These Animals Rip Their Limbs Off To Escape Danger

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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Writer, Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.
#SecondNature #HailHydra


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic8 months ago

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  2. Riena Larasati

    Riena Larasati4 months ago


  3. Momo C' they-she

    Momo C' they-she8 months ago

    Animalogic please do an episode on homosexuality/same-sex relationships in the animal kingdom!

  4. Shashank Goel

    Shashank Goel8 months ago

    Hey! Please do a small video about Proteus anguinus.

  5. Mozo rio

    Mozo rio8 months ago

    Can you do a video on the kakapo

  6. donttouchmycrown period

    donttouchmycrown period8 months ago

    Aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti aguti

  7. Pierre LeDouche

    Pierre LeDouche6 days ago

    "As a result they get less tail...." Oh I know you did NOT.... Shame on you. :^D

  8. Sal Altschul

    Sal Altschul8 days ago

    Heh. "Slug nub."

  9. Nellie Broun

    Nellie Broun14 days ago

    what is the movie from 6:05 from???

  10. Mark Jhon Pradia

    Mark Jhon Pradia17 days ago

    i wonder ..can human manipulate our dna in the future so that we can be like lizards that can regrow their damage body parts

  11. Flargarbason

    Flargarbason25 days ago

    You should have mentioned Skinks, who have bright blue tails so the predators will go for the tail instead of the body, so they can detach it.

  12. Flargarbason

    Flargarbason25 days ago

    6:19 They take both of their claws? Dude, that’s like being stranded in the woods and being unable to use your arms for a year. They might be able to live with one claw, but anyone who thinks they can survive with none is a complete moron.

  13. Cherryx

    CherryxMonth ago

    6:00 Are you dumb👁👄👁

  14. Cherryx

    CherryxMonth ago

    2:19 Wtf is wrong with people😀

  15. Maggie E

    Maggie EMonth ago

    I eat stone crabs all the time when I visit my parents in Florida. I think most fishermen only remove 1 claw so they can harvest from the same crabs.

  16. Alias Anybody

    Alias Anybody2 months ago

    Humans can just drop their shields, way less drawbacks.

  17. Liam A

    Liam A3 months ago

    I was waiting for that tail joke. Thank you

  18. Tokwa Randoms

    Tokwa Randoms3 months ago

    Jesus lizard, what a name hahahah

  19. marioreds

    marioreds4 months ago

    If only we could reproduce on humans their ability to regrow parts of the body.

  20. Rocky Solid

    Rocky Solid4 months ago

    Octopus: Am I a joke to you?

  21. Titanglass88

    Titanglass884 months ago

    So only female lizards can shed their tales?

  22. theRedhood24

    theRedhood244 months ago

    If lizards are the queen then who's the king?

  23. RIOT_ BABY22

    RIOT_ BABY224 months ago

    When that little kid ripped off the lizards tail I cringed

  24. Eric Gonzalez

    Eric Gonzalez5 months ago

    I look at this because she's hot... And I love her brain and old art😍

  25. Yuma

    Yuma5 months ago

    danielle looking hot yum

  26. Raza Bliss

    Raza Bliss5 months ago

    the ONLY interesting/funny thing I've heard in this episode is "JESUS LIZARD" lol made my weak, lonely, and tired monotone lockdown night.

  27. PinkSugary Pearls

    PinkSugary Pearls5 months ago

    Then there is the Crested Gecko. They can drop their tail, but it doesn't grow back, they just end up with a little nub. A once in a lifetime defense.

  28. Barney The purple dinosaur with Internet access

    Barney The purple dinosaur with Internet access5 months ago

    Anyone else brush their teeth in the shower

  29. Carly Hillen

    Carly Hillen5 months ago

    I think that person was a jerk. They showed that kid the lizard and pretty much said yeah rip it off and the kid looked happy that he ripped the limb off an animal. That’s how you make a serial killer

  30. Joseph

    Joseph6 months ago

    This chick is so sexy.

  31. Bob Marley life mattered Rasta lifes matters

    Bob Marley life mattered Rasta lifes matters6 months ago

    Fish in the scary insect mouth:help me... Scary insect with fish in his mouth...yum yum Friend of the fish that in the scary insect mouth....I can't help u Scary insect eating fish:ur next on the meal ticket....😂🖤

  32. Tj Taz

    Tj Taz6 months ago

    Ain't getting any tail if you don't have a tail lmao

  33. Cupid Manna

    Cupid Manna6 months ago

    No one: Absolutely no one: Not a single soul: Animalogic: *Jesus Lizard*

  34. GraceKuddles

    GraceKuddles6 months ago

    *basilisk. Jesus lizard sounds stupid af lol.

  35. Sterling Senior

    Sterling Senior6 months ago

    T-Bag entered the chart

  36. Matteo Nespoli

    Matteo Nespoli6 months ago

    "Look at the tail, bro!" First registered instance of this sentence being meant literally.

  37. DeadZedWalking

    DeadZedWalking6 months ago

    That's sounds pretty metal

  38. Creepy Hair Sniffer

    Creepy Hair Sniffer6 months ago

    does it hurt them though? or do they not feel pain when they do this? and do they control this or are their tails just built in a way that they easily break off?

  39. Art blender

    Art blender6 months ago

    I bought a degu because he had his tail torn off by a pen mate before he was purchased and i didn't have much hope for him where he was, rule number 1 never buy an animal out of pity, the little dude lived for like 7 years.

  40. Blankspace

    Blankspace6 months ago

    That's why I always lost my homework. It was a defense mechanism.

  41. Smug Dancer

    Smug Dancer6 months ago

    When a hunter grabs a lizards tail and it breaks its tail off Hunter: *THIS IS BULLSHIT UUUUUGGGHHHH!!*

  42. adam

    adam7 months ago

    Me: **gives the lizard tail a very light touch** Lizard Tail: Y E E T

  43. Kylie Powell

    Kylie Powell7 months ago

    Never pick up a rat or a mouse by the tail because they’ll twist and turn until the skin falls off.

  44. Kaisergun

    Kaisergun7 months ago

    Little Piccolos.

  45. Fabio Vieira

    Fabio Vieira7 months ago

    Don't let your cats eat any parts of lizards, they can transmit Plastinosomosis, a dangerous disease.

  46. Darwin Gu

    Darwin Gu7 months ago

    "...Jesus lizards..." (Animalogic, Jan. 31, 2020)

  47. Francis Jean

    Francis Jean7 months ago

    I prefer second nature for the music and black&white old TV footage :D

  48. bufo geist

    bufo geist7 months ago

    danielle: orbweavers are the most common arachnid autonomizer harvestmen: am I a joke to you?

  49. John Smith

    John Smith7 months ago

    While it is cool I’d say it’s low tier because they could possibly end their play through with that trick

  50. HotSoss

    HotSoss7 months ago

    Show one more movie clip from the 1900s... I dare you

  51. Rikuto Koo

    Rikuto Koo7 months ago

    *bill cypher axolotle flashbacks*

  52. Bod3n

    Bod3n8 months ago


  53. Clockwork Kirlia

    Clockwork Kirlia8 months ago

    I love love love the production quality on Second Nature. It's always top-notch and the stylish presentation really helps keep the mind focused on the cool science!

  54. Starlight Fox

    Starlight Fox8 months ago

    If i had this ability i would mostly use like this: Oh, sorry teacher, i can't do the test, my hands fell off

  55. AiNoMijo XD

    AiNoMijo XD8 months ago

    I remember catching a lizard but when i saw what i had in my hand it was his tail still wiggling like a worm and me freaking out lol

  56. Carlos Danger

    Carlos Danger8 months ago

    I'd like to see Danielle drop that tail

  57. nuclearjanitors

    nuclearjanitors8 months ago

    I don't think Danielle is going to talk about breeding in this presentation but I'll watch anyways :(

  58. Mason Carey

    Mason Carey8 months ago

    Gives the predator a tasty snack too 😉

  59. Ocho Verde Wildlife

    Ocho Verde Wildlife8 months ago

    Thank You Animal Logic! My footage at the 00:00:51 mark of the Iguana Tail looks great! Glad that it worked out! However, could you correct our channel Name in the Description? Its Ocho Verde, not Octo Verde. Thanks.

  60. Kan CK

    Kan CK8 months ago

    Where did the 'drawing picture in the background' format go?

  61. Magikar2

    Magikar28 months ago

    2:20 f that kid

  62. kleenxwipes

    kleenxwipes8 months ago


  63. Alex Anderson

    Alex Anderson8 months ago

    "Let him go 🦝"

  64. Oshe Shango

    Oshe Shango8 months ago

    It's an invasive species. Dude is cleaning up.

  65. mehmet esat mes

    mehmet esat mes8 months ago

    Please don't put film clips it looks like trash there is no need for it

  66. Copperhead5858

    Copperhead58588 months ago

    look at the tail brah

  67. july a.

    july a.8 months ago

    Jesus lizard ! cool name

  68. S shauni

    S shauni8 months ago

    Nobody: Fisherman: op you want sum crab legs

  69. Noriaki Kakyoin

    Noriaki Kakyoin8 months ago

    Dude that kid who pulled the tail off of the lizard on the pool noodle pissed me off so much, the parent just allowed him to do that like the animal is just for entertainment. Makes me sick when parents let their kid abuse animals.

  70. Philistine Grace

    Philistine Grace8 months ago

    I once had a crested gecko that had jumped out of it's tank while I was trying to clean his tank. I screamed for my kids to get the cats out of the room. They came and did. We shut the door trying to find where this damn gecko flew off too. Those suckers can jump! After about 30 minutes of trying to get this dude, my son got him. In the process, the gecko dropped his tail. The gecko was secure back in his house, and we had this creepy flopping dropped gecko tail on my floor. What do you do with a dropped and flopping tail? Well, with king snakes around, nothing gets wasted 😅

  71. Kiran

    Kiran8 months ago

    Danielle has a talent of making the most deadliest things sound cute.

  72. Lucy Parker

    Lucy Parker8 months ago

    I imagine when those lizards loose their tails it hurts a lot, right? I think.


    DUSTINE_X PLAYZ8 months ago

    0:22 hahakdog

  74. TheReverseEffect

    TheReverseEffect8 months ago

    I do this too

  75. Jasiah Keyz

    Jasiah Keyz8 months ago


  76. Juan E. Buret

    Juan E. Buret8 months ago

    What is wrong with the comments, I want to keep reading and it keeps disappearing???!!!! Aaahhhh

  77. Subhmay Patra

    Subhmay Patra8 months ago

    I love this channel 😘 It's so informative. Love it ❤

  78. Kitsco G

    Kitsco G8 months ago

    Heeey it’s that movie I saw from mst3k! 0:23

  79. Tyyrant

    Tyyrant8 months ago

    This is one of the best USlikes channels I’ve seen around for a while! All of your stuff is absolutely fascinating!!

  80. jg pliskin

    jg pliskin8 months ago

    Team up with zefrank if you're cool

  81. SLAVA

    SLAVA8 months ago

    I had a nile monitor as a pet, did he use his tail as a weapon? Yes. Did I wish that it would fall off? Yes.

  82. Zeteri Aoizawa

    Zeteri Aoizawa8 months ago

    You should do Ribbon Eels

  83. Tristan Simpson

    Tristan Simpson8 months ago

    Can we have a video about geckos?

  84. Tristan Simpson

    Tristan Simpson8 months ago

    I didnt know that iguanas had autotomous tails.

  85. Momo C' they-she

    Momo C' they-she8 months ago

    Animalogic please do an episode on homosexuality/same-sex relationships in the animal kingdom!

  86. Jonathan's PLayhouse

    Jonathan's PLayhouse8 months ago

    This was a really cool video. You gained a new fan:) Thanks Animalogic

  87. Vijay Iyer

    Vijay Iyer8 months ago

    Do pigeons next..

  88. Matthew Nolan

    Matthew Nolan8 months ago

    I love your channel! Id like to request one on the coyote. :)

  89. Hip Hop Demon

    Hip Hop Demon8 months ago

    I dont give a damn what anyone's says or what they think. Danielle is gorgeous. It may be werid to some but were all human and we have have had someone who we think is very attractive. Have you seen those videos "thirsty tweets"? But I just do seriously think shes gorgeous

  90. Mystery Man

    Mystery Man8 months ago

    "Eject that shit cuz"

  91. Kenneth Satria

    Kenneth Satria8 months ago

    I prefer eating the whole crab anyways. Their claws are like chicken breast, the best part's actually the "finger" inside the claws.

  92. Midgematic

    Midgematic8 months ago

    *child literally pulls tail off lizard and smiles* Thats a psychopath in the making

  93. Telugu Club

    Telugu Club8 months ago

    Hey girl i like you and i want to be your friend my whatsapp is +916305707704

  94. Leejulong YT

    Leejulong YT8 months ago

    “Jesus lizard”

  95. Fastronaut

    Fastronaut8 months ago

    I'm liking this new video format!

  96. Rod A

    Rod A8 months ago

    I recommend a crawfish and lobster video

  97. Snap

    Snap8 months ago

    Jesus lizards

  98. Huitzilin Flores

    Huitzilin Flores8 months ago


  99. Elijah Piekarek

    Elijah Piekarek8 months ago

    You should collaborate with Tier Zoo

  100. Fadden Ridder

    Fadden Ridder8 months ago

    I love so much animal logic. I was just reading, two weeks ago, about Squamata synapomorphies and one of them is autotomy, and than you made this video. This isn't the first time it happen. I love how you collect impressive footages, with a very interesting text and info compilation and mix all them with musics that sounds like Stranger Things series, and with very old videos (I can only imagine how hard to get the specicific scenes for scpecific moments on the script.

  101. Medina Ragipovic

    Medina Ragipovic8 months ago

    Please make an episode about Horn Bills, they are sp cool and pretty

  102. TemplarWrath

    TemplarWrath8 months ago

    Animalogic and TierZoo crossover when?

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    boss trash8 months ago

    what about earless monitor lizards for another video?

  104. Adri King_xD

    Adri King_xD8 months ago

    Talk about the tree kangaroo!!!Its soooo CUTE AS HELL!!!

  105. Tiffany Edwards

    Tiffany Edwards8 months ago

    I don't think it's okay to show clips of people hurting animals for their own fun. It's animal abuse and pretty uncomfortable to watch.

  106. Mojo jojo

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  107. Mojo jojo

    Mojo jojo8 months ago

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