Orangutan: King of the Treetops

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Siphonophore

    Siphonophore8 hours ago

    1:38 me at 3AM waiting for my hot pockets to finish

  2. Bronze-Hawk

    Bronze-Hawk13 hours ago

    We need to do everything to save our ape brothers

  3. Ty E

    Ty EDay ago

    That last part was sexy orang-u tan

  4. Ty E

    Ty EDay ago

    The females like the flange

  5. donald .j trump

    donald .j trumpDay ago

    Yall should see that one video where an orangutan gets a bannana stolen from its mouth

  6. Pete Con

    Pete ConDay ago

    Fun fact orangutans are our furthest closest relatives 🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧 🦧🦧I also like orangutans🦧🦧

  7. Tuna On A Stick

    Tuna On A Stick2 days ago

    It's gonna be very difficult to impossible to save these great apes.... The more the population grows in their areas the less they'll have homes. I'd be really impressive of they don't die out in a few decades.

  8. 14th Ivy

    14th Ivy2 days ago

    Humans suck man. Just can’t let anything live. Or at least take a break so their numbers can regroup 😫

  9. Kelsey Ricks

    Kelsey Ricks2 days ago

    This is actually my favorite animal.

  10. Flopping fish67 Fishy boi

    Flopping fish67 Fishy boi3 days ago

    Mans was eating his bugger

  11. Flopping fish67 Fishy boi

    Flopping fish67 Fishy boi3 days ago

    Idc that 1 spelled it wrong

  12. Ednagettobed

    Ednagettobed3 days ago

    Sex trade? With humans? That is depraved.

  13. Sir Realism

    Sir Realism3 days ago

    Uh oh

  14. Debabrata DasBurman

    Debabrata DasBurman3 days ago

    probably this one s d best coat ever...

  15. NatziBrandSoda

    NatziBrandSoda3 days ago

    0:24 thought my screen was scratched up for a sec there.

  16. scenczyk1429

    scenczyk14293 days ago

    So many anazing things i didn't realise that wowed me in this video. So many more that made me incredibly sad. Sex slave orangutan?! Shame on us

  17. binod tharu

    binod tharu4 days ago

    5:45 a very western world logic. They have to either kill orangaton or be killed from their poor economic conditions.

  18. My Account

    My AccountDay ago

    Yeah. It is so easy saying that they should be in jail while you live in a urban center with everything at your dispposal.

  19. ToucanO

    ToucanO5 days ago

    DO TOUCAN PLS (like this comment if u agree)

  20. Wondergirl RBLX

    Wondergirl RBLX5 days ago

    *why did I laugh at the thumbnail-*

  21. Gari Hernandez

    Gari Hernandez5 days ago

    all of them are named Maurice for some reason.


    THAT RANDOM MEME MAN5 days ago

    is it ok to rescue oragatans from hab loss and keep them in an enviroment almost identical

  23. kingMadnus

    kingMadnus6 days ago

    So we’re gonna ignore the fact that she just say orangutans are sold into the sex trade?

  24. Rahad Hussain

    Rahad Hussain6 days ago

    Eyes of the orangutan in the thumbnail looks similar to that of Cardi B

  25. CTB

    CTB6 days ago

    “Sold into the sex trade.” B, what?

  26. Did Someone

    Did Someone6 days ago

    WTF @5:06 "a orangutans was sold in to the sex trade" ???? I cant un hear that!

  27. Ram Ranch

    Ram Ranch6 days ago

    se* slave? wtf!? That's why humans getting lots of viruses.

  28. Yo ShawTay

    Yo ShawTay6 days ago

    annoying wow

  29. Imran Ullah

    Imran Ullah7 days ago


  30. Rithik Chauhan

    Rithik Chauhan7 days ago

    Next bird Hornbill

  31. Dutch Van Der Linde

    Dutch Van Der Linde7 days ago

    The wisemen of the Animal Kingdom

  32. ben bundidsilp

    ben bundidsilp7 days ago

    Forget human go back become monke

  33. Florida Man

    Florida Man7 days ago

    There is four species of Orangutans.

  34. APassersby

    APassersby7 days ago

    So wait. If we share a load of DNA with Orangutans, and we also share a lot of DNA with bananas, and an Orangutan eats a banana, is that basically a whole cannibalism?

  35. poop pee

    poop pee7 days ago

    this is all bullcrap lie

  36. Consuelo Amortegui

    Consuelo Amortegui8 days ago

    Why do humans have to kill these animals?

  37. Jerome Marmol

    Jerome Marmol8 days ago

    4:03 mood

  38. Russell Hughes

    Russell Hughes8 days ago

    Why can't people share the world? We don't own this planet.

  39. Dream Catcher Pone

    Dream Catcher Pone8 days ago

    Le monky

  40. vevo

    vevo9 days ago

    Ugh i hate humans. Like can we stop, don’t we have enough city’s and roads.

  41. Comrade Seanski

    Comrade Seanski9 days ago

    the drawing looks like the pedo orangutan from part 3

  42. Andrew Griffin

    Andrew Griffin9 days ago

    Of course in Asia another animal getting fucked .

  43. sciure sci

    sciure sci9 days ago

    Imagine actually believing a 40 kg animal can eat 11k calories a day lol

  44. Ray Cosby

    Ray Cosby9 days ago

    Wow the vocal pattern is extremely irritating.

  45. Prime J

    Prime J10 days ago

    Human goes two ways, Orangutan Path or Chimpanzee Path.

  46. Mufarowashe Mangwiro

    Mufarowashe Mangwiro10 days ago

    Sex Trade? Wait a minute...

  47. Ogga Chaka

    Ogga Chaka10 days ago

    Haha monki

  48. Sami SAADI

    Sami SAADI10 days ago

    I saw a documentary once that contained the perfect solution to this issue, it was called Rise of the planet of the apes I think.

  49. Marcelo Murrer

    Marcelo Murrer11 days ago

    They can shoot guns too

  50. King Santa Cruz

    King Santa Cruz12 days ago

    If they wander into my farm, I would be more prone to try and give it a high five. I don't know but they are just a straight MOOD! I just want to vibe.

  51. Nariod14

    Nariod1413 days ago

    1:35 dat do be a pose tho

  52. Knoxville Hermit FREE Movies, Music and More

    Knoxville Hermit FREE Movies, Music and More13 days ago

    Why do the orangutans move so slowly like a sloth?

  53. ً

    ً13 days ago


  54. raul_mark

    raul_mark14 days ago

    5:28 Wtf.....?

  55. Lonell Kenzo A.C

    Lonell Kenzo A.C15 days ago

    In Indonesian Orangutan is forest human

  56. Todd Howard

    Todd Howard16 days ago

    We're just apes afterall. Female humans prefer flanged males too

  57. i like memes guy

    i like memes guy16 days ago

    Hark i hear the gentle call of a vulnerable orangutan female

  58. Gobber !

    Gobber !16 days ago

    >was sold into a sex trade Time for a fricking crusade

  59. ixi

    ixi16 days ago

    Nice guilt trip within the first 15 seconds

  60. Alex Spalding

    Alex Spalding17 days ago

    People that shoot animals like that on sight are a lost cause . How can you be that cruel

  61. Alex Spalding

    Alex Spalding17 days ago

    I hope those farmers are murdered in whatever jail they are rotting in

  62. swankswag

    swankswag17 days ago

    01:37 dude looking like the local bum looking for his next person to pander coins from 😂😂😂

  63. Douglas Crespo

    Douglas Crespo17 days ago

    Curiosity Stream! Best app ever. Well worth the money


    GRITTY THE G18 days ago


  65. Pupper

    Pupper18 days ago

    Wait they sold an orangutan to the SEX TRADE?

  66. James Klark

    James Klark18 days ago

    get punked, orangutans!

  67. #godwill rise

    #godwill rise20 days ago

    Sold into the sex trade! WTF!!!

  68. Te3time

    Te3time20 days ago


  69. Constantine Polydore

    Constantine Polydore20 days ago

    Please let me take you on a date

  70. The_Heart_Chakra

    The_Heart_Chakra20 days ago

    I wonder if gorillas and orangutans 🦧 would get along?

  71. cookie

    cookie19 days ago

    Orangutans would prob stay away from them, they are like druggie gorillas

  72. Joe Williams

    Joe Williams20 days ago

    “The more powerful he is, the greater the phlange”

  73. maritocin

    maritocin21 day ago

    1:39 NBA Youngboy

  74. Sonny

    Sonny21 day ago

    Anyone else hate the lady

  75. Stephen Brand

    Stephen Brand21 day ago

    Pretty sure babies stay with their moms a lot longer than 2 years, more like up to 7

  76. not2tees

    not2tees21 day ago

    Danielle is so cute, and . . . .oh yeah, the orangutans .

  77. Keahi Duarte

    Keahi Duarte20 days ago

    Haha very funny

  78. DisappointingPorn

    DisappointingPorn21 day ago

    Whaaaaaaat???? Mothers and their offspring spend far longer together than just two years

  79. Charl0z1

    Charl0z122 days ago

    Why are third world farmers like this

  80. Eddard Stark

    Eddard Stark22 days ago

    after watching many of this channels videos i'm convinced that Danielle Dufault is a furry. no judgement, just saying.

  81. Tenni Baul

    Tenni Baul22 days ago

    I love Orango's. They're my favorite animal right after dogs.

  82. m mohammed

    m mohammed23 days ago

    No they are of your relative white peoples relatives not mines Quit pushing its old fake Rockafella history

  83. JustZacky

    JustZacky24 days ago

    Don't mind me... Em just procrastinating.

  84. Ethan H

    Ethan H24 days ago

    I'm starting to think everything's number one predators are humans.

  85. Dippythediplocaulus

    Dippythediplocaulus26 days ago

    "i wanna be like yoooouuuuu"

  86. MorallyAwkward

    MorallyAwkward26 days ago

    A female orangutan was sold into sex slavery in SE Asia. Please tell me she read the cue card wrong 🤢.

  87. ZakyCODM

    ZakyCODM26 days ago

    Most of us say : we should stop deforestation , but the thing is , it’s not us...

  88. Tristin Shewmake

    Tristin Shewmake27 days ago

    "hey look at this ape, it's so close in evolution to humans. Let's commit genocide on it."

  89. Zak Antione

    Zak Antione27 days ago

    I hope they learn how to shoot guns

  90. BROmeliad1

    BROmeliad128 days ago

    It makes me sad that these beautiful animals are critically endangered.

  91. Tt_gamer Blank

    Tt_gamer Blank28 days ago


  92. Truman Way

    Truman WayMonth ago

    Umm did she say they sold orangutans into the sex trade.

  93. FJ Light Gaming

    FJ Light GamingMonth ago

    Fun fact Humans is the highest treat

  94. PyrotecnicTurtle *

    PyrotecnicTurtle *Month ago

    Le monke is king

  95. Vladamir Priboi

    Vladamir PriboiMonth ago

    The male orangutans are strangely very similar to Michelle Obama

  96. keith

    keithMonth ago

    What an un-informed person, she has no clue. Go back to the basement that your parents own.

  97. keith

    keithMonth ago

    Climate change huh? That's what caused the fires on the west coast, climate change, NO? What you mean no? Of course climate change is responsible for all the bad weather, even starting the fires by themselves. Oh wait, never mind, the 8 ARSONIST that's already been caught. How many has contributed to climate change. Ask Australia. 80% of their fires was ARSONISTS. Ask Australia how they feel about climate change. Now, ask America how they feel about climate change, then ask America what they think of ARSONISTS. So when some fool claims its climate change, they don't realize how stoopiiid they actually sound.

  98. Will Hodges

    Will HodgesMonth ago

    Sold into the sex trade? Some people are no more than savages

  99. Pablo

    PabloMonth ago

    I’m gonna say it: monke

  100. babygirl Aaliyah

    babygirl AaliyahMonth ago

    Omg save the orangutansss!!!!

  101. Gothbeast11

    Gothbeast11Month ago

    This made me very sad...

  102. Gabby 1niguez

    Gabby 1niguezMonth ago


  103. Ilham Rizqi

    Ilham RizqiMonth ago

    I work in palm oil, just doing little thing with our PC 200, just need money my bro. What i gonna do ?

  104. My Account

    My AccountDay ago

    Searched a lot to see a comment like this. What a shit suggestion she made of “not buying palm oil at all”. Yeah, do not buy this and let poor people die of hunger. People from First World annoys me when talking about enviromment.

  105. Red Riot Eijiro Kirishima

    Red Riot Eijiro KirishimaMonth ago

    Me, wondering what poachers catch/kill orangutans for: 🤔 Poachers: 4:58 Me: YOU WHAT