Chameleons: The Most Overpowered Lizard

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From insanely fast striking tongues, to advanced colour changing mechanics, to the ability to see ultraviolet light, Chameleons are truly wondrous.
Special thanks to Tyrone Ping.

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic2 years ago

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  2. a love for pythons

    a love for pythons2 months ago

    There toungs aren't sticky they fold in on them selves and trap there pray

  3. elnombredelarosa

    elnombredelarosa9 months ago

    I know this channel does all sort of anímals, but are reptiles the most frequent? Its just that I love them particularly and I’d like how you talk about them😅

  4. Brian Landers

    Brian Landers11 months ago

    NXZW : I agree, they're one of my top 10 favorites.

  5. Ram Jam

    Ram JamYear ago

    you look like a rockstar giving a science presentation.

  6. Lord Vader

    Lord VaderYear ago

    Very informative ur vast knowledge on animals gives a diffrent prespective to people towards animals

  7. Prajwal Venkatesha

    Prajwal Venkatesha12 hours ago

    You talk like you are an NPC in a game

  8. ToucanO

    ToucanO15 hours ago

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  9. Hendri Nel

    Hendri NelDay ago

    Boomslang snake😂 boom is afrikaans for tree and slang is afrikaans for snake so essentially you are calling the boomslang a treesnake snake

  10. M33ch

    M33ch3 days ago

    Damn danielle is pretty cute

  11. yueshijoorya

    yueshijoorya6 days ago

    Chameleons actually have lots of unique traits.

  12. Sri Harsha

    Sri Harsha7 days ago

    No one : Chameleon : phase 1 evolution Also chameleon : phase 2 evolution Also chameleon : phase 3 evolution

  13. Pharmdkeith

    Pharmdkeith9 days ago

    it's tongue goes almost 10 times faster than a 45 caliber bullet, thats 2.75 times as fast as an AR15 projectile, which is already among the fastest bullets in common use. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING

  14. Kim Bratton

    Kim Bratton13 days ago

    One of the most amazing lizards ever!!

  15. Hendrik S.

    Hendrik S.13 days ago

    Chameleons have the ability to change their color and they won't use it to camouflage but they will use it to emote...that's a huge waste of potential imo!

  16. xisobelx373

    xisobelx37314 days ago

    That micro mini chameleon was too frigging adorable

  17. Aaron Feldman

    Aaron Feldman16 days ago

    Hey - let's talk about some amazing chameleon facts! And now, a tiger story followed by an entire advertisement that has nothing to do with anything! Moooneeyyyy!!

  18. indianamations

    indianamations20 days ago

    Yeah down here in Florida there are chameleons I need them to survive love bug season

  19. Bishop Anoliefo

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  20. Gravastar

    GravastarMonth ago

    This reminds me of my chameleon named rango that passed away due to sickness

  21. lane _positive_vibesbodybuilding

    lane _positive_vibesbodybuildingMonth ago

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  22. Renzos Kitchen

    Renzos KitchenMonth ago

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  23. Kyle Pearce

    Kyle PearceMonth ago

    His like oooh new color. Ooohhh another new color

  24. Unidentified Flying Bear

    Unidentified Flying BearMonth ago

    this is why i want a chameleon as a pet they are so pretty and they are so fascinating but its too bad that they take a lot of work and I probably won't be able to care for one.

  25. Being Boje

    Being BojeMonth ago

    Want chameleon eye during subtitle movies.

  26. DrSuperpump

    DrSuperpumpMonth ago

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    Rose RoastMonth ago

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  28. a cuzoo

    a cuzoo2 months ago

    17:14 the chameleon: WOAH THERE, social distancing man

  29. Pakaderm Gaming

    Pakaderm Gaming2 months ago

    @4:55 2,500 meters per second as in 5,592 miles per hour? It's tongue goes mach 7?

  30. Vidar

    Vidar2 months ago

    request for an animal the baskilisk lizard the lizard that runs on water

  31. Tom Noneya

    Tom Noneya2 months ago

    Hold the comments. Hahahahahaha

  32. Alexander Lalthansanga

    Alexander Lalthansanga2 months ago

    Male chameleon must eat the puss2 like a boss

  33. xmaninjamdw

    xmaninjamdw2 months ago

    This guy is too OP

  34. Magic Potato

    Magic Potato2 months ago

    “This video is sponsored by-“ *presses skip button multiple times*

  35. Nicholas Cannizzaro

    Nicholas Cannizzaro2 months ago

    I know its irrelevant, but this girl in the video is hot 🔥 lol

  36. tiny 1

    tiny 12 months ago

    I think I'd be very happy if my tongue could do that

  37. Ricardo Milos

    Ricardo Milos2 months ago

    Boomslang snake: I'm i seeing this wrong?

  38. Romeros Pan

    Romeros Pan2 months ago


  39. KillerKinkstar

    KillerKinkstar2 months ago

    So they are a walking harpoon gun

  40. Lerua

    Lerua2 months ago

    4:31 caterpillar: *HEY I WAS ABOUT TO PEE*

  41. Anole Juice

    Anole Juice2 months ago

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  42. MeeAwsum

    MeeAwsum2 months ago

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  43. Fake Gulu

    Fake Gulu2 months ago

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  44. Erik Arsov

    Erik Arsov2 months ago

    Chameleons are awesome and animalogic is also awesome

  45. 2 Aspies, 1 World

    2 Aspies, 1 World2 months ago

    Concavenators do the same thing.

  46. 2 Aspies, 1 World

    2 Aspies, 1 World2 months ago

    Chameleons... Have... Layers.

  47. Arefin Niam

    Arefin Niam2 months ago

    Name's Rango.

  48. PK Avenger

    PK Avenger2 months ago

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  49. kododork

    kododork3 months ago

    Boomslang snake = Tree snake snake

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    TANMOY Biswas3 months ago

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    CKS Chetanya Kumar Sahu3 months ago

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  52. Astro Dogs80

    Astro Dogs803 months ago

    I love how you just jump into the video and give epic information. Thanks for not jerking us around for 10 mins.

  53. Imani Deleon

    Imani Deleon3 months ago

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  54. YoNinjaKidz YT

    YoNinjaKidz YT3 months ago

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    Miko Polo3 months ago

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  60. watchdealer11

    watchdealer113 months ago

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  61. Sir Chip

    Sir Chip3 months ago

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    Alex Domo3 months ago

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  64. The Nameless

    The Nameless3 months ago

    When I bought my chameleon five years ago, he was level. 7. He is still, to this day... Level 7. Unlike that Komodo dragon...

  65. NC Landscaping

    NC Landscaping4 months ago

    "Finally theres the ninja chameleon part of a detective group" props if u get the refence

  66. Simon Wrona

    Simon Wrona4 months ago

    i have seen a chameleon in mexico. HAHA!

  67. dudedavies91

    dudedavies914 months ago

    Fun fact: Boomslang is Afrikaans for Tree Snake. So it's basicly tree snake snake

  68. Aiger Akabane

    Aiger Akabane4 months ago


  69. Icarus Complex

    Icarus Complex4 months ago

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  71. María Josefina Romero Estragó

    María Josefina Romero Estragó4 months ago

    Do hummingbird pleaseeee The natives of my region thought that when a hummingbird flies near you is the way of your loved ones who passed away to tell you that they are fine, and when a lot of hummingbird started visit the garden of the house I lived in with my greatgrandma after she died I became a huuuge hummingbird lover.

  72. Olivia Summerell

    Olivia Summerell4 months ago

    but like my chameleon is scared of her reflection

  73. Looking For Funnies

    Looking For Funnies4 months ago

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  74. Keto Dining Room

    Keto Dining Room4 months ago

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  75. A Popsicle

    A Popsicle5 months ago

    My chameleon died today... I’m very sad about it

  76. kwinten Edens

    kwinten Edens5 months ago

    the boomslang is just tree snake in dutch

  77. Charles Triplett

    Charles Triplett5 months ago

    Guys. The chameleon is just a Yoshi that lives in trees and change color.

  78. Mariano Martinez

    Mariano Martinez5 months ago

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  79. chulbula fakeer

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  80. tiny 1

    tiny 15 months ago

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  81. Sekeriya Sharif

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  90. Destroying 321

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  91. SoSolar

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  92. Loniel Rana

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  93. SoSolar

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