Sugar Glider: The Airborne Marsupial

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    AnimalogicYear ago

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  2. Peter Eiso

    Peter Eiso2 months ago

    Not at all interested !

  3. Ethan Skerry

    Ethan SkerryYear ago


  4. Laura Metheny

    Laura MethenyYear ago

    Well done. Thank you! I love that clip with the koala! Your drawing is fantastic!🐾🐨

  5. Average

    AverageYear ago

    Animalogic do an episode on bobbit worms velvet worms

  6. the real wreckitralph

    the real wreckitralphYear ago

    Animalogic you should do a video on siphonophore

  7. Colonize Me

    Colonize MeDay ago

    Do these guys just not get sores in their mouth?

  8. xaj154

    xaj154Month ago

    OMG! When are people going to learn? Tasmania IS Australia! It is an Island state separated from the mainland by the Bass Strait.

  9. Slicin Samurai

    Slicin SamuraiMonth ago

    I have one as a pet

  10. Kevin Written

    Kevin WrittenMonth ago

    mf doom

  11. heather edwards

    heather edwards2 months ago

    Have had them as pets. They are a wonderful but difficult pet to keep so don't keep them unless you have an endless income. Their diet is very expensive to properly feed them. They are lovely little babies though 😍 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  12. Peter Eiso

    Peter Eiso2 months ago

    If their bellies are lighter thal their backs why don't turn upside down when they glide ?

  13. David Burgin

    David Burgin2 months ago

    I had a pair. My ex's kids poisoned them with something. I had strong warnings about what not to feed them, so I can only imagine..

  14. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden3 months ago

    These animals are amazing. They're like superheroes or action sports stars.

  15. Charles Trulear

    Charles Trulear3 months ago

    1:07 I always thought they ate gumdrops.

  16. tehbonehead

    tehbonehead3 months ago

    Adorable flybois.

  17. Geminis Lion

    Geminis Lion3 months ago

    this is such a beautiful animal, please make a video bout the "sea cow" or "manati" in spanish

  18. DisneyWizardYensid

    DisneyWizardYensid4 months ago

    I used to keep these cuties as pets.

  19. NC Landscaping

    NC Landscaping4 months ago

    Hello there! have u seen Ray the flying squ- oh wait wrong animal

  20. Argya Dzakwan Prabaswara

    Argya Dzakwan Prabaswara4 months ago

    i want save your video🙏

  21. E. Tù

    E. Tù4 months ago

    this channel has truly gotten me through quarantine but I have one complaint as an Aussie the way you said kookaburra kinda killed me 😂 it’s cook-ah-baa-raa 😊

  22. E. Tù

    E. Tù4 months ago

    also Tasmania is technically a part of Australia 😂😊

  23. sockpuppetbitme

    sockpuppetbitme5 months ago

    Fyi there's also the tiny feather-tail glider. You can throw them like darts and I am not making that up. They are the size of a mouse and when you carefully throw them they just glide to the nearest tree and run straight up the trunk to safety. LOL

  24. BlindingLight

    BlindingLight5 months ago

    Flying squirrels but cuter

  25. 7stringprogmetalguy

    7stringprogmetalguy5 months ago

    So, it turns out Danielle has amazing taste in music too.

  26. Kiran

    Kiran5 months ago

    Species with opposable thumbs on hands : planetary annihilation level threat 💀 Species with opposable thumbs on feet : *KAWAII* *AF* 😘

  27. LoveWillRuinYourMind

    LoveWillRuinYourMind5 months ago

    i have three of these fuckers and they’re the sweetest little brats anyone could ever know

  28. Washy Shortshot

    Washy Shortshot5 months ago

    its pronoused cook-ka-bur-a not cook-ka- boo-ra

  29. Jenna Rachy

    Jenna Rachy6 months ago

    Tasmania is part of Australia

  30. vegasvampire66648

    vegasvampire666486 months ago


  31. animals the best

    animals the best6 months ago

    do a tasmanian devil

  32. jayknight139

    jayknight1397 months ago

    I want one.

  33. Glyza Bee

    Glyza Bee7 months ago

    This can also be found in philippines....

  34. Glyza Bee

    Glyza Bee7 months ago

    I saw thus when i was young...its fast

  35. Cracker Jack

    Cracker Jack7 months ago

    What a great superpower!

  36. Abiye Dakoru

    Abiye Dakoru7 months ago

    Please animalogic cover the kangaroo rat

  37. Thurein Tun

    Thurein Tun7 months ago

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GLIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. T BZ

    T BZ7 months ago

    Evolution is so cool

  39. Tiffany Kosbar

    Tiffany Kosbar8 months ago

    They eat other fuzzy animals like mice, and small lizards. Also in a colony other gliders with take care of the joey's too especially as pets, my 2 females would always allow each other's joey's in the other's pouch and even the older family members would let the babies ride around on them. They are NOT an easy pet to have and they have a long life in captivity about 15yrs. Do NOT get any on a whim but make sure you have at least 2 so they don't get depressed and do self harm.

  40. Sovereign Spirit

    Sovereign Spirit8 months ago

    By buying sugargliders you're supporting the illegal wildlife smuggling trade!!! Animals are smuggled under horrendous conditions, and do not deserve to live outside their ecosystems. Don't contribute to our wildlife extinctions!

  41. saitomora

    saitomora8 months ago

    I have 3 sugargliders of my own

  42. Alex Acquaah

    Alex Acquaah8 months ago

    I love the drawing

  43. Corrinne Russell-Osburn

    Corrinne Russell-Osburn9 months ago

    Fishing Spider , green tree frog . We love your show

  44. Siddharth Jha

    Siddharth Jha9 months ago

    Wow Danielle loves Haken!! Also thank you so much for your content.. Love it! :D

  45. Destiny T

    Destiny T9 months ago

    tree kangaroo that would be awesome

  46. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf9 months ago

    I have one as a pet

  47. Christopher Armstrong

    Christopher Armstrong9 months ago

    I was just working some land in California and seen 2 of these Lil dudes

  48. Christopher Armstrong

    Christopher ArmstrongMonth ago

    @xaj154 ur right, no I didn't. Because you were there.... Right

  49. xaj154

    xaj154Month ago

    Christopher Armstrong No you didn’t.

  50. Carolyn Nunes

    Carolyn Nunes9 months ago

    Please do the Flying-foxes of Australia! The mega fruit bats are awesome! They’re so cute that some people call them “sky puppies!” They had a catastrophic 2019! They will go extinct soon, if they don’t get help! The Spectacled gray headed flying-foxes are cute, as are the gray headed, and the blacks, and reds! It was love at first sight for me!

  51. Amy Lee

    Amy Lee10 months ago

    Make more

  52. GalloViking

    GalloViking10 months ago

    5:20 Even more important, make sure you don't get just one. They'll kill themselves of boredom.

  53. Robert Allen

    Robert Allen10 months ago

    Sick Haken shirt dude

  54. Kaerius

    Kaerius11 months ago

    But can they find me, time after time?

  55. Jayden Spice

    Jayden Spice11 months ago

    My absolute favorite animal. I've been wanting to learn more about these little guys. Thanks!

  56. Indigo Taylor-Noguera

    Indigo Taylor-Noguera11 months ago

    Let's do an episode on Greater glider (Petauroides volans).

  57. Courtie Shay

    Courtie Shay11 months ago

    They are so cute. Like furry little rats. They are like flying ninjas

  58. Brock Dain

    Brock DainYear ago

    Do one on cows

  59. Maria Blue

    Maria BlueYear ago

    make a video of Hercules rhino beetle please?

  60. Grown Woman

    Grown WomanYear ago

    so I'm gonna watch a tiny adorable thing eat a worm like a banana. nice but wtf

  61. B Pruett

    B PruettYear ago

    Yayayyyyyyyy I've been requesting this video for YEARSSSS

  62. slightlyHy

    slightlyHyYear ago

    Wow! How informative!! :)

  63. Rainbow26

    Rainbow26Year ago

    First up - Tasmania is part of Australia - it’s not a seperate place.

  64. Dakoya

    DakoyaYear ago

    Where can I buy one

  65. Dakoya

    DakoyaYear ago

    I want one as a pet

  66. Bread Boi

    Bread BoiYear ago

    I like feather gliders

  67. Lavada R Chapman

    Lavada R ChapmanYear ago

    Thank you for this great video. I have 9 gliders and I am always educating people on how much they need as a pet. I just acquired 3 from a neglectful home. This was a great great video.

  68. Sean W

    Sean WYear ago

    I request for a video for Sulcatas! They are 3rd largest torts species in the world and getting more popular as pets 😊

  69. Michael Mack

    Michael MackYear ago

    Flying squriel

  70. Larry Townsend

    Larry TownsendYear ago

    Lovely creatures, I've had a couple before

  71. clark 9099

    clark 9099Year ago

    Do squirrels

  72. Andy Castillo

    Andy CastilloYear ago


  73. MugenTJ

    MugenTJYear ago

    No need to go to another system for alien. Go to Australia.

  74. Cracker Jack

    Cracker JackYear ago

    My new favorite animal!

  75. KodRaiN

    KodRaiNYear ago

    Liking that Haken shirt :) that album is fantastic.

  76. sysneg

    sysnegYear ago

    I'd love to hold a pancake mouse in my hands one day.

  77. elijah

    elijahYear ago

    kim seokjin? your pet is here

  78. Jan marc Pajo

    Jan marc PajoYear ago


  79. Venkat Babu

    Venkat BabuYear ago

    F16. Or stealth.



    Evolution is a theory not truth....

  81. Trebor Ironwolfe

    Trebor IronwolfeYear ago

    @00:19: *Koala::* "Woah.. I seriously gotta cut back on the eucalyptus.. this tree rat looks SO real. Wonder if I can touch it..."

  82. Stefano Zappella

    Stefano ZappellaYear ago

    Give her a nobel for her shirt! Haken \m/

  83. The Science Man

    The Science ManYear ago

    Why do people have to make pets out of every animal they see? Leave them alone!

  84. LNK

    LNKYear ago

    There is a video on USlikes somewhere of one of these that seems to have adopted a human mother, every time they get separated it scurries so fast back to her pocket! I've also seen one that glides into a guy's hand.

  85. LNK

    LNKYear ago

    If these were bred and marketed as pets in Australia the escapees would make a more positive effect on the eco system than feral cats.

  86. Joe Caner

    Joe CanerYear ago


  87. • Fursoniia •

    • Fursoniia •Year ago

    0:21 nooo come back!

  88. João Vieira

    João VieiraYear ago

    In scientific names, the genus name must be capitalized. Petaurus

  89. Tin Dat Nguyen

    Tin Dat NguyenYear ago

    Tasmania is Australia

  90. spicy memes

    spicy memesYear ago

    I'm no gonna lie... I thought this Was a fortnite video

  91. J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅

    J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅Year ago

    Can I ride one into Combat?

  92. Dwaipayan Debnath

    Dwaipayan DebnathYear ago

    How about spectacle monkeys or clouded leopards ??

  93. Sivilow

    SivilowYear ago

    Wait they have two uterine so do they pee two streams?

  94. Audrey Long

    Audrey LongYear ago

    I would like a video of the kinkajou next please its a type of raccoon that lives in the jungle

  95. Christine Williams

    Christine WilliamsYear ago

    My mom says the look like rats but I really want one I'm trying to persuade her to get me one

  96. Joel John

    Joel JohnYear ago

    haken too? wow.. I like you more.

  97. wild ratty girl/Naia smith

    wild ratty girl/Naia smithYear ago

    The frack is a fluffy glider?!? Can I please be one?!?

  98. HOlLoW ZiLlA

    HOlLoW ZiLlAYear ago

    I have one she is brown


    EVIL JEDIYear ago

    ..... Phat cat 🐱

  100. TheBetterIsBack

    TheBetterIsBackYear ago

    Eddie the eagle!

  101. CyanJello

    CyanJelloYear ago

    I want one as a pet.

  102. Blitznstitch2

    Blitznstitch2Year ago

    People keep these as pets

  103. Vin Kav

    Vin KavYear ago

    sweetest?? try put your finger inside its enclosure, you’ll regret it:)

  104. Mike Swartz

    Mike SwartzYear ago

    Super cool!

  105. Harwin Francis Ramos

    Harwin Francis RamosYear ago

    Philippine Eagle

  106. Wolsky Hubert

    Wolsky HubertYear ago

    Make vid on saw fish or saw shark

  107. MadHatt3r

    MadHatt3rYear ago

    They sure are livin like a lover with a radar phone 😎

  108. Hope Sumney

    Hope SumneyYear ago

    I live in Texas and I have 2 little Suggies. They are so cute and sweet. Most owners who have done their research will give calcium vitamins in their food. Thank you for your videos

  109. Mike Mac

    Mike MacYear ago

    Kangaroo Mouse would be a great episode