Bioluminescence: Don't Trust The Light

Bioluminescence is the mesmerizing ability of being able to light up, and it's found in dozens of unrelated species around the world. - Try Dashlane here:
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Created by: Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. King Pin

    King Pin3 days ago

    Well,,, we know less about our waters than the space so..... Just IMAGINE the beings living here.

  2. Soravia

    Soravia3 days ago

    This fish invented Socialism, not Karl Marx. Marx didn't do shit in his whole life, just like a typical Commie

  3. Starry Draws

    Starry Draws5 days ago

    Am i simping for Danielle? No but i would.

  4. Khanak Arora

    Khanak Arora8 days ago

    It's fascinating to me that a species since the existence of life which has not seen light; ever. Evoluted to light up? Without seeing how do they know about existence of light. You have to know something to achieve something. A mystery to me.

  5. Mattyphatsacs

    Mattyphatsacs9 days ago

    I bet you this chicks feet stink.


    NIKKO LOPES9 days ago

    thanks a lot you are are helping me with my 7th grade science

  7. Brett Richardson

    Brett Richardson9 days ago

    Dark Brambles be like that

  8. Nocure92

    Nocure9213 days ago

    5:03 RGB

  9. Mustafa Hasan

    Mustafa Hasan15 days ago

    you will eat me im nit comentging :D


    DARK APPERITION15 days ago

    Railroad worm: Roxanne you don't have to turn on the red light....

  11. Janie Colvin

    Janie Colvin19 days ago

    The devil horns for the glow chemicals was cute and appreciated

  12. NR 15

    NR 15Month ago

    0:47, hey hey you two, this ain't that kind of channel.

  13. John Alcala

    John AlcalaMonth ago

    No angler fish? ok...

  14. Lyudmila Stechkin

    Lyudmila StechkinMonth ago

    The second nature music always r o c k s!

  15. Hossainur Rahaman

    Hossainur RahamanMonth ago

    Two types of Lucifer needed to lighten up.


    MAHENDRAMonth ago

    sounds like AI angel

  17. Lucid Creatives

    Lucid CreativesMonth ago

    biolumunescence = light = neon = 80s synthwave

  18. Carlo Cote

    Carlo CoteMonth ago

    The intro is the same theme that mamamax has been using lately. I feel like i should be uneasy and disturbed while watching that intro

  19. Faithful Servant

    Faithful ServantMonth ago

    Throwing up the mano cornuto for the fallen lucifer lol 1:44

  20. esref celik celik

    esref celik celikMonth ago

    Miraculous creatures and life.

  21. Hippo Gaming

    Hippo Gaming2 months ago

    If only humans could you

  22. Wild Style Works

    Wild Style Works2 months ago

    please do the woodpeker :-)

  23. Vladimir Verevkin

    Vladimir Verevkin2 months ago

    some awesome music on this episode

  24. Leon Singh

    Leon Singh2 months ago


  25. Billiemoutherfriknilish

    Billiemoutherfriknilish2 months ago

    As soon I saw the thumbnail 𝗡𝗼𝗽𝗲 𝗻𝗼𝗽𝗲 𝗻𝗼𝗽𝗲 𝗻𝗼𝗽𝗱

  26. Nadia Huang

    Nadia Huang2 months ago

    0:45 That belongs in fireflyhub

  27. Roy Lucifer

    Roy Lucifer2 months ago

    I’m dope and I know why I’m here... just sayin

  28. Reid Martin

    Reid Martin2 months ago

    Brittle stars should race in the inde 500

  29. Amrutesh mungamuru

    Amrutesh mungamuru2 months ago

    How beautiful 😍 is Danielle Dufault. I am in Love with her♥️😍 please let her know about her fan!!

  30. Peter Lazar

    Peter Lazar2 months ago

    did you just randomly sneak some synth/retrowave in the beginning of the video??? Wut was it the lights? You t- t- toools !!!

  31. Zixal

    Zixal2 months ago

    Honestly kind of disappointing that you didn’t talk about how the male deep-sea angler fish, after finding a mate, will attach himself to the female and practically die, becoming a part of the female’s body and losing any ability to live on its own, effectively becoming nothing but an on-demand producer of sperm for the female’s eggs whenever she’s ready to lay them. I know it’s not the topic of the video but it feels like it would have been nice to mention.

  32. ukeguibassdrum

    ukeguibassdrum2 months ago

    that top gotchu lookin like a fresh shoe right out the box

  33. KillerKinkstar

    KillerKinkstar2 months ago

    So a bioluminescent comb jelly is basically a sentient flashbang

  34. FishyJ.

    FishyJ.2 months ago

    Male anglerfish are the simps of the animal kingdom

  35. Kiki Yushima

    Kiki Yushima2 months ago

    I found the lines from the 50s/60s videos _incredibly_ intrusive and _beyond_ obnoxious.

  36. FloppyCocHoppy

    FloppyCocHoppy2 months ago

    I found myself dancing during this intro..

  37. N jamali

    N jamali3 months ago

    the thumbnail is straight out of houror movie ...

  38. Bloodbone

    Bloodbone3 months ago

    10:03 I think I'm a male angler fish, y'all...

  39. Angler Konooha

    Angler Konooha3 months ago


  40. jamboo maboo

    jamboo maboo3 months ago

    Gate job on the video love it

  41. LMLMD

    LMLMD3 months ago

    I love how you guys intermingle the cheesy old narratives and footage with the show. It's fantastic :)

  42. John Bouras

    John Bouras3 months ago

    Song in the first minute?

  43. IrishCarney

    IrishCarney4 months ago

    I like the idea of Dashlane so Google isn't storing all your passwords

  44. Hustle Marsalez

    Hustle Marsalez4 months ago

    Dont trust the light , especially when it has the name Lucifer in it...

  45. Manhas Ravi

    Manhas Ravi4 months ago


  46. Enrique Fuentes

    Enrique Fuentes4 months ago

    Danielle is a nerdy angel 🌹

  47. Henare McKaa

    Henare McKaa4 months ago

    I see a credits section but no mention of music or composers in it. just keen to know as the music at the start was dope.

  48. aldrin john wee

    aldrin john wee5 months ago

    can you do sea robin next?

  49. Joseph Michals

    Joseph Michals5 months ago

    Is she related to the green goblin?

  50. naresh ithagani

    naresh ithagani5 months ago


  51. V I I I Λ

    V I I I Λ5 months ago

    Why did she do the "devil horns" hand sigil while mentioning luciferin and luciferace?

  52. Temple Cleanser

    Temple Cleanser5 months ago

    Mark of the beast!

  53. Young Lettuce

    Young Lettuce5 months ago

    So jellyfish are symbiotic bioluminescent UFOs

  54. Ma GaRo

    Ma GaRo5 months ago

    Horns up!!!

  55. V I I I Λ

    V I I I Λ5 months ago


  56. Andrew Wong

    Andrew Wong5 months ago

    Does anyone know the name of the laser/light documentary they show clips of?

  57. Jerome Rosenthal

    Jerome Rosenthal5 months ago

    Don’t give a shit bout the subject!!! I just clicked to see Daniel narrate this vid!!

  58. Teddy Trinidad

    Teddy Trinidad5 months ago

    I lke you danielle

  59. Gonz

    Gonz5 months ago

    this lady was skinny and pretty once upon the time 😶

  60. Jorem Efren Ferolino

    Jorem Efren Ferolino6 months ago

    You must include, Gulper Eel/ Pelican Eel/ Umbrella Mouth Eel they're most interesting😢

  61. Alex Wambugu

    Alex Wambugu6 months ago

    I love the new video format.. simply amazing..👍

  62. Skull Crusade343

    Skull Crusade3436 months ago

    intro music was Synthetic Life for anyone wondering.

  63. Narayan De Jesus Reyes

    Narayan De Jesus Reyes6 months ago

    Do an episode on the todies, the Todidae family of tiny Caribbean birds.

  64. Jacey Fruitcum

    Jacey Fruitcum6 months ago

    “Females use the lure not just to attract prey, but mates!” Middle Aged Men: Ha what’s the difference, am I right fellas?

  65. Flynt Games

    Flynt Games2 months ago

    thats something that Gruncle Stan would say.

  66. Knight Slayer

    Knight Slayer6 months ago

    Comb Jelly=Namielle

  67. Salem Saberhagen

    Salem Saberhagen6 months ago

    Are these actual songs, that are playing in the background? [0:26] [5:33] I love this cheesy eighties sound. ^__^

  68. Puss in Boots

    Puss in Boots6 months ago

    Thus, the magic is born.

  69. ibn Kazbek

    ibn Kazbek6 months ago

    Where's Just Kidding?

  70. Gino Estabillo

    Gino Estabillo6 months ago

    00:47 something’s wrong😅

  71. littleduckii

    littleduckii6 months ago

    I was just looking into Anglerfish so when I found this video from you guys I was quite excited! 🌟

  72. Oldman Stuff

    Oldman Stuff7 months ago

    She just made the horn...

  73. Adrian Mare

    Adrian Mare7 months ago

    Bloody luciferians. Lol

  74. Bee Jones

    Bee Jones7 months ago

    Notice how she throws up the devil horns while naming the chemicals, and the root word just happens to be Lucifer!

  75. Noah Spurrier

    Noah Spurrier7 months ago

    Isn't blue light at the higher end of the spectrum, not lower?


    OOWEE CAPRI7 months ago

    0:45 what is this a fire fly porno 😂

  77. matthew styles

    matthew styles7 months ago

    Ur wierd

  78. Regina Taylor

    Regina Taylor7 months ago

    Danielle is so adorable, and this channel is refreshing. Thank you to everyone involved in making these vids possible!

  79. Phillip Mele

    Phillip Mele7 months ago

    Broke: Holy shit, what’s that freaky thing? Woke: Merciful powers! What *is* that eerie shape?

  80. Thurein Tun

    Thurein Tun7 months ago

    Why you looks like a cat? You cat!

  81. Thurein Tun

    Thurein Tun7 months ago

    No no no not cat. Tiger!! You tiger!

  82. Jayniel Aban

    Jayniel Aban7 months ago

    10:34 hahahaha pinoy knows hahahaha

  83. Becker Elaywan

    Becker Elaywan7 months ago

    don't go to the light

  84. Surya Venkatesh

    Surya Venkatesh8 months ago

    Make a video on the new species that was just discovered. It doesn't need oxygen to live and lives inside the stomach of a salmon.

  85. tri0ppy stuff

    tri0ppy stuff8 months ago

    I like the 60's kind of video parchments in the video 😊

  86. Looking For Funnies

    Looking For Funnies8 months ago

    Also, kinda scary how huge female anglerfish are. Very tall and scary. 7 feet I believe

  87. Jim The Raspberry

    Jim The Raspberry8 months ago

    Stealing Attenborough’s/BBC (minds out of the gutter, you filthy swines) footage is going to bite you on the arse sooner than you think!

  88. I see you

    I see you8 months ago

    The are like a star in a dark empty space

  89. Gau Thier

    Gau Thier8 months ago

    Danielle is so fricking smart and gorgeous!! Love the chanel

  90. Flap Jack

    Flap Jack8 months ago

    Aaaaaah hahahahahahaha I used something like this and someone got really offended!

  91. Frisko Skiez

    Frisko Skiez8 months ago

    That retro beat is fire 👍

  92. Zionne Makoma

    Zionne Makoma8 months ago

    You said that they produce light at the lower end of the spectrum, but blue light is at the top of the visible spectrum

  93. Cesia Negrete

    Cesia Negrete8 months ago

    Evolution is not true!!

  94. JJ! VC

    JJ! VC8 months ago

    What's the name of the song from the beginning!?

  95. Jeremy King

    Jeremy King8 months ago

    Those old footage cutscenes couldn’t be any more annoying 🤔

  96. buknoy kolokoy

    buknoy kolokoy8 months ago

    Excellent work.

  97. Aritro

    Aritro8 months ago

    "as a defence"..*Stands enguard*

  98. leo ll

    leo ll8 months ago

    My balls turn blue sometimes.

  99. IAmKrazyKyle

    IAmKrazyKyle8 months ago

    I am confused by all of the old school video/ audio. Didn't seem to add anything substantive?

  100. Pan Darius Kairos

    Pan Darius Kairos8 months ago

    So, bio-luminescence basically comes from Lucifer.

  101. Candee Artist

    Candee Artist8 months ago

    Why can't humans be bioluminescent 😭😭😭

  102. Not Your business

    Not Your business9 months ago

    2:28 could be an advertisement for Subnautica

  103. Mantis

    Mantis9 months ago

    Fishes might think , they are already dead. So, they just go towards light