Tigers: Absolute Units

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic2 years ago

    If you want to watch Age of Big Cats, here's the link: curiositystream.com/series/309/age-of-big-cats Also, don't get forget to use the promo code 'Animalogic' to get 30 days of CuriosityStream for free!

  2. nur Sabrina

    nur Sabrina14 days ago

    Ipqwo up eowuuotoryoye

  3. Gustavo Alán Macías Herrada

    Gustavo Alán Macías HerradaMonth ago

    7:40 hahahahaha it is the Tigress not the Lion, hahahahahaha.

  4. Md Hasan

    Md HasanMonth ago

    Can you cover Honey Badgers?

  5. RIZADON the RAT

    RIZADON the RAT5 months ago


  6. RIZADON the RAT

    RIZADON the RAT5 months ago

    Make a video on rats please.

  7. SDFF

    SDFFDay ago

    I showed this to my cat, and now I'm his pet monkey

  8. Stream Spoart!

    Stream Spoart!Day ago

    My country has 3 species and failed to save 2 of them (including the smallest one), damn shame

  9. Gabriella Shimone

    Gabriella Shimone2 days ago

    YAY for tigers eating humans!

  10. Matt Morgan

    Matt Morgan2 days ago

    "Male tigers weigh 70% more than their female counterparts" That's almost the opposite of our species 🧐

  11. Sarath Chandra

    Sarath Chandra2 days ago

    It's not sun🌞durban Danielle.. It's sundar =beautiful, ban =forest... Hope you ppl do some homework before producing a video...

  12. noi ni

    noi ni2 days ago

    You Can't Outrun a Cheetah & FURIOUS ... & Knuckles

  13. Chuck Borris

    Chuck Borris3 days ago

    Imagine breeding a species to retardation for the wealthy. LOL

  14. milan cat

    milan cat4 days ago

    7:37 CHONKY BOI

  15. GoBlesstheSky

    GoBlesstheSky4 days ago

    5:20 It has been found that painting eyes on the rear of cattle reduces attacks by lions.

  16. Novia N. Ikhlasia Utomo

    Novia N. Ikhlasia Utomo5 days ago

    Omg why do I see them as cute?

  17. Reinhardt Wilhelm

    Reinhardt Wilhelm5 days ago

    "In order to deter predators from attempting to sneak up on them." I'm more scared at what a Tiger considers a predator than the tiger itself.

  18. Riccardo Cacchioli

    Riccardo Cacchioli6 days ago

    this channel is worse every day so you don't even know why the lion is king of the jungle

  19. Remington Black

    Remington Black6 days ago

    Hosted by yakkity yak

  20. fahim113

    fahim1136 days ago

    Tiger Army FTW!

  21. xisobelx373

    xisobelx3736 days ago

    They are magical

  22. Ronald Masso

    Ronald Masso8 days ago

    Tigers would be my num 1 if they didn't lack stamina haysss...😔

  23. Faris Faishal

    Faris Faishal8 days ago

    Tiger killing humans is the only killing I can get behind it

  24. Venom Dub Foundation

    Venom Dub Foundation8 days ago

    "Danielles" are now my go to units of measurement ;)

  25. The Rock

    The Rock8 days ago

    She's so pretty. 😍

  26. Flamin patty

    Flamin patty9 days ago

    Imagine yourself, then in your head stack yourself 1 and half more times and look up and imagine that’s a tiger... now imagine u and ur friends are walking through the woods or even just urself and u turn to ur right and u accidentally see this thing walking next to you but it’s facing the other way...

  27. Farhan Zahoor

    Farhan Zahoor9 days ago

    i find em so cute

  28. Jay Bron

    Jay Bron10 days ago

    If tigers were like lions and lived in Prides they would dominate.

  29. Himawari Nisaa

    Himawari Nisaa10 days ago

    My cat when I'm trying to kiss him 2:49

  30. Himawari Nisaa

    Himawari Nisaa10 days ago


  31. Ahsan Haider

    Ahsan Haider10 days ago

    My country's national animal 🇮🇳

  32. Stroppy Paws

    Stroppy Paws11 days ago

    Poachers of these amazing creatures who are of paramount importance to ecology should be killed.

  33. Haruna Systems

    Haruna Systems11 days ago

    Did the mask rear head wearing are affecting to Leopard to?

  34. darren zou

    darren zou11 days ago

    Everyone to the poacher: you get what you fking deserve

  35. amur tiger

    amur tiger11 days ago


  36. HowToGainTime

    HowToGainTime12 days ago

    Kitty kitty

  37. Moosa Sedidi

    Moosa Sedidi12 days ago

    True kings of the jungle? You're just a bunch of tiger fan boys

  38. Eren Jaeger

    Eren Jaeger12 days ago

    The tiger be like when sees a person wearing a backward mask Why is that guy walking backwards?

  39. Steven Lengenfelder

    Steven Lengenfelder13 days ago

    One word: Whiskers

  40. Verna Taylor

    Verna Taylor13 days ago

    Jaguar is the most dangerous cat silent and trained assassins with the worst bite in all history

  41. Evan T

    Evan T13 days ago

    I’m glad I don’t have to deal with tigers on my daily commute

  42. MissyMona

    MissyMona13 days ago

    did that person on the elephant live?...geeze why did you use that? lol I get that you want to talk about the fact that they attack people but why did you feel the need to show it?

  43. Peng Fei Dong

    Peng Fei Dong14 days ago

    Wow that Hapsburg tiger is... so sad

  44. isaiah hazy

    isaiah hazy14 days ago

    please make a wolf one

  45. Nathaniel Hellerstein

    Nathaniel Hellerstein14 days ago

    If there were 2.5 Danielles lying next to a Siberian tiger, then the Siberian tiger would eat 2.5 Danielles.

  46. brainsXforXshit

    brainsXforXshit14 days ago


  47. Olsen Jeanty

    Olsen Jeanty14 days ago

    Tigers don't live in jungles thoe

  48. MoMoney Mohammad

    MoMoney Mohammad14 days ago

    ferocious kitty

  49. JohnstasBACK

    JohnstasBACK15 days ago

    4:38 HOLY SHIT what a video!!! incredible footage.

  50. Halvro - Cinematic Reviews

    Halvro - Cinematic Reviews15 days ago

    So ein Tiger, wiegt doch locker ne Tonne

  51. LeoVids

    LeoVids15 days ago

    Lions , Lord of the plains Tiger , King of the jungle.

  52. Saddner Andre

    Saddner Andre16 days ago

    So she just going to speed past that tiger killing that dude in the video lol

  53. Tanui Tanui

    Tanui Tanui16 days ago

    You cannot be a king of the jungle if you are a solitary stalker

  54. Tolentino Levi, Jan Dre

    Tolentino Levi, Jan Dre16 days ago

    Tigers Are kings of strength Lions are kings of Pride and teamwork Leopards Are kings of Brute Force Jaguars Are kings of Climbing Black Panthers/Jaguars/Leopards are kings of Stealth

  55. santiago mejia

    santiago mejia17 days ago

    4:30 water Buffalo: dead Tiger: 😛

  56. Omoikane Krishna

    Omoikane Krishna17 days ago

    4:36 Hope that the people got eaten and the tiger and elephant got away uninjured.

  57. yarn678

    yarn67818 days ago

    The more I know about Richard Parker

  58. Micheal Angelo

    Micheal Angelo18 days ago

    There are more tigers in North America than there are in the wild

  59. Screeb

    Screeb18 days ago

    Anyone else wish there was a panther and a jaguar character in Kung fu panda?

  60. Creative Learning NYC

    Creative Learning NYC19 days ago

    4:40 is.... whoa.

  61. fishgrz125

    fishgrz12520 days ago

    Please do mountain lion or puma

  62. MrSmallBalls

    MrSmallBalls20 days ago

    I wanna put a tiger in a leglock

  63. Dolphinboi - Play Monster Rancher

    Dolphinboi - Play Monster Rancher20 days ago

    Poacher's bane? They're the quarry.

  64. firemaiden34

    firemaiden3421 day ago

    Someones gotta say it. "In awe at the size of this lad, absolute unit!"

  65. MrSmallBalls

    MrSmallBalls20 days ago

    Lick my unit.

  66. Jacob B.

    Jacob B.21 day ago

    5:44 okay, but I want to know wtf a TIGER sees as a threat

  67. D

    D21 day ago

    Tigers aren't the only ones who are *absolute units* in this vid

  68. shirsendu maiti

    shirsendu maiti21 day ago

    The reason why tigers love humans after first taste because of high sodium level in our blood. They apparently love our salty taste. And they are very smart hunters to understand humans are weak animals and easy to hunt.

  69. vevo

    vevo21 day ago


  70. Jay Time

    Jay Time22 days ago

    she meant to say -Chinese traditional medicine- but your trying to virtue signal so you you say "traditional"

  71. Cymbao7h

    Cymbao7h22 days ago

    I am now less afraid of tigers, and now dramatically more afraid of whatever creature caused tigers to develop those spots on the back of their ears...

  72. alex and pets

    alex and pets22 days ago

    Poucher hehe I will harm this tiger.tiger so you chose death

  73. Alex Co

    Alex Co23 days ago

    I almost wish the tiger's revenge story upon all those people who decide to keep tigers in small cages or imbreed them for money. Just f**king leave them alone or at the very least give them more space to live, otherwise...

  74. Wil Adams

    Wil Adams23 days ago

    WOW, how did you manage to 'edit' out the word 'Chinese' from 'Tradition Chinese Medicine'? Pander to the Chinese much? Not surprised however, just stunned that you would be so obvious about your bias in protecting the Communist Chinese Government.

  75. Fredrick The Alien

    Fredrick The Alien23 days ago

    No gorillas are king of the jungle

  76. Babu Bs

    Babu Bs23 days ago

    i love danielle

  77. Adrian Flo

    Adrian Flo23 days ago

    50 people a year? do we really need to combat that? humans are awful animals. thousands take their own life, but oh no 50 die from tiger attacks. booo hooo.

  78. 360addict70

    360addict7023 days ago

    8:11 hello nightmares

  79. Clint Lee

    Clint Lee23 days ago

    Japan never had tigers so better adjust the map of the habitats.

  80. James Butler

    James Butler24 days ago

    sperm whales are awesome i wood love too see sperm whales they remind me of moby dick.

  81. linidevotional

    linidevotional24 days ago

    AMAZING 😉 great! 👍tiger 🐅🐯🐅🐯🐅🐯🐅video

  82. Unkown Person

    Unkown Person24 days ago

    You are stupid and hot.

  83. Entrippy

    Entrippy25 days ago

    once they figure out the masks, our only option is overblown spikey death metal/ goth clothing

  84. Really not Rob

    Really not Rob25 days ago

    Animalogic: Tigers, the true Kings of the jungle! Next Animalogic video: “Jaguar: The True King of the Jungle”

  85. Glenn Laroche

    Glenn Laroche29 days ago

    Best. Episode. Ever.

  86. muhammed mansoor

    muhammed mansoor29 days ago

    You know tigers are dangerous because they kill Russians

  87. 1281 - Vishwas Kulkarni

    1281 - Vishwas Kulkarni29 days ago

    7:26 it really looks like ghost

  88. 1281 - Vishwas Kulkarni

    1281 - Vishwas Kulkarni29 days ago

    Me an Asian to my cat: Look at your cousin he is So powerful and beautiful what are you soing

  89. TheAnnouncer

    TheAnnouncerMonth ago

    4:40 he’s going to the nba no question

  90. Danny B

    Danny BMonth ago

    Bro my jaw dropped when u said the masks dropped the deaths to 0 😧

  91. Blah Blah

    Blah BlahMonth ago


  92. Walt McGill

    Walt McGillMonth ago

    That tiger that killed the dude in his cabin,yea u told it wrong

  93. Jesse L

    Jesse LMonth ago

    If I ever win like 100 million dollars I'm just going to buy a f*** ton of land just for a rare animals

  94. S Venter

    S VenterMonth ago

    Love your shirt!

  95. Krishnaa V

    Krishnaa VMonth ago

    I think you switched the pictures of ligers and tigons in the video. Ligers don't have stripes I think.

  96. Just Drey

    Just DreyMonth ago

    Bruh people ahould stop making inbreds

  97. Maçã Verde

    Maçã VerdeMonth ago

    00:13 You what?

  98. james dowell

    james dowellMonth ago

    Since when were humans the “easiest prey ever”. We’re on the top on the food chain.

  99. Yasin Omar

    Yasin Omar26 days ago

    @james dowell Youre average Indonesian farmer is probably a very easy prey for a tiger

  100. james dowell

    james dowell29 days ago

    Mason Huss prove me wrong then

  101. Mason Huss

    Mason HussMonth ago


  102. Tracy Waller

    Tracy WallerMonth ago

    Tigers live in families with the male also

  103. Gavin Pereira

    Gavin PereiraMonth ago

    It's sad that the Chinese are poaching these majestic beasts to the brink of extinction

  104. Phoenix the-writer

    Phoenix the-writerMonth ago

    Tigers ran lions out of the jungle.

  105. adarsh sirsat

    adarsh sirsatMonth ago

    Dhole is like "really bruh"

  106. Harsh Pathak

    Harsh PathakMonth ago

    I would shit myself if a tiger looked at me in the eye

  107. oinka720

    oinka720Month ago

    Elephants are the kings of the jungle. When an elephant gets mad, other animals go squish.

  108. Respiratory Failure

    Respiratory FailureMonth ago

    The meta anti-poacher build

  109. Matthew Hurlbut

    Matthew HurlbutMonth ago

    Imagine going to the subway and the entire population of tigers is there waiting for you.