Aye Aye: The Harbinger of Death

The Aye Aye is a lemur that is doing everything its power to convince people it’s not a lemur.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic2 years ago

    Thanks to Brilliant for sponsoring this episode! Check out Brilliant (and get 20% off) here: brilliant.org/animalogic/

  2. Michael K.

    Michael K.Year ago

    Animalogic Hey Danielle, since the aye-aye has a wet nose, do you think that probably aids with its sense of smell in any sort of way?

  3. Nathan Jake Sagayan

    Nathan Jake SagayanYear ago

    i really love your videos but please, it would've been better if the scientific name was typed correctly

  4. Amelie Lahayne

    Amelie LahayneYear ago

    Its not CUTE!

  5. brendon lui espinorio

    brendon lui espinorioYear ago

    creepy but indengerd

  6. Blockhaj

    Blockhaj2 years ago

    @Stephanie Gerson It is true.

  7. Tiki Alston

    Tiki AlstonDay ago

    i read a book like this in school on myOn and a book said "creatures you never seen before" and thats hoq i foynd the aye aye

  8. Delon Thomas

    Delon Thomas3 days ago

    Finally am.back give me knowledge

  9. Limited Infinity

    Limited Infinity7 days ago

    He is a Pirate

  10. M N.Subramanyam

    M N.Subramanyam11 days ago

    The earlier humans understand that nature is more intelligent than them, the more chances that humans don't get endangered. 😄

  11. Kelly Koenig

    Kelly Koenig22 days ago

    Animalogic, I always love your videos and sharing them with my 4th grade students!!!


    JANTHONY TORRES29 days ago

    that is not possessed that’s a normal aye eye


    MTR DANAV29 days ago

    From factechz

  14. Rad Fat Daddy

    Rad Fat DaddyMonth ago

    They're my super favorite primate. So damn cute.

  15. burro romo

    burro romoMonth ago


  16. Dank The Gank

    Dank The Gank2 months ago

    Jesus that tapping looks freaky as hell

  17. No Longer Posting Content For Now

    No Longer Posting Content For Now2 months ago

    "F tier"

  18. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden2 months ago

    That thing is very strange

  19. Wilen

    Wilen2 months ago

    Ayy lmao

  20. BongTech And Vlog

    BongTech And Vlog2 months ago

    Who here after read/listen "AcharyaJantru" by Satyajit Ray. One like please

  21. N0p0l0

    N0p0l02 months ago

    Ksi must have given it its name

  22. suggest me SONGS

    suggest me SONGS2 months ago

    So they got their hunting gear attached to their hands...... Neat!

  23. IndustrialBonecraft

    IndustrialBonecraft2 months ago

    It's got the diamonds.

  24. ARINZE_2767

    ARINZE_27672 months ago

    My friend told me that aye ayes knick on your window with their middle finger and if it points its middle finger at you you die

  25. Tea-Rex •

    Tea-Rex •2 months ago

    Dude they are innocent animals, why they must killing them for "oh if I look at them I will die oh if I say their name I will have a bad luck" it's so dumb!😓

  26. Tea-Rex •

    Tea-Rex •2 months ago

    I am speechless! 😮

  27. Nathaneal Freligh

    Nathaneal Freligh2 months ago

    Sailer: Aye-aye captain Captain: I didn’t say anything Sailor: No, aye-aye captain Captain: I still didn’t tell you to do anything Sailor: it’s a really weird lemur captain Captain: oh

  28. Timmy Jones

    Timmy Jones3 months ago

    Thank You For This Video I Enjoyed It .

  29. my honor

    my honor3 months ago

    Who is here after watching FactTechz's video? 🤣

  30. tushar sabale

    tushar sabale3 months ago

    Whose came from fact tect..

  31. Shakil ahmad Ahmed

    Shakil ahmad Ahmed3 months ago

    How is her after facttecz video😆

  32. Sagar Giri

    Sagar Giri3 months ago

    Who come from factez video

  33. Mr BOSS

    Mr BOSS3 months ago

    Who came here after watching fact tenz 🧐

  34. s k

    s k3 months ago

    Who came hare after factz video

  35. skam clips

    skam clips3 months ago

    facthecz?????????k bd aaya koi


    EMIWAY OFFICIAL3 months ago

    Who is here after fact techz video??? 😅

  37. Ajeet yadav

    Ajeet yadav3 months ago

    Kon kon Facttechz ke video se aaya hai

  38. Gusi AVT

    Gusi AVT3 months ago

    That's Yoda after drugs.

  39. Ridzuan Zuan

    Ridzuan Zuan4 months ago

    Like ghost

  40. Christine Radu

    Christine Radu4 months ago

    is sou khyut

  41. Lorenzo V.

    Lorenzo V.4 months ago

    Looks something a Disney villain would keep as pet

  42. Edwin V

    Edwin V5 months ago

    Superstitious people are the worst :(

  43. muhammed safwan

    muhammed safwan5 months ago

    Please do an elaborate video on mouse lemurs.. love your work..!!

  44. Shotta2x

    Shotta2x5 months ago

    Aye , Aye Aye come here

  45. Movie_Clips

    Movie_Clips5 months ago

    There so cuuuttteeee

  46. Chakraoui Reda

    Chakraoui Reda5 months ago

    That’s covid-21


    KIILERBEAN5 months ago


  48. husain mfh

    husain mfh5 months ago

    Aye-aye capt!

  49. Chris Osborne

    Chris Osborne5 months ago

    I think the Aye Aye is badass, and the girl is mega cute, just my opinion

  50. einherz

    einherz5 months ago

    spider monkey lizard: i'm the creepiest creature in the universe aye aye: take my finger

  51. Alex Papasozomenos

    Alex Papasozomenos5 months ago

    I'm going to have nightmares tonight.


    SIBIRIAK5 months ago

    I love these guys from now on!

  53. Rendi 457

    Rendi 4575 months ago

    Aye ayes can call in a nuclear strike if harmed.

  54. CodyScriblyn

    CodyScriblyn5 months ago

    What kind of idiot would actually believe they bring bad luck

  55. Anya

    Anya5 months ago

    He’s so cute

  56. Anya

    Anya5 months ago

    I’m also Danielle! ❤️❤️❤️

  57. GraveRobbertt

    GraveRobbertt6 months ago

    Kendrick Lamar's favorite animal.

  58. CoolMan Caravan

    CoolMan Caravan6 months ago

    Pshhh you think any of those third world mfers care about "cool facts" about the Aye Aye... they care about killing and that's it. The status of their country reflects it.

  59. Alexia Styixe

    Alexia Styixe6 months ago

    I were an animal...

  60. MyNameIsMe

    MyNameIsMe6 months ago

    If hoomans dident exist Earth would be sso much better of

  61. yousaidwinglikeabirdswing

    yousaidwinglikeabirdswing6 months ago

    These humans seem to be very problematic, you should do a video on them!

  62. Shawn Lucas

    Shawn Lucas6 months ago

    We're all stuck and unable to leave, man. We're all stuck.

  63. Bima Dimedjo

    Bima Dimedjo6 months ago

    I think aye aye is wonderful cratures ever, how could peoples hate them and for the next please do Great Argus Pheasant

  64. Zhypxl for you • 9 years ago

    Zhypxl for you • 9 years ago6 months ago

    X be like :AYE AYE AYE

  65. whoa that's a long name

    whoa that's a long name7 months ago

    I really like it how animalogic gives Harmless or less dangerous animals edgy names

  66. Mr And Mrs Andre

    Mr And Mrs Andre7 months ago

    Danielle thanks again for such an informative Animalogic

  67. Reece Fernandes

    Reece Fernandes7 months ago


  68. Pierre M

    Pierre M7 months ago

    looks like L from death note 4:26

  69. Katam Varshithkumar

    Katam Varshithkumar7 months ago

    Who is her after watching DEEKSHA SESSION?😅

  70. Mischief

    Mischief7 months ago


  71. animals the best

    animals the best7 months ago

    I want you to talk about the tasmanian tiger

  72. A J

    A J7 months ago

    Yo that’s my boy moorise from king Julien

  73. TheSilentsama

    TheSilentsama7 months ago

    This guy is the Ozzy Osbourne of lemur...

  74. doublewhisk

    doublewhisk7 months ago

    Aye have always loved this animal

  75. M.K.

    M.K.7 months ago

    Imagine coming across a giant aye aye

  76. Mta Enthusiast

    Mta Enthusiast7 months ago

    Oh my gosh, i read “the hamburger of doom” instead of “the harbinger of doom”

  77. CyBeartron 8-7

    CyBeartron 8-77 months ago

    Wait so Aye Aye means I don't know Does that mean when the pirates say "Aye Aye Captain!" means I don't know captain?

  78. Ficção Animada

    Ficção Animada7 months ago

    This guy is literally a... AYAYAYAY PILLAR AYE AYE

  79. Derpy Dog77

    Derpy Dog777 months ago

    It shall burn

  80. Jose Guevarra

    Jose Guevarra8 months ago

    Nobody: ... Aye Aye: Autofellatio 1:11

  81. Lucas Moraes

    Lucas Moraes8 months ago

    Parece meu amigo

  82. Nojo

    Nojo8 months ago

    Am I the only one that thinks it’s cute?

  83. MinterMind

    MinterMind8 months ago

    Are all animals endangered?

  84. Tergu Liruk

    Tergu Liruk8 months ago

    Aye aye is cute

  85. king papai

    king papai8 months ago

    Aye Aye.. is it jojo reference?

  86. Wario7793

    Wario77938 months ago

    I thought Madagascar was off-limits for development. That's a shame.. I'd really hate to see the Aye Aye go extinct...

  87. Jr Mikulec

    Jr Mikulec8 months ago

    Can you give a source that supports that humans are the cause of the giant Aye-Aye's extinction?

  88. Dave Curl

    Dave Curl8 months ago

    I love the aye aye, it my favorite animal. I love the drawing in background of video :)

  89. Joyce Shiver

    Joyce Shiver8 months ago


  90. Sam’schannel531

    Sam’schannel5318 months ago


  91. Pedro Torres

    Pedro Torres8 months ago

    I love your channel 👍🏻

  92. GTGA 2004

    GTGA 20048 months ago

    Don't forget this is Maurice from Madagascar movies

  93. Justin Hopkins

    Justin Hopkins9 months ago

    I can handle everything but the finger.

  94. KillerKitten753

    KillerKitten7539 months ago

    These things are honestly freaking adorable. Their eyes are so cute

  95. komen tator

    komen tator10 months ago


  96. Little Loot

    Little Loot10 months ago

    It’s considered bad luck of an Aye Aye to flip’s you off. Another superstition fun fact

  97. FireDrake9967

    FireDrake996710 months ago

    It's not difficult people don't need to live on every goddamn spot of land in the world we are by far the most evasive species other then rodents and bugs

  98. ice cream kitty 2010!

    ice cream kitty 2010!10 months ago

    She say get bad luck if look at cute aye aye : but i already have horrible luck it wont affect me

  99. ice cream kitty 2010!

    ice cream kitty 2010!10 months ago

    THERE SO CUUUUTE and a bit creepy

  100. gank

    gank10 months ago

    An experiment gone wrong? 🤔

  101. Shannon Luster

    Shannon Luster10 months ago

    I love these strange little guys

  102. MichaelVitello

    MichaelVitello10 months ago

    Anyone who hurts an aye-aye should be killed on site

  103. Arthas Menethil

    Arthas Menethil10 months ago

    1:12 did you have to use a clip of an Aye Aye licking its own erect penis when talking about cuteness (or lack thereof)....?

  104. The Viper

    The Viper10 months ago

    If you see a person who thinks aye aye s are a bad omen just effing murder them on the spot

  105. Raven Harris

    Raven Harris10 months ago

    Cute but in a Firby type of way