Timber Wolf: The Grizzly’s Bane

Go to PetTreater and treat your furry companion to a box of toys and healthy snacks. Get 50% off the first month of your subscription by going to pettreater.com/animalogic and using the code: animalogic | Timber wolves are some deadliest predators on the planet. They can take down moose, bison and even grizzly bears, and this week, Danielle gets to feed some.

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Writer, Associate Producer: Andres Salazar


Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic25 days ago

    Go to PetTreater and treat your furry companion to a box of toys and healthy snacks. Get 50% off the first month of your subscription by going to pettreater.com/animalogic and using the code: animalogic

  2. Kerry Numan

    Kerry Numan3 days ago

    Love your drawings very talented

  3. ckreuzb

    ckreuzb5 days ago

    Can I get the image @ 0:35 for a puzzle I want to make please?

  4. heather renae strigens

    heather renae strigens16 days ago

    Do you have hoodies with your artwork on them?

  5. Wandering Viewer

    Wandering Viewer19 days ago

    @Alpha Wolf And african wild dogs also. I mean, they take care of sick pack members unlike other animals who would just leave that member to die.

  6. Alpha Wolf

    Alpha Wolf19 days ago

    I know you guys have done wolves already, but would it be at all possible for you to make a video specifically about the arctic wolf?! They have such AMAZING adaptations!!

  7. Solomon Rivers

    Solomon Rivers20 minutes ago

    Bet I can guess around what time Halliburton got a forest

  8. Ralph Joseph Acobo

    Ralph Joseph Acobo6 hours ago

    So many NBA jokes.

  9. Lyndon Lee

    Lyndon Lee12 hours ago

    I love Canadians, imagine having the US as a next door neighbour, I thought the Welsh were bad hahaha

  10. Lyndon Lee

    Lyndon Lee12 hours ago

    Beloved by all except the hunter's who can LEGALLY murder wild wolves in the USA, nicht godt

  11. Prajen Dangxol

    Prajen Dangxol13 hours ago

    so.... dog.

  12. Max Goldman

    Max GoldmanDay ago

    They will not be majestic when they start eating people alive.

  13. Shelby Logsdon

    Shelby Logsdon2 days ago

    My favorite animal. Thanks danielle for this amazing video. The white one at the beginning was beautiful.

  14. BariumCobaltNitrog3n

    BariumCobaltNitrog3n2 days ago


  15. Peter Bowman

    Peter Bowman2 days ago

    Lol, one second in, "you're in Ontario"...

  16. Fortunato 9

    Fortunato 92 days ago

    You have a lovely personality!

  17. john young

    john young2 days ago

    It would be great if they were protected from being hunted and allowed to live there live all over the world.

  18. Saber Plate

    Saber Plate3 days ago

    You guys should do an episode on sharks

  19. Anttics

    Anttics3 days ago

    wolves are scary cool. a pack of wolves is the most formidable force in America. cause in Africa. lions and Hyenas have that honor

  20. Mr Sosha Da baad Man

    Mr Sosha Da baad Man3 days ago

    Though we do not have wolves in my country I really do adore them. We have smaller canines like foxes and wild dogs.

  21. peregrinegrace

    peregrinegrace3 days ago

    " blah blah hunting strategies of early humans .." To run after a massive ajimal and bite it till it bled out ? Even if that weren't ridiculous , how could anyone possibly know ? Oh wait, they wrote it on cave walls , " ran after bison and bit him on the ear, till he died, then ate him raw, dont know what fire is yet .. ! ! "

  22. Black Light

    Black Light3 days ago

    Poor bears.

  23. Alex Coffey

    Alex Coffey3 days ago

    "but are now beloved because Furries are out of control"

  24. Matthew Niedbala

    Matthew Niedbala3 days ago

    I’ve seen so much ragweed in this video I have allergies. The sanctuary should take care of that.

  25. Philip Valenzuela

    Philip Valenzuela3 days ago

    I love your drawing s Daniel... 😄

  26. zion branch

    zion branch4 days ago

    How come the mom doesn't want any other female wolf to have pups

  27. paul crowley

    paul crowley4 days ago

    My German shepherd releases his anal glands sometimes and it is epic. As in wtf is that. Its the worst smell i have ever smelt

  28. Andrew Decker

    Andrew Decker4 days ago

    only if the Minnesota Timberwolves were as cool

  29. FreeAim Dog

    FreeAim Dog4 days ago

    its rare but i do see them try to attack me in red dead online, usually its the other wolves.

  30. crushers but less edgy now

    crushers but less edgy now4 days ago

    Top dog? More like top pog

  31. A human person Just a human person

    A human person Just a human person4 days ago

    Watch out Bambi ... That got dark

  32. Marcus Carrsaco

    Marcus Carrsaco4 days ago

    I live in northern Wisconsin n we have black wolves up here too



    why is the lion called king of of the jungle yet doesnt live there??

  34. Prem Kumar

    Prem Kumar4 days ago

    Pls do Vdo on Peregrine Falcon

  35. kuronja 13

    kuronja 134 days ago

    Wolfpacks have female leaders? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Im sure they would have died out long ago if that bullshit was true

  36. Герман Крылов

    Герман Крылов4 days ago

    OH man the long dark memories start to surface


    VROLI NYANYANYA5 days ago

    You kinda look like stormfront from amazon the boys

  38. Nojorooney

    Nojorooney5 days ago

    Wait, aren’t dingoes just dogs that escaped captivity thousands of years ago?

  39. Derek Palo

    Derek Palo5 days ago

    totally misleading, you give this video a name like the Grizzly s Bane, I'm thinking

  40. darren stettner

    darren stettner5 days ago

    “Come for me G’mork!”

  41. Mike lucas

    Mike lucas5 days ago

    what a clown this guys are, do you know what the size are 24-30 inch is, is actualy a small size dog, pls dont be Stupid, i cant believe u guys have 1.2 million subscriber and dont know the size of any mesurment....

  42. Error try again later

    Error try again later5 days ago

    Omg when it showed the other male "challenging the alpha's authority" it made me laugh so hard

  43. Sergio Malespin

    Sergio Malespin5 days ago

    These videos are always so Informational and well put together! Appreciate the quality and passion!

  44. Captain MonStar

    Captain MonStar5 days ago

    You look like Stormfront

  45. Ryuel dragonborn

    Ryuel dragonborn6 days ago

    Wolves are top dog Correction Wolves are apex Top teir dogs are decent wolves

  46. Irdina Fatin

    Irdina Fatin6 days ago

    "This is surprisingly similar to the hunting strategy of early human". Wait...we bit something??

  47. Irdina Fatin

    Irdina Fatin4 days ago

    @Deadly Dingus i meant the hunting strategy part..not the consuming part

  48. Deadly Dingus

    Deadly Dingus4 days ago

    Have you ever eaten something in your life?

  49. Alex Allen

    Alex Allen6 days ago

    Could you do a video on African Wild Dogs please?

  50. Jimmy JAMES

    Jimmy JAMES6 days ago

    So i stopped watching at minute 6 when I saw she had a mask on. This is insane. You didn't wear one a year ago, you didn't wear one during the flu. Drop it, drop the mask crap.

  51. Sophia Luo

    Sophia Luo6 days ago


  52. wulf

    wulf6 days ago

    Wolves dont hunt bears, the bears in the videos is pushing the wolves away from a carcass they where feasting on. Wolf hunts going on for "days" is probably also only something that have happend once, and was more stalking then hunting. Humans is one of the only animals with the abbility to sweat, which is why we are where we are today, since we could out run animals that had to sit down and pant to get the heat out that occur from movement. Overall fine video but there is some false statements about these creatures, was some others too but so minor i hope you reading this just dont take this video as fact.

  53. Gerard Mazzarese

    Gerard Mazzarese6 days ago

    As a member of the Apex predictor species of all time and on behalf of my fellow human beings, I am calling for the complete removal of all wolves, bears, wolverines and badgers from the wilderness so me and my fellow humans can camp out and hike freely and safely.

  54. Ollie Foxx

    Ollie Foxx6 days ago

    I thought only lions and monkeys groomed and cleaned one another. The wolves bind with the pack is enviable. They rely on one another for food, protection, raising the young and general well being. A lone wolf is pretty intimidating but a wolf pack is fearsome. Strength in numbers really matters

  55. Ollie Foxx

    Ollie Foxx6 days ago

    The Timberwolf is such a majestic animal. I saw one at a zoo in Canada and was impressed by its beautiful coat along with the sparkling eyes brimming with intelligence. Seeing one in real life really underscores the majesty of this animal. We’ve got to protect them and their habitat.

  56. Ismael Solomon

    Ismael Solomon6 days ago

    When did wolf cubs become pups?

  57. Enderlynx Willoze

    Enderlynx Willoze6 days ago

    Coyotes next because everybody but me hates and kills coyotes coyotes are my favorite animal

  58. Joseph Schneider

    Joseph Schneider6 days ago

    Can you talk about the Honey Badger please...to me that's the most fearless animal in the world. Thanks

  59. Bruce Ree

    Bruce Ree6 days ago

    I’m with them, deer’s the best lol

  60. Bruce Ree

    Bruce Ree6 days ago

    Friend actually had one cross bred with a German Shepard, makes these guys look tiny lol.

  61. Kakkarot Ssj

    Kakkarot Ssj6 days ago

    Da fuq🥺 I'm scared

  62. Arctic Dino

    Arctic Dino7 days ago

    Grizzly: Send help, my cousins are eating me

  63. Brendan Yuki

    Brendan Yuki7 days ago

    The fact they take on grizzly bears is awesome

  64. Elf man

    Elf man7 days ago

    The top female tries to prevent the other females from mating??? Why? But interesting.

  65. Catwoman

    Catwoman8 days ago

    Why are all overpopulated animal species unintelligent? It’s like Mother Nature works in mysterious ways. Also, I’m talking about Humans.

  66. Catwoman

    Catwoman8 days ago

    What would happen if they ran into a Polar Bear?

  67. R B

    R B8 days ago

    How much of the described behavior is based on captive vs wild wolves and how much does the described behavior vary between captive and wild wolves?

  68. Abby Dineen

    Abby Dineen8 days ago

    timber wolves are grey wolves though

  69. Gian Gadier

    Gian Gadier8 days ago

    When they said huge, was that sarcasm?

  70. JOE Bozza

    JOE Bozza8 days ago

    Mom Mom..Please vomit in my mouth.

  71. 70mjc

    70mjc8 days ago

    Yay, fake wolves....

  72. Chris Sherman

    Chris Sherman8 days ago

    The grizzlies usually have no problem against the Timberwolves tho

  73. Ambergris

    Ambergris8 days ago

    Why doesn't the grizzly climb up a tree? He could be safe that way

  74. Matt Wellick

    Matt Wellick8 days ago

    Grizzlies aren't really built for climbing like black bears.

  75. MajorLeagueAbility

    MajorLeagueAbility8 days ago

    I think I love Danielle.

  76. Jay Time

    Jay Time8 days ago

    I wish they would re-replease the game "wolf" from the 90s it was alot fun

  77. Heywood Jablome

    Heywood Jablome9 days ago

    Ah yes, beloved by everyone that doesn’t live near them...

  78. Gavaudan

    Gavaudan8 days ago

    Yeah, people forget the only reason they appreciate these animals is because humans killed almost all of them, and you don't have to worry about one attacking you. If wolves were as common as coyotes they wouldn't be so beloved hahaha

  79. Silent Night

    Silent Night9 days ago

    I haven’t watched the whole vid yet but fun fact: Lots are something called ‘marathoners’ meaning that they can run for a very long time. I’m sorry I’m a animal nerd and I love wolfs. This is just for ppl wondering why she said “chases can last for days”

  80. Doc Colour

    Doc Colour9 days ago

    I like your seahorse necklace. Hey, did you do an Animalogic on seahorses yet...??

  81. Nasty-looking Navi

    Nasty-looking Navi9 days ago

    What a great video. I love how their legs look idk why.

  82. drsupremo88

    drsupremo889 days ago

    Sadly? Lol y is it sad? It's the animal kingdom, they don't have morality, kill, eat, sleep, kill, eat, sleep, that's it, Liberals don't get the kingdom

  83. Ze Hermanator

    Ze Hermanator10 days ago

    You can see the influence Wolves had on the Natives, they're a community, they hunt in packs, they watch their territory, and have a system put in place. It's unfortunate irony they both met the same fate 😔 thinned down to smaller numbers because they were a "threat".

  84. Creepy Hair Sniffer

    Creepy Hair Sniffer10 days ago

    they look really emaciated. their legs are so skinny.

  85. Zach P

    Zach P10 days ago

    Next time hand feed them 👀

  86. Pamela Mays

    Pamela Mays10 days ago

    Wolf. Bane. Punny! 🐺🐺🐺🐺

  87. ralf dsouza

    ralf dsouza10 days ago

    I can't hear the word "diverse" without getting slightly upset anymore, thanks media and social apps

  88. Sir Miles

    Sir Miles10 days ago

    I mean it is okay for deer to overpopulate.

  89. Conesinker _420

    Conesinker _42011 days ago

    Do they live in Minnesota?

  90. simplicitylost

    simplicitylost11 days ago

    6:39 “Females being extra aggressive towards other females is a sadly common occurrence in the animal kingdom.” Every woman already knows this, amirite? 🥁

  91. stacy swiss

    stacy swiss11 days ago

    Wolves are such beautiful creatures

  92. Mental Physics

    Mental Physics11 days ago

    You guy could totally do a video on “Humans” as a specie

  93. lefthandcigg 425

    lefthandcigg 42511 days ago

    3:44 did she say “when the meat comes out everyone gets a little friendlier,I know I do”😏

  94. Wolf950

    Wolf95011 days ago

    I'm not a fan of the term dominant pair. It is technically true, but it feels too similar to alphas. Usually the breeding pair are the parents of all the other wolves in the pack. Making them the oldest and most experienced by default.

  95. That One Viking Dude

    That One Viking Dude11 days ago

    Why is this video called grizzly bane, yet there is only grizzly for like 10 seconds.. lived the channel when it was about the drawings, and the animals. Honestly not a fan of the documentary type of videos. Would rather see the animals and the drawings again..

  96. Lee Sayson

    Lee Sayson12 days ago

    *Ser Alliser's bane

  97. Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson12 days ago

    Yeah the size tottaly not the orange eyes

  98. Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson12 days ago

    Lucky you saw wolfs

  99. GoatZilla

    GoatZilla12 days ago

    WTF no LRMs or lasers what's the deal

  100. roninpainbringer

    roninpainbringer13 days ago


  101. duck on quack

    duck on quack13 days ago

    Oh man I don't think those pups are his...

  102. Emilio Corrales

    Emilio Corrales14 days ago

    They have Kevin Garnett’s personality

  103. supreme breezy

    supreme breezy14 days ago

    I didn’t even know timber wolves existed

  104. Wyoming Outdoors 21

    Wyoming Outdoors 2114 days ago

    Wolves are predores in Wyoming which means if you see one you can legally shoot it like a cotye. The only place they are safe is Yellowstone

  105. Jusuf Erg

    Jusuf Erg14 days ago

    Learn to narrate in british accent we have the next David Attenborough!

  106. Joao Luiz dos Santos Neto

    Joao Luiz dos Santos Neto14 days ago

    I was just asking myself in witch paper I would apply if you draw the diagrams heheheheheh you are amazing

  107. Skank_passion 714

    Skank_passion 71415 days ago

    The booty

  108. Jay Moore

    Jay Moore14 days ago

    Facts bro

  109. 900nutboys

    900nutboys15 days ago

    this video made me want to go back to haliburton. my family used to have a spot there and i always loved going. I actually know the alpha male personally (if he's the same alpha from 7 years ago that is lol)! His name is Fang and I knew him from when he was kept at Jungle Cat World in Orono.

  110. Alan Hu

    Alan Hu15 days ago

    Sorry, but when I heard Muskoka I thought of the place in Total Drama Island 😂 Wolves are pretty cool too.