Red-Eyed Tree Frogs Are Masters of Camouflage

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Just Some Kid

    Just Some KidYear ago

    Production on point. Best wilderness channel on USlikes in my opinion

  2. JeruuiG

    JeruuiG29 days ago

    They explain a lot more facts about animals and give less exaggerated details. It make's animals sound more interesting and beautiful instead of scary and monstrous.

  3. Elizabeth Adventurer

    Elizabeth Adventurer4 months ago

    Jonathan Gutierrez Madrigal lol

  4. Gilberto Becerra

    Gilberto Becerra5 months ago

    I watch this channel all the time and it’s so educational. I’m grateful people like this exist, and I hope Danielle doesn’t stop pumping out These Nature documentary gems

  5. McClyde Clifton III

    McClyde Clifton III8 months ago

    @cxrryme ღ hhj

  6. Mira .45

    Mira .4511 months ago

    8mths ago :) I have 2 kids now who love Animalogic! (For you mathematicians... I adopt)

  7. Lili Becerra

    Lili Becerra2 months ago

    My Red Eyed Tree frog Suddenly turned dark green with white spots all over body the spots are starting to fade away but still dark green . Any informations I’ll be helpful he’s my first I’ve had him for about a month now and worried .

  8. Reuben adventures

    Reuben adventures3 months ago

    The red eyed tree frog lives for 3-5 years and is a bit of a mess and a lot of people who have been working on the same thing and I have been working on the same thing and I have been working on the same thing and I have

  9. Ruby: Amateur Tactician

    Ruby: Amateur Tactician3 months ago

    I love their bright orange feet

  10. Makayla Kraus

    Makayla Kraus3 months ago

    I like how you constructed events but made it clear that it didn't actually happen that way. Transparency in learning and videography. I like

  11. Critters Abroad

    Critters Abroad3 months ago


  12. ashish singh

    ashish singh3 months ago

    Please include, "second logic or wild" in title and thumbnail.

  13. Kunlund’s Warrior

    Kunlund’s Warrior4 months ago

    Frogs 🐸 are one of my favorite animals ever!🐸🐞🐜❤️😁


    SIBIRIAK5 months ago

    is it true that Iguana is almost a dinosaur?)

  15. Gryphonzwing

    Gryphonzwing5 months ago


  16. Wolfe 123

    Wolfe 1235 months ago

    I used to own red eye tree frogs

  17. Jaylen Goins

    Jaylen Goins5 months ago

    How about taters

  18. Steve Chen

    Steve Chen6 months ago

    You are showing a Dendrelaphis formosus in the thumbnail which is endemic to Southeast Asia.

  19. CoolMan Caravan

    CoolMan Caravan6 months ago

    You couldn't show the python grabbing the iguana? It's a beautiful showcase of the cycle of life. Would have been a great end to a great video

  20. Dolphinboi - Play Monster Rancher

    Dolphinboi - Play Monster Rancher6 months ago

    Tapirs are north american? I thought they were from asia.

  21. Steve Chen

    Steve Chen6 months ago

    There are five species of tapirs, four in South/central America, one in Southeast Asia

  22. pedram jalalian

    pedram jalalian6 months ago

    7:00 THE FIRST KISS xD

  23. KARTHIK deadshot

    KARTHIK deadshot6 months ago

    Best channel ever for wildlife in youtube ... Love from India. Danielle is the best. Following since 2015.

  24. NORBU Tshering

    NORBU Tshering7 months ago

    Wait ... Somethingz missing..... Wonder what ??... Ahhh... Ur sketches dude where are the sketches ?????? One of my fav part. Beside the hottie nerd !!

  25. Eric Joseph

    Eric Joseph7 months ago

    Danielle looks like a tank.

  26. Isaiah Baggett

    Isaiah Baggett7 months ago

    Woah!!! What a beautiful intro!!!

  27. matthew styles

    matthew styles7 months ago

    U used to be so hot. Wtf happened to u.

  28. Chance Beard

    Chance Beard7 months ago

    Aaannd They're all Extinct.

  29. Hayro Haryo

    Hayro Haryo7 months ago

    Can you just reduce (omit) the volume of the music please. It is distracting


    SWAPNIL SINGH7 months ago

    I want one of those.

  31. Whispering Eithos

    Whispering Eithos7 months ago

    Popular opinion Animalogic and Brave Wilderness are the most popular wildlife youtube channels

  32. kiwong agp

    kiwong agp7 months ago

    I like vidio animal ..👍☺️

  33. narcisio martin

    narcisio martin7 months ago

    Blue mako

  34. Krishnendu Nath

    Krishnendu Nath7 months ago

    Wow those green frogs are so slim

  35. Kandi Hinshaw

    Kandi Hinshaw7 months ago

    What she forgot to mention about the red eyed tree frogs and the tree frog species is it they're also called monkey frogs because of the way that they walk because although they can jump but if you look at other frogs they really have problems walking in tree frogs can actually walk what is kind of cool

  36. Amdi Shamdi

    Amdi Shamdi8 months ago

    Video quality keeps on increasing! Fabulous!

  37. mahi. s

    mahi. s8 months ago


  38. Josh Chudeba

    Josh Chudeba8 months ago

    You guys are doing a great job....

  39. Josh Chudeba

    Josh Chudeba8 months ago

    Wow,,, just wow......

  40. Umi Fadilah

    Umi Fadilah8 months ago

    Remove Danielle from the documentary video


    2RAJA GAMING8 months ago

    I love the music intro... It's like some Disney movies intro... Music

  42. Darryl Ramsey

    Darryl Ramsey8 months ago

    Love how this channel evolved keep up the nice work

  43. Uzo Uzodike

    Uzo Uzodike8 months ago

    My ex wife use to camouflage herself close to my wallet

  44. Advaith S

    Advaith S8 months ago

    5:13 is what you came for!!

  45. John Serra

    John Serra8 months ago

    Do the dracula parrot

  46. mohd zahidfullah abd razak

    mohd zahidfullah abd razak8 months ago

    Dulu kurus sekarang gemok

  47. John Waweru

    John Waweru8 months ago

    Tell if the second frog was ready to fight kumfuu ninja

  48. Dumb At's

    Dumb At's8 months ago

    Animalogic out here giving political lessons

  49. Curas1

    Curas18 months ago

    0:13 whaa ! BlaHahaha ! I didn't know that this was a zfrank1 video.

  50. Kumotta Kun

    Kumotta Kun8 months ago

    I missed the part where she discussed why the red eyed frogs were masters of camouflage. Which minute mark is it again? 🤔

  51. ila lalit

    ila lalit8 months ago

    I no more trust the whites n their misplaced sense of empathy and contribution to conservation ... look at urselves everything u market to the bags u have to the haircolor to everything nothing is organic

  52. achronos178

    achronos1788 months ago

    If only someone would use that red eye tree frogs ability to summon a red eyes black dragon from the deck

  53. Tom Just Tom

    Tom Just Tom8 months ago

    Didn't see the camouflage of the tree frog the boa got better camouflage

  54. Polybius Scipio 1812

    Polybius Scipio 18128 months ago

    Moving into bug wars territory. Go girl. You've made your passion your vocation.

  55. Nike Calunsag

    Nike Calunsag8 months ago

    YAY! almost 1M!!! go go go Danielle and team!

  56. MrBojangles447

    MrBojangles4478 months ago

    so wait how is the red-eyed tree frog a master of camouflage again?

  57. Jimbob

    Jimbob8 months ago

    Just narate, we dont want camera backs to look at you..... really we dont

  58. XblacksocksX

    XblacksocksX8 months ago

    2:25 and the name of the place are really not that clear on audio to non native english speakers. Maybe a little subtitle on those harder words for us would be of great help! love the channel tho :D

  59. Yukihyo

    Yukihyo9 months ago

    What i always marvle at is how footage can be captured of animal behavior in such quality without disturbing the subjects and causing them to behave unaturally. Once i tried to take a picture of a hawk in the city that recently caught a pidgeon but i couldnt get close enoguh to get a decent shot without disturbing its meal and i felt super terrible.

  60. Sakineu Beng

    Sakineu Beng9 months ago

    😳 am i seeing thing?i think i saw Orangutans, in costa rica???

  61. John Carlos Ochoa

    John Carlos Ochoa9 months ago

    What animal at 0:27 called it looks cool

  62. Daniel R7

    Daniel R710 months ago

    That's not a vine snake in the thumbnail , it's a bronze back racer

  63. Maxine Harris

    Maxine Harris10 months ago

    What I wish is there is no such thing as a snake cuz then all my favorite animals wouldn't have to die😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😦😦😦😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 and I'm just a little girl only 8 years old👱‍♀️👱‍♀️

  64. Maxine Harris

    Maxine Harris10 months ago

    I love and videos are my favorite thing in the world I would never have another pet why would but I'd rather have a pet frog then have a pet and Aunt anyway

  65. Silent Gaming

    Silent Gaming10 months ago

    7:01 my first kiss be like

  66. Daniel R7

    Daniel R710 months ago


  67. PEWPEWPEW782

    PEWPEWPEW78211 months ago

    Gettin jurrasic park vibes

  68. Kinga Kucyk

    Kinga Kucyk11 months ago

    0:12 Tree Frog: *blinks* Me: *dies* 😍

  69. Sunlight System

    Sunlight System11 months ago

    I work at a pet store and had a red eyed leaf frog surrendered to me. Her name is sage and she's staring at me right now from where she's stuck to the glass door of her terrarium. I house 5 reptiles and one other tree frog and she is the most fascinating to look at

  70. Saphilly

    SaphillyYear ago

    Yes, I want to whisper at squirrels.

  71. Native EYE

    Native EYEYear ago

    The beginning sounds like the starting of a Christmas movie or a movie with a lot of kids

  72. Dex

    DexYear ago

    Umm, why haven't I heard of this channel till now? USlikes's billion-dollar algorithm failed me...

  73. Kirtis Kuhn

    Kirtis KuhnYear ago

    I loved this video, like the editing, sound balance, and more.

  74. Timothy Rodowicz

    Timothy RodowiczYear ago

    Never seen a boa eating an iguana before... It's really creepy cuz iguana faces resemble boa faces and their heads are the same size so it looks like they are smooching rather than one devouring the other....

  75. M

    MYear ago

    Wait so you mean to tell me these aren’t used in traditional chinese medicine? What a disgrace!

  76. Srinivas K.

    Srinivas K.Year ago

    Stunning visuals and great commentary. You are quite possibly the Sir Attenborough of our generation. Made me interested in nature again the way Sir Attenborough did when I was a kid. You need to tie up with Nat Geo or Discovery!

  77. Clevis Broussard

    Clevis BroussardYear ago

    I really enjoy your presentations. Just the correct dosage of knowledge and humor Daniel

  78. TD Ntsele

    TD NtseleYear ago

    Plot twist; the iguana isn't dead, he's just having a nice time with his wife

  79. Blargleflakes

    BlargleflakesYear ago

    7:03 ahhh, love ❤️❤️❤️

  80. baquar aiyaz

    baquar aiyazYear ago

    I love to watch all this and nice explanations

  81. Kairi Suzuki

    Kairi SuzukiYear ago

    I was fascinated by how diverse animals play their roles where two fluxes of fauna converge💓🦎🐍

  82. Unimpressed

    UnimpressedYear ago


  83. King Ramsey

    King RamseyYear ago

    if the diet of poison dart frog has no toxins,is the frog safe to touch?

  84. Adi S

    Adi SYear ago

    Or maybe the Green Eyed tree frog is just saying “yummm” by closing it’s eyes when eating 😅

  85. Lúcio José Beirão

    Lúcio José BeirãoYear ago

    They frogs ain't eat me with their eyes

  86. Henrique Medeiros

    Henrique MedeirosYear ago

    Just one observation, sound strange when you said that species from de north are much better than the south in the great american interchange. I mean, there are species, for example the opossums, that adapted pretty well to the northern clima. The trade could seems unfair maybe because the species from the rain forests are more sensible of environment variations, where as the tropical florests are more stable.

  87. POOTIS13

    POOTIS13Year ago

    Tree frogs, the real life Dark Souls basilisks

  88. Ruby Moon

    Ruby MoonYear ago

    the Muppet show any one

  89. Michael Rosen

    Michael RosenYear ago

    Loving this format!

  90. Paul Liepmann

    Paul LiepmannYear ago

    I love with how much love you seem to make those videos. thank you

  91. Nicole Stoughton

    Nicole StoughtonYear ago

    Ok why am I just finding this channel now? Great work!

  92. S S

    S SYear ago

    *wants to marry this cute anchor.*

  93. Pepe Mumu

    Pepe MumuYear ago

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  94. Delta- suman

    Delta- sumanYear ago

    she used to be sooo beautiful. she is still beautiful but I like the old one better.

  95. alus nova

    alus novaYear ago

    Danielle, Are you a Thornberry on your maternal side?!?!?!

  96. Yeetur McBeetur

    Yeetur McBeeturYear ago

    Hi, I’m Danielle, and you’re watching planet earth 3.

  97. julius dendawijaya

    julius dendawijayaYear ago

    Wow... Now this is what I called wildlife channel growing! Keep it up!

  98. Leomar Madarang

    Leomar MadarangYear ago

    Nice ❣

  99. Cebu Bike Boot Camp

    Cebu Bike Boot CampYear ago

    Nice! Outdoor scene is preferred although green screens with drawing is also great.

  100. Gryph0nn

    Gryph0nnYear ago

    Who else didn't immediately realise that the lizard was being held by the vine snake?

  101. RIN GO

    RIN GOYear ago

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  102. WaffleGamer XOX6

    WaffleGamer XOX6Year ago

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  103. Finn Valentine

    Finn ValentineYear ago

    No i didn’t just binge watch all their videos that’s crazy!

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    Sydyk SunnyYear ago

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    Thc JesusYear ago

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    Scrivenger_GrimYear ago

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    Parlay PhreshYear ago

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