Moose are Absolute Units

The moose is a Canadian icon. Its gigantic size, chill attitude, and majestic antlers make it one of our most beloved animals, and we're trying to find one.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Written and Associate Produced by: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    AnimalogicYear ago

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  2. lelz

    lelz5 days ago

    we dont need to watch you tell us stuff, monologues are lazy

  3. Neo Blackjack thee enraged

    Neo Blackjack thee enraged9 days ago

    In America we use inches not meters so the use of meters to people who are Familiar with inches is useless.

  4. Teru

    TeruMonth ago

    Why is it so hard to get rid of ticks? Just mass pesticide spray that only kills ticks

  5. Truth Stalker

    Truth Stalker2 months ago

    *_I love this channel (and especially Danielle) but why are there no Imperial Units of Measurement given?? Only Metric._* 🤨

  6. Corana Virus Elite

    Corana Virus Elite3 months ago

    You seem like you'd be a really fun person to hang out with lol

  7. Luna Xray

    Luna Xray9 hours ago

    It’s pronounced meese


    MSTRCHIEF14310 hours ago

    They are the tallest land animal in North America. Bison are longer and significantly heavier at 1200 kg.

  9. FreeAim Dog

    FreeAim Dog15 hours ago

    me seeing a legendary moose in red dead online: time to get a kill and put in my wagon legendary moose *goes into APC mode and rams and 1 hit kills me and my horse*

  10. Shamali Wijegunawardhana

    Shamali WijegunawardhanaDay ago

    They kinda look like horses on stilts.

  11. Shamali Wijegunawardhana

    Shamali WijegunawardhanaDay ago

    Oh, the antlers can be over 5 feet wide...5 foot tall me: gulp 😱

  12. René Daniel Méndez López

    René Daniel Méndez LópezDay ago

    I see a little girl who grew up looking up to Charles Darwin, and it is fascinating

  13. Smaug Boii

    Smaug BoiiDay ago

    Did you forget that orcas are the main predators of moose? The moose often dive down into likes/bays to get underwater foliage, and then are eaten by the killer whales

  14. Football Week

    Football Week2 days ago

    She whants to see moose but she is beying soo loud in the forest :DDDD

  15. Mike LaGess

    Mike LaGess2 days ago

    So, is it Anima Logic? Or Animal Ogic?

  16. lild

    lild2 days ago

    i like her, she seems really cool

  17. lild

    lild2 days ago


  18. Nehemiah Westercamp

    Nehemiah Westercamp3 days ago

    1:20 Bison are heavier than moose.

  19. Guus 1400

    Guus 14004 days ago

    fake nbo moose to be seen

  20. Jerry Goose

    Jerry Goose5 days ago

    And they don't bleed AND survive a bullet straight through the head!

  21. LonerNomad

    LonerNomad5 days ago

    Moose taste delicious

  22. UselessJunkie

    UselessJunkie5 days ago

    The fallow deer (dama dama) also have wide antlers.

  23. onb0ardruid

    onb0ardruid5 days ago

    I believe you mean *meese*

  24. Eypick

    Eypick5 days ago

    Moose are Pleistocene leftovers. Unfortunately the fridge is getting hot, so moose are going bad.

  25. Eypick

    Eypick5 days ago

    02:05 I mean... Fallow deer have palm antlers.

  26. Jose Malaga

    Jose Malaga5 days ago


  27. Kody Price

    Kody Price5 days ago

    “The moose is one of are most beloved animals” *show a clip of moose with blood all over its antlers

  28. N morris

    N morris5 days ago

    The moment you mention climate change is the moment i stop listening.

  29. Gabe tha babe

    Gabe tha babe5 days ago

    they are called *meese*

  30. Mason_Gilmour12 Gilmour

    Mason_Gilmour12 Gilmour6 days ago

    These things can break the Nokia trust me I threw one at it once and that's why me and juice vibing rn

  31. rattrap 88

    rattrap 886 days ago

    The moose with the bloody hanging velvet is looking for another hiker............

  32. BariumCobaltNitrog3n

    BariumCobaltNitrog3n6 days ago

    Ah yes, Moose and Squirrel, the bane of every Russian spy.

  33. festive

    festive6 days ago

    A moose ate my homework my teacher said it was a piece of pie.

  34. Adam Robinson

    Adam Robinson6 days ago

    Around home, there was an area with lots of moose for years, white tails move in and caused the moose to get brain's honestly sad to watch a brain worm infected moose, they just stand there, or act incredibly erratic

  35. electric bungalow

    electric bungalow6 days ago

    Wouldn’t it be meese

  36. John Bravo

    John Bravo6 days ago

    ------------------------> @ 1:36 - that's not a moose. It's an elk.

  37. zlyungbluetooth

    zlyungbluetooth6 days ago

    Saw the word moose and my brain instantly went 'meese'

  38. Medusa Skull

    Medusa Skull6 days ago

    I didn't know snake can live in the cold climate area.

  39. Megakoresh

    Megakoresh7 days ago

    I don't know about NA, but here in northern Europe these things are everywhere. They are one of the biggest causes of fatal traffic accidents in Finland and Sweden, because they are incredibly dumb (their brain is barely the size of a Greek nut) and also active at dusk, making them both hard to see and likely to run out on a highway. In Finland the accidents are so common that there's a special level of car insurance that explicitly protects against elk collisions and it costs a lot.

  40. factrzero

    factrzero7 days ago

    When a Moose sees a White Tail and says oh deer. Poor Moose.

  41. will york

    will york7 days ago

    i would have such small antlers

  42. Pule Ne,ih

    Pule Ne,ih7 days ago


  43. Iwannaplayssbb

    Iwannaplayssbb7 days ago


  44. Lukas Gustafsson Vornanen

    Lukas Gustafsson Vornanen7 days ago

    "In Europe Moose are known as Elk" Now I don't know were you got that from, elk doesn't even exists in Europe. Elk exists North America along Moose and in Northeast Asia. Calling them Elk is totally wrong.

  45. Dylan Bond

    Dylan Bond8 days ago

    moose can weigh up to 2000lbs not 700kg

  46. Kattis T

    Kattis T8 days ago

    it kind of bugs me that when people talk about moose they only mention Canada, as it is only a symbol for Canada. But facts are facts, Sweden has one of the greatest populations of moose in the world.

  47. Adam Warlock

    Adam Warlock8 days ago

    I am going to create a tic repellent for moose. It will be called tic-me-off.

  48. expecT noThing

    expecT noThing8 days ago

    "Meese" 'What?' "Meese" 'Meese?' "Meese" 'Meese' Convo between me and my gf

  49. Bella Kleininger

    Bella Kleininger8 days ago

    One got at my dog the other day... dislocated her right leg on the 1st stomp... hoping to save the leg... will know next week... GD terrifying... they are not afraid...

  50. Marek Wojtasinski

    Marek Wojtasinski8 days ago

    You are mistaken, the correct term is "Mese"

  51. Beep Boop

    Beep Boop8 days ago

    Me:sees first clip Also me: so magestic

  52. redClover 83

    redClover 838 days ago

    bottom line, kill more deer

  53. Michael Westen

    Michael Westen9 days ago

    I think we need a true facts about the moose, the majestic swamp jackass who likes to attack cars and trucks for no reason just to show you they're not scared of it.

  54. Angus Pollerd

    Angus Pollerd9 days ago

    "Chill attitude" is a bit of an overstatment. You threaten one of these things and you are done and gone

  55. Kekero

    Kekero9 days ago

    Isn’t it Meese?

  56. ً

    ً9 days ago


  57. A Cox

    A Cox9 days ago

    Ah yes, meese.

  58. Nick Guss

    Nick Guss9 days ago

    I bet school teachers play this when they teach about them

  59. Nick Guss

    Nick Guss9 days ago

    I wanna be a moose

  60. OldieBones

    OldieBones9 days ago

    Just go to Anchorage, Alaska. There are moose there used to living around humans, and cars generally don't bug them. Those are the chill ones, they'll stick their head through your open window just to check you out or steal your salad.

  61. Amelia Robinson

    Amelia Robinson9 days ago

    I won a race 11 years ago against 200 million of my siblings sadly I ate my twin and the rest of my siblings are dead...

  62. Struffle monst

    Struffle monst9 days ago

    They always seem to me as camels brothers, from another mothe

  63. perfectwunn

    perfectwunn9 days ago

    The albino moose looks beautiful

  64. Error try again later

    Error try again later9 days ago

    1:21 "Pfft. I could take him."

  65. cum zone

    cum zone10 days ago

    holy shit

  66. Ismail Labaan Abdulla

    Ismail Labaan Abdulla10 days ago

    A A A A A A A A A A A A a A A A a A A a A A A A a A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A I don't know why am I doing this

  67. S_Colibri

    S_Colibri10 days ago

    the plural is meese

  68. Issac Newton

    Issac Newton10 days ago

    Unit? WTF?

  69. SmexyHinata13

    SmexyHinata1310 days ago

    "Chill nature....on of our most beloved animals" Cut to 0:26.... *fucker's got an entire animal hanging off of those antlers*

  70. Bryan Ouellet

    Bryan Ouellet10 days ago


  71. Me. Crunchy

    Me. Crunchy10 days ago

    Very fun fact, you can train a moose to expect food, For example if you feed a mosose at a certain time of day, they will come to expect a meal in that day from humans, if not they will grow violent, so people can literally train moose to attack people they hate.

  72. ToucanO

    ToucanO10 days ago

    Only. A. Million. Subscribers? HOW?!?!

  73. Habib Ahmad

    Habib Ahmad10 days ago

    This girl really needs to stop talking with a squeak just talk normal the way you do it's off putting

  74. Celia Craft

    Celia Craft10 days ago

    Hold on... MOOSE ARE DEER?!

  75. RammPage

    RammPage10 days ago

    0:17 moose have chill attitude? are you shitting me??? They are freaking aggressive af.

  76. Darkseany

    Darkseany11 days ago

    Her: "We are looking for the very elusive... moose." Canadians: "Just drive around. *It'll find you.* "

  77. SleepyKing

    SleepyKing11 days ago

    Muhaha, foolish moose I can hold my breath for 35 seconds!

  78. Dizzy Kincade

    Dizzy Kincade11 days ago

    Spirit Moose, the OG racists. 😂🤣😂🤣

  79. Mocking Bird Lane

    Mocking Bird Lane11 days ago

    Little known fact. In Canada a gaggle of moose are called a meese.

  80. Mocking Bird Lane

    Mocking Bird Lane9 days ago

    @Peeple Eeter True, a Group of moose are also called a meese :D.

  81. Peeple Eeter

    Peeple Eeter9 days ago

    Bonus fact: Everyone else calls it a group.

  82. LaylaCupcake Fox

    LaylaCupcake Fox11 days ago

    bring back the tigers ugh i hate people before my generation you are ruining it for us stop killing the preditors just leave the environments alone

  83. a

    a12 days ago


  84. Depressed carrot

    Depressed carrot12 days ago

    Fun fact: in Finland the animal that kills the most people is moose

  85. The red army

    The red army12 days ago

    so should we increase hunting for whitetail deer


    WOLFRANGER 112 days ago

    I must be a Moose then

  87. Peeple Eeter

    Peeple Eeter9 days ago

    Noooooo. You're a wolf.

  88. TheRealCanigetawets

    TheRealCanigetawets12 days ago

    people in canada be like hey neibour moose

  89. CryoChick

    CryoChick12 days ago


  90. joaoaoj100

    joaoaoj10012 days ago

    I wish my antler fell off and grew more the next time around...

  91. W M

    W M12 days ago

    Moosen, yum

  92. Coolkid9988 0

    Coolkid9988 012 days ago

    Fun fact- orca whales have been known to hunt moose when they dive for seagrass

  93. Jacob Wiren

    Jacob Wiren12 days ago

    Obviously we need to protect the majestic moose... with GUNS! Gimme my shotgun! It's time to go deer hunting!

  94. Zilch -X

    Zilch -X12 days ago

    I thought wolves may be able to take a moose. Also are their mooses in Asia or is the thought that a Siberian Tiger can kill a moose is a theory.

  95. Nocure92

    Nocure9212 days ago

    This chick looks like she belongs to a certain political persuasion. But she also seems too kind for it in these vids.

  96. Awrfaws

    Awrfaws13 days ago

    who else heard her cus? Like if you did! 10:58 | V

  97. Camilo Olmos

    Camilo Olmos13 days ago

    I low key envy that skill of making it grow 20 cm per week, i only need one week to be around 21 cm :p

  98. layquan haynesworth

    layquan haynesworth13 days ago

    when americans use meters....

  99. bone broth

    bone broth13 days ago

    Canadian horned horse skinny bear

  100. Linda McEntaffer

    Linda McEntaffer13 days ago

    You lost me with the metric junk.

  101. Superbug 3003

    Superbug 300314 days ago

    1:23 cat: mom what is that thing?

  102. Unknown_ A

    Unknown_ A14 days ago

    Plz subscribe to me I’m trying to beat my friend with no videos

  103. Connor McKelvey

    Connor McKelvey14 days ago

    You think Canadian moose are units? they're still smaller than Alaskan Yukon moose. (Alaskan moose are Alces Alces Giga. Canadian moose are Alces Alces Andersoni) though there is only a slight difference there is a reason why Yukon moose have the word Gigas in the name.

  104. TTORADell

    TTORADell14 days ago

    this climate change agenda is pissing me off. And it is being pushed by human fools. When the ice age comes again... what will you spout about then ? Every since the beginning of time... life has become extinct. And it will continue. Eventually humans will become extinct... then what ?

  105. Jermerm

    Jermerm14 days ago

    I searched " moose " but then I found some knob head with the channel name "moose".

  106. Bly Cool Gaming

    Bly Cool Gaming14 days ago

    Shawty's like a melody in my head That I can't keep out Got me singin' like Na na na na everyday It's like my iPod's stuck on replay Replay-ay-ay-ay Shawty's like a melody in my head That I can't keep out Got me singin' like Na na na na everyday It's like my iPod's stuck on replay Replay Remember the first time we met You was at the mall wit yo friend I was scared to approach ya But then you came closer Hopin' you would give me a chance Who would have ever knew That we would ever be more than friends We're real worldwide, breakin' all the rules She like a song played again and again That girl Like somethin' off a poster That girl Is a dime they say That girl Is the gun to my holster She's runnin' through my mind all day

  107. jerregaming

    jerregaming15 days ago

    So its not about the size of the antler, its how you use it?

  108. shaunmark1

    shaunmark115 days ago

    Ticks are the worst.