You Don't Want To Touch An Electric Eel

Of all the amazing species on the planet, the most shocking are the ones that harness electricity. These animals are electric type.
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Special Thanks to:
Professor Eric Fortune
New Jersey Institute Of Technology
Professor Noah J. Cowan
The Johns Hopkins University
The National Science Foundation
Catania, Kenneth C.
"Leaping eels electrify threats, supporting Humboldt’s account of a battle with horses." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113.25 (2016): 6979-6984.
SC Fish Keeping
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Check out his USlikes channel here:

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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Jess Keating
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.



  1. Nimrod Gody

    Nimrod Gody10 hours ago

    She sounds like hey am just kidding welcome to animal logic😁

  2. hagos mehari

    hagos mehariDay ago

    Aaah yes... electric type pokemon.

  3. hagos mehari

    hagos mehariDay ago

    Echidnas that produce electric shocks would be like todgemaru.

  4. Sorry, I don't exist

    Sorry, I don't exist4 days ago

    Why does this exist 9:42

  5. Alexandre Grand-Pierre

    Alexandre Grand-Pierre5 days ago

    I thought electricity from electric eels was a myth! First time a childhood misconception actually turned out to be true 😂

  6. Shanthan Raj

    Shanthan Raj5 days ago

    0:46 her name is "just kidding"?!

  7. Snake Man

    Snake Man5 days ago

    It's not eel it's electric eel

  8. donald .j trump

    donald .j trump6 days ago

    I want to touch it

  9. Cursed Trixx's Channel

    Cursed Trixx's Channel7 days ago

    thats it we are banning eels

  10. William Carpenter

    William Carpenter8 days ago

    "The male will serenade the female with its electric charges" *I said oooo girl.........*

  11. Acky

    Acky8 days ago


  12. Laura Pipino

    Laura Pipino8 days ago

    "3:22" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $1559 a week with them! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ

  13. Cloudy Fiend

    Cloudy Fiend9 days ago

    What's her name?.. I keep hearing, "HI, IM JUST KIDDING".

  14. AREKING -[[-{ S A C R E D - S Y N E R G Y }-]]-

    AREKING -[[-{ S A C R E D - S Y N E R G Y }-]]-9 days ago

    1:18 not true that bullshit

  15. Wilcon Barro

    Wilcon Barro10 days ago

    Once upon a time, a lightning struck a body of water with many marine animals, those that survive have electric mutation beforehand, the process repeats itself, and now we have electric animals

  16. p0mf!

    p0mf!10 days ago

    run testa cars with eels

  17. Michael Scottland

    Michael Scottland11 days ago

    From 6:53 till 7;02. The body language is amazing.

  18. Omar Ruedas

    Omar Ruedas11 days ago

    Video starts at 1:55

  19. Dark Past

    Dark Past11 days ago

    Wait electric animals actually exist? The more you know

  20. Martin Gamer

    Martin Gamer13 days ago

    We gonna rock down to Electric Eelvenue And then we take it higher

  21. Kimberly Brown

    Kimberly Brown12 days ago


  22. The Dragon Of Canada

    The Dragon Of Canada14 days ago

    "Only a few on land" Me:

  23. Official CupCakeCanFly

    Official CupCakeCanFly14 days ago

    Where is she..??

  24. CAT mo

    CAT mo14 days ago

    Fish has real arc reactor

  25. MadIIMike

    MadIIMike14 days ago

    Imagine putting a Aquarium full of Electric Eels in your EV and effectively drive on fish food...

  26. Chris Sennwood

    Chris Sennwood16 days ago

    what about passive aggressive animals?

  27. Rad Raad

    Rad Raad16 days ago

    This is kinda wrong 600 voltage doesn’t mean anything, people have been shocked with 10,000 voltage and nothing happens to them. The killer is current (amps)

  28. Naveen Bali

    Naveen Bali16 days ago

    i take the one with 220-volt plz, suits my switchboard specification

  29. Gamer Supreme

    Gamer Supreme16 days ago

    You could say that a female eel would be shocked by the male eel's advances

  30. Joe Blow

    Joe Blow17 days ago

    Cooked chicken versus raw Apple? Which conducts electricity better?

  31. Megan COOK

    Megan COOK17 days ago

    Me: comes for eel Also me: sees a BGKF :D

  32. ً

    ً17 days ago

    Sounds like farted

  33. International Harvester

    International Harvester18 days ago

    Elon Musk is taking notes.

  34. DeadEnd

    DeadEnd18 days ago

    Haha I touch and I go __/\_/\__________

  35. Ashtech

    Ashtech19 days ago

    Im investing in electric eels its better than solar power


    ROSÉ FOOD GANG20 days ago

    Why does she always says " *HI I AM JUST KIDDING* "

  37. H.Harold

    H.Harold20 days ago

    Now I want to touch an electric eel even more

  38. prizraks

    prizraks20 days ago

    oo girl

  39. Kiyoone

    Kiyoone21 day ago

    sick shirt lady!! love the details and colors... I am a guy but still want one like that!! very nice

  40. PsychoSavager289

    PsychoSavager28921 day ago

    Australian guy gets electrocuted, decides to investigate, gets electrocuted again, still decides to investigate, throws potentially lethal electric fish at a kid, then picks it up. Australians, all let us rejoice.

  41. Alex

    Alex22 days ago

    That’s a beautiful zoologist.

  42. Kevin Maher

    Kevin Maher23 days ago

    Everyone keeps talking about her name, but I just think she looks like Jodie Foster.

  43. FunnyGamerA1ex

    FunnyGamerA1ex25 days ago

    Stargazers are fond of Plenty of Fish! /;) Tinder Fish! /;(

  44. Daniel Mahon

    Daniel Mahon26 days ago

    someone should engineer some algae to produce electricity like this for bio solar panels

  45. yuthefL erlim

    yuthefL erlim27 days ago

    Great Job.

  46. Mew owo

    Mew owo27 days ago

    The fact that he threw the stargazer nearly directly at the child and didn't even make a single apology *shocks* me.

  47. Kratos SHit

    Kratos SHit29 days ago

    Where's our homegirl Danielle ?

  48. Endah L. Puri

    Endah L. PuriMonth ago

    Somehow I find the 'old footage ' annoying.

  49. Mark Smith

    Mark SmithMonth ago

    I love Animalogic, the absolute best thing to watch! Thank you for the education and inspiration.

  50. HobTank

    HobTankMonth ago

    I thought she said, "Hi, I'm just kidding..."

  51. Yug

    YugMonth ago

    That's a asian shark

  52. Melanin Ranger

    Melanin RangerMonth ago

    Kill a horse. Wow. Universe is crazy man.

  53. David Berquist

    David BerquistMonth ago

    Are the electric eels 120 volts or 3 phase 480 volts are they 50 or 60 cycles

  54. Lars Petersson

    Lars PeterssonMonth ago

    Did she just say her name is "Just kidding"?

  55. Susan Luebbe

    Susan LuebbeMonth ago

    Nice shirt

  56. Raniel L. Caturan

    Raniel L. CaturanMonth ago

    Fish will be super effective against these guys

  57. SmurfsAndRaspberries

    SmurfsAndRaspberriesMonth ago

    The first Pharaoh of the United Egypt in 3100BC was named Narmer, which means approximately "The Mighty Catfish", as like the Catfish/Eel, everyone that intimidated him, got struck down.

  58. Pajeet Singh

    Pajeet SinghMonth ago

    Just kidding?

  59. -[ Orcinus_YT ]-

    -[ Orcinus_YT ]-Month ago

    am i the only one who think electric eels are derpy?

  60. The Biden Touch

    The Biden TouchMonth ago

    7:35 the Eels have transcended their frail flesh and have learned the sacred binharic of the Omnissiah

  61. Beets

    BeetsMonth ago

    How did electrogenic species evolve? with thunder stones

  62. Unexpected Meme

    Unexpected MemeMonth ago

    10:10 nice deep frying of the comments

  63. René Olivo

    René OlivoMonth ago

    is her name "just kidding"?

  64. Billy Long

    Billy LongMonth ago

    Torpedo Fish? More line landmine Fish!


    NEWKNOWLEDGE2 months ago

    Using a voltage down converter, my pet eel charges my smartphone everyday. Nah, just kidding.

  66. Northern Panda

    Northern Panda2 months ago

    why cant we mimic this to create free bio energy?

  67. JuanVersion

    JuanVersion2 months ago

    Electric white king spider

  68. Joe Hawaiian bathtoba

    Joe Hawaiian bathtoba2 months ago

    where’s the other lady ;-;

  69. MiniMon

    MiniMon2 months ago

    Who needs a potato when you have an electric eel.

  70. Nyadam Bagra

    Nyadam Bagra2 months ago

    I think I don't want to touch an electric eel.


    pRODIGAL sKEPTIC2 months ago

    Do the Bombadier Beetle!

  72. Vijay Iyer

    Vijay Iyer2 months ago

    I hope she is just kidding..

  73. Leon Singh

    Leon Singh2 months ago


  74. Leonardo Crocetta

    Leonardo Crocetta2 months ago

    Damn, now I want to touch an electric eel!


    ŞØĆIØ PΔŦĦ2 months ago

    So she was jess keating during the whole video? Always has been* ⚡🔫

  76. Xavier Franco

    Xavier Franco2 months ago

    With the way she says about I'm thinking she's Canadian.

  77. Juelz Bandana

    Juelz Bandana2 months ago

    I need one for charging my samsung s10+

  78. Engrjolo

    Engrjolo2 months ago

    What would happen if the eel is short circuited using conductor. Can it damage the eels organ

  79. ninjabo 01

    ninjabo 012 months ago

    ReAlLy i DId nOt kNoW!

  80. Atlas

    Atlas2 months ago

    but he look funy

  81. George Williams III

    George Williams III2 months ago

    I can just see myself out noodling or fishing and coming across an electric eel or cat, Hot damn! (From shore) they got you wit da whammy huh?! Me: now.. Its personal😠

  82. Max Mustermann

    Max Mustermann2 months ago

    "pre-emptive self-defense" somehow makes me immediately think of shady military generals in movies

  83. KillerKinkstar

    KillerKinkstar2 months ago

    These things are just real Pokemon, and I don't think anyone will change my mind

  84. statinskill

    statinskill2 months ago

    How efficient is this when we want to convert chemical into electric energy? We can create an artificial organ that works along the same principle. Using the electric eel as a starting point. Self trowing stacks of "artificial biologics" that self-maintain themselves in a nutrient/fuel solution and deliver ten watts per cell sustained, 12 cells in a package the size of a USB power bank for say a combined 120W. Perhaps a little more space to contain the refillable solution, controller board and pumps. And this sort of battery may have a substantially longer lifetime because the cells maintain themselves, continually growing replacements while old cells that have become ineffective die off. Somebody in a lab 50 years ahead of what we are allowed to see has likely already done this.

  85. Odious Ritual

    Odious Ritual2 months ago

    I wonder if anyone out there studying how electric animals actually use charges to communicate and how complex that behavior is.

  86. lordofhell666

    lordofhell6662 months ago

    Don't tell me what to do.

  87. Universalis Ted

    Universalis Ted2 months ago

    Evolution is fake. Come on now. We're not stupid.

  88. Bianca Schulz

    Bianca Schulz2 months ago

    Explain why whales have leg bones inside them?

  89. Samuel Bousfield

    Samuel Bousfield2 months ago

    Shocky long boi

  90. J

    J2 months ago

    These are pokemon

  91. AstroWyrm

    AstroWyrm3 months ago

    why are the only electricity producing animals in water 🤔 that probably has an affect on how it evolves

  92. Eliza Ely

    Eliza Ely3 months ago

    *reaches for an electric eel* Gotta catch em all....

  93. Darth Snøhm

    Darth Snøhm3 months ago

    Eelektross best pokemon

  94. Agus Sugianto

    Agus Sugianto3 months ago

    The electrics sounds like fart

  95. ElectricEel

    ElectricEel3 months ago

    Me: *sad eel noises*

  96. PuppyLuvU2

    PuppyLuvU23 months ago

    Electric eel just wants to hug you so they jump out of the water.

  97. ElectricEel

    ElectricEel3 months ago

    ya i do (read my name)

  98. cableaddict

    cableaddict3 months ago

    0.08 - Eels didn't "learn to harness it." C'mon already ......

  99. Eduardo Murray

    Eduardo Murray3 months ago

    I thought the thumbnail was scientists putting corn in there to see if the eel popped it with the shock

  100. Stream Spoart!

    Stream Spoart!3 months ago

    Black ghost included an electric eel? i have 2 of them and give them food directly with my hand, they're so docile

  101. Critters Abroad

    Critters Abroad3 months ago

    Please do the THYLACINE

  102. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden3 months ago

    What a shocking revelation

  103. Anthony Martin

    Anthony Martin3 months ago

    Please. Stop. Doing. That. With. Your. Hands. Thanks.

  104. James Fletcher

    James Fletcher3 months ago

    I still wanna touch it