Shoebills are Metal

When you see a shoebill you might think that they look like dinosaurs - and the awesome thing is, they actually are dinosaurs.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic2 years ago

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  2. David Smith

    David Smith17 days ago

    If evolution were the case why are all animals incapable of evolving within man's lifetime. If man can't observe it, neither can science.

  3. killer of gay furries

    killer of gay furries28 days ago

    thousandth like :O

  4. Randy Dobson

    Randy Dobson2 months ago


  5. the dark eadg

    the dark eadg5 months ago

    Could you do a eye I it live in Madagascar and it really cool

  6. Demetrius Smith

    Demetrius Smith5 months ago

    That mufuka look like a Pokémon

  7. GoatV8

    GoatV811 hours ago

    You're metal, Danielle

  8. Screeching Intensifies

    Screeching Intensifies14 hours ago

    Agressive/angry shoebills be like: *eye of cthulu roaring noises*

  9. Frog

    Frog22 hours ago

    Yes yes But how are they metal

  10. Uncle John

    Uncle JohnDay ago

    You need to stop all this cm crap, we still use inches and feet here in the states...

  11. AquilaRin

    AquilaRinDay ago

    Fun fact: Nintendo based their loftwing, from The legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, off this bird.

  12. Brodde Strand

    Brodde StrandDay ago

    I thought they literally relocated metals to their bill. I have been tricked, but I learned alot.

  13. El mo

    El mo2 days ago

    3:45 that is terrifying

  14. Jdf Leo

    Jdf Leo2 days ago

    Lebron James has a smaller brain as well.

  15. RDE Lutherie

    RDE Lutherie2 days ago

    Awwwwwwwwwwww! So cute! They look like Daffy Duck! (

  16. Satanen Perkele

    Satanen Perkele2 days ago

    This was the most unmetal video I have ever seen. Is this made for kids?

  17. Paul Briggs

    Paul Briggs3 days ago

    So whenever you see one of these...... when would that be?

  18. Vasectomy Fail

    Vasectomy Fail3 days ago

    shoebills: i had two kids, but i only need one humans: every life is sacred! even hoarders and meth addicts etc

  19. Eric VandenAvond

    Eric VandenAvond3 days ago

    Timotainment gang rise up.

  20. jflores85

    jflores853 days ago

    Me at the beginning of the video, "Well, Hello Thiccness." Then, "Hello Scary AF bird that sounds like a Predator."

  21. Mugiwara98

    Mugiwara984 days ago

    shoebills look like animatronics and for that i am forever scared of them

  22. Jessie Grabow

    Jessie Grabow4 days ago

    This is The Dark Crystal level of creeping me out...

  23. Find That Music!

    Find That Music!Day ago

    Love the Dark Crystal, the puppets are amazing.

  24. Raw Evidence

    Raw Evidence4 days ago

    Birds do not come from dinosaurs - it's been debunked.

  25. Andrei O

    Andrei O5 days ago

    0:10 sleep paralysis demons be like...

  26. Draw 2Death

    Draw 2Death5 days ago

    Theyre My Faivorite Birds

  27. Balak Manivannan

    Balak Manivannan6 days ago

    The shoe bills head looks like a shoe now I know why they are called shoe bills

  28. Mike 'dead eyed cretin' Ehrmantraut

    Mike 'dead eyed cretin' Ehrmantraut6 days ago

    It really annoys me when people say birds are dinosaurs.. They aren't.. They are birds!

  29. Kevin Kölsch

    Kevin Kölsch6 days ago

    3:23 he just look in my soul

  30. WTF WTF

    WTF WTF6 days ago

    These videos are excellent! Ive begun working at a parrot rescue in Carleton Place Ontario and have become fascinated by birds of all types. These vids really help me to understand more about “who’s who in the zoo” so to speak. Thanks for all the great information!

  31. Glamis Vue

    Glamis Vue6 days ago


  32. Pablo L.

    Pablo L.6 days ago

    These are very creepy-looking and intimidating creatures. Weird.

  33. Faceghost881977

    Faceghost8819776 days ago

    Bird looking like "say what again".

  34. robot584

    robot5846 days ago

    well, Shoebills are Brütal 🤘

  35. Nathaniel Villarreal

    Nathaniel Villarreal7 days ago


  36. Andrew Sidor

    Andrew Sidor8 days ago

    If they are dinosaurs, why aren’t they extinct like the dinosaurs?

  37. Piggyharris

    Piggyharris7 days ago

    Small avian dinosaurs were small enough and had generalized enough diets to survive the extinction

  38. djs alt

    djs alt8 days ago

    but her breath is like WOAH

  39. Sour Snoball

    Sour Snoball9 days ago

    I heard about a certain bird that makes babies fight for their mothers love, and I'm not surprised it's this bird

  40. jess

    jess9 days ago


  41. Doc Moore

    Doc Moore9 days ago

    Where is the part of the video that explains what metal they are made from? The title is Shoebills are Metal and I must have skipped thru the part that explains that.

  42. Amused Oyster

    Amused Oyster9 days ago

    Yoooo its the bird from the legend of Zelda

  43. Mr. Dantastic

    Mr. Dantastic9 days ago

    Huh, so these are the birds the birds in Skyward sword are based on, just more colorful.

  44. Paul Carmi

    Paul Carmi6 days ago

    Both of you disappoint me greatly

  45. Amused Oyster

    Amused Oyster9 days ago

    Lol ur the only person who i saw noticed

  46. robyn jones

    robyn jones9 days ago

    Their eyes! It's their intensely intellegent eyes that are no joke. Love em

  47. Nate Gomes

    Nate Gomes9 days ago

    Holy dinosaur 🦕

  48. Squeaky

    Squeaky9 days ago

    Henry Davis for pres

  49. Neni Syahrir

    Neni Syahrir10 days ago


  50. Robert Ray

    Robert Ray10 days ago

    He's a monster, but he's a cute monster 🦊

  51. peregrine falcon

    peregrine falcon10 days ago

    Yeah I'm also a dino but then a raptor

  52. Lucky Charm

    Lucky Charm11 days ago

    Definitely has dinosaur features.

  53. Pouty Gorilla

    Pouty Gorilla11 days ago

    I could take my Shoebill for a walk and nobody would bother me! Fascinating creatures. 👍

  54. Truth Reigns Forever

    Truth Reigns Forever11 days ago

    Shoebills are cool 😎

  55. Richi RIch

    Richi RIch11 days ago

    Bahhhhhhhhhhh. Where is the vertebrate leap in evolution of this birds?

  56. Cute Pumpkin

    Cute Pumpkin12 days ago

    Their eyes look frighteningly intelligent. Also, a shoebill almost looks animatronic...

  57. gaurav shinde

    gaurav shinde12 days ago

    Ok but why do their bill have scabs all the time

  58. Hewhois willbe

    Hewhois willbe12 days ago

    Why are you saying metal and not mental 🤔

  59. stayce751

    stayce75112 days ago

    Amazing ❤️

  60. Hairish Sindi

    Hairish Sindi12 days ago

    Lakers 2020 champs

  61. Oh My Mod

    Oh My Mod13 days ago

    Dang, i want to marry shoebill

  62. phil derp

    phil derp13 days ago

    Use freedom units please

  63. Light of All Worlds

    Light of All Worlds13 days ago

    This was a weird episode of Kemono Friends.

  64. Rum monkey77

    Rum monkey7713 days ago

    That is a creepy looking bird

  65. javier migoya

    javier migoya13 days ago

    Shoebills are Metal??? what does that even mean? please clarify, might have missed something in the video

  66. Alex Painter

    Alex Painter13 days ago

    Their bones are made of iron

  67. Yara Maria

    Yara Maria13 days ago

    your paintings are awesome

  68. TKG_03⚠

    TKG_03⚠14 days ago

    Wish the comments were turned off, so that I can focus on learning and being educated and importance, but alright.

  69. Marie Bernier

    Marie Bernier14 days ago

    The video did not explain its title

  70. Anne Myers

    Anne Myers14 days ago

    Oooooh yay new pokemon

  71. Oliver Allen

    Oliver Allen14 days ago

    Literally TMNT from the 90s eyes. @03:24

  72. Riddem79

    Riddem7914 days ago

    Hammer Cocks! AAAHAHAHAHA

  73. Captain Crocodile

    Captain Crocodile14 days ago

    These birds always skip leg day.

  74. Place Holder

    Place Holder15 days ago

    James actually resembles this bird. Flapping his beaks all the time also.

  75. DJBaffler

    DJBaffler14 days ago

    Who the hell is James?

  76. S3RV3R 3RROR

    S3RV3R 3RROR15 days ago

    Am i shoebill? I also eat anything my bill goes around!

  77. Niki 9ine

    Niki 9ine15 days ago


  78. Levi V.P.

    Levi V.P.15 days ago


  79. Eddie

    Eddie15 days ago

    It looks like a freaking Loftwing from Zelda.

  80. Sou Sarkar

    Sou Sarkar15 days ago

    "And some people says *Pokemons* are not real" 😒

  81. Seth Moore

    Seth Moore16 days ago

    I wonder what they taste like

  82. roach2go

    roach2go16 days ago

    You'd think it was related to the dodo extinct

  83. billycrystalsyndrome

    billycrystalsyndrome16 days ago

    The way she said "Highlander rules, you know?" tells me 2 things: 1. She did not write this dialogue. 2. She has never seen Highlander.

  84. CrescentUmbreon

    CrescentUmbreon9 days ago

    I mean...there can only be one? Make sense to me lol

  85. Nathan Thom

    Nathan Thom16 days ago

    The term monogamous in the animal, kingdom isn quite correct. It means that they pair with a single mate but just like with humans, cheating takes place; most "monogamous" species through genetic testing have been found to be quite the contrary. The only known monogomous animal (via genetic testing of nearby populations) is the water vole.

  86. E Zach Lee Wright

    E Zach Lee Wright16 days ago

    The babies FIGHT each other

  87. Moro .3000

    Moro .300016 days ago

    Overweight lady annoys me

  88. Vincent Law

    Vincent Law16 days ago

    What a beautiful animal, may be my favorite bird from now on

  89. Vincent Law

    Vincent Law16 days ago

    So that's why the birds from skyward sword looked kinda familiar

  90. The River of Faith

    The River of Faith16 days ago

    The relatives of the shoebill this video mentions, are correct. I invite you to read the Bible.

  91. SwornReaper

    SwornReaper17 days ago

    Hey can't blame humans entirely on this one! They got to start being better parents then it wouldn't be so bad huh!!

  92. My home garden

    My home garden17 days ago

    Beautiful video

  93. Thurston

    Thurston17 days ago

    3:23 Julien Bashier? Apparently, Shoebills like to prey on genetically engineered humans.

  94. Cedric Soul

    Cedric Soul17 days ago

    So do they eat humans

  95. David Smith

    David Smith17 days ago

    If evolution were the case why are all animals incapable of evolving within man's lifetime. If man can't observe it, neither can science.

  96. Piggyharris

    Piggyharris7 days ago

    I mean they are evolving and we are observing it. Evolution isn’t fast. But your comment is completely wrong

  97. Kyle Warren

    Kyle Warren17 days ago

    Also unlike LeBron these birds have a brain and since they're in Africa have probably faced actual oppression

  98. CrescentUmbreon

    CrescentUmbreon9 days ago


  99. Lunar Divider

    Lunar Divider18 days ago

    >memories or terror birds resurface

  100. Victor Fuentes

    Victor Fuentes18 days ago

    3:36 Welcome to jurassic park

  101. Taaniel

    Taaniel18 days ago

    I like billy

  102. Matt Barrett

    Matt Barrett18 days ago

    she did not say “metal” ....

  103. nathan suciu

    nathan suciu18 days ago

    Can u do worms

  104. GhostManBrandonDDpre

    GhostManBrandonDDpre18 days ago

    Hammer Cock you say????

  105. Junwoo Jang

    Junwoo Jang18 days ago

    The bird focused so much on working out its bill, it skipped leg day.

  106. Rudy Whitaker

    Rudy Whitaker19 days ago

    This thing looks like Robin Hood when he wore that stork disguise.

  107. Michael Walker

    Michael Walker19 days ago

    We call Ibis birds... "Bin Chickens"

  108. ღ BabeyGraham ღ

    ღ BabeyGraham ღ19 days ago

    If shoebills ever go extinct in my lifetime I’ll actually be so sad

  109. Mark Maggott

    Mark Maggott19 days ago

    Metal or Mental? Never heard/seen these birds until quite recently. Another Mandela effect like the Wolf cat!?

  110. Ace hi

    Ace hi19 days ago

    Damn girl! Looking like a snack, better calm down with that, or ur gonna make me do something I won't regret.

  111. Michael Teel

    Michael Teel19 days ago

    Why do you have to lie and push your evilutionism into this. Just tell us what you know and not tell us your religious beliefs.

  112. roninpainbringer

    roninpainbringer19 days ago


  113. Sos the Rope

    Sos the Rope19 days ago

    Your map of their habit range is off a bit, I've seen them stroll past lion prices like gangsters in Kruger national park in South Africa. Literally right past a pride of lazy lions. I guess lions don't scare them.

  114. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando19 days ago

    They sound like the predator