Sloths Move So Slowly That Algae Grows on their Coats

Along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, lies a park filled with a whole host of wildlife; sloths, monkeys, caiman, land crabs and… tourists.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Ferris LuxGood

    Ferris LuxGood43 minutes ago

    Is it just me or Daniel got skinny...dont judge me I pay attention to little details >

  2. Mincraft Gamer

    Mincraft GamerHour ago

    Damn nasty but cute but nasty bit cute I’m all mixed up

  3. Jo

    Jo2 hours ago

    The title of this video says the exact same thing of “Fun fact” that you see underneath a Snapple bottle cap

  4. Nadeshiko

    Nadeshiko2 hours ago

    I bet you clicked this video because of the thumbnail

  5. Roy Lim

    Roy Lim3 hours ago

    the thumbnail looks like a depressed overworked salaryman that lives off coffee

  6. Smothie

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  7. Nick Rogers

    Nick Rogers6 hours ago

    Maybe it is cute tho

  8. Landon Maltba

    Landon Maltba7 hours ago

    She’s a sloth

  9. Josuke Higashikata

    Josuke Higashikata9 hours ago

    The thumbnail is gonna make me rethink about sloths ;-;

  10. Redo 11

    Redo 119 hours ago

    This is so well made i cannot compare it to anything, bc any education material is just too bad to even be comparable.

  11. Tam Tran

    Tam Tran10 hours ago


  12. Jack Vaughn

    Jack Vaughn10 hours ago

    On the ground, Sloths look like stop motion creatures

  13. The Leviathan

    The Leviathan10 hours ago

    Hey it's the demon that lives in my room

  14. Skupdog Games

    Skupdog Games10 hours ago

    4:41 balz

  15. Aye Uplink

    Aye Uplink11 hours ago

    Man I hate the way she talks

  16. King Ammonite

    King Ammonite13 hours ago

    That thumbnail is just: SCP-2774

  17. 1 Majha

    1 Majha14 hours ago

    Sloths are the hippies of the animal kingdom

  18. Mr. Beany

    Mr. Beany15 hours ago

    Ah, Yes! The infamous Tourist in its natural habitat!

  19. Chandler Cameron

    Chandler Cameron15 hours ago

    Eyy raccoons are in ontario Canada and Costa Rica

  20. kobe bryant

    kobe bryant18 hours ago

    the way she is walking is making me uncomfortable

  21. moid moid

    moid moid20 hours ago

    So i will look on my grand pa body is there any algae growing

  22. Dana de la Cruz

    Dana de la Cruz20 hours ago

    The thumbnail alone makes me have nightmares for seven months

  23. Uncle Iroh

    Uncle Iroh20 hours ago

    4:38 are those Wallnuts? Or Nuts

  24. Uncle Iroh

    Uncle Iroh20 hours ago

    *Spider* BURN THE HOUSE *Sloth on tree* Awww *Sloth on land* BURN THE CITY

  25. Cachito 409

    Cachito 40921 hour ago

    My mans just vibing

  26. Renz Silva

    Renz Silva22 hours ago

    Goldy? Is that you

  27. F1X1R09 -Brawl Stars

    F1X1R09 -Brawl Stars22 hours ago

    Thumbnail POV:me looking for B E A N S at 3am

  28. bonk baking pie

    bonk baking pieDay ago

    Sloths are cute

  29. Glory Elizah

    Glory ElizahDay ago

    Umm sloths are terrifying.... imagine if they were fast💀

  30. Chad Barnard

    Chad BarnardDay ago

    “R Kelly” monkeys.

  31. Aarush parashar

    Aarush parasharDay ago

    That thumbnail scared me I mean this is not the same slow dude form zootopia



    any reason at all you ppl got so many shots of their nuts?

  33. Donkey

    DonkeyDay ago

    I wanna be a sloth now, they're just vibing all day.

  34. Lorena Dominguez

    Lorena DominguezDay ago

    My kite doesn't fly high.

  35. Shoe Scott

    Shoe ScottDay ago

    Do orangutans eat cheese?

  36. Villager Number 5 • 69 Years ago

    Villager Number 5 • 69 Years ago7 hours ago

    They eat the parents of children. And then the children’s souls

  37. M𝖔𝖓𝖉𝖔™️

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  38. Shoe Scott

    Shoe ScottDay ago

    My life is in danger if so

  39. heretic hrahsel

    heretic hrahselDay ago

    Develops an itch. Sloth: Rain check.

  40. E E

    E EDay ago

    Throw a splash potion of speed II and boom a real life demon

  41. E E

    E EDay ago

    Why do so many people like sloths???? I hate them :(

  42. Cryss Laceda

    Cryss LacedaDay ago

    Aaaah the eyes

  43. Kalston Peyal

    Kalston PeyalDay ago

    2:13 whats the song?

  44. I ran out of Username ideas

    I ran out of Username ideasDay ago

    "why are u algae?"

  45. Taras94

    Taras94Day ago

    I dont get why they're cute. They look like they stink. But they're chill so i like them.

  46. Op Bolte

    Op BolteDay ago

    They have an outstanding reflex

  47. Mohamed Reda Naimi

    Mohamed Reda Naimi2 days ago

    Guys do you like sharks cos i do if you have galeophobia ( fear of sharks) dont go to the ocean sharks are found there but sloth with alaegie is TERRERFING😱👻

  48. Dre Amer

    Dre Amer2 days ago

    Flash is that you?

  49. Foxy Spriter - Menino Akai Senpai

    Foxy Spriter - Menino Akai Senpai2 days ago

    Funny enough, they are literally called "Lazy Animal" in my country.

  50. matyboixd

    matyboixd16 hours ago

    lmao they are called lazy walkers in my language

  51. DGR Person

    DGR Person2 days ago

    Sid was the fasted sloth

  52. Trevor Ouellette

    Trevor Ouellette2 days ago

    4:28 hes screaming like that because he sat on his nuts

  53. Ezra Playz

    Ezra Playz2 days ago

    wow your making people think sloths are not so cute

  54. Villager Number 5 • 69 Years ago

    Villager Number 5 • 69 Years ago7 hours ago

    What do you mean?

  55. Maxim Quantum

    Maxim Quantum2 days ago

    There's an error in the title: *Sloths Move So Slowly That Algae Grow On Their Coats*

  56. Hitesh Sharma

    Hitesh Sharma2 days ago

    it's me😝😝

  57. Neko Nyan-chan

    Neko Nyan-chan2 days ago

    Why do I feel like these lazy bastards😂

  58. Kelahz

    Kelahz2 days ago

    they're just a high

  59. JScafidi616

    JScafidi6163 days ago

    Interesting, even if you're far from that national park you can find sloths, they are in several parts of the country, i remember I day I was walking to my house around the neighborhood and then I found a sloth laying in a fence a side of the road, was the first time I saw one of those

  60. Thekingpro332 Gaming

    Thekingpro332 Gaming3 days ago

    The three toed sloth looks like he has bin puffing those coke

  61. Franzo Loranzo

    Franzo Loranzo3 days ago

    Imagine going for a shit and having anxiety because you lost every defense mechanism

  62. David Edmund Tochi

    David Edmund Tochi3 days ago

    "chillout ,stay cool , relax, let go i guess that's all that goes on inside a sloths head

  63. Demontrez Casey

    Demontrez Casey3 days ago

    Z0:20 what's that under that branch

  64. GarGus

    GarGus3 days ago

    Sloths are the stoners of the jungle

  65. Yusuf Aditya

    Yusuf Aditya3 days ago

    My spirit animal

  66. el Osman

    el Osman3 days ago

    Sloth 1: hey sloth 2 what you doing Sloth2 : just HANGING AROUND 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌👌🤯🤯🤯🍑🍑🍒🍒🍌🍌🍌🐇🦙🐁

  67. Dorito Duckie

    Dorito Duckie3 days ago


  68. Dark Lord

    Dark Lord3 days ago

    Marcel spotted.

  69. A Very Disappointed Red Engineer

    A Very Disappointed Red Engineer4 days ago

    Even sloths are better at survival than pandas. Sloths, named after one of the seven deadly sins, are better at survival than a bear.

  70. David Hill

    David Hill5 days ago

    Looks like a pretty low stress life being a sloth .

  71. Sebas Gamboa

    Sebas Gamboa5 days ago

    I live in Costa Rica

  72. Dirk Snowman

    Dirk Snowman5 days ago

    4:18 What kind of fruit is that?

  73. Dorito Duckie

    Dorito Duckie3 days ago

    It's not fruit..

  74. mradhayuda1

    mradhayuda15 days ago

    I lov howler monkey

  75. Ankit Debbarma

    Ankit Debbarma5 days ago

    04:23 new species of fruits

  76. Ankit Debbarma

    Ankit Debbarma3 days ago

    @Dorito Duckie whooossssss

  77. Dorito Duckie

    Dorito Duckie3 days ago

    It's not fruit..

  78. Ntense Kid

    Ntense Kid5 days ago

    4:38 when u step on a lego brick

  79. FIRE NOW

    FIRE NOW6 days ago

    This Animal Slow More than Uploading A DP28😂😂😂

  80. KageKaiser

    KageKaiser6 days ago



    XAVIERCUERVO7 days ago

    they are more tree than animal

  82. Karl aeron Pidlaoan

    Karl aeron Pidlaoan7 days ago

    Not so cute

  83. MzT Hunt

    MzT Hunt9 days ago

    Here cause of thumbnail

  84. Mr Sagar_454

    Mr Sagar_45410 days ago

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  85. Luca 24K Vegà

    Luca 24K Vegà10 days ago

    It's crazy to me that they spend all that time climbing down to poop instead of just doing what every human has thought about doing at some point, pooping from a high location and probably aiming for another person walking past.

  86. Luca 24K Vegà

    Luca 24K Vegà10 days ago

    The Howler Monkey pees on people? The Robertus Kellyanusi (R. Kelly[anusi]) species.🐒

  87. Luca 24K Vegà

    Luca 24K Vegà10 days ago

    Wait...pooping once a week is strange? Just wondering, no real reason why I'm asking. *Gulp😕

  88. Luca 24K Vegà

    Luca 24K Vegà10 days ago

    (thumbnail)That's me walking into the barbershop after quarantine.

  89. 12 Rod

    12 Rod12 days ago

    Bruh the start when they smile they look so chill and made my day

  90. African Warlord

    African Warlord12 days ago

    10% of these commmets look at that monkeys balls other 90% random stuff

  91. steapha lins dardengo

    steapha lins dardengo13 days ago


  92. The-HolyGrail

    The-HolyGrail13 days ago

    The demons under my bed looking fine on water i see..

  93. CGI Future

    CGI Future14 days ago

    The thumbnail is what my cat sees when i look at it under the bed

  94. Samuhel Tompkins

    Samuhel Tompkins14 days ago

    The growth of algae has little to nothing to do with the slow movement of the species. Give it a think.

  95. armed force

    armed force14 days ago

    Make one video on sloth bears

  96. Chauncey Burgett

    Chauncey Burgett15 days ago

    Modern nature specials are shit!

  97. john smith

    john smith15 days ago

    so weird bruh calm down fr

  98. Oldbonniegamer

    Oldbonniegamer16 days ago

    Racoons in Costa Rica:Aww🙄 Racoons in my backyard:Get out of my yard😡

  99. Theo Quach

    Theo Quach16 days ago

    Why would they risk going to the ground to poop? Would it not be better just to poop from the tree?

  100. Tardigrade

    Tardigrade16 days ago

    That moment when you realise u're whole life was a lie as u can see monkeys are prettier than humans

  101. Alfred Hita

    Alfred Hita16 days ago

    At 0:31 I thought she was going yo say "Hi im Demeal, and your watchimg disney channel"

  102. Ismail Shaikh

    Ismail Shaikh17 days ago

    Plot twist. I phone use slow-motion effect from sloth 😆

  103. Chelsea Mercury

    Chelsea Mercury18 days ago

    heard dog. walks up. sees monkey. .runs-

  104. Ya Boi Kiba

    Ya Boi Kiba20 days ago

    8:58 That crab said "BOI 👋🏼"

  105. torch1028

    torch102822 days ago

    Ill make a deal You bring capuchan monkeys to America and ill uhh.. let you pet my dog

  106. Nigga Ben-G

    Nigga Ben-G22 days ago

    what if all these sloths were Aliens Robot cctv??

  107. Leonardo Crocetta

    Leonardo Crocetta22 days ago

    That sloth is scratching his butt. This deserve at least a thumb up.

  108. Ryon Bachanlal

    Ryon Bachanlal23 days ago

    1:51 😬

  109. MichaelTroy L

    MichaelTroy L24 days ago

    Unnecessary animal