Koalas: When Stupidity is a Survival Strategy

Nature: Spy in the Wild 2 premieres and streams Wednesdays, April 29 - May 20 at 8 p.m. on PBS (check local listings), pbs.org/spyinthewild and the PBS Video app.
High up in the trees of Australia lives an animal that consumes so many toxins that it has few natural predators. The Koala.
This episode was shot earlier this year before the mandatory lock down.

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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer, Camera Operator: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic5 months ago

    Thanks for watching everyone. Get up close and personal with Koalas in Nature: Spy in the Wild 2. The show premieres and streams Wednesdays, April 29 - May 20 at 8 p.m. on PBS (check local listings), pbs.org/spyinthewild and the PBS Video app. It's such a good show, you'll love it.

  2. Rik Fontaine

    Rik Fontaine7 days ago

    Whatever your doing its working.. i watched one video yesterday and 2 today.. and now when im scrolling thru it suggests your vids now imma sub!!! I love animals.. i love how you talk about them so im in !!!!

  3. the grand duke

    the grand duke12 days ago

    @Rainstrider Streamflower still more intelligent than a human!

  4. the grand duke

    the grand duke12 days ago

    @Rainstrider Streamflower yes how do you thing Americans have survived this long?

  5. Napoleon4778

    Napoleon477812 days ago

    Can't access it. :-( I get a 'video unavailable' error.

  6. Geryones

    Geryones21 day ago

    I don't you mixed something up, an eucalyptus tree does not grow a 130 meters high? Or do I understand it wrong?

  7. SpendingTimeTogether

    SpendingTimeTogetherDay ago

    YoU laUgH mE? Don't make fun of my pet, STT Munchkin!

  8. SDFF

    SDFFDay ago

    "Being a dumb-dumb means you have to eat less" Koala: "She's walking right below us, mates... now's our chance"

  9. Gabriel Bizzotto

    Gabriel BizzottoDay ago

    130 meters eucalyptus? Now that's stupid.

  10. Zachary Morrison

    Zachary MorrisonDay ago

    You are forgetting that the plant they eat is also very tough on the teeth, and unlike rodents, they do stop growing, and unlike humans, sharks and gators, they don’t grow back in any way. So when their teeth wear down, they just starve and die

  11. Jude Thaddeus

    Jude ThaddeusDay ago

    I wonder why they haven’t evolved enough yet to at least be able to eat eucalyptus leaves from any tree they choose?

  12. BeanLover64

    BeanLover642 days ago

    The title of the video is a youtube comment

  13. E J

    E J3 days ago

    Kola Bear: there isn’t anymore food I like. I’m going to die! Human: stop being so silly, kola. Kola Bear: No, I’m being serious.

  14. Hazztech

    Hazztech3 days ago

    I honestly hope these stupid things go extinct

  15. Kayenne54

    Kayenne543 days ago

    Koalas will probably NEVER EVER GET Covid because Eucalyptus (essential oil component of their diet) is ANTI VIRAL. Covid is a virus. Koalas will be immune. See, not so stupid.

  16. Sam M

    Sam M3 days ago

    Can you do peacocks?

  17. J Soren

    J Soren4 days ago

    SO they eat Eucalyptus and Sharts

  18. Youtubers Behaving Badly

    Youtubers Behaving Badly4 days ago

    I know some humans also using this strategy

  19. Money printer go brr

    Money printer go brr5 days ago

    Haha man that is one useless animal

  20. eccentricandangelicdoll

    eccentricandangelicdoll6 days ago

    I see that Drifblim and Haunter Pokémon T-shirt 👀 You were cool to me before and now you’re even cooler hehe 👻💜🥺

  21. M A

    M A6 days ago

    The palmcockatoo, its quite an interesting bird!

  22. AtkGuy

    AtkGuy6 days ago

    Koalas: Exist Pandas: ArE yOu ChALLeNgInG mE

  23. Colonize Me

    Colonize Me6 days ago

    So basically the Koala is playing rainbow 6 while everyone else is playing cod?

  24. CoDe_{Kanga}

    CoDe_{Kanga}7 days ago

    Shit, that's how the Australian conservative party is so successful?

  25. J

    J7 days ago

    Thanks for the Koality content

  26. Stewie Griffin

    Stewie Griffin8 days ago

    "Stupidity as a survival strategy" is the 2020 mantra. I expect to see eucalyptus as a new diet menu soon.

  27. SxmuraiSpeedy

    SxmuraiSpeedy9 days ago

    Thats why they call me a koala I thought i was cute.

  28. Om Mudgal

    Om Mudgal9 days ago

    So basically what you're saying is that Koalas can eat poison because their moms fed them shit when they were young? *furious note taking* Got it.

  29. Last

    Last9 days ago

    I love koalas They are my 2nd favorite animal. And they're so Damm cute.

  30. CluelessBeekeeping

    CluelessBeekeeping9 days ago

    Koala Bear!

  31. Megakoresh

    Megakoresh9 days ago

    Koalas in the rain... Koalas in the rain... No fucks given. Koala koala


    ULTIMATE MASCOT9 days ago

    Animologic- when stupidity is a surviving strategy Koala- I m not that stupid that I take it as a praise

  33. Gril drago

    Gril drago10 days ago

    It not stupid Its a strategy.... In a most stupid way

  34. Chief J

    Chief J10 days ago

    Homie at 6:47 had himself some hot cheetos

  35. John McAuliffe

    John McAuliffe11 days ago

    they are supposed to smell like cough drops because they only eat eucalyptus

  36. katakuri Charlotte

    katakuri Charlotte11 days ago

    Dont wanna be messed up, but whats the point of their life? Like do they provide anything for nature?

  37. reyben kyu

    reyben kyu11 days ago

    Junkyu brought me here

  38. fireborn

    fireborn12 days ago

    Leaf eating, stupid, chlamydia monkeys

  39. Napoleon4778

    Napoleon477812 days ago

    Daniel Defoe? So you are the one who wrote Robinson Crusoe?

  40. NorfookianJesus

    NorfookianJesus13 days ago

    Careful, them drop bears'll getcha.

  41. Br Uh

    Br Uh13 days ago

    So wait, how’d the first koala get the gut bacteria?

  42. Cerius Lawliet

    Cerius Lawliet13 days ago

    Koala be like: to become the poison, you must first *consume* the poison.

  43. Luis Debnath

    Luis Debnath13 days ago

    I got give him that, dude literally ate toxic shit a lot just to avoid being eaten lol

  44. Bryce Solomon

    Bryce Solomon13 days ago

    these things are cute and all. But these things suck. No mobility and bad diet and can't think at all. These things are bad in every way

  45. MEGA_ M8

    MEGA_ M813 days ago

    My brain: hmm yes koala facts My brain after: koala is koala

  46. Kimberly Wood

    Kimberly Wood13 days ago

    I’ve followed koala rescue accounts that share lots of pictures and videos of their recovering koalas. I find it hard to believe they are really that dumb, small brain size or not. They seem to be very perceptive.

  47. TheCrashingToaster

    TheCrashingToaster13 days ago

    Not to mention arsonists.

  48. beyblade gods

    beyblade gods14 days ago

    "When stupidity is a survival strategy " my life summed up

  49. Koala King

    Koala King14 days ago

    wow mageficent

  50. Timbraska

    Timbraska14 days ago

    Ohh this leave is poisonous? **CHOMP**

  51. fishgrz125

    fishgrz12514 days ago

    So they just get high all day. I can dig it 🤷🏾‍♂️

  52. Seema Sharma

    Seema Sharma14 days ago

    Koalas the only animals which doesn't have any predator, until human being comes in.

  53. Benny Stone

    Benny Stone14 days ago

    Koala: i want to eat leaf Eucalyptus leaf: no don't eat me I'm worthless. Koala: no I want leaf! Eucalyptus leaf: I'll poison you Koala: I have specifically evolved to eat leaf Eucalyptus leaf: I literally have no nutritional value. Koala: L E A F

  54. Benny Stone

    Benny Stone14 days ago

    You forgot one of my favourite koala facts! If you take leaves from the tree they are eating from and place it on a plate, they won't eat it. They don't recognise it as food... cos you know, the small brain of the koala haha, aww they are cute though

  55. NightCoder

    NightCoder15 days ago

    Slow relatives of Salacious Crumb.

  56. Wukeyrio kv

    Wukeyrio kv15 days ago

    Modern einsten

  57. Anita Brewer

    Anita Brewer15 days ago

    Bummer you traveled so far to see a gorgeous koala and mostly you see wet dirty rump ratty brown matted ones. The pretty grey ones are the ideal spirit animal.

  58. coisas

    coisas15 days ago

    At last someone who doesn't hate on koalas

  59. fittutube

    fittutube15 days ago

    How about chinese? Do chinese immigrants hunt koalas for food? Literally all of china is depleted of animals.

  60. jashane stone

    jashane stone15 days ago

    Koalas are just cuter faster sloths.. I really don't care for them.. 💯

  61. Dan

    Dan15 days ago

    what looks like a plush teddy-bear and is almost as lazy ? the Koala

  62. Bradley Miller

    Bradley Miller15 days ago

    Being able to utilize a plant no other mammal can tolerate or metabolize doesn’t sound like a stupid species to me.

  63. SolarDragon007

    SolarDragon00716 days ago

    Too stupid to die?

  64. Théoden Suhrie

    Théoden Suhrie16 days ago

    Koalas: They also got hands, but decided to have LESS brain instead of more like the monkeys did,

  65. Is Lo

    Is Lo16 days ago

    Humans depleting their habitat purposefully. It's quite clear who the dumbest stupid species is. And having the arrogance of name-calling any other species is just prooving the point.

  66. Ádám Karl

    Ádám Karl16 days ago

    I hope they find that leaf at least delicious.

  67. Limited Infinity

    Limited Infinity16 days ago

    9:23 RKelly is that U??

  68. Death ByBagel

    Death ByBagel16 days ago

    Slow dumb animals, but then jump from tree to tree like an athletic pro

  69. Danny Glover

    Danny Glover16 days ago

    awesome channel yo

  70. Wayne Wood

    Wayne Wood17 days ago

    So Pleased you didn't call them Koala Bears. lol

  71. Madam L'Eclaire

    Madam L'Eclaire17 days ago

    Pandas should be next on the list 😆

  72. Robert Rodgers

    Robert Rodgers17 days ago

    Disease Spreader, you need to WEAR A MASK!!!!!!!!!

  73. Kleineganz

    Kleineganz16 days ago

    This was filmed before the pandemic. It's mentioned in the video description.

  74. Geoffrey Curtis

    Geoffrey Curtis18 days ago

    Get that stupid thing out of your nose!

  75. Kleineganz

    Kleineganz16 days ago


  76. General Browsing

    General Browsing18 days ago

    take a look at the Koala diet ...it proves veganism for humans is a de-evolutionary step

  77. Kleineganz

    Kleineganz16 days ago

    Humans aren't Koalas and this proves nothing.

  78. Deon Van der Westhuizen

    Deon Van der Westhuizen18 days ago

    So if humans gets a spoonful of koala pap, then we can eat Bluegum leaves as well?

  79. Ninggal Sila Podolski

    Ninggal Sila Podolski18 days ago

    "Koala in the rain. No f**ks given. Koala, koala" - zefrank1

  80. Zorc

    Zorc19 days ago

    I think she might be balding. I recommend castor oil

  81. Gwynna MacCaskill

    Gwynna MacCaskill19 days ago

    She's talking, but all I hear is David Attenborough. I think I've been Pavloved.

  82. Edward Carberry

    Edward Carberry19 days ago

    No, mention of the Geoengineering Weather Modification going on !!!! Wonder WHY!!!! Goes against the narrative of Warming for the GULLIBLES.

  83. Zhang Lee

    Zhang Lee19 days ago

    fun fact koalas mother will feed their children poopoo in young ages

  84. didikaramba

    didikaramba19 days ago

    Koala: "Yeah, I've been watching these morons for over 5 years now hiding in trees and spying on me. And I am the stupid one, huh."

  85. OP

    OP19 days ago

    Really love how people are getting offended by facts, it's like they feel personally attacked. lol

  86. CeNedra Lea Heldra

    CeNedra Lea Heldra19 days ago

    Didn’t see any drop bears hey. I don’t think koalas are dumb dumbs. Our bush fires decimated the population. They are just one of the many spices we may have lost. As if life was not hard enough for the koala they suffer stress and get disease that is often fatal.

  87. Star Lowe

    Star Lowe20 days ago

    I feel personally attacked by this title 👁👄👁

  88. Lembu Abraxas

    Lembu Abraxas20 days ago

    Gah, can't stand center nose rings.

  89. Chris Trevino

    Chris Trevino20 days ago

    Wait i read the title and thought this was about America.

  90. Christian Ilario3

    Christian Ilario320 days ago

    Welcome to the low tier trash gang We have koalas, sloths, and pandas! What could go wrong?

  91. Dustin Cordell

    Dustin Cordell20 days ago

    here is an idea has anyone tried to feed them anything else?

  92. Dustin Cordell

    Dustin Cordell20 days ago

    whelp look like i found my spirit animal

  93. Ultimate Loser

    Ultimate Loser20 days ago

    Koalas: We can digest eucalyptus leaves and no one will take them away from us. Humans: *starts chainsaw

  94. Aries Pertin

    Aries Pertin20 days ago

    Our president Kim Namjoon koya❣️

  95. Izaak AZ

    Izaak AZ20 days ago

    Low tier trash.

  96. Funk Worth Accords

    Funk Worth Accords20 days ago

    That pic of the one that was in the rain. Wet koala bear is cool.

  97. Black Ice

    Black Ice21 day ago

    I used to think Koalas were useless, but then I learned about how eucalyptus are caustic if they don't get enough land. They arent useless idiots by poisoning themselves, they are martyrs sacrificing their species so Australia doesn't eternally burn

  98. Dingus Dangles

    Dingus Dangles21 day ago

    Can I gain special powers from eating their specialized fece’s?

  99. African Warlord

    African Warlord21 day ago

    Honestly the koalas viability in PvP is trash they got bodied hard and are generally a bad pick play the kangaroo or some venomous spider you'll do better I guarantee that

  100. Johnny Metonymic

    Johnny Metonymic21 day ago

    Koalas: Natures progressive democrats. When never learning is a way of life.

  101. ninequails

    ninequails15 days ago

    okay weirdo

  102. sle2470

    sle247021 day ago

    Thumbnail looks like he's gettin' baked smokin' a hooka.

  103. Worded Jewel

    Worded Jewel21 day ago

    "australia's biggest chiller" *laughs is sticky fingers*

  104. bigart1993

    bigart199321 day ago

    *So conservatives are using a survival strategy?*

  105. Patrik Liba

    Patrik Liba21 day ago

    Shame on you Australia fix your forests

  106. Charles

    Charles19 days ago

    4% of Australian land is national parks... How about you try another country first.... Moron

  107. Jack Smoke

    Jack Smoke22 days ago

    Nothing more than lazy himbo's and bimbo's..... but I want one!!! I'll name him Nibbler

  108. Jada 222

    Jada 22222 days ago

    Its a Drowzee. 😁💤

  109. Bilgehan Demir

    Bilgehan Demir22 days ago

    calling an animal stupid ! actually that is stupid



    Colonization sucks for the natives and the animals