Binturong: The Bearcat that is Neither Bear nor Cat

The Binturong looks like the mix between a bear, a cat, and a monkey, but they’re more than the sum of their weird-looking parts.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    AnimalogicYear ago

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  2. big go

    big go9 days ago

    Still waiting for Manbearpig episode

  3. Alexis Jordan

    Alexis Jordan2 months ago

    dammit don't ruin m'y cutz furry thing vid

  4. Rizki Ferdian

    Rizki Ferdian4 months ago

    Kopi Luwak !

  5. TyrranicalT-Rad

    TyrranicalT-RadYear ago

    Danielle is hot !!!

  6. olympic202020

    olympic202020Year ago

    Your reasoning for anti palm oil campaign is totally wrong

  7. drunken unkle

    drunken unkle19 hours ago


  8. neilpk70

    neilpk7011 days ago

    Quit age shaming, Danielle! Everyone knows, the older the violin, the sweeter the music. ;-)

  9. Ritwik Banerjee

    Ritwik Banerjee12 days ago

    Loved the video, but ... you spoiled popcorn for me. On a serious note though, a huge "thank you" for highlighting the issue of palm oil usage.

  10. Moon Jelly

    Moon Jelly15 days ago

    the common acsestor is a binturight this joke is so stupid

  11. igigor646

    igigor64619 days ago

    I have found my spirit animal

  12. Woodz

    Woodz19 days ago

    who search this up because of the binturog in lion guard and know how it look like?

  13. 246yami

    246yami19 days ago

    Capitalism is out of control it’s destroying the planet and we aren’t holding corporations accountable. We need government to regulate and real them in. Stop electing corporate sellouts to office!

  14. DRE

    DRE19 days ago

    Avatar ride binturong btw..

  15. Huntercat

    Huntercat20 days ago

    Maned Wolf?

  16. Roman Oliveira

    Roman Oliveira20 days ago

    hee hee hee hee..cute little guyss

  17. Random Rangoon

    Random Rangoon25 days ago

    You're videos are always fun to watch and very cool stuff. Thank you for taking the time to make these:)

  18. MusicBocks

    MusicBocks25 days ago

    Chocolate and shitty peanut butter often have palm oil in them too. Highly recommend buying peanut butter that only has peanuts and salt as its two ingredients, it tastes soo much better.

  19. Mr Potato

    Mr Potato26 days ago

    Wow they are so cute, eventho looks a bit scary. I came to this video cuz i live in malaysia but never seen a binturong before until i saw one on twitter. However it was a dead one, it was hit by a car :(

  20. Raiyan Farhan

    Raiyan Farhan27 days ago

    Binturong: is called bear cat. Meanwhile the literal translation of panda in Chinese (熊猫): b e a r c a t

  21. Gap

    Gap28 days ago

    The only way out for them is to be domesticated.

  22. the game ranch

    the game ranchMonth ago

    Why not imprison the exotic animal traders they kill or sell an rare or endangered species and my grandma live in the philipins and he sand me a picture of an marmoset and after two seconds i see this poor animal in a small cage and she send me another picture that was holding a slow loris and its so sad in some places they even don’t care about the ecological system of some places and I think it's much better to cut down a tree than to sell or kill or harm animals and especially those that are endangered.

  23. Min Yang

    Min YangMonth ago

    emmmm, bearcat? You mean panda?

  24. sir lundy the toon bint

    sir lundy the toon bintMonth ago

    Soo I heard this one Japanese urban legend that they're able to turn into a human girl

  25. Space Grace

    Space GraceMonth ago

    This is actually my school mascot. :0

  26. Sugarfox25 AJ

    Sugarfox25 AJMonth ago

    They’re so cute!

  27. J Chi

    J ChiMonth ago

    I just found my soul animal...

  28. Ryon Bachanlal

    Ryon BachanlalMonth ago

    Dude, i love this channel. First thing I thought "so what is it 🤔🤷‍♂️" 😅

  29. kilar gaming

    kilar gamingMonth ago

    Binturong is Fox

  30. Ronald Ragin

    Ronald RaginMonth ago


  31. Animal Education with Cole Shirk

    Animal Education with Cole ShirkMonth ago

    I came across your video and really enjoyed it, I wanted to share the video I did on the Binturong in cooperation with the Brookfield Zoo

  32. al saunders

    al saundersMonth ago

    They look like a smaller, somewhat friendlier wolverine.

  33. Brina Hathy

    Brina HathyMonth ago

    I love popcorn scented boi. I've seen them the first time in opened zoo where they let animals live in opened area and I have to walked into the forest to watch them. They are truly the sleepy ones. Even grapes and bananas can't catch their attention😂 anyways, I want them to live in the real forest tho.

  34. Nathália Isabella

    Nathália IsabellaMonth ago

    don't wanna smell their genitals when I eat popcorn

  35. Red Riot Eijiro Kirishima

    Red Riot Eijiro KirishimaMonth ago

    What if PEOPLE'S genitals smelled like popcorn? I'm sorry, or you're welcome, depending on how you react to this.

  36. ComeAtMeBro

    ComeAtMeBroMonth ago


  37. Forey Friend

    Forey FriendMonth ago

    Interesting Useful Fact: Binturong urine smells popcorn. Guara Fox urine smells 'herbs'. Mice & Rats urine smells musk, so next time you find someone using such perfume you can upgrade your reputation popping out this interesting piece of knowledge.

  38. christina crandell

    christina crandellMonth ago

    I think this is the weird grawling animal i confronted in Korea when I was in the Army. We had a stareoff then it walked off. Weird encounter.

  39. antwan1357

    antwan1357Month ago

    i can imagine a creature that tastes like popcorn probabably would go extinct around people.

  40. Watah Bastard

    Watah BastardMonth ago

    Mother nature was when drunk when she made this critter.

  41. Pan Darius Kairos

    Pan Darius KairosMonth ago


  42. eddie Towers

    eddie TowersMonth ago

    Soo. wait, if this is neither bear nor cat, then, then does that mean Cat Dog is neither cat nor dog?

  43. BasicB

    BasicB2 months ago

    Too bad the tobacco industry, including companies that also make flavor and tobacco products are the biggest contribution to the palm oil industry. You would have to get people to stop smoking vapes and cigarettes that contain menthol capsules aka crush capsules. They are made using palm oil and lots of it. I won't say where I worked, but we used to get in thousands of gallons of oil in. Truckloads of it. We would do our best to recycle it but it didn't change the fact that in the end we still got fresh palm oil delivered whenever we needed it and that was pretty much on a daily basis. You tell me who has to change in order for us to save these forests, because me just shopping for palm oil free products definitely isn't going to stop it.

  44. Crimson King

    Crimson King2 months ago

    My name is also Danielle

  45. Crimson King

    Crimson King2 months ago

    Popcorn boi

  46. Kyle Andrew Baguio

    Kyle Andrew Baguio2 months ago

    I kinda think of binturongs and tanukis are related

  47. Ijal Rosali

    Ijal Rosali2 months ago

    Halo saya dari Indonesia, di indonesia hewan ini dikenal banyak nama, di Sulawesi Selatan disebut tingkalung

  48. Montarious Rogers

    Montarious Rogers2 months ago

    I learned about dis animal thx to the lion guard

  49. AlligatorCSGO

    AlligatorCSGO2 months ago

    this animal belongs to r/animalDLC

  50. Emperor Kiva

    Emperor Kiva2 months ago

    6:19 Un humilde el Carpincho

  51. u mama

    u mama2 months ago

    Oddly, many people have heard of bearcats but have no idea what they are. I didn't.

  52. Janson Mavely

    Janson Mavely2 months ago

    Well the gud thing is the binturongs will know how to find theatre popcorn

  53. Adam Albrec

    Adam Albrec2 months ago

    Whenever possible, I DON'T buy anything with Palm Oil In it!

  54. Terry Brown

    Terry Brown2 months ago

    Never knew this. Palm Oil free I and my friends will try to avoid to try to help save this lovely gift to our world. Thank you so much.

  55. Gilang Ridho Utama

    Gilang Ridho Utama2 months ago

    Been To Wrong

  56. Xenia L

    Xenia L2 months ago

    Man ist das Tier schön

  57. Aron Schultz

    Aron Schultz2 months ago

    Plz animal logic do a topic about civets “Asian palm civets”

  58. Randy Buja

    Randy Buja2 months ago

    What a amazing aminul. 💚

  59. info ecosurfacedrives

    info ecosurfacedrives2 months ago

    Palm oil is not the enemy of BINTURONG!!!! The REAL enemy is "PEMBURU HARAM vietnamese" and "Chinese Exotic Meat Trade" Perhilitan got money from PALM OIL industries to PROTECT BINTURONG FROM THESE FOREIGN CRIMINAL & EDUCATE LOCAL PEOPLE TO FIGHT FOR BINTURONG!!! KITA JAGA KITA!!!

  60. DJHBombHerman

    DJHBombHerman2 months ago

    I chose the wrong video to watch while eating popcorn.

  61. symbolsarenotreality

    symbolsarenotreality2 months ago

    gestalt animal

  62. Sharon Hoang

    Sharon Hoang2 months ago

    Wonderful video! Let's work to support this important animal!

  63. J'son Parrish

    J'son Parrish2 months ago

    This is the real world demons dont exi-

  64. Incorruptus

    Incorruptus3 months ago

    Popcorn suddenly seems over rated.

  65. pranusa95

    pranusa953 months ago

    coffee binturong better taste than coffee luwak poo.

  66. Savage Bear

    Savage Bear3 months ago

    I just checked my shampoo and body wash. They both have sodium laureth sulfate, which is just concentrated sodium laurel/lauryl. So, just a lil fyi for y'all.

  67. P.R.C. Channel

    P.R.C. Channel3 months ago

    i hate poachers and logers

  68. P.R.C. Channel

    P.R.C. Channel3 months ago

    i hate poachers and logers

  69. Emily

    Emily3 months ago

    Their pee smells like popcorn? It’s the other way around for me, I think popcorn smells like pee sometimes 😂

  70. Narayan De Jesús

    Narayan De Jesús3 months ago

    Have an episode on the 5 species of Todies in The Caribbean. By the way the drawing on this episode was truly captivating.

  71. k105k0

    k105k03 months ago

    Danielle mi amor nos casamos o seguimos de novios

  72. Dizz

    Dizz3 months ago

    Nobody talking about the fact these things borderline control their own pregnancies wtf lol

  73. Nicolae Zenoaga

    Nicolae Zenoaga3 months ago


  74. Red X

    Red X3 months ago

    david wilcox has a song about this guy, DO THE BEAR-CAT!

  75. wahyu subiyanto

    wahyu subiyanto3 months ago

    Wtf, banning palm oil is stupid, because there are no plant more efficient than palm tree for producing vegetables oil

  76. Debashis Sarkar

    Debashis Sarkar3 months ago

    In Indian state West Bengal we called Binturong 'Gondhogokul' Gondho means smell and gokul means civet. They smells like sented rice.

  77. Clay Soggyfries

    Clay Soggyfries3 months ago

    Looks like a cryptid

  78. HowIsWe

    HowIsWe3 months ago

    They should times this mofos size by ten and call it a werebinturong

  79. ynozeeID Channel

    ynozeeID Channel3 months ago

    Indonesia, sumatra island

  80. Фёдор Супер

    Фёдор Супер4 months ago

    This mammal deserves its own family Arctictidae.

  81. TheRaymanFan

    TheRaymanFan4 months ago

    looks like a studio ghibli creature

  82. Melm

    Melm4 months ago

    Looks like a Wolverine

  83. DAYBROK3

    DAYBROK34 months ago

    my spirit animal

  84. Reza Pahlawan

    Reza Pahlawan4 months ago

    I'll just call them F8F

  85. Ajax Telamonian

    Ajax Telamonian4 months ago

    Lol remember first seeing them in a zoo in spain just lounging around their enclosure just vibing. I really like em.

  86. Eric Caunca

    Eric Caunca4 months ago

    We have that in PH

  87. DatQuiteAsianKid 69

    DatQuiteAsianKid 694 months ago

    Iron clad beetle...oh wait this isn't Bug world

  88. Rizki Ferdian

    Rizki Ferdian4 months ago

    Kopi Luwak !

  89. Huzaifa Nazir

    Huzaifa Nazir4 months ago

    Any one who came after seeing it on James Corden's show?

  90. Todd Fennimore

    Todd Fennimore4 months ago

    The older I get, the more I resemble a binturong. And I’ll eat anything, too! Plus, I mostly communicate by groaning and growling now. I really identify with these guys.

  91. Rajan Genesis Natividad Sanchez

    Rajan Genesis Natividad Sanchez4 months ago

    Basta pinoy talaga...ang daming kalokohan

  92. Megan Fortuin

    Megan Fortuin4 months ago

    Pronghorn antelope

  93. Thanhtacles

    Thanhtacles5 months ago

    Ban palm oil straight up

  94. Lexuna Orion

    Lexuna Orion5 months ago

    The binturong uses its tail to hang itself on a branch upside-down to get meals that are just below them . This is just base on my experience on seeing a show in a local zoo where zoo keepers would introduce 4 animals one by one. one of them was a binturong.

  95. runbear

    runbear5 months ago

    So they basically they rub their popcorn smellin balls all over the place

  96. Al Mo

    Al Mo5 months ago

    Jesus.....why would you eat this poor animal. Another Coronavirus in the making.

  97. carlos valencia

    carlos valencia5 months ago

    Thank you very much for the tip on palm oil !

  98. Aaron H

    Aaron H5 months ago

    Binturongs look like land seals to me. Lol

  99. Jon Alba

    Jon Alba5 months ago

    mmmmm whos making binturong genitals in the microwave?

  100. Flavorful Water

    Flavorful Water5 months ago

    If I saw this in my room I would slit my throat with a spoon out of fear of what this would do to me

  101. Sowan S

    Sowan S5 months ago


  102. Tony J Das

    Tony J Das5 months ago

    I've been wrong about this animal. I've Binturong :'(

  103. nikunj sharma

    nikunj sharma5 months ago

    That ain't a bear or a cat that's a NOPE.

  104. EXploder_16

    EXploder_165 months ago


  105. FuzzyRatPlayz

    FuzzyRatPlayz5 months ago

    So, is it fake that they like to eat tulliza? And is tulliza even real