When Evolution Gets Weird

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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Jess Keating
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    AnimalogicYear ago

    Hey everyone, this is the 100th episode of Animalogic! I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking around and supporting us all these years. - Dylan & Crew

  2. Hallow

    HallowMonth ago

    *Hey everyone, i'm just kidding*

  3. kreo debunk

    kreo debunkMonth ago

    hey, how do they know that ancient insects had no metamorphosis?

  4. Collin Pearson

    Collin Pearson2 months ago

    Evolution is bullshit

  5. Reins Phoenix

    Reins Phoenix3 months ago

    11:25 what type of eel is that! would look awesome with lights behind it

  6. ksionc100

    ksionc1003 months ago

    how do you properly pronounce 'larvae' though? Isn't it supposed to be /ˈlɑːr.vi/ instead of /ˈlɑːr.vaɪ/???

  7. Jaxon Morkes

    Jaxon Morkes5 hours ago

    Kha’Zix in a nutshell

  8. Satanen Perkele

    Satanen Perkele17 hours ago

    Metamorphosis: Every Digimon evolution ever!

  9. show bread

    show bread2 days ago

    Evolution is a hoax !

  10. sufferintoilet

    sufferintoilet2 days ago

    The video title is Digimon evolution in a nutshell


    MYHEROES2 days ago

    Evolution is complete fiction. A storybook tale. No proof, complete speculation.

  12. Chris D'meek

    Chris D'meek2 days ago

    "Hi everyone I'm Just Kidding and you're..." ME: Hold up, run that back

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    Flounder...the Dali fish!!

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    Video thumbnail : 99% of anime characters when viewed from side

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    I only wish 😂😂😂😂

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    Justin Rauch3 days ago

    She's just not Danielle....some people have "it" some don't ....I don't so don't feel bad or anything....i wish I liked her because I suspect Danielle just wanted a little less demands on her time....but I just DON'T....i zone out ....and take in very little info

  17. Gitanagurl

    Gitanagurl4 days ago

    So you tortured butterflies just to see if they can remember?! 🥺

  18. Dick Kickem

    Dick Kickem4 days ago

    Was that a remote pickup sound from gex at 6:59?

  19. DIVYA Sharma

    DIVYA Sharma4 days ago

    jen ramgarh was here

  20. An RN

    An RN4 days ago

    how come you say intest-tine instead of intesteen...ah the way you say out, oat. i think you're from Canada? :)

  21. zero5177

    zero51775 days ago

    Can someone make a dramatic movie about Salmon going back to hometown to die?

  22. ISwearSheLooked19

    ISwearSheLooked196 days ago

    "I'm new around here so I will introduce myself" "I'm just kidding"

  23. A T

    A T6 days ago

    Some of these sounds when titles/new subjects pop up are really recognizable. I know the one at 0:50 is the steam message sound and i'm pretty sure the one at 8:00 is in the Supreme Commander game

  24. Deja Deje

    Deja Deje6 days ago

    Salmon swims upstream, spawn and then die.......well damn.....when you thought you had it tough

  25. Wanda Alexander

    Wanda Alexander7 days ago

    Great case for DESIGN

  26. C. Hatton Humphrey

    C. Hatton Humphrey8 days ago

    I have to say, that was the best in-content ad segue I've seen in a long time!

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    蛇の目8 days ago

    i thought her name was "just kidding"

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    Bear Grylls enters the chat

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    THADZ8 days ago

    Isn't that just us? Just to reproduce? And also work for the world

  30. Aaron Long

    Aaron Long8 days ago

    "I'm Just kidding" -Jess Keading

  31. Quah Choon Huat

    Quah Choon Huat8 days ago

    Incorrect information at 2:26. Not all insect undergoing incomplete metamorphosis only become sexually mature (their sex organs becoming functional) after the final nymphal stage. Many of these become sexually mature BEFORE their imago (after the last nymphal) stage. Of these some common examples are many species of cockroaches, crickets and grasshoppers. In nature (aka evolution) there often are exceptions. An example of such exceptions is the mayfly which molt again in their imago stage.

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    Bonk !!!8 days ago

    why am i eating while watching this yet it’s interesting

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    Jewelthebean9 days ago

    Silver fish are the type of bugs that you would see and be like “you’re cool just don’t touch me”

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    ً9 days ago

    Wait, why her names is "Just kidding"? I know I missedheard it so, how to pronounce their name then?

  35. Brooke

    Brooke10 days ago

    I never thought I’d sit through an educational insect video, interesting shit for some reason lol

  36. DollyNipples

    DollyNipples10 days ago

    The pupae doesn't dissolve. The wings of a butterfly, for example, actually begin forming during later instars and can be seen when the final instar is ready to shed its skin.

  37. badbiker666

    badbiker66610 days ago

    Are we sure we can believe the information in this video? The host's name is Just Kidding!

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    cesar garces11 days ago

    where is the sims 4 girl? instant dislike

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    i stan that little tank shirt maam

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    Evaluation is not real you idiot

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    Hey, I like silverfish.

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    Watching while eating increases my self-confidence

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    So basically copy ing vid another video and and and just repeating what he says

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    One complaint: Not enough Flounder...

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    3:10 that omnitrix sound effect lmao


    RED SKULL13 days ago

    subscribe here... 👈

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    royal felidae14 days ago

    In year 3031 lions will be herbivore (Herbivore means they only eat leaves)

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    Her parents must have a great sense of humor

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    Just kidding?

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    Noah *Noscope14 days ago

    We have silverfish in our House :/ They Are cute, But They do damage stuff :(

  51. Nathan Nera

    Nathan Nera15 days ago

    7:21 TierZoo reference? TierZoo reference?

  52. Der Magischen Schaf

    Der Magischen Schaf15 days ago

    When you set your character design options on random:

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    Her name sounds like she's just kidding

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    Hey Everyone, I'm Just Kidding. LMAO..

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    Cooler has not reach final form yet.

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    Came for the cute lass Stayed for the bugs

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    What a great vídeo thanks!!!

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    That thumbnail,. " What s uuuup!!!! "

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    Have you reproduced?

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    The fish in the thumbnail is pogging.

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    I've met some women that went through metamorphosis

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    The only metamorphosis i know is 177013

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    Kitty Cat Cat19 days ago

    Thats not true I see silverfish all the time.... its usually in the end fortress after i use eye of ender to find the portal

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    Really super madam 👍

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    She says im just kidding at the beginning just in case she misses something 😂😂😂 love the show 👍

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    0:50 anyone else check steam to see if they got a message?

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    Metamorphosis? Banned card

  69. William TA

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    Please stop saying fantastical

  70. Nadjat Hettak

    Nadjat Hettak22 days ago

    Floundered are a weird fish that live in the deep sea it was in the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean they are really weird on the back no not actually on the back but on the front you're the weirdest fish in the ocean

  71. Ritwik Banerjee

    Ritwik Banerjee22 days ago

    So, is thyroxine the reason humans don't have tails?

  72. Samuhel Tompkins

    Samuhel Tompkins22 days ago

    I am sure she meant Intelligent Design.......and not evilution...spelled that way purposely.

  73. Samuhel Tompkins

    Samuhel Tompkins11 days ago

    @Andrew Donaldson Question everything, my friend. Question everything with an open mind and an honest heart. Especially question any mainstream narrative that is practically force fed to you as being fact from the time you were a child.

  74. Andrew Donaldson

    Andrew Donaldson11 days ago

    Why would she mean some nonsense?

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    Jess lookin for you. Jess who? Jess Keating

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    X Stills26 days ago

    What she says at starting? Hey everyone im just kidding?😂😂

  77. thewaytruthandlife

    thewaytruthandlife26 days ago

    Hereby I challenge secular scientists: 1) make us living cells (exactly as we know them) from the bare elements (CHNOPS etc) 2) let these cells evolve into higher organisms, lets say worms (exactly as we know them) a) first in the lab just for proof of concept b) then real life as supposedly happend in abiogenesis/evolution Fact is there is no observable evidence that abiogenesis / evolution realy has taken place..... ontop of this evolution has absolutely NO explanation for the phenomenon mentioned in this video.....since organisms would be extremly very sensitive to being eaten by enemies during the transformation proces and the imaginairy "evolving" proces.

  78. Andrew Donaldson

    Andrew Donaldson11 days ago

    We get that you are dumb, but you don't have to brag about it.

  79. Roy Polloi

    Roy Polloi15 days ago

    @thewaytruthandlife You're proved wrong every day, only you despicable fools are too dishonest to admit it. Shame on you.

  80. thewaytruthandlife

    thewaytruthandlife15 days ago

    @Roy Polloi we dont lie... it is you folks who are the liars.... Well if ist easy to prove then do it..... prove us wrong..... NO BODY has EVER done so ever since darwin.... which is now about 160-170 yrs ago..... you see abiogenesis/evolution is indoctrinated as IF it is proven science .... but it is NEVER been proven..... abiogenesis.... never been proven... evolution ? never been proven.... YET PEOPLE TEACH it as if it is proven science ... THAT IS LYING TO PEOPLE AND INDOTRINATION.... WITH FALSE STUFF so you folks are the liars..... why ELSE would I challenge you ????

  81. Roy Polloi

    Roy Polloi15 days ago

    @thewaytruthandlife Why must you people lie so much? If there was any truth to your ludicrous drivel, it should be easy to prove and demonstrate.

  82. star and fox

    star and fox15 days ago

    @thewaytruthandlife that isn't how sceince works. Somethings are based on observations.for example we know animal migartions happen cuase we observed them happening in nature.not cuase we tested it in a lab.we know evolution happens cuase we have observed it in the fossil record and actually in nature. Also we have found the basic reaction that created the first building blocks of life.we just haven't found the reaction that made cells yet. Also evolution is not a cheimcal matter.it's mainly a biogical matter based on the fact that DNA is constantly mutating in populations due to not perfectly replicating. Sceince is based on 3 thing facts,tests and OBERSVATIONS.

  83. CommentCop Badge#666

    CommentCop Badge#66626 days ago

    Plot twist, she has no sense of humour and is always serious.

  84. Eddy Garcia

    Eddy Garcia26 days ago

    Say, when were those books made? The "The World of Weird Animals" series. I feel like I've seen or read them before, but I can't remember how long ago that was lol

  85. Oshe Shango

    Oshe Shango26 days ago

    We should talk about the metamorphosis on anabolic steroids.

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    hans... get the flammenwerfer...

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    The insects don't feel that way about you. They want to give you a hug.

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    0:03 "hey guys I am just kidding"

  89. Aurora Jones

    Aurora Jones27 days ago

    Humans need to figure this out. Its funny we think we are so smart. Do we know how to do this? No. Not so smart after all. We still have a ways to go.

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    Anyone know the original video The part were the guy talks ?

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    This Is Cool... 🙏😇🙏

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    Where’s Danielle?

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    Wait, so none of what you said is true. Were you kidding or not? 🤔 😉

  94. Chris M

    Chris MMonth ago

    Sad people still believe and subscribe to evolution.

  95. star and fox

    star and fox16 days ago

    Sad poeple deny evolution despite the montain of evidence for it.

  96. Shelley Smith

    Shelley SmithMonth ago

    i wonder when laying eggs became a thing.

  97. Oshe Shango

    Oshe Shango26 days ago

    Several hundred million years ago. Only timeless beings can comprehend such things

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    can someone tell me what is the background music call from 10:05 is songs real nice😭😭😭

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    She said "Hello, everyone, I'm Jess Keating." I heard "Hell, everyone, I'm just kidding." aaand apparently, she gets that a lot.

  100. Wes Arey

    Wes AreyMonth ago

    Metamorphoses is certainly a remarkable process. How many times has it "developed?" Did insects invent it, or did fish or amphibians? And then it was passed on to other phyla? How does that work? In case you hadn't heard. Darwin is dead.

  101. Warrior King

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    I guess Jess Keating is Canadian. Are you Jess?

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    Are you Just Kidding!!

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    kill the silver fish just do it no need to ask do it.

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    Some people call them hedgehogs

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    Reverse the polarity of the Neutron flow are there silverfish in minecraft?

  106. Reverse the polarity of the Neutron flow

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    Oshe Shango it was a minecraft joke

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    Reverse the polarity of the Neutron flow soft. They just die by a piece of paper.

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    4:45 5:27 Oh yeah all by the blind watchmaker! OK.........

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    This video saying its wierd evolution But mom said:its a Mutation.

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    The fish got lazy for a million years.

  112. TheWatermelon3

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    evolution gets weird you say? how about a species willingly creating WMDs that it knows could wipe itself out, out of sheer fear and suspicion of its own fellow species lmao

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    So, how do I grow an Ultralisk?

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    I'm really curious of some animal species attitude toward infanticide. Lions and bears are usually hostile to youngster of the same species. Wouldn't this be detrimental to the species survival? Maybe this can be the next Animalogic topic

  119. star and fox

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    Not nesscaryily cuase it eliminates a weaker animals genetics.

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