These Parasites make Real World Zombies

Chest bursting worms, brain-eating fungus, and castrating barnacles: the world of parasites is not great.
Everyone say a warm welcome to Jess Keating, who will be co-hosting Second Nature with Danielle. Jess is zoologist-turned author and illustrator who writes all about animals. We're really excited for her to join the team, and we hope you are too!

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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Jess Keating
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    AnimalogicYear ago

    Join us in welcoming Jess Keating to the Animalogic family. Jess will be joining Danielle to co-host Second Nature. She is a zoologist, artist, and author of nature books for children. Also, she's a huge nerd, I think you'll love her! I hope everyone enjoys this episode - you may be tempted to go out and buy a flamethrower by the end...

  2. MJ Southerland

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  3. Duskbringer

    DuskbringerMonth ago

    Just wanted to mention a wasp I was pointed towards in your 2018 Wasp Video: If you thought Emereald Jewel Wasp was bad, you'll enjoy Ichneumon Eumerus... It's a Hyperparasite, laying its egg in a Butterfly Egg of species that is Parasitic towards Ants, Mountain Alcon Blue. Ants are feeding a parasite that is slowly being eaten from within by another parasite. I was pointed toward this one by PlaguedByEarth.

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    Welcome :-)

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    ...a flamethrower is always in my Inventar...

  7. Nikolai Orr

    Nikolai Orr3 hours ago

    I dont know if it's the fact that either I'm a mad man or I just enjoy reading/hearing about the biology of practically every living thing, but the jewel wasp has to be one of the coolest cases of parasitic zombification I've ever heard, cockroaches are said to be almost indestructible and yet a simple insect can destroy it easily. It truly is fascinating

  8. noodlefoo

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    That's it, from now on I'm going to cook my food till it's burnt.

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    Awesome soundtrack

  11. Banana Joe

    Banana Joe3 days ago

    Ok, this clip is mostly about parasites living in insects. But what about human parasites like: Trichinella, Brugia, Onchocerca, or my favorit human parasite: Dracunculus medinensis?

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    time to go play the last of us again

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    Nature is metal af

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    Ants be like: there's an impostor among us.

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    There's an impostor among us...

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    Bad luck for people in 2120

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    i have an aphobia of bugs i still clicked this video

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    Man, this really makes my insides turn

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    I come home from work and watch at least 3 of your videos everyday. I like your format. It's so chill and cool and relatable.

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    Braconid wasps live on tomato horn worms. Yippee!

  24. GlinTaleo

    GlinTaleo5 days ago

    Imagine getting a blood test and they come back to you like, "Sorry, you have castrator barnacle. You may only have a couple weeks to live."

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    Just throw the whole planet away and start over

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    Yeah our depiction of zombies are alot nicer

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    I had flys in my home & they were going berserk they all came so suddenly so we used fly killer & they dropped dead however when I went to pick them up one started moving so I thought okay I'll give it a minute and next thing you know there's a worm popping out & then same thing happened with the others! SOME CREEPY SHIT!😧😷

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    It aint crimes against humanity if they ain’t human... *”Honey get the flammenwerfer”!*

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    Just imagine those wasps being the size of a pelican. Humanity is fucked at that point.

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    Don't trust anything she said, . . . . . because she iS JUST KIDDING! ahahaha

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    I once was a nomadic lone ranger in the woods now i am afraid to leave my room...

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    Cordyceps are available in supplement form btw.👍🏽

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    The jewel wasp is one of the most interesting insects in the world

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    The ant and fungus reminds me of among us

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    I just had to watch this stomach-turning video when I was thinking about what to have for dinner. "Yes, I believe I'll have the nothing, with a side of nothing please. And for drink I'll take some Pepto Bismal. Or a triple shot of Jack Daniel's" Ugh>

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    One single spore can destroy a species

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    The cockroach wasp is literally the definition of chestburster

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    The fungus parasite is literally Among Us with ants and fungus.

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    Really informative but I could have done without all the religious comments snuck in.

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    Was partying in my friends garage when someone stepped on a cricket and a giant horsehair worm came crawling out... disgusting

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  69. Cat Man

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    There are movies like wordl war Z then movies that really have logic in the zombies like the one with the fungus that attacks ants and makes ants zombies or maybe that one with will Smith with the cancer figthing mutated virus all of these movies have cientific logic or at least probablility i like them

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    Basically, it's "The Thing" movie going over 48 million years.

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    Burako Shimazaki21 day ago

    For those that don't know, the fungus in The Last of Us video game is an evolved strain of this Cordyceps that infects the ants.

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