Bloodsuckers: These Vampires Are Out For Blood

Hematophagy; the practice of drinking blood from another animal. These predators are vampires. - Check out Skillshare and get your first 2 months free:
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Special thanks to
Jennifer M. Zaspel
Associate Curator and Head of Zoology
Director of Puelicher Butterfly Wing
Milwaukee Public Museum
BBB Extermination Services
Phantom (Vision Research) and Intellectual Ventures


Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Jess Keating
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar

Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    AnimalogicYear ago

    Take Two! We caught a spelling error in the first upload, so we fixed and re-uploaded it. Thanks to @mekryd for the catch.

  2. Jared Guerra

    Jared Guerra6 months ago

    I was waiting for the living dead girl song from rob zombie to start when i heard the vintage documentary

  3. Peter Revens

    Peter Revens7 months ago

    Why is the leech at 3:44 speaking ebonics?

  4. Michelle Ortiz

    Michelle Ortiz7 months ago

    Ticks and leeches aren't insects

  5. AsHimself

    AsHimself8 months ago

    Source on the old footage?

  6. JustDonovan13

    JustDonovan1310 months ago

    Blood sucker gets blood sucked 😆

  7. Evilmonkey From Chris Closet

    Evilmonkey From Chris Closet5 days ago

    The person taking out the tick at 2:06 DOES IT WRONG do not repeat that mistake. Just pulling a tick like this may cause a tick to release the "vomits" which can contain Lyme disease, Borrelia bacterias, Tick-borne meningoencephalitis virus or Babesia parasites (first three dangerous for humans while the latter one to dangerous dogs' disease). If you ever come across a tick that is already feeding contact a doctor IMMEDATELY if you cannot well ... your best bet is to catch it using pincers trying to catch it the closest to the skin and then quickly pull the tick out. Desinfect the place after the bite and then move to seek medical attention. Tick-borne meningoencephalitis is very common in Eastern and Central Europe and with warmer winters it will spread westwards. The sympoms can be after 8-28 days some cases even more which can put one in serious danger. Beware and take care.

  8. Reinforced Thr3ads

    Reinforced Thr3ads6 days ago

    i saw the kissing bug in 1000 ways to die. is it true that their poo kills you??

  9. كوكب المشتري

    كوكب المشتري7 days ago


  10. SSS

    SSS9 days ago

    Hey guys!!!...She s saying that her name is "Jess Keating " bt we hear it as ' just kidding' LOL!!!

  11. Yamen Zein

    Yamen Zein11 days ago

    Where is that special mention of Oxpeckers?

  12. Ben

    Ben12 days ago

    3:31 just kill me pls

  13. Ben

    Ben12 days ago

    a little too many cut scenes... not really interested in old movies, more so on these animals.

  14. H*ck

    H*ck14 days ago

    The people willingly letting vampire moths drink from them are crazy like I get there probably doing it for science but like?????? Even just looking at it makes me like???? Why?????? Why would you do that?????

  15. Jacob Oberg

    Jacob Oberg16 days ago

    You are just kidding?

  16. RookieAssassin

    RookieAssassin20 days ago

    9:35 I kinda feel like this was actually the cause of this pandemic..

  17. Floppy Bird

    Floppy Bird24 days ago

    As not an English speaker when she present herself,I've heared,"hey everyone I'm just kinding" I was like about what lol ?

  18. Curtis Ab

    Curtis Ab25 days ago

    Where’s Daniel?

  19. Gabriel Verano

    Gabriel Verano25 days ago

    6:59 Me be like: aaAaAAaaHhHH 😖😫

  20. Jack Handy

    Jack Handy25 days ago

    Leachs are not bugs.

  21. LU23

    LU2327 days ago

    fkn leeches lol

  22. Naman Mishra

    Naman Mishra28 days ago

    "hey everyone I'm *Just kidding* and you're watching animal logic second nature"

  23. Clément Massy

    Clément Massy29 days ago

    English is not my first language, and I heard « Hello everyone, I’m just kidding » Didn’t quite make sense to me lmao

  24. chris costello

    chris costelloMonth ago

    Uh the movie Dreamcatcher was real..

  25. Alice Willoughby

    Alice WilloughbyMonth ago

    1:10 - There's a vampire finch??? You're kidding!

  26. ResidentEvil302 Ricancuban215usa

    ResidentEvil302 Ricancuban215usaMonth ago

    I really hate ticks

  27. Pajeet Singh

    Pajeet SinghMonth ago

    Is blood tasty?

  28. Pajeet Singh

    Pajeet SinghMonth ago

    Skillshare vs Udemy?

  29. Ryan Martinez

    Ryan MartinezMonth ago

    Do the midges feed on humans if they can't find mosquitoes? Or did they evolve alongside each other?

  30. Ryan Martinez

    Ryan MartinezMonth ago

    The bat parasites remind me of a Batman villain

  31. Mike Shelton

    Mike SheltonMonth ago

    I came for the thumbnail while I didn’t get disappointed I’m disappointed

  32. Yahya Taim

    Yahya TaimMonth ago

    4:58 I use the Bloodsucker to kill the Bloodsucker

  33. miguel cunha

    miguel cunhaMonth ago

    “Hi im Just Kidding”

  34. grabbin a problem solver

    grabbin a problem solverMonth ago

    0:28 This man is 🅱️ucking Chad

  35. Shannon Roa

    Shannon RoaMonth ago

    9:52 the what?

  36. Ranma Saotome

    Ranma SaotomeMonth ago

    *So the spider in the thumbnail has nothing to do with this? Ughhh I hate clickbaits.. unsubscribed!*

  37. Drachenrecke

    DrachenreckeMonth ago

    Calm down everybody nothing of this is real. At the beginning of the video she said clearly that she is just kidding

  38. Michael Rohrkasse

    Michael RohrkasseMonth ago

    Rip Christopher Lee

  39. GUNMASTER anim's

    GUNMASTER anim'sMonth ago

    Her hands are red shes a vampire jk

  40. CM

    CMMonth ago

    I didn't have to sleep ever again anyway

  41. JulDoesStuff

    JulDoesStuff2 months ago

    👏 Flame 👏 Thrower 👏

  42. JayDub4321

    JayDub43212 months ago

    Me: watches the entire video Also Me: Why would anyone be sick enough to watch this video?

  43. Astra Narzoles

    Astra Narzoles2 months ago

    i love ur vids now

  44. Jason Georgiadis

    Jason Georgiadis2 months ago

    0:17 lmao what's the omnitrix sound effect doing here

  45. Emperor Kiva

    Emperor Kiva2 months ago

    Burn them. Burn them all

  46. Pikaia Battaile

    Pikaia Battaile2 months ago

    “Like my gran used to say, if it breathes, it bleeds.” Did your grandmother kill the predator?!?

  47. salamance axolotl

    salamance axolotl2 months ago

    Blood suckers suck (exepted bats)

  48. Meepo Tello

    Meepo Tello2 months ago

    Hey everyone I'm just kidding and you're watching animal logic second nature

  49. Hellcat

    Hellcat2 months ago

    Hello everyone im just kidding

  50. Nutcracker Sam

    Nutcracker Sam2 months ago

    Pretty sure i regret watching this Thx the paranoia is intense now

  51. Herobrine

    Herobrine2 months ago

    Did anyone else notice she had blood on her hands the whole time.

  52. I Am Becoming

    I Am Becoming2 months ago

    I wonder how many viewers like me got that itchy/crawly feeling while watching this?

  53. Dehydrated Water

    Dehydrated Water2 months ago

    Why are Jess Keating's hands red? Or should I not ask

  54. KillerKinkstar

    KillerKinkstar2 months ago

    As my man Arnold once said "If it bleeds, we can kill it"

  55. Antonin Farge

    Antonin Farge2 months ago

    0:22 🤮

  56. jony g

    jony g2 months ago

    Here on Portugal, lamprey is a tradicional dish

  57. moshe dimawala-adormeo

    moshe dimawala-adormeo2 months ago

    What does head board shattering charm means?

  58. Platinum Edge

    Platinum Edge2 months ago

    Hey everyone I'm just Kidding and welcome to Animal Logic 2nd nature

  59. Mustafa Carbaş

    Mustafa Carbaş2 months ago

    These whole mosquito and tick thinks makes me incredibly uncomfortable and anxious.

  60. OFF HEAP

    OFF HEAP2 months ago

    1:44 thats what she said

  61. Dilip Shetty

    Dilip Shetty2 months ago

    What's the colour on her hand. Bright red.

  62. Monkey Man

    Monkey Man2 months ago


  63. The Cool Axolotl Logan

    The Cool Axolotl Logan2 months ago


  64. The Cool Axolotl Logan

    The Cool Axolotl Logan2 months ago


  65. The Cool Axolotl Logan

    The Cool Axolotl Logan2 months ago

    I hate mosquitoes more than anything

  66. Samuel22 OmegaKing

    Samuel22 OmegaKing2 months ago

    Dont worry guys in Galicia we eat larmprays 😋😋

  67. Force Beatz

    Force Beatz2 months ago

    I clicked off the video in the first clip

  68. Wizard cat

    Wizard cat2 months ago

    Anyone else thristy when they hear the word blood?

  69. Cristian Puac

    Cristian Puac2 months ago

    3:33 Seriously wtffffffffffff 🤮🤮

  70. Ronaldo Brito Roque

    Ronaldo Brito Roque2 months ago

    May I suggest a theme for a video: how scorpions make sex?

  71. LpsPurr

    LpsPurr2 months ago

    this video makes me feel itchy.

  72. Junior Anderson

    Junior Anderson2 months ago

    He pulled of the leeches incorrectly

  73. umm huh?

    umm huh?2 months ago

    What happens if a mosquito drank blood from a really drunk person? 😂😂

  74. Grant Harned

    Grant Harned3 months ago

    Could anybody tell me the name of the clip with the mosquitos on the guys ankles?

  75. James Mullins

    James Mullins3 months ago


  76. superman Mulholland

    superman Mulholland3 months ago

    Why would anyone put a creepy bug thing like that on their own body I ask wtf WHY madness 👎🏽

  77. Bob Marley life mattered Rasta lifes matters

    Bob Marley life mattered Rasta lifes matters3 months ago

    What's her name??jus kidding?????

  78. Mama Bri

    Mama Bri3 months ago

    This video made me itchy.

  79. oguzhan yazgan

    oguzhan yazgan3 months ago

    Hello everyone I'm just kidding

  80. SeBu

    SeBu3 months ago

    Ugh ... I feel sick

  81. Abdul Rehamn

    Abdul Rehamn3 months ago

    i thought she just said, "hey everyone im juss keeding"

  82. drkmgic

    drkmgic3 months ago

    i just puked a little

  83. soviet9922

    soviet99223 months ago

    All the most disgusting critters are on this video some get me chicken skin just fro seeing then move around.

  84. John Daniel Esguerra

    John Daniel Esguerra3 months ago

    Hmm, why not eat Lampreys?

  85. Ryder D

    Ryder D3 months ago

    Vampire diaries anyone? 2020

  86. pochi

    pochi3 months ago

    ticks are the literal reason i do not lay in grass

  87. Safe

    Safe3 months ago


  88. Muhaddesa Chowdhury

    Muhaddesa Chowdhury3 months ago

    Another reason why I love jumping spiders beside the cuteness🥰

  89. David Limardo

    David Limardo3 months ago

    The most effective weapon against these fiends is the cold.

  90. enderpig

    enderpig3 months ago

    mosquito mosquito. just like gorilla gorilla gorilla

  91. Raptorbiscut

    Raptorbiscut4 months ago

    Dracula scrap and lick!

  92. Nadav Bowman

    Nadav Bowman4 months ago

    Humans: exists Mosquito: I’m about to end this whole mans career Mosquito parasite: I’m about to end this whole mans career Jumping spider: I’m about to end this whole mans career

  93. Raymond Lo

    Raymond Lo4 months ago

    2:12 exactly why u don't remove it like that...

  94. TheBrock HD

    TheBrock HD4 months ago

    Great Video! I would often like to see source-links though

  95. Mr Free1 • 18 years ago

    Mr Free1 • 18 years ago4 months ago

    Do ticks have any kinda benifit to humans? I hate those fuckers!!

  96. Joselin Amador

    Joselin Amador4 months ago

    Mosquitoes have their own mosquitoes... lol 2020 just got a little bit better 😆


    41ZERO LINREZ4 months ago

    5:11 music?

  98. Abhishek Baba

    Abhishek Baba4 months ago

    Why your hands are so red

  99. Kraken

    Kraken4 months ago

    This was hard to watch for me. Like how are you just standing there and letting the insect suck your blood without wanting to instinctively swat it?

  100. g7thebeatmaker

    g7thebeatmaker4 months ago

    Cool name just kidding

  101. John Monforte

    John Monforte4 months ago

    I thought she said "Hey everyone, I'm *just kidding* "

  102. RyeSeaBre

    RyeSeaBre4 months ago

    If everybloossucker made a child it will be a huge parasite sucking the tits of earth

  103. w i n t e r t a e

    w i n t e r t a e4 months ago


  104. Randall Mothershead

    Randall Mothershead5 months ago

    Guess who's not sleeping tonight

  105. anime profile with 1k subs

    anime profile with 1k subs5 months ago

    Hi justkidding