Bearded Dragon: The King of Chill

Bearded Dragons are quite possibly the most loved animals on the internet. And with those smiles, it’s not hard to see why.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    AnimalogicYear ago

    Hey everyone, it's finally here! Today's episode isn't only a long-awaited Beardie episode, but a collaboration as well. When you're done watching, be sure to go check out Emzotic's episode, which is all about caring for Bearded Dragons. She also has a whole series called Creature Feature, which if you like Animalogic, I'm sure you'll love. The link is in the description!

  2. Sinister 692

    Sinister 692Month ago

    Could you do Oscar cichlids they are very cool fish and people love them as pets

  3. L _

    L _3 months ago

    I litterly love them I have one and their the sweetest cutest *babies*

  4. kyle

    kyle3 months ago

    Do a uromastyx episode

  5. Carlos Perez

    Carlos Perez5 months ago

    Winner of a video, I've been looking for "bearded dragon salmonella test" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Tiyndrew Bewildering Tip - (search on google )? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for discovering how to care for your bearded dragon without the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got excellent success with it.

  6. Misha Artman

    Misha Artman11 months ago

    Insert global warming plug because... you know completely irrelevant

  7. itz_Boba melody

    itz_Boba melody20 hours ago

    still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill

  8. Azell XD

    Azell XD3 days ago

    Naw he lost his spot to the Axolotl 😂

  9. Dean Marshall

    Dean Marshall4 days ago

    the most loved animal on the internet is obviously a cat, bearded dragons are favourite reptiles at best

  10. wolandrew

    wolandrew5 days ago

    "..not enough males to keep th population stable..." Male dragon: - hold my beer

  11. William Dale

    William Dale6 days ago

    I have one her name is shela

  12. Kari Ramirez

    Kari Ramirez6 days ago


  13. MarklenIngyer

    MarklenIngyer6 days ago

    You sound about as genuine as a McDonalds Hamburger

  14. Heh

    Heh7 days ago

    That smile is the same as the polite cat smile

  15. FuckTard01

    FuckTard017 days ago

    They have crackhead energy

  16. e

    e7 days ago

    Watching this after watching a video about a bearded dragon running into walls at top speed.

  17. milk

    milk8 days ago

    my brother had a bearded and he named him godzilla

  18. EmeraldM

    EmeraldM8 days ago

    Bearded Dragon: The king of running into walls

  19. Taylor Johnson

    Taylor Johnson9 days ago

    I miss my bearded dragon 😔

  20. RubenFantasia

    RubenFantasia9 days ago

    You already wrong in the first line as the cats are gods in the internet

  21. Shon w

    Shon w9 days ago

    my mans at 1:36 said “aight, ima head out.”

  22. Gabara

    Gabara9 days ago

    “Most loved animal on the internet” axolotls: bonjour

  23. Beardie Land

    Beardie Land9 days ago

    I have 3 of then they are still babys and they are almost 1 year old they are so cute!

  24. Stripes and jay

    Stripes and jay9 days ago


  25. Draggons4

    Draggons49 days ago

    Title: "King of Chill" Video: *They can be very aggressive towards eachother*

  26. Wei Chen

    Wei Chen9 days ago

    I was thinking about getting one as pets but now ive seen the aggressive sides i kinda scared😨 cause u thought these guys are very chilled

  27. Kaden Macdonald

    Kaden Macdonald10 days ago

    1:37 Since when do Beardies run that fast?! I’ve never seen a Bearded Dragon run that fast before!

  28. Lil Rhat

    Lil Rhat10 days ago

    Bearded dragon=K.O.C. KING OF CHILL

  29. LaumiRez

    LaumiRez10 days ago

    Title: Bearded Dragon The King of Chill Steve Irwin: You bit me on the nose you little brat!

  30. Mkqhwg eeoi

    Mkqhwg eeoi10 days ago


  31. Alex Rosario

    Alex Rosario11 days ago

    “He’ll get daka and daka and daka and daka”

  32. Akansh Arya

    Akansh Arya11 days ago

    0:01 " Bearded dragons are quit possibly the most loved animals on the internet...." Dogs,Cats,pandas,rabbits,seals,etc...: So.... u must be joking, right?

  33. Nathan Young

    Nathan Young11 days ago

    I used to have a pet bearded dragon

  34. Dopemanricky

    Dopemanricky11 days ago

    I've been wanting a cat to kill spiders but I dont think I've ever known a cat that does. Maybe a bearded dragon is a better choice 🤔

  35. Max Malten

    Max Malten11 days ago

    came from a video of one running into walls

  36. Akshay Ravi Kumar

    Akshay Ravi Kumar12 days ago

    Should've mentioned a point or two about their depth perception, or the complete lack of it 😂

  37. Gutter Punk

    Gutter Punk12 days ago

    As someone who use to own a bearded dragon, I Highly recommend them as pets if you like Docile chill reptiles. They hardly ever bite (mines never but me) because their so chill and it’s super easy to tell when a bearded dragon is stressed and angry because they turn black or puff up their beard so you’ll know to leave them alone.

  38. Scarlet Holly

    Scarlet Holly12 days ago

    I super believe in Tad Cooper

  39. Scarlet Holly

    Scarlet Holly12 days ago

    Animalogic: "bearded dragons are quite possibly the most loved animals on the internet Cats, dogs, water bears, capybara, and minecraft youtubers: AM I a jOkE tO YOu?

  40. Godzilla Geek2004

    Godzilla Geek200412 days ago

    I love my bearded dragon

  41. BlindingLight

    BlindingLight12 days ago

    I remember in my 8th grade science class the teacher had a bearded dragon named Berry, and we all thought that it was a female. That was, until my teacher brought Berry to another classroom that also had a lizard. When the lizard and Berry met, Berry’s spiny beard poofed up and they started chasing the other lizard around the room. From that point on, we called him Barry.

  42. MoonGuardian866

    MoonGuardian86612 days ago

    Bearded dragons : *bumps onto walls full speed, twice*

  43. snake central

    snake central13 days ago

    "King of Chill" Somebody hasn't seen a capybara

  44. K Dante

    K Dante13 days ago

    The most loved animal on the internet? Lol wouldn’t even make the top ten.

  45. jeremiah mcelveen

    jeremiah mcelveen13 days ago

    Feed me feed me

  46. Boshikage Bira

    Boshikage Bira14 days ago

    They are also stupid very VERY stupid

  47. Thanos

    Thanos14 days ago

    Smiles? My bearded dragons only expression towards me is the stink eye and a disappointed scowl.

  48. Junior

    Junior15 days ago

    My little beardie snuggles up in a blanket with me when I’m studying 🥺

  49. Dog Bro

    Dog Bro17 days ago

    Bearded Dragons: My only purposes in life are to: Fight, Eat, be warm, have kids, and be photogenic

  50. Dog Bro

    Dog Bro17 days ago

    *me who wants to assert my dominance* *Violently bobs head up and down* Yeah yeah yeah! Wanna fight? No you don't.

  51. Sam Fish

    Sam Fish18 days ago

    Him:bobin his head Her: what are you doing steplizard

  52. gtrdline

    gtrdline18 days ago

    GLoBAL wARmINg

  53. Kawaii Hinami

    Kawaii Hinami18 days ago

    “They’re affectionate,” Me: 👁👄👁

  54. SunDaGamer_74

    SunDaGamer_7418 days ago

    1:37 Nigerundayo!

  55. Shameem Kawsar

    Shameem Kawsar19 days ago

    It do be vibin’ doe

  56. Goblin

    Goblin19 days ago

    dang it now i want one

  57. The G’s

    The G’s20 days ago

    Thank you for this video, ever since I got my beardie ive been so worried about him and been having second thoughts about him. After seeing this video at 1 in the morning, it made me rethink those second thoughts once again. Thank you Animal Logic.

  58. wolf guy

    wolf guy21 day ago

    this lizard quote: when i can shave my beard,,,anyone,,,plz,,,barber,,,

  59. artrabum

    artrabum22 days ago

    “Most loved animal on the internet” I can see it being most popular reptile online but tryna say they beat cats and dogs on the internet? BRUH

  60. Bentley Colwill

    Bentley Colwill23 days ago

    I got flashbacks of the smell just watching this.

  61. Giles Roache

    Giles Roache25 days ago

    Can you tell he what the least aggressive bearded dragon is? I’m planning on getting one.

  62. FT Family Vlog

    FT Family Vlog26 days ago


  63. Anthony Salta

    Anthony Salta28 days ago

    Small bearded dragons are insanely hard to take care of

  64. All For One&One For All

    All For One&One For All28 days ago

    “Winning personality” lmfao one of the most attitudinal bastards around 😂 King of the Mean Mug lmfao

  65. den semenyuk

    den semenyuk28 days ago

    Id rather had bond with Em then with bearded dragon o.o

  66. brigidtheirish

    brigidtheirishMonth ago

    Well, one upside is that global warming won't affect the captive population.

  67. Playxx 432

    Playxx 432Month ago

    I think iguana is more chillll

  68. Firemade Renegade

    Firemade RenegadeMonth ago

    So bearded dragons are the masters of SILENCE BOTTOM

  69. Joshua Yong Kwang Min

    Joshua Yong Kwang MinMonth ago

    Name : bearded dragon The so called "dragon" : :P

  70. Cody Fuentes

    Cody FuentesMonth ago

    Global warming has already been proven wrong, that why people say climate change now

  71. Václav Vlach

    Václav VlachMonth ago

    Jen se bav, bav se dobře! Je důležité, trochu se pobavit... Jen se bav. Však se neboj, to je jediná věta, na kterou se tě jednou zeptám!!! Jestli se pořád tak hezky bavíš?!

  72. Adam Tran

    Adam TranMonth ago

    Bearded Dragon: nom, nom, nom!

  73. Glitchmaster

    GlitchmasterMonth ago

    They bobbing their heads to a nonexistent beat.

  74. Mr Irrelevant

    Mr IrrelevantMonth ago

    yeah nah they ain't the most loved animal on the internet.

  75. Kommandant Kane Wulf

    Kommandant Kane WulfMonth ago

    1:25 This fuckin dood ZOOMIN

  76. Broccoli DT

    Broccoli DTMonth ago

    no wonder they are called bearded "Dragons." They can come with 2 heads!

  77. back fisch

    back fischMonth ago

    Australia is like for me meet the sniper

  78. King Croc

    King CrocMonth ago

    *Zero!!! Zero!!!!! Zero!!!!!!!!!!*

  79. Krazeguy Productions

    Krazeguy ProductionsMonth ago

    I love my chunkies!!

  80. Chase Cravens

    Chase CravensMonth ago

    Mine lays around all day, It walks like 3 Steps A day lmao !!

  81. Yeetus My Fetus

    Yeetus My FetusMonth ago

    This is totally me when somebody's talking and I pay no attention whatsoever so I nod in agreement to everything they say 1:14

  82. Game God

    Game GodMonth ago


  83. Faze_ Europeos

    Faze_ EuropeosMonth ago


  84. Sgt. Pepper

    Sgt. PepperMonth ago

    can you take one outside?

  85. NightSquatch Prepper

    NightSquatch PrepperMonth ago

    Hey there ive subscribed too your channel is there any way i can get you too subscribe to my channel as well please

  86. Leah Smith

    Leah SmithMonth ago

    “In the homes of exotic pet owners” Excuse me my SON will not be called a pet!

  87. May King Tsang

    May King TsangMonth ago

    Leopard geckoes

  88. AlwaysWright

    AlwaysWrightMonth ago

    My bearded dragon just looked at me like wait a minute, they can run????

  89. Richard Myhan

    Richard MyhanMonth ago

    I actually have one as a pet. He's my scaly boy. Also loves riding on my shoulder when I'm gardening.

  90. Ian Cruz

    Ian CruzMonth ago

    King of chhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiillllllllll

  91. Phoenix Ramirez

    Phoenix RamirezMonth ago

    I love bearded dragons I want one

  92. CalebCScott

    CalebCScottMonth ago

    so i can get a two headed bearded dragon and call it cerbiris

  93. Nano Flores

    Nano FloresMonth ago

    i just found out frog's can't be with bearded dragons and i would out the hard way....

  94. Just Fun Videos

    Just Fun VideosMonth ago


  95. A, B & E

    A, B & EMonth ago

    My family is getting a bearded dragon in a few days, and I thought, "Might as well watch some bearded dragon videos!

  96. Bryce Anstine

    Bryce AnstineMonth ago

    Global warming isn’t real

  97. Bryce Anstine

    Bryce AnstineMonth ago

    PonchoBoy no, climate change is real

  98. PonchoBoy

    PonchoBoyMonth ago

    @Bryce Anstine kinda is

  99. DoctorJT

    DoctorJTMonth ago

    you covered bearded dragons... how about leopard geckos?

  100. David_Games2011

    David_Games2011Month ago

    3:20 Global Warming means most of them will be females Anoles with a ton of males: am i a joke to you?

  101. Plumbuster

    Plumbuster2 months ago

    Definition OF chill

  102. fitz babyy

    fitz babyy2 months ago

    They are not easy to take care of it's kinda hard

  103. Anubis

    Anubis2 months ago

    fear of global warming lol........ global warming isnt a real thing

  104. Anubis

    AnubisMonth ago

    @PonchoBoy lol climate change is real, global warming has been proven time and time again to not be factual. Hell even last year alone there were 68% more icebergs in the artic than the past 100 years. So much for global warming and melting ice caps

  105. PonchoBoy

    PonchoBoyMonth ago

    @Anubis kinda is

  106. kamalesh sadu

    kamalesh sadu2 months ago

    3:20 sounds like a hentai plot

  107. brupper E

    brupper E2 months ago

    5:28 *shes petting the beardie wrong*

  108. legendary kakshi6

    legendary kakshi62 months ago

    1:54 "as i get closer he get draka and draka"

  109. Aiden Yoong Hanifah

    Aiden Yoong Hanifah2 months ago

    my bearded dragon recently fell off the table and i got really worried but somehow he showed no signs of injury and he could walk normally. but I'm still really worried