Kingfisher: Death from Above

The Kingfisher is a fish's worst nightmare.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Oaglor

    Oaglor3 days ago

    Tian-tsui ("kingfisher art") was so popular among Chinese crafters that the trade in kingfisher feathers contributed to the wealth of the Khmer Empire, even helping fund the construction of Angkor Wat.

  2. robertson Patrickson

    robertson Patrickson4 days ago

    A map showing te geography would be helpful.

  3. AcidicBuble

    AcidicBuble6 days ago

    What in the world is oceania?

  4. praveen kumar pmt

    praveen kumar pmt6 days ago

    Finally someone can beat Ronaldo in diving😂😂

  5. Deji Adeleye

    Deji Adeleye6 days ago

    Of lost actuality, or seeing what’s real oh

  6. James Amiel Macairan

    James Amiel Macairan7 days ago

    Can someone tell me what is the name of background music of this video? Thank you!

  7. Northerner Highlander

    Northerner Highlander8 days ago

    That ain't no ordinary bird, it's a Pterosaur

  8. Siddharth Sriram

    Siddharth Sriram9 days ago

    What was the gear you shot the kingfishers with? Brilliant.

  9. Michael Hall

    Michael Hall9 days ago

    I think a kestrel is the biggest hovering bird? I think! 🤔

  10. Muhammad Shabbir Hassan

    Muhammad Shabbir Hassan14 days ago

    Remove females and music from video not allowed in Islam Read Quran ALLAH your creator is talking with you Follow Islam because no salvation without Islam

  11. Sara Mu Humphries

    Sara Mu Humphries15 days ago


  12. Kevin Andre

    Kevin Andre16 days ago

    This camera work is excellent. How the hell?

  13. Retr0

    Retr017 days ago

    No dementor is gonna wanna F with me if this is my patronus.

  14. willy kamau

    willy kamau17 days ago

    King fisher panty remover

  15. choro mium

    choro mium17 days ago

    You said thanks for watching right? Let you know i am not watching those videos -- i am just watching you. Love ya

  16. Anudeep 01

    Anudeep 0119 days ago

    How did you film this???

  17. Winston Rodrigues

    Winston Rodrigues22 days ago

    You need to work out.

  18. Emilio Bohórquez Vargas

    Emilio Bohórquez Vargas24 days ago

    I only came here because I just found out my Patronus is a Kingfisher sooo...

  19. Papamunski Gaming

    Papamunski Gaming24 days ago

    Laughing kookaburra pronounced COOK-A-BURRA

  20. Gold

    Gold26 days ago

    0:26 thats...impressive!

  21. Howling Beats

    Howling BeatsMonth ago

    David Attenborough: "The Stukas of the animal world."

  22. Faizan khan

    Faizan khanMonth ago

    I really love this ancor girl..

  23. Chris English

    Chris EnglishMonth ago

    I am surprised there is no mention of how the Kingfisher got its name

  24. Eisen fell

    Eisen fellMonth ago

    That was a fishy Segue !

  25. Memes and games Everything

    Memes and games EverythingMonth ago

    So, basically hummingbird but in the water?

  26. Ack Jass

    Ack JassMonth ago

    Do they have polarized vision to see through the reflections on the surface of the water ? And telescopic vision to see acutely at a distance too ?

  27. AFMO Wildlife in Morocco

    AFMO Wildlife in MoroccoMonth ago

    Fantastic visualization and important parameters on a kingfisher bird. I am also a wildlife photographer in Morocco. Please see my AFMO channel

  28. Tahir Kader

    Tahir KaderMonth ago

    They. Are. Cool. 🐦

  29. Charles Koushik

    Charles KoushikMonth ago

    Believe me, these guyz have PhD on diving and accuracy... And pied kingfishers are amazing... They have PhD on diving, accuracy & gliding... The way they dive from a standstill position is mind boggling...

  30. Japan Nice Life and Event

    Japan Nice Life and EventMonth ago

    Thank you for wonderful videos. Kingfisher is also one of the most beautiful birds in Japan. I have made videos of kingfishers, too.

  31. Ronan Rogers

    Ronan RogersMonth ago

    Kookaburra is pronounced like the ‘u’ in put.

  32. S B

    S BMonth ago

    The blue coloured one comes at the backside empty plot of our house which gets filled with water after rain.😃

  33. Nert

    NertMonth ago


  34. Nert

    NertMonth ago


  35. frendo mann

    frendo mannMonth ago

    how did that camera get under that fish, amazing!

  36. Dawndroid

    Dawndroid2 months ago

    Manuk hurang.

  37. Chosen Architect

    Chosen Architect2 months ago

    Yes, I had to look up Old World & eventually Wallace line too. 😐

  38. Manuel Flores

    Manuel Flores2 months ago


  39. Whopping Liar

    Whopping Liar2 months ago

    they are not the largest bird to hover in place . A Kestral does the same but the prize goes to the short toed eagle. 1.80m wingspan

  40. Sk arman

    Sk arman2 months ago

    Sk Arman foram India

  41. Kalyan Kishur

    Kalyan Kishur2 months ago


  42. KingFisher c

    KingFisher c2 months ago

    Wait a second

  43. Sunil Khandagale

    Sunil Khandagale2 months ago



    ISO WORLD3 months ago

    their eyes must be better than an eagle's


    ISO WORLD3 months ago

    i love you danielle

  46. Theodore Peake

    Theodore Peake3 months ago

    I think the river kingfishers are the most beautiful they are a common bird in Britain they are one of the most well known species.

  47. Francisco Vargas

    Francisco Vargas3 months ago

    I love the The 100 reference in the title

  48. karthik krishna

    karthik krishna3 months ago

    Do u know what 8.5 metres long mean?

  49. Maize Mais

    Maize Mais3 months ago

    Target lock.

  50. ماجد المصري

    ماجد المصري3 months ago

    I saw some of the king fisher in Egypt always on the trees near small fresh water canals and the cocabora only at river Nile

  51. blues clues

    blues clues3 months ago

    1:42 image stabilisation 100

  52. Corvus

    Corvus3 months ago

    Kingfisher is such a badass name. It always reminds me of the Fisher King from the Arthurian legend

  53. Daniel Cajeta Jr

    Daniel Cajeta Jr3 months ago

    We have lots of kingfisher too here in phillippines.....

  54. Zahid

    Zahid3 months ago


  55. Henz Carl Tupas 328 Henz Carl Tupas 328

    Henz Carl Tupas 328 Henz Carl Tupas 3283 months ago

    The Kookaburra of Australia is the largest of the Kingfisher family

  56. Brian Wahome

    Brian Wahome3 months ago

    Okay, Defoe, That was an epic ad transition, Ill give you that.

  57. dek gato

    dek gato3 months ago

    The tengkek urang 😅😅

  58. Krishnakumar B

    Krishnakumar B4 months ago

    There are Dippers which has more ability to find prey inside the water

  59. Katie Robertson

    Katie Robertson4 months ago

    There’s a Kingfisher, about 10 mins from my house. Beavers, turtles, all kinds of other birds. I love seeing related animals in these videos.

  60. Mumtaz Ansari

    Mumtaz Ansari4 months ago


  61. basheer babu

    basheer babu4 months ago

    Love you

  62. Hitler Boy

    Hitler Boy4 months ago

    Love ❤️ you Honey

  63. Manny Llanes

    Manny Llanes4 months ago

    You so pretty

  64. cherrienob

    cherrienob4 months ago

    I apologise if this ha already been said, but at 1:25 you state that the Pied Kingfisher is the largest hovering bird in the world. This is not true. A Pied Kingfisher is 25-27cm long, whereas a Kestrel is 31-37cm long, and hovers to spot it's prey on land. Otherwise quite entertaining.

  65. vishnu Harale

    vishnu Harale4 months ago

    Love you😘

  66. Imnas Roland

    Imnas Roland4 months ago

    Thats why it wil NOT CALLED KINGFISHER for Nothing...hence the name...

  67. Motorola44 Rapid

    Motorola44 Rapid4 months ago

    Title: Master of the Dive.. Neymar cough cough

  68. Logan Buchanan

    Logan Buchanan4 months ago

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  69. Logan Buchanan

    Logan Buchanan4 months ago

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    Kesenia Berkicau SPY4 months ago

    Salam from Bali 🙏❤

  71. Jerwel Gorgonio

    Jerwel Gorgonio4 months ago

    Danielle looks like that crush I had during college but couldn't approach to because I once saw her kissing with her girlfriend.

  72. Crazy Tabs

    Crazy Tabs4 months ago

    All praise to the Almighty Allah who has created this world with perfection. And there are signs for the mankind to think about it.

  73. Kent Reymon Cuyos

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  74. Andy C

    Andy C4 months ago

    i freaked out a bit when it turned into a software ad

  75. Skye

    Skye4 months ago

    They're my favorite animals

  76. Pravakar Aryal

    Pravakar Aryal4 months ago

    I love you yellow t shirt girl....let's get married soon.

  77. Aaron Taylor

    Aaron Taylor4 months ago

    Kingfishers out here being savage omegalol

  78. carla c

    carla c4 months ago

    I think i just found my new favorite animal 😍😍😍 how fascinating!!

  79. Eric Remington

    Eric Remington4 months ago

    One of those bastards ate Ichigo's mom.

  80. Lakshya Singh

    Lakshya Singh4 months ago

    You are so beautiful.

  81. こなす使い

    こなす使い5 months ago

    Ang taba mo madam

  82. Eva Schenk

    Eva Schenk5 months ago

    I love these videos, but it's so sad to hear that the animal is endangered at the end of each one...humans suck.

  83. Incognegro

    Incognegro5 months ago

    Am I the only one who watches this channel only because of Danielle?? 😍

  84. The Whizkid

    The Whizkid5 months ago

    just saw one again, a few days ago at a small river in our forest in germany (Alcedo atthis)✌ just love them... they are amazing.

  85. Sheogorath , Daedric Prince of Madness

    Sheogorath , Daedric Prince of Madness5 months ago

    Awwww I want to pet it

  86. Sam Curtis

    Sam Curtis5 months ago

    Fun! It would be cool to add some info on how they can dive without getting hurt, some simple mechanics stuff like that!

  87. jdubb45

    jdubb455 months ago

    5:22 well played. Like a kingfisher, you swooped in with that ad when I least expected, before I could get away 😂

  88. chris miller

    chris miller5 months ago

    how water-reflects light I wonder even @ nite

  89. chris miller

    chris miller5 months ago


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    angna sulung5 months ago

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    Imli Akum5 months ago

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    PangLima Mancing Channel5 months ago

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  93. Some Random Bald Guy

    Some Random Bald Guy5 months ago

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    ALAM CHANNEL5 months ago

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    Nicole Ramage5 months ago

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    Jacob Camacho5 months ago

    I had no idea that kookaburras were kingfishers

  100. Mhamad Masri

    Mhamad Masri5 months ago

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  101. Nidhi Sharma

    Nidhi Sharma5 months ago