perfectly-cut screams compilation

  62. K J

    K J3 days ago

    But are they bulletproof?

  63. Dashkin Blacksmith

    Dashkin Blacksmith3 days ago

    poor coconut crabs

  64. Dashkin Blacksmith

    Dashkin Blacksmith3 days ago

    in rarotonga people eat coconut crabs

  65. Robin Caster

    Robin Caster3 days ago

    All that meat in the shell and you can’t even eat it

  66. That Guy

    That Guy3 days ago

    Cant believe coconut crabs twerk to release their eggs

  67. Mr Niceguy

    Mr Niceguy3 days ago

    Is it weird that my first thought about seeing them. Was how they'll taste if cooked.

  68. Nick 1

    Nick 14 days ago

    I want one as a pet. A guard crab!!!

  69. Jowee Tee

    Jowee Tee4 days ago

    can humans eat the coconut crab ? do they taste coconutey ?

  70. Philly Cheesesteak

    Philly Cheesesteak4 days ago

    The crabs eat kittens Me: we’re having crab for dinner!

  71. CyXaPNK

    CyXaPNK4 days ago

    3:54 Tamatoa: u are not shiny, u will die

  72. Heathen 1859

    Heathen 18594 days ago

    I JUST watched a video saying these particular crabs eat sea mangos that have toxins in them making these crabs poisonous to humans. This is somehow overcome, seeing people are cooking n eating them here.

  73. Kirimitsu

    Kirimitsu4 days ago

    4:04 that kinda sounds wrong Im going to hell

  74. Autumn Coleman

    Autumn Coleman4 days ago

    Shiny Anyone get my reference? Just me

  75. Syvle Berina

    Syvle Berina4 days ago

    Bad thoughts: Imagine your a coconut, then you see this creature coming towards you

  76. Toy Elf

    Toy Elf4 days ago

    Well little Kraven, when a robot and a crustacean love each other very much he uses his hard drive to impregnate the crustaceans eggs, however the process of robo-insemination is far too complex for the human mind.

  77. DIVYA Sharma

    DIVYA Sharma4 days ago

    jen ramgarh was here

  78. Spencer Quan

    Spencer Quan4 days ago


  79. Friendly Guy

    Friendly Guy4 days ago

    Kinda cute

  80. 2A K2

    2A K24 days ago

    they are not nightmares they are very delicious I put wagyu beef, Alaska king crab and lobster together to get to his level of deliciousness

  81. miss Sarah Winterbottom

    miss Sarah Winterbottom4 days ago

    Amelia Earhart died in her plane, i would suggest, in the pacific somewhere i hate to say it but sharks are most likely what finished her off not coconut crabs, thats my theory ,

  82. John Thomson

    John ThomsonDay ago

    And you know this as fact because...? Sharks? Not so much. The plane would have sunk and ocean floor dwelling crabs and other carrion eaters would have eaten her. Stop abusing the word theory.

  83. DLE Animatronics

    DLE Animatronics4 days ago

    If you get past all the kitten murder they're actually amazing creatures

  84. Joe Niati

    Joe Niati4 days ago

    whooo wicked!

  85. Professional Procrastinator

    Professional Procrastinator4 days ago

    Interesting... So I'm not the only one who targets boobies...

  86. just another shirtless guy

    just another shirtless guy4 days ago

    I bet this guy sang you're welcome

  87. The Butler Did It

    The Butler Did It4 days ago

    Your worst nightmare.....but your tastiest snack.

  88. YøurLøcal Hitman

    YøurLøcal Hitman4 days ago

    she's goofy

  89. MoonLight Vivian

    MoonLight Vivian5 days ago

    Me: i love any types of crabs **Me sees this** Also me: bye

  90. Slade

    Slade5 days ago

    Man they always get me when I swim over from Theramore to Onyxias Lair.

  91. Saurabh Tewari

    Saurabh Tewari5 days ago

    Her expressions are pretty priceless

  92. Luke White

    Luke White5 days ago

    awesome content but the narration is rough.

  93. Alex McKnight

    Alex McKnight5 days ago

    3:37 LOL

  94. Alex McKnight

    Alex McKnight5 days ago

    Aliens do exist. And they're on earth.

  95. Kib Kib

    Kib Kib4 days ago

    I'm from Buenos Aires and I say kill em all.

  96. Kux Noscope

    Kux Noscope5 days ago

    Coconut crabs are not poisonous i know because i eat that 😋

  97. Daniel Hope

    Daniel Hope5 days ago

    N I G H T M A R E

  98. Julie Richens

    Julie Richens5 days ago

    We have to find better ways to protect some hideous predators that eat kittens, birds, and.....oh, yes, humans?? WTH is wrong with that scenario??!

  99. Thymii

    Thymii3 days ago

    This life is as valuable as the lives they may take

  100. train2Mars

    train2Mars5 days ago

    I would like 10, please

  101. De1usionsofGrandeur

    De1usionsofGrandeur5 days ago

    To me I think oh ya that looks delicious

  102. Jacob Day

    Jacob Day5 days ago

    I was a drab little crab once

  103. Kody Price

    Kody Price5 days ago

    “Coconut crabs have a bad reputation because there,humongous, it has giant claws, and it’s been seen eating birds and kittens” Me “hold on you mind running that bit by me one last time

  104. NPC 1974

    NPC 19745 days ago

    This video in a nutshell... Coconut crabs are hermit crabs on steroids

  105. Wallace Hardin III

    Wallace Hardin III5 days ago

    The drawing going on in the background is mesmerizing!

  106. Consuelo Amortegui

    Consuelo Amortegui5 days ago

    I don't like how the dude was just filming that poor bird's death instead of helping it...

  107. Kamil C.

    Kamil C.4 days ago

    And then what? Save a poor frog from being eaten by that bird? Save poor flies from being eaten by a frog? This is how nature works and we're part of it, deal with it. Ps. google for "bambi effect".

  108. Soulfalon27 the Thirth

    Soulfalon27 the Thirth5 days ago



    BIOSHOCKFOXX5 days ago

    @5:08 - Looks like she's crushing those eggs against rocks. :D

  110. 777Raze

    777Raze6 days ago

    Death metal crab

  111. Xiaohua Gu

    Xiaohua Gu6 days ago

    These must be the famous GIANT ENEMY CRABS

  112. Kizzie Fujoshi

    Kizzie Fujoshi6 days ago

    philippine kids: *lol*

  113. aeolsharfe

    aeolsharfe6 days ago

    CO2 is NOT oxygen.

  114. GullieGumdrops

    GullieGumdrops6 days ago

    a coconut crab broke my wrist because of your advice

  115. carlo agoncillo

    carlo agoncillo6 days ago

    Worst Nightmare ? Those things are delicious with garlic butter and chili sauce.

  116. Ferd Dorst

    Ferd Dorst6 days ago

    My worst nightmare is having to listen to you talk. That's a beautiful animal and it isn't going to be paying off its student loans for the rest of its natural life.

  117. worms are cool

    worms are cool6 days ago

    Now we gotta bring the .223 to Christmas Island.

  118. Hate Me B1tch

    Hate Me B1tch6 days ago

    Now I know why they used crab like creatures in the mist movie. Terrifying