Cockroaches Are Cuter Than You Think

Some cockroaches are cuter than you think.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer, Writer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Elegant Monstrous

    Elegant Monstrous12 hours ago

    Haha "like incels" funny haha

  2. Grimmbleaper

    Grimmbleaper14 hours ago

    there like incels

  3. Tina Bailey

    Tina Bailey17 hours ago


  4. Nhusa Maharjan

    Nhusa MaharjanDay ago

    Bruh, the first 2 minutes of the video is just intro, random topic and the stupid mobile game. And the second the video starts, it's talking about the zombie shit. wtf


    PΛSTELKDay ago

    I think cockroaches are adorable and anyone who disagrees can fight me in a round of fisticuffs

  6. John Snow

    John SnowDay ago

    1.26 million subscribers makes sense.🤔🤓

  7. DevonMC

    DevonMCDay ago

    I probably will not change anyone's mind on roaches, but brave wilderness taught me to respect them, even handle them

  8. RED the Flame

    RED the FlameDay ago

    Nice try...

  9. Futung:carlosmiguel Balagtas

    Futung:carlosmiguel Balagtas2 days ago

    The point of cockroaches being in antartica is the point the earth is ending

  10. Futung:carlosmiguel Balagtas

    Futung:carlosmiguel Balagtas2 days ago

    What the hell is “CUTE” about a FLYING COCKROACH in your room “FLYING”

  11. Roach DoggJR

    Roach DoggJR2 days ago

    "Despite our collective hatred for them, cockroaches can be truly awesome and incredibly diverse." So, NOT like incels then.

  12. Bob Duke

    Bob Duke2 days ago

    It’s a lady bug!

  13. TheDeadlyMaurader The Deadly Warrior

    TheDeadlyMaurader The Deadly Warrior3 days ago

    10/10 would still burn a whole colony

  14. 1K.

    1K.3 days ago


  15. ZeiR0s

    ZeiR0s3 days ago


  16. Mr. Spaghettios

    Mr. Spaghettios3 days ago

    Throughout the whole video I had to keep my ears slightly away from the phone because I was imagining cockroaches walking in my ears ;3; cool video tho aaa

  17. Harry Huang

    Harry Huang3 days ago

    Have to watch this twice, got distracted by the purple belt.

  18. Momo Royale

    Momo Royale3 days ago

    Jeez Raid Shadow Legends ads spread so fast they reproduce faster than cockroaches

  19. Bryant Sample

    Bryant Sample3 days ago

    Loving the outfit Danielle

  20. Heitor Souza de Moura

    Heitor Souza de Moura3 days ago


  21. Heitor Souza de Moura

    Heitor Souza de Moura3 days ago

    They are bugs

  22. chiknkein nugeget

    chiknkein nugeget3 days ago

    Ofc the biggest one is in australia


    P_M LIFESTYLE4 days ago

    praise the Lord

  24. Midnight Cat

    Midnight Cat4 days ago

    Who else is watching this while eating? 🙋‍♀️

  25. RatteJak

    RatteJak4 days ago

    I love seeing sponsors on videos about cockroaches.

  26. Eric Sarkar

    Eric Sarkar4 days ago

    It is not cool referring to china as asia. There are a lot of other countries in asia. Also, the “American” cockroach seems to be the most common in Bangladesh which is also in asia. I was wondering whether they migrated from america!

  27. Stan Johnson

    Stan Johnson4 days ago

    just deep fried sixteen cockroaches I caught behind my toilet and they tasted like p

  28. Еwqweb

    Еwqweb4 days ago

    The one in the thumbnail? I WANT IT.

  29. MadIIMike

    MadIIMike4 days ago

    6:08 There are 2 Imposters among us

  30. xFoxySupreme

    xFoxySupreme4 days ago

    Cockroaches are just playing the long waiting game it seems

  31. King Protea

    King Protea4 days ago

    Everyone who likes to eat lobster, shrimp, and crab but is disgusted at the idea of eating cockroaches should reevaluate their food biases because MF CRUSTACEANS ARE JUST COCKROACHES OF THE SEA

  32. Jose Palos

    Jose Palos5 days ago

    A cockroach is a cockroach deal with it

  33. rociscool

    rociscool5 days ago

    yo, who cooking da roaches?

  34. release your inner weeb

    release your inner weeb6 days ago

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  35. Wilson Miranne

    Wilson Miranne6 days ago

    Didnt watch the video. Read the title. Clicked on only to dislike. Any lover of roaches is an enemy of mine.

  36. Roy Lim

    Roy Lim6 days ago

    imagine drinking a bowl of black bean soup, you feel something wrong, very wrong with the black beans.....

  37. FallingFromWillows 511

    FallingFromWillows 5116 days ago

    This is why I never sleep without earplugs. And I don’t have roaches. But that won’t stop me from hoarding ear plugs. Ever.

  38. The lio gaming

    The lio gaming6 days ago

    Dude my skin is crawling

  39. jash theo carreon

    jash theo carreon6 days ago

    Fun fact: some cockroaches are immune to bygones or roach killer spray

  40. Larry Takes Over

    Larry Takes Over6 days ago

    its cute when it came from naturak nature instead of the sewer full of poop

  41. John McAuliffe

    John McAuliffe6 days ago

    its ironic that this video is sponsored by a game with the word "Raid" in it...

  42. The_Asphalt God

    The_Asphalt God6 days ago

    Me: feels a weird tingle on my foot Me:Thinks about cockarouches Me:shivers

  43. Mohamed Reda Naimi

    Mohamed Reda Naimi6 days ago

    I hate cocoroch they are the most disgusting thing ugh ew dont show me that picture of cocoroch or i will barf🤢🤮

  44. Pure Vessel

    Pure Vessel6 days ago

    I will still hate cockroaches. No matter what.

  45. Batman Fanboy

    Batman Fanboy6 days ago

    The only proper raid will be on your bank balance


    BOYS LOVE STUFF6 days ago


  47. amir arsalan ganji

    amir arsalan ganji6 days ago

    0:32 ... can we have a playlist...of just these themes for every animal

  48. R Co

    R Co7 days ago

    Whatever roach in this video needs a boulder landing on it to make everything brighter. Even a cinderblock would do.

  49. Tatiana W.

    Tatiana W.7 days ago

    Whhyy did you guys eating this to make it sooooo hard to watch. Its already hard to watch Dx

  50. Mako Wakos

    Mako Wakos7 days ago

    Even after seeing this i still hate cockroaches

  51. Beau Chang

    Beau Chang7 days ago

    Welp you just ruined ladybugs for me....

  52. Blueple Man

    Blueple Man7 days ago

    Why this insect exist?

  53. R Co

    R Co7 days ago

    To show the many ways they can be killed.

  54. Artha

    Artha7 days ago

    I have pet roaches... I love them xD

  55. catherineearnshawheathcliff

    catherineearnshawheathcliff7 days ago

    I'm gonna vomit

  56. yuuichirou hyakuya

    yuuichirou hyakuya7 days ago

    Call me ruthless or whatever, but when ever I kill a cockroach at home,I burn them afterwards to make sure that they're really death

  57. R Co

    R Co7 days ago

    Nothing wrong with that. Flushing them down the toilet also works.

  58. Callum Wu

    Callum Wu8 days ago

    I can’t watch this ..... I just can’t

  59. Ahududu

    Ahududu8 days ago

    Australia has the *biggest* roach- Me:BURN AUSTRALİA DOWN

  60. Dimas tafano M

    Dimas tafano M8 days ago

    Cuter? Sounds like camoflage to jumpsscare you!

  61. Angela Guerrero

    Angela Guerrero8 days ago


  62. roastytoasty19

    roastytoasty198 days ago


  63. Martin Kaplan

    Martin Kaplan8 days ago

    This video spoiled my dinner.

  64. L. Ron Hoyabembe

    L. Ron Hoyabembe9 days ago

    Raid Shadow Legends sponsorships are the cockroaches of the internet. They're everywhere and it's impossible to get rid of them.

  65. MasterMarco17

    MasterMarco179 days ago

    My ear feels itchy...

  66. mikex1011

    mikex10119 days ago

    Non of them are cute, burn them. All of them.

  67. R Co

    R Co7 days ago

    Cockroach meets bonfire. Makes me feel better thinking about it.

  68. Boss Meep です

    Boss Meep です9 days ago


  69. Joko99

    Joko999 days ago

    Guys Justin Y. isn't here

  70. Arvind Challa

    Arvind Challa9 days ago

    Please do not promote crap games

  71. ً

    ً9 days ago

    Eurgh, Imagine they're crawling around your body... Frick, can't do that

  72. Robloxias best Robloxian gamer!

    Robloxias best Robloxian gamer!9 days ago

    I wanna getta a petta cockroch

  73. sir p

    sir p9 days ago

    this warms both my heart and my flamethrower

  74. Jeniffer Wangui

    Jeniffer Wangui9 days ago

    So they can not only fly but also swim 👀👀👀am doomed

  75. Kieren Summers

    Kieren Summers9 days ago

    Cockroach: Enters house. Cockroach: Let's thank today's sponser Raid Shadow Legends.

  76. peregrine falcon

    peregrine falcon10 days ago

    Cock roaches You here cock weird name right

  77. Minto road 06 Chandni Chowk

    Minto road 06 Chandni Chowk10 days ago

    Very beautiful dress and you

  78. Clap clap

    Clap clap10 days ago

    Ok american roaches or house roaches are what I hate the most because they freaking fly and dont give a fck, instead of running away they rush or fly towards you.

  79. ThunderStorm Musics

    ThunderStorm Musics10 days ago

    No they aren't especially the flying ones ehhh .... Goosebumps

  80. Don

    Don10 days ago

    6:39 "They make this terrifying noise when excited, stressed, and drink horseshit." ADORABLE

  81. jonathan joseph

    jonathan joseph10 days ago

    What about coprophagia? Yummmmy!

  82. Rupture RLSH

    Rupture RLSH10 days ago

    3:13 guess I'm moving. Anyone coming with me?

  83. 900nutboys

    900nutboys10 days ago

    Raid: shadow legends is the cockroach native to USlikes

  84. Gammastone

    Gammastone11 days ago


  85. Saya Sakisaka

    Saya Sakisaka11 days ago


  86. Rajvir Awan

    Rajvir Awan11 days ago

    Your dress is ravishing....

  87. Seth Ortiz

    Seth Ortiz11 days ago


  88. Mason White

    Mason White11 days ago

    Yeah I love itching uncontrollably

  89. Synchronized Cell

    Synchronized Cell11 days ago

    I feed my beardie dubia roaches... they are kinda cute though

  90. Eleanor Wilkinson

    Eleanor Wilkinson11 days ago

    This was interesting but I still hate them😂

  91. Joshua Klinck

    Joshua Klinck12 days ago

    YAAAAAASS the incel joke

  92. Father Amarion

    Father Amarion12 days ago

    Kill it

  93. vivahernando1

    vivahernando112 days ago

    Danielle I want to take you out .... we can split that roach stir fry at 00:11

  94. 2 Aspies, 1 World

    2 Aspies, 1 World12 days ago

    Relations, Earwigs, Firebrats, Locusts

  95. 2 Aspies, 1 World

    2 Aspies, 1 World12 days ago


  96. Vante-_-

    Vante-_-12 days ago


  97. leonardo seepaulsingh

    leonardo seepaulsingh13 days ago

    I remember when a cockroach went in my ear ... little shit bit my ear drum

  98. Max Clinger

    Max Clinger13 days ago

    More proof asians will eat anything that on the ground.

  99. Pamela Mays

    Pamela Mays13 days ago

    Three things that'll survive Nuclear Winter: Roaches. Betty White. Keith Richards.

  100. Allie Kim

    Allie Kim13 days ago

    Not to forget Cher. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  101. Rohan Clare

    Rohan Clare14 days ago

    *Roach Upgrades:* 16 Evolution Points 1.Wings - 3 pt 2. Jumping - 4 pt 3. Invisibility - 6 pt 4. Beach Invading - 1 pt 5. Flesh Eating - 2 pt

  102. Kaibil Balam

    Kaibil Balam14 days ago

    Did they really make a cucaracha song regueton style? 😑😑😑😑

  103. Xoi

    Xoi14 days ago

    Raid Shadow Legends is the cockroach of the gaming world

  104. Rakesh Baba

    Rakesh Baba14 days ago

    Let's all move to Antarctica