Fennec Fox: Suspiciously Cute

In one of the world’s most inhospitable places lives one of the cutest predators. This is the Fennec Fox.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Writer, Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Sith Lord

    Sith LordDay ago

    Sahara desert: has Fennec foxes with giant ears and tiny bodies Sonora desert: has Chihuahua canids with giant ears and tiny bodies

  2. Paper cat

    Paper catDay ago

    Honestly there call is really cute they sound like little newborn puppy’s crying

  3. eessppeenn001

    eessppeenn0012 days ago

    Also, Fennec Foxes goes zoom zoom zoom

  4. スペクトル

    スペクトル2 days ago

    2:05 Angry boi

  5. Mimi Harb

    Mimi Harb3 days ago

    still sus..

  6. Nélia Soares

    Nélia Soares4 days ago

    Vote fennec, he's kinda sus

  7. Virtual Execs

    Virtual Execs4 days ago

    Can you just show the video and not open your mouth?

  8. Virtual Execs

    Virtual Execs4 days ago

    You are so annoying.

  9. GameDominator //XennonGDM

    GameDominator //XennonGDM4 days ago

    Hey guys, remember when we used to see fennec foxes and not a circus clown, me neither.

  10. Ryan98063

    Ryan980634 days ago


  11. LeoVids

    LeoVids4 days ago

    02:04 yeah most def. Not cool at all.

  12. zSilver Blankz

    zSilver Blankz4 days ago

    Can fennec fox live in alaska

  13. Bubba

    Bubba5 days ago

    Yep. that's my waifu.

  14. Ark genesis

    Ark genesis5 days ago

    You must regret what have you say to fox you freaken say get outa here only for redy

  15. Mila Therese Reyes

    Mila Therese Reyes6 days ago

    03:55 "These dens require DENsely packed sand" Ba dm tss

  16. e l i n e

    e l i n e6 days ago


  17. woob

    woob7 days ago

    efficient water-recycling body, using their dens to collect dew... so theyre just fremen

  18. sweet tea

    sweet tea8 days ago


  19. Stephan R

    Stephan R8 days ago

    Who looked up fennec fox's after a certain vtuber debuted?

  20. Neox4930

    Neox49309 days ago


  21. Dominic Ray

    Dominic Ray12 days ago

    Smaller than a chiwuoa?🦊🐶🐺❤

  22. Aneesh 1

    Aneesh 112 days ago

    Model for 9 tails fox

  23. Der Magischen Schaf

    Der Magischen Schaf12 days ago

    Me: Reads the title Also me: Fennec Fox is acting kinda sus

  24. S Venter

    S Venter12 days ago


  25. hantu kakmilah

    hantu kakmilah15 days ago


  26. Kim Bratton

    Kim Bratton16 days ago

    Only the cutest fox ever!!!

  27. Necromancer Goblin

    Necromancer Goblin16 days ago

    jep cute and fun little critters :D and they are really soft to. have taken care of a pair once as my education as a zookeeper :)

  28. FoxGalahPGN

    FoxGalahPGN24 days ago

    Did you know that Pinkfong is a fennec fox?



    Yeah there cute but that doesn't mean you go out and adopt one

  30. Linda nazzari

    Linda nazzari27 days ago

    I looooooove Fennech!!!!

  31. binnie

    binnie29 days ago

    mm. jeongin.

  32. octet33

    octet33Month ago

    "The sand cat is the feline version of the fennec fox"... Umm, aren't foxes already just pretty much cats running on dog hardware to begin with?

  33. Hikari No Sekai

    Hikari No SekaiMonth ago

    Finally, something from Algeria that people know

  34. Queen

    QueenMonth ago

    He attack He protecc But most importantly he fennec

  35. James Shogun

    James ShogunMonth ago

    The people who hunt fennecs need to be hunted themselves

  36. Alex Harris

    Alex HarrisMonth ago

    *Guiltily cancels eBay order: “fennec fox tail steering wheel cover”*


    OMAR SOMAGMonth ago

    National animal of Algeria 🇩🇿❤️

  38. Hansel Leiva

    Hansel LeivaMonth ago


  39. My own Idenity

    My own IdenityMonth ago

    Not a fennac but while deer hunting in Ohio or rather returning to my truck after hunting during a cold day I had a red fox that decided to take a nap on the seat of my truck after leaving my window down. I didnt pay attention and didnt expect a fox in my truck when I opened the door either and I'm sure he or she didnt expect my return either. I dont know who was more surprised. I did have a warm seat though. I always leave my window down when I go back to that spot. The fox has returned to it as well but seems to prefer the warm hood. Very strange though because if you are familiar with fox they are excellent at avoiding detection

  40. Chicken Draws Dogs

    Chicken Draws DogsMonth ago

    Their call is basically the first couple syllables of the "HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE".

  41. Ethan Nguyen

    Ethan NguyenMonth ago

    Ok what have we learned they are smal and cute

  42. Aimee

    AimeeMonth ago

    i tried to pet one as a kid and it bit me. next time i went to the zoo there was a double fence lol

  43. Kaileta

    KailetaMonth ago

    it's a feccin fennec fox called *fenneko*

  44. Mario Cavallero

    Mario CavalleroMonth ago

    that cuteness makes you wanna skin it and wear it on your head, doesn't it? :)

  45. 13th Century Vice

    13th Century ViceMonth ago

    Nature:*makes anything with fur and snout* Humanity: is it for cuddling?

  46. Khalid Ul Ijchk

    Khalid Ul IjchkMonth ago

    I come from morocco and there is no poaching of this animals or keychain or whatever the lies she said...these animals always lived in peace and no one ever approached or did any thing bad to them...howver recently tourists and visitors are more and more looking to buy one to adobt so yes rich people coming to visit are a threat to this animals...like all ecosystems in the world,.

  47. Chibi

    ChibiMonth ago

    3:40 YW

  48. Marie Antoinette

    Marie AntoinetteMonth ago


  49. Jonathan Walensi

    Jonathan WalensiMonth ago

    the shirt looks like a overfilled sausage

  50. PBDesign

    PBDesignMonth ago

    They seem cute but also elegant

  51. Brian Davies

    Brian DaviesMonth ago

    I think I just OD'd on CUTE!

  52. suhel barde

    suhel bardeMonth ago

    I just Love Danielle! 😍

  53. Bill Keck

    Bill KeckMonth ago

    Don't recall you saying which desert, so, per Wikipedia: "native to the Sahara Desert and the Sinai Peninsula."

  54. Xinxin Xu

    Xinxin XuMonth ago

    I just saw a video tales about the cutest cat in desert Now the fox? Man I’m going to desert.

  55. mehdi xz

    mehdi xzMonth ago

    Pls can you give me one 😂😂 I am from Algeria but I have no money to go into Sahara , in fact there is some people in northern cities doesn't know that there is creature called like this .

  56. Pan Darius Kairos

    Pan Darius KairosMonth ago

    The finicky Fennec.

  57. Gaming Gladiator06

    Gaming Gladiator06Month ago

    Why do you taunt me youtube?! Now i want a fennec fox and i will name him biscuit. He will be my biscuit and i will love my biscuit.

  58. mehdi xz

    mehdi xzMonth ago

    I'm an Algerian but I don't have one and you want one , when I have one I'll give you

  59. Babeh Ryy

    Babeh Ryy2 months ago


  60. Stop Some Guy without a moustache

    Stop Some Guy without a moustache2 months ago

    Vs Sand cat.That is what on my mind rn

  61. mgl Mike

    mgl Mike2 months ago

    rip the background drawing

  62. Rufus The Hunal Prophet

    Rufus The Hunal Prophet2 months ago

    I wouldn't say cuddly, at least not when they're awake, they're pure energy.

  63. Johnny Baughman

    Johnny Baughman2 months ago

    I love these little foxes

  64. Ran-nii

    Ran-nii2 months ago

    Welcome to the circus!

  65. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha2 months ago

    Oh my gosh. Do u know this pokemon called Fennekin? Its looks like a Fennic Fox. Coincidence? I dont think so 😱

  66. ĶĪŅĞ reficuL

    ĶĪŅĞ reficuL2 months ago

    *gasp*.... it's kurama

  67. assaun

    assaun2 months ago

    So this is polka,its cute ima expect it from her,

  68. Missile1

    Missile12 months ago

    They do not live only in deserts, they live in mountains as well in southern north africa

  69. Missile1

    Missile1Month ago

    @mehdi xz and I am from Tunisia and I find them

  70. mehdi xz

    mehdi xzMonth ago

    When I find one I'll tell you , I'm from Algeria

  71. KillerKinkstar

    KillerKinkstar2 months ago

    This only enforces the fact they are my single favorite animal

  72. Incomplete Fox

    Incomplete Fox2 months ago

    If you killed a fennec fox for its tail you deserve to die the most painful and slow death And I love fennecs but HATE sand cats

  73. mehdi xz

    mehdi xzMonth ago

    Me too need one but I have no money to go into Sahara , I'm from Algeria

  74. yes 12

    yes 122 months ago

    Alt title: Fennec Fox: The sensitive ears

  75. yes 12

    yes 122 months ago

    We should call them Fennec now...

  76. Youssef Ahmed

    Youssef Ahmed2 months ago

    5:20 not everyone like cats ,you know that right?

  77. Mushroom Man

    Mushroom Man2 months ago

    “The largest animals live in colder climates” Every single one of the largest land animals live in Africa and other deserts you clearly just made this up

  78. Lorinamae Gaming

    Lorinamae Gaming2 months ago

    Damn you Pokemon.. I keep calling these "fennekin fox"

  79. Uncle Morty's Nerd Shed

    Uncle Morty's Nerd Shed2 months ago

    There is a group of people tryibg to domesticate these RN

  80. LaviniaVeiled

    LaviniaVeiled2 months ago

    Also, you don’t get to say a species is of least concern a lot because it’s usually the most common and unremarkable animals that are doing fine. This doesn’t make them less important, of course! 💜

  81. LaviniaVeiled

    LaviniaVeiled2 months ago

    Pups? Not kits?

  82. random girl that plays roblox with no roux

    random girl that plays roblox with no roux2 months ago

    I'm happy that they added fennec foxes in AJPW, they're actually my very favorite animal.

  83. random girl that plays roblox with no roux

    random girl that plays roblox with no roux2 months ago

    The thumbnail was literally my wallpaper Lmao.

  84. FloppyCocHoppy

    FloppyCocHoppy2 months ago

    I want one so f’ing bad

  85. XK0

    XK02 months ago

    Sahara desert ?!!’ It the same meaning

  86. MΘητy SnΔkΞ

    MΘητy SnΔkΞ2 months ago

    0:38 what the hell is this thing?

  87. Ruffman SavageVeteran

    Ruffman SavageVeteran2 months ago

    My cuddly android phone had to take it up the bum to watch this watch this cute video.

  88. Fire Maker

    Fire Maker2 months ago

    We used to own one when i was a kid... Its pronounced fneck

  89. dulce aguilar

    dulce aguilar2 months ago

    🦊 🦊 🦊 🦊

  90. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden2 months ago

    Looks like a Chihuahua to me

  91. MN Irwin

    MN Irwin3 months ago

    Cuddliest hunter in the Sahara? Some sand cats would like to have a word with you. :)

  92. Morpheas

    Morpheas3 months ago

    Danielle, no offense, but when you're talking about probably one of the cutest animals on the planet, why are we looking at you in some parts of the video? Sorry, but compared to the Fennec Fox, you cant compete, at all. None of us humans can.

  93. Zaza's and Zizi's Funventures

    Zaza's and Zizi's Funventures3 months ago

    wonderful :D

  94. Manix Burn

    Manix Burn3 months ago

    It's cool that desert deforestation are not happening.

  95. Buddy

    Buddy3 months ago

    These are like the polar opposites of prairie dogs. They mate for life, aren't cannibals,live peacefully and aren't annoying

  96. Elijah Olivarria

    Elijah Olivarria3 months ago

    why arent there more cod memes in this comment section im dissapointed

  97. Linda Reisa

    Linda Reisa3 months ago

    Is so kyut Animal.

  98. Dietmar Siebrecht

    Dietmar Siebrecht3 months ago

    we want to see the foxes not you hehe

  99. GoMhaaad

    GoMhaaad3 months ago

    hunt an animal to make a keychain out of its tail, ... trash.

  100. Arnav aa

    Arnav aa3 months ago

    I have a plush of one there so cute

  101. Dark at Hearts

    Dark at Hearts3 months ago

    I have a Chihuahua that looks like a fennec fox the only difference is he doesn't have a bushy tail

  102. magic unboxing

    magic unboxing3 months ago

    is it bad that i want one? also i wasnt expecting a demonic scream coming from those cuties.

  103. A_Casual_Human

    A_Casual_Human3 months ago

    Sooooooo, Vulpera?

  104. High King Of Quel'thalas

    High King Of Quel'thalas3 months ago

    My new main is a vulpera now

  105. dark APG

    dark APG3 months ago

    smol pupper