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Hosts: Danielle Dufault, Tasha the Amazon, Jess Keating
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Writer, Researcher, Associate Producer, Camera Operator: Andres Salazar

Ocelot: The Mini Jaguar
  1. Cult Of Sogga

    Cult Of Sogga3 hours ago

    What time is it

  2. CerberaOdollam

    CerberaOdollam3 hours ago

    Cats eating other cats is weirdly sad.

  3. huldu

    huldu3 hours ago

    It's fascinating that some animals are just deemed "perfect" and haven't evolved for millions of years. Guess why bother changing what works?

  4. Ewerton Almeida

    Ewerton Almeida4 hours ago

    Love the drawings

  5. scott overholt

    scott overholt4 hours ago

    Normally I would move away but if they charging my picnic... Well We shall defend our picnic what ever the cost may be. We shall fight them on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills. We will never surrender.

  6. Fei D

    Fei D4 hours ago

    My parents: Wasps won't hurt you. Me: Shows them this video. My parents: Let's call an exterminator to get rid of these wasps.

  7. Rii Amri

    Rii Amri4 hours ago

    Can i have one?

  8. James Vick

    James Vick4 hours ago

    What the orifice do 😳

  9. steven ramrodd

    steven ramrodd4 hours ago

    I wouldn't eat my own feces would you?

  10. steven ramrodd

    steven ramrodd4 hours ago

    Its a Cuomo!

  11. steven ramrodd

    steven ramrodd4 hours ago

    So basically it's a new York rat!

  12. Commish/Flock Baltimore productions

    Commish/Flock Baltimore productions5 hours ago

    that colored poster is just absolutely jaw-dropping amazing

  13. Nasrullah Baloch

    Nasrullah Baloch5 hours ago

    I need one, they are so cute ❤❤😍😍

  14. Grayson Good

    Grayson Good5 hours ago

    Floaty teddy bears with a massive sex drive

  15. Briant2AJ

    Briant2AJ5 hours ago

    Atheris is the best!

  16. blooberry pie!

    blooberry pie!5 hours ago

    I honestly love Geese, I’ve never been chased by one and there’s a pond in my neighborhood.

  17. random gamez

    random gamez5 hours ago

    And spider crabs 😳

  18. Landon Carroll

    Landon Carroll5 hours ago


  19. Ben P

    Ben P6 hours ago

    3:05 that is an assumption.

  20. Demetrise Livingston Jr

    Demetrise Livingston Jr6 hours ago


  21. Ben P

    Ben P6 hours ago

    2:52 Not how diversity works. Nature adapts, it does not "diverse". New genetic material will be created if it needs to be created. Evolution denier.

  22. Teresa Montalvão

    Teresa Montalvão6 hours ago

    Could have been that the name came from the comparison of their beak with secateurs?

  23. Eky Zulliansyah

    Eky Zulliansyah6 hours ago

    toilet everywhere

  24. Yah Ya

    Yah Ya7 hours ago

    I hate them

  25. Byron Tseng

    Byron Tseng7 hours ago

    Can u do one on the Rainbow Eucalyptus. So u can complete the Indonesian wonder flora trio, alongside the Corpse Flower and the Rafflesia

  26. MrPeluca

    MrPeluca7 hours ago

    you mean güiña

  27. Amrita Kang

    Amrita Kang8 hours ago


  28. Alijah Murphy

    Alijah Murphy8 hours ago

    Why you dressed up like a ninja?

  29. omid mandegary

    omid mandegary9 hours ago

    She used wing span for a crab!!!

  30. Fred Ken

    Fred Ken9 hours ago

    please no more puns :/

  31. omid mandegary

    omid mandegary10 hours ago

    HOLY F*CKING CRAB!!! Me when i saw the crab eating a poor bird alive

  32. Navigator Mother

    Navigator Mother10 hours ago

    That idiot who picked up the Cowrie in his palm in 1965... poisonous as hell.

  33. Navigator Mother

    Navigator Mother10 hours ago

    It seems some countries can't be trusted with helpless animals or any other kind. If there's a way for the poor man to make money off the stupid rich man... these parts of the globe are the destination for you. From fake animal rescues to fake medicines and dog meat festivals- those little creatures never stood a bloody chance.

  34. Gianne Paulo Garcia

    Gianne Paulo Garcia10 hours ago

    mosquito is natures population control

  35. yogon kalisto

    yogon kalisto10 hours ago

    did native reveg in a wetland which had little islands with wombats living on them, was pretty lovely

  36. Enrique Ramirez

    Enrique Ramirez10 hours ago

    3:52 (Dinosaurs bellowing)

  37. No One

    No One10 hours ago

    survive 5 time mass extinction, perhaps Tardigrade's origin is not from Earth ?

  38. S Venter

    S Venter12 hours ago

    I love geese. They are smart, funny and loyal.

  39. Yoran van Dijk

    Yoran van Dijk12 hours ago


  40. oreo wonderfilled

    oreo wonderfilled13 hours ago

    Frogs: Poison Snakes: Venom Mongoose: Anti-Venom Skunk: Fart

  41. Jai Carr

    Jai Carr13 hours ago

    Total BS, I know a SandSlash when I see one

  42. Roger Phelps

    Roger Phelps13 hours ago

    Talk about the Rainforest being destroyed and deforestation🤗

  43. Shirley Crosner

    Shirley Crosner13 hours ago

    Check out the Red Panda - so adorable 😍 ❤

  44. Kelly Burket

    Kelly Burket14 hours ago

    Oh yeah!!! By far smarter!!!

  45. Mira Coqueiro

    Mira Coqueiro14 hours ago

    Anahí D'amico larga a profissão de psicologia, volta no tempo e da aulas de biologia. Entenda o caso

  46. Zoro Roronoa

    Zoro Roronoa14 hours ago

    not only that but sometimes male pretend to be female so that how it is "Traps" learn it from cuttlefish


    MES SAMURAI14 hours ago

    Jeepers creepers where they get those peepers.

  48. Jon R.

    Jon R.14 hours ago

    I thought that thumbnail was fake before watching... 😯

  49. Blue_JBots

    Blue_JBots15 hours ago

    Dang... I need a bane of arthropods sword now

  50. Aria

    Aria15 hours ago

    I used to have one as a pet. Pet crabs are underrated.

  51. j r

    j r15 hours ago

    The cat small cat

  52. The Dapper Dummy

    The Dapper Dummy15 hours ago

    I feel like moose are the Canadian version on American horse

  53. TheNobleGamer

    TheNobleGamer15 hours ago

    Me: "my blood" Ticks: "our blood"

  54. Vincent Torrijos

    Vincent Torrijos16 hours ago

    It only doesn’t cause mass violence because it chooses not to

  55. Rian White

    Rian White16 hours ago


  56. Oh Pioneer TV

    Oh Pioneer TV16 hours ago

    Grunge sent me

  57. 1TalldrinkH2O

    1TalldrinkH2O16 hours ago

    Cainism- a reference to how Cain murdered his brother Able due to jealousy in the Bible.

  58. Joshua Brinton Autry

    Joshua Brinton Autry17 hours ago

    I got one of these as a kid, as well as a pitcher plant, but my climate was extremely arid and it was impossible to keep the humidity high enough without specialized equipment.

  59. juke box hero

    juke box hero17 hours ago

    Celsius? What the hell does that mean? 40? -25? Metric is bullshit.

  60. Nothingtoseehete

    Nothingtoseehete17 hours ago

    The plural really is platypuses. I’ll be go to hell.

  61. Abdiel Juarez

    Abdiel Juarez17 hours ago

    0:09 not true

  62. Hechael Bamba

    Hechael Bamba17 hours ago

    shark pog

  63. Just Ah Trucker

    Just Ah Trucker17 hours ago

    8:25 straight savage

  64. Killer 420

    Killer 42018 hours ago

    False, black bear

  65. Yuri Ohma Connor

    Yuri Ohma Connor18 hours ago

    3 minutes in all I heard was we should have sent them all to hell

  66. Yung Oni

    Yung Oni18 hours ago

    so it is a possum

  67. TC4rmthabay

    TC4rmthabay18 hours ago

    I love how this video was recommended to me today 😂 happy 4/20 my fellow stoners 🍁💨

  68. The Giant Mollusk

    The Giant Mollusk18 hours ago

    uh, Tremors anyone?

  69. Pavan Kumar

    Pavan Kumar18 hours ago

    Discovery? They have always been known

  70. Peko With a bat

    Peko With a bat18 hours ago

    Wait, it's not the ONLY poop sprinkler-?

  71. Brian Kopp

    Brian Kopp19 hours ago

    if you're interested in viewing USlikes making up words after I check them to make sure everything was right I double checked it to make sure everything was right before I posted this comment my last comment Jordan Wells b******* I never said that the hell you cannot trust what you read on USlikes they make up their own words even after you double-check them to make sure everything is perfect and you push send suddenly changes and now it's unintelligible crap

  72. Arly Thatcher

    Arly Thatcher19 hours ago

    Deforestation. How embarrassing Indonesia

  73. People don't wanna hear the truth, but

    People don't wanna hear the truth, but20 hours ago

    Who else is watching this on 4/20?

  74. Monkey Haters

    Monkey Haters20 hours ago

    This video should have been 4:20 Minutes long

  75. ZellyKat

    ZellyKat21 hour ago

    After hearing about the bird being ripped apart, I get an Ad about cooking chicken wings.

  76. Weary Traveler

    Weary Traveler21 hour ago

    This video contains little in the way of real information and, in fact, does not really tell the truth! Cannabis Sativa actually has very low fiber content and is not used for rope, fabric or paper! That would be Cannabis Ruderalis which is, in fact, what we really call Hemp! No one in their right mind would use Cannabis Sativa or even Cannabis Indica to make such mundane items as rope or paper as their "medicinal" and/or psychotropic effects would be much more valuable! None of which is found in Cannabis Ruderalis or Hemp! This is a misinformation glossing video that does not truly tell the story of one of the most amazing plants on this planet! If you can't tell the real story please don't just blow words out your hole to make yourself sound informative!

  77. HypersonicMonkeyBrains

    HypersonicMonkeyBrains21 hour ago

    There must be some similar cats that are also suited to northern winters, in other countries such as Russia, Norway, Alaska etc. I wonder if some of those could be introduced and even create hybrids with the F1 scottish wildcats, to make them even stronger.

  78. HypersonicMonkeyBrains

    HypersonicMonkeyBrains21 hour ago

    The Romans hunted the Eurasian lynx to extinction, what total assholes.

  79. Dave Brockie

    Dave Brockie21 hour ago

    Cannabis indica is superior

  80. whitewolfcomings

    whitewolfcomings21 hour ago

    There no crocodile in South America,,,in the beginning she said crocodile.....there are alligators...caimans