Condor: King of Thieves

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Born into a family of scavengers and opportunistic thieves, this bird soars over some of the most unforgiving landscapes on earth. Meet the king of thieves: the Condor.
Tim Huntington
Ventana Wildlife Society

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Captain clutch

    Captain clutch22 hours ago

    Where did you get that shirt

  2. beet rice

    beet rice3 days ago

    the music in the intro was so moving it made want to become a condor

  3. Facundo Madariaga

    Facundo Madariaga7 days ago

    4:15 what do you mean *restaurant* kitchens? Do American households have carpeted kitchens?

  4. Wastedswan

    Wastedswan7 days ago

    Surely an ostrich is heavier?

  5. Muhammad Bilal

    Muhammad Bilal8 days ago

    Plz do a program on Markhor its really a majestic animal.

  6. Axel tristan

    Axel tristan9 days ago

    @ 7:30 I think she means thank you to HUNTERS in California who’ve been subject to pay almost triple for special ammunition and get taxed heavily on top of that so these birds don’t vanish I don’t really see anyone else in this state putting as much money forward as Californian hunters

  7. Shadow NightLeopard

    Shadow NightLeopard9 days ago

    What a beautiful bird. And even better they are together forever. How romantic is that. The grow up old together. 😊

  8. Arfor Afro

    Arfor Afro11 days ago

    Birds in general are so nice, even the scavenger birds are cool. Ducks can go die in a fire tho.

  9. OU812 Boon-dang

    OU812 Boon-dang11 days ago

    To the pretty lady talking,,,,a few months a couple of responses from this address were sent,it was rude,many apologies ,I found the source and addressed it...I personally love your character and,I think you're perfect in your work....I'm all nature from observation, to Kill it and Grill it..


    PURA PAITHIYAM12 days ago

    Only here for danielle

  11. Antonio Armstead

    Antonio Armstead14 days ago

    That shirt on point. Great style

  12. Nganba Mangang

    Nganba Mangang14 days ago

    We called it langja(ꯂꯥꯉꯖꯥ) in manipuri, northeast india

  13. The Michael

    The Michael15 days ago

    In search of what? Carry-on? Is this how my luggage doesn't make it to the aeroport? A condor took it midflight.

  14. Ale_Grate

    Ale_Grate16 days ago

    Too bad that the Andean Condor is considered extincted in my country 😔

  15. patoteto2

    patoteto217 days ago

    I wonder how they’re doing with the wild fires

  16. Revenant Wolzart

    Revenant Wolzart19 days ago

    and your pokemon t-shirt

  17. Revenant Wolzart

    Revenant Wolzart19 days ago

    love the music

  18. Apollo Rap

    Apollo Rap25 days ago

    Kill these in red dead a lot, i feel bad now

  19. Seba Ramirez

    Seba Ramirez26 days ago

    Qué hace Cristina volando por el cielo?

  20. Struffle monst

    Struffle monst27 days ago

    Why they don't kill their preys.!? 😂

  21. Brian Moore

    Brian Moore27 days ago

    Flag on the play. Lead bullets had ZERO I repeat ZERO to do with the problems the Condor faced. You hurt your cause when you spew propaganda. The studies that tried to claim lead bullets were a problem were all paid for by groups that wanted to backdoor an end to our Second Amendment freedoms. If you blindly believe every piece of propaganda thrown at you, you will wake up a slave.

  22. Akiku Hana

    Akiku HanaMonth ago

    Oh lala, Danielle, I didn't know you had a fable for ghost pokemon. Love it! Which one's your favourite? 😊

  23. SonkuBlast

    SonkuBlastMonth ago

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  24. Angie Davi Muller

    Angie Davi MullerMonth ago

    Danie, congrats for the drawings! but, please colour some of then, they re gourgeous! 💕

  25. Leonardo Crocetta

    Leonardo CrocettaMonth ago

    Those poor condors, adapted to a world that doesn't exist anymore, feeding on carcasses of animals that are long extinct. Humans will pratically force them into living while their days are numbered.

  26. ThaC00l Kid

    ThaC00l KidMonth ago

    The only condor species ive seen is the andian condor xd also, the protagonist from. The movie called space chicken or something like that is a condor named condorito

  27. Said Toshimaru

    Said ToshimaruMonth ago

    El condor pasa.

  28. Paul Cutler

    Paul CutlerMonth ago

    Do red tailed hawk please.

  29. IceWaspMega

    IceWaspMegaMonth ago

    The bird with the widest wingspans.....

  30. Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem

    Digicraftmon the Crystal GemMonth ago

    Well birds are dinosaurs.

  31. nachodorito

    nachodoritoMonth ago

    condors, the chilean bird.

  32. Ozzie 2.0

    Ozzie 2.0Month ago

    I really hate these birdies and i wanna live to see my 30s

  33. That one kid That don’t care

    That one kid That don’t careMonth ago

    One time I saw a great bustard on my phone and my sister said that bird looks like a bastard 🤣😂🤣

  34. Beckett H

    Beckett HMonth ago

    Digging the shirt

  35. hunter - Z

    hunter - ZMonth ago

    These gaint flying turkey

  36. Ninad Sheth

    Ninad ShethMonth ago

    A majestic bird a wonderful program

  37. ashish018690

    ashish018690Month ago

    Even their name sounds like name from Tolkiens world

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    Sergio VillasenorMonth ago

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    Ape X2 months ago

    I love the digital art this channel puts in their videos

  41. Cactus of The sandwings

    Cactus of The sandwings2 months ago

    They are like mega evolved vultures

  42. Enrique Ramirez

    Enrique Ramirez2 months ago

    The California condors are endangered in the wild but zoos and sanctuary in the state are breeding condors and releasing Into the Wild for the species would still be around.

  43. SquareKitten

    SquareKitten2 months ago

    I love your T-shirt, Danielle, cute. 😊

  44. robert mcpherson

    robert mcpherson2 months ago

    We got turkey vultures

  45. robert mcpherson

    robert mcpherson2 months ago

    In Ohio and Michigan

  46. How Depressing

    How Depressing2 months ago

    They must be like mosquitoes when dinosaurs and them where in the same era

  47. Soto Babatt

    Soto Babatt2 months ago

    Dinosaur live are komodo dragon. Indonesia

  48. R.Shankara shrish sujay

    R.Shankara shrish sujay2 months ago

    Wow imagine watching porn for hours using that tab , it would make millions easily 😂. So that they can donate more money to animal preservation . 😂

  49. ヤヒャ

    ヤヒャ2 months ago

    She said there are around 10,000 Andean condors. So it's the California condor that's endangered.

  50. John Mooc

    John Mooc2 months ago

    Vultures and Condors use Thermal up draft to stay up in the air for hours at a time without flapping. This is known as Thermal Soaring. Without it, they would have to flap their wings like any other birds. That's why you don't see these birds over oceans.

  51. levity90

    levity902 months ago

    Is there any animal that human beings haven't decimated? Jesus.

  52. Daniel Watson

    Daniel Watson2 months ago

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    1000 comment

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  57. runcycleskixc

    runcycleskixc2 months ago

    californian condors must be endangered because they are used in traditional californian medicine

  58. Manoj Mathew

    Manoj Mathew3 months ago

    Seeing thumbnail I thought it was a Dinosaur

  59. Sar Morales

    Sar Morales3 months ago

    In my freshman year I was in the wild life club and we drove to marble canyon to go see them and have a close up at the lead testing procedure! They're amazing creatures!

  60. Deku Visuals

    Deku Visuals3 months ago

    You mean Buzzard

  61. Choosy Beggar

    Choosy Beggar3 months ago

    Queen of thieves.

  62. The Last One

    The Last One3 months ago

    0:20 Meet the king of thieves Any Government: Am I a joke to you???

  63. alvaro quiroz

    alvaro quiroz3 months ago

    You made mistake it’s not true condor it’s not a thieve, they eat dead animals.

  64. Anduar_ Arts

    Anduar_ Arts3 months ago

    this video had me on a roller coaster of feelings 😶🤔🤔🤭😀🤨😟😕😔😞😓😤😌😶

  65. Expose The Luciferian Agenda

    Expose The Luciferian Agenda3 months ago

    Gorgeous woman

  66. Mee Hee

    Mee Hee3 months ago

    I spotted a pair of condors at the Grand Canyon. Their identity was confirmed by a ranger from a photo I took. What would they feed on?

  67. Doomed Friend

    Doomed Friend3 months ago

    i literally open up hundreds of tabs when making a video or doing homework, so yeah easy add. i am so glad i can help this way

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  69. Buddy

    Buddy3 months ago

    Why are all the cool or cute animals endangered but boring animals like livestock,pigeons or stinkbugs in the millions? We need to get livestock populations under control and burn stinkbugs in hellfire

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    Snake Whitcher3 months ago

    Thems is nothing but flying Skeksis.

  72. Michael Price

    Michael Price3 months ago

    Where did you get your ghost Pokémon shirt?

  73. nokaut456

    nokaut4563 months ago

    When you mention king of thieves, i thought you talking about a politician

  74. Nellie Broun

    Nellie Broun3 months ago

    i def see these in texas, idk why they said only two states? not true.

  75. Mustafa Carbaş

    Mustafa Carbaş3 months ago

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    Sunil Hebbar3 months ago

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    SparkedSoul3 months ago

    Wait I'm sorry, did you say they eat marine animals in Arizona? 😂 There's no ocean in Arizona LMAO

  78. A Person

    A Person2 months ago

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  79. Drio on soundcloud

    Drio on soundcloud3 months ago

    I have to write a 10 page paper but I'm sitting here watching birds LOL

  80. Bashful Wolfo

    Bashful Wolfo4 months ago

    Condors and Vultures are some of my favorite birds ever, and it's always heartbreaking to hear what went on with Cali Condors. I've lived in California my whole life (SoCal deserty region) and I think I've only seen about 3 condors in my life (plus the time we found a wing of one in our backyard with no others trace of condor). They're all such underrated birds

  81. Forge Klate

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  88. Yoktan Ha Ebri

    Yoktan Ha Ebri4 months ago

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  89. Myrinsk

    Myrinsk4 months ago

    I feel like we should let them go extinct do to lack of food and competition

  90. John Philip Fantonial

    John Philip Fantonial4 months ago

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    John Leven4 months ago

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    Casual Sleeping Dragon5 months ago

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    Kenneth Willoughby5 months ago

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    Ur_a_simp5 months ago

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