Mimicry: A World of Imposters

Don't trust your eyes. These mimics will have you questioning reality.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Jess Keating
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    AnimalogicYear ago

    When you're done watching this, you should go watch 'The Pray' on CuriosityStream. It's so good! Here's the link: curiositystream.com/video/1800You can watch for free, and get your first 30 days of CuriosityStream for free if you sign up with the promo code: Animalogic Here's a link to sign up: curiositystream.com/animalogic/

  2. Aquilas Tail

    Aquilas Tail24 days ago

    Tbh the snake looked kinda sus

  3. The Viper Veteran

    The Viper Veteran3 months ago

    Animalogic I really want to work with you guys again soon. I’m looking to open a reptile zoo if I can get the money together for a building. Will have 50+ species of snakes and other venomous critters like scorpions and spiders. I’m gonna do educational programs and snake handling presentations every day for customers.

  4. Amit kumar

    Amit kumar3 months ago

    Superb! All video's!

  5. Juan Ramirez

    Juan Ramirez3 months ago

    I’m just wondering what what question you did I

  6. Thiago Dias

    Thiago Dias5 months ago

    Hi, @Animalogic I'm working on subtitles for your video, but there are some parts that I'm not able to translate, like: 04:04 "The (?) Moth is an extraordinary case" 04:28 All the sequence with the old footage. The narrator's speech is very hard to understand. If you could help me only with the the transcription of this few parts, I will be more than happy to provide you a portuguese translated subtitle.

  7. V4C

    V4CDay ago

    Stickbug_324Gamurr sus

  8. Dani Draws

    Dani DrawsDay ago

    There is an Imposter Among Us

  9. Sparky Entertainment Studios

    Sparky Entertainment StudiosDay ago

    bird was not the imposter 1 imposter remains

  10. Noodle S

    Noodle SDay ago

    This video is sus...

  11. Bruhman the Sith

    Bruhman the SithDay ago

    Among Us.

  12. B12 Ashleo Mijares

    B12 Ashleo MijaresDay ago

    Goddamn now every animal seems sus to me

  13. ThatKidDavey

    ThatKidDavey2 days ago

    Among us vibes

  14. Rose Thomas

    Rose Thomas4 days ago

    How do these animals know which animals to pretend to be? They're smart enough to know which animals are dangerous

  15. Jamaludin Jamil

    Jamaludin Jamil4 days ago

    billions of billions of impostors are among us

  16. David Lacziko

    David Lacziko4 days ago

    You mentioned Captain Marvel? Dislike! Unsub!

  17. Xyrelle Zapanta

    Xyrelle Zapanta4 days ago

    Among us is waving

  18. prabath Hemachandra

    prabath Hemachandra4 days ago

    Among us players: Just like the simulations

  19. Susy Hunter

    Susy Hunter5 days ago

    THerI iS oNe ImpOstEr amOunG uS

  20. Delon Thomas

    Delon Thomas5 days ago

    U have to admit humans mix animals with their own genetically made stuff

  21. FHHG_ THATme

    FHHG_ THATme6 days ago

    There is an impostor Among Us

  22. Swosti Rajbhandari

    Swosti Rajbhandari6 days ago

    Lol u really sus

  23. Alex Track

    Alex Track7 days ago

    *these people sus, vote’ em out bois*

  24. Paradoxtator Studios

    Paradoxtator Studios7 days ago

    Nobody: People who know of Among us who see the title: heheh boy

  25. Mama Jouske

    Mama Jouske8 days ago

    If I see an among us meme i will shoot a child

  26. Shotgun Nathan

    Shotgun Nathan8 days ago

    look they put among us in real life

  27. paulo reyes

    paulo reyes8 days ago

    I dunno.. you seem kinda sus...

  28. Gabriel

    Gabriel8 days ago

    A whole video leading to an advertisement for CuriosityStream. This video is sus

  29. prabath Hemachandra

    prabath Hemachandra4 days ago


  30. Pointer jian

    Pointer jian8 days ago

    so this comment section is now filled with among us stuff

  31. Prohayden

    Prohayden8 days ago

    Those things are kinda sus.

  32. King Kane

    King Kane9 days ago

    Among us be like

  33. haha ha

    haha ha9 days ago

    There's is 1 impostor among us

  34. nkaii barthlett

    nkaii barthlett9 days ago

    not going to lie i thought the snake tail was a spider

  35. Hanna Joceline

    Hanna Joceline9 days ago

    Snake sus

  36. Impostor99

    Impostor999 days ago

    Why not me

  37. Gatito Sanchez

    Gatito Sanchez10 days ago

    that snake is kinda sus "points at caterpy" "caterpy was an impostor. 2 impostors remain"

  38. Meloetta࿐but my dck is longer than ur relationship

    Meloetta࿐but my dck is longer than ur relationship10 days ago

    These snakes look sus

  39. Meloetta࿐but my dck is longer than ur relationship

    Meloetta࿐but my dck is longer than ur relationship10 days ago

    These snakes look sus

  40. SK -CIA

    SK -CIA10 days ago

    These animal are kinda sus 1 like 1 vote

  41. whtwolfgames

    whtwolfgames10 days ago

    Some of these animals pretty sus

  42. Suleman Khan

    Suleman Khan11 days ago

    Seeing the TITLE:"yeah In Among Us but they didn't knew about that in that time I guess"😂😂

  43. U・ᴥ・U

    U・ᴥ・U11 days ago

    ngl, these animals seem pretty sus

  44. DerinOnder Eren

    DerinOnder Eren11 days ago

    CrewMate. There Is 1 *Imposter* Among Us

  45. DerinOnder Eren

    DerinOnder Eren11 days ago

    *pressing* F

  46. MagicBardur

    MagicBardur11 days ago

    this aged well since there are now a lot of among us memes

  47. Himanshu

    Himanshu11 days ago

    I have seen hawk moth yesterday in my garden feeding on one of my plants...this was the first time i have ever seen such a thing i was beautiful..

  48. Ashraful Ayan

    Ashraful Ayan12 days ago

    Who thought of among us when they saw the title?

  49. realmehGONNA Y33t

    realmehGONNA Y33t12 days ago

    life is among us

  50. rxvenge

    rxvenge12 days ago

    red sus

  51. Martin Ketchum

    Martin Ketchum12 days ago

    idk man they are kinda sus

  52. Dodgy Hodgy

    Dodgy Hodgy12 days ago

    Anyone else hear the plasma sound affect from the Original DOOM at the beginning?

  53. Petik Jordan

    Petik Jordan13 days ago


  54. Mary Serrano

    Mary Serrano13 days ago

    I got a among us ad hehe beacas it ses imposter

  55. Wrath_ Ayush

    Wrath_ Ayush13 days ago

    BTW why is this popping up after among us got popular ? 😂 *SUS*

  56. Joseph Tran

    Joseph Tran13 days ago

    does this mean that the civilians are in danger because of all of the imposters?

  57. Ismail Affan

    Ismail Affan13 days ago

    "There is a imposter among us"

  58. Ismail Affan

    Ismail Affan13 days ago

    "There is a imposter among us"

  59. Pancreas Channel

    Pancreas Channel13 days ago

    There are I M P O S T E R s among us.

  60. Squigga

    Squigga13 days ago

    Among us: Am I a joke to you

  61. Bacon

    Bacon13 days ago

    They all looking kinda... sUs...

  62. ً

    ً13 days ago

    Why don't they disguise as human? we're blood thirsty, we killed and eat it

  63. Glorious Pink

    Glorious Pink14 days ago

    There is one imposter among us

  64. J W

    J W14 days ago

    8:45 that bird is one dumb mother fucker... he literally just bit you but you go back to him LOL

  65. Magicks

    Magicks14 days ago

    in the first case, shouldn't the example be "a sheep in wolf's clothing"? wouldn't a wolf in sheep's clothing be the 2nd example?

  66. Reemy J

    Reemy J14 days ago

    Among us intensifies

  67. TristanPeak

    TristanPeak14 days ago

    The animals be like: I told you guys, I was not the Impostor

  68. 18 hunna

    18 hunna14 days ago

    There among us !

  69. hahhahahaha hahahahha

    hahhahahaha hahahahha14 days ago


  70. Every Day Christian Boi

    Every Day Christian Boi14 days ago

    *Snake* There is 1 imposter among us

  71. Mister Unknown

    Mister Unknown14 days ago

    There a imposter among us

  72. OverTrvst Lord

    OverTrvst Lord14 days ago

    Umm imposter animal? " *Umm this spider is kinda sus ngl* "

  73. Christian Rebotica

    Christian Rebotica15 days ago

    There are 2 Impostors Among Us

  74. _Rxfts_ Wrld24_8

    _Rxfts_ Wrld24_815 days ago

    *Watch all the among us memes come outta no where*

  75. Tasty SmooVee

    Tasty SmooVee15 days ago

    There is an Impostor among us

  76. Nikho Prasetyo Pratama

    Nikho Prasetyo Pratama15 days ago

    How they do emergency meeting or swipe card task.. just wondering

  77. Mr. DudieDude

    Mr. DudieDude15 days ago

    i expected to see cute lil astronauts in their own colored suits

  78. Cyper Wolf

    Cyper Wolf15 days ago

    1 Impostor among us

  79. Dan Kirk DACULAN

    Dan Kirk DACULAN15 days ago

    *there are impostors among us*

  80. Ilhan Fiq

    Ilhan Fiq15 days ago

    Idk seems kinda sus to me

  81. Mguy

    Mguy16 days ago

    *there is one imposter among us*

  82. Antonio F

    Antonio F16 days ago

    Why would they list and octopus soft body as a negative when it's the thing that makes them able to mimic? And all that old clips editing is a no for me

  83. TheFOXMaster

    TheFOXMaster16 days ago

    7:20 red touches yellow: kill a fellow red touches black: friend of Jack easy as that to identify them, just keep that in mind, might save your life one day ;)

  84. M D

    M D16 days ago

    Nature... There are millions of impostors among us.

  85. MICRO Ruchit

    MICRO Ruchit16 days ago

    how many clothes does she have

  86. Holly

    Holly16 days ago

    i could make a terrible joke about the title, but i wont

  87. Dhenny Wahyudi Taruna

    Dhenny Wahyudi Taruna15 days ago

    Make me

  88. Maxwell Vindman

    Maxwell Vindman16 days ago

    It’s not a caterpie

  89. maximus septimus

    maximus septimus16 days ago

    My lady might have send me to squish that spider and me,being the SUPERMAN that I am . Me "BOOM!" take that spider then "poink" snake



    We all know how did this video got in our recommendations.

  91. Anna Baik

    Anna Baik16 days ago

    They do be a little sus tho

  92. TankerT

    TankerT16 days ago

    How does the octopus know which species are venomous to copy?

  93. I'm A Fox

    I'm A Fox16 days ago

    Bird: that spider looks kinda sus, better dispose of him "Spider" : Uno reverse card, you dumb bird

  94. I want to die, so I'm going home

    I want to die, so I'm going home18 hours ago

    Is this Among us reference ?

  95. TimeLordWarrior

    TimeLordWarrior15 days ago


  96. Mr. Boombox

    Mr. Boombox17 days ago

    The octopus having multiple modes of stealth and intimidation is the coolest thing I've seen all week.

  97. Eggy games

    Eggy games17 days ago

    *Everyone was the impostor*

  98. Coco Wu

    Coco Wu17 days ago

    .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 . .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Caterpillar was An Impostor.  。 .   '    0 Impostors remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .

  99. Turtle Time

    Turtle Time17 days ago

    Snake was not the imposter 1 imposter remains

  100. SushiShinnobi

    SushiShinnobi17 days ago

    Amoung us: the sequel

  101. rustyboi

    rustyboi17 days ago

    Crewmate there is one imposter among us

  102. fx Gamer

    fx Gamer17 days ago

    snake was the imposter, one imposter remains.

  103. bob bob

    bob bob17 days ago

    2:55 look it's a wannaBEE hahahahaha... I need a life.

  104. RedNinja629

    RedNinja62917 days ago

    *There is 1 Imposter among us*

  105. MumboStudios

    MumboStudios17 days ago

    SNAKE There is 1 caterpillar among us.

  106. Good Bye

    Good Bye17 days ago

    Who’s else is getting tired of the boring ads with ex NFL quarterback and washed up country singer?

  107. Che GM

    Che GM17 days ago



    INDIAN GAMER17 days ago

    I thought my ex was a snake....but when i found out she was mimicking...she turned out to be a spider...she builded trap for me

  109. Bhisma Razani

    Bhisma Razani17 days ago

    Hmmm he kinda sus, hes the impostor

  110. Nikita Shabankin

    Nikita Shabankin17 days ago

    The green is kinda sus


    SUPERIOR SHAGARI18 days ago

    Animals playing among us irl