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Animalogic Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Director, Producer and Director of Photography: Dylan Dubeau
Hosts: Danielle Dufault, Tasha the Amazon, Jess Keating
Editors: Jim Pitts and Cat Senior
Writer, Researcher, Associate Producer, Camera Operator: Andres Salazar

  1. Maric

    Maric23 hours ago

    you know what will also eat kittens and birds? pretty much any other omnivore, carnivore and WAY too many of the herbivores! goodamn cows snack on mice and rats now and then if they can catch them

  2. Chan Boy

    Chan Boy23 hours ago

    I will end the bogus research programs with a burning fist! Blehhhhh

  3. Born Justice Rule

    Born Justice Rule23 hours ago

    They are Mythical Creatures. 🤲🏿🌊🌌🤙🏿

  4. Junior Mynos

    Junior Mynos23 hours ago

    How exactly do indigenous people hunt whales?

  5. Born Justice Rule

    Born Justice Rule23 hours ago

    They have all of the Oceans on Our entire Planet to explore. What a an Awesome Life! 🤲🏿🌊🌌🤙🏿

  6. Bazzboda

    Bazzboda23 hours ago

    While I am looking forward to Polypterids, considering the painted dogs situation painted dogs would be great.

  7. Born Justice Rule

    Born Justice Rule23 hours ago

    i love this version of US 🤲🏿🌊🌌🤙🏿

  8. Gwendolyn Nowlan

    Gwendolyn Nowlan23 hours ago

    i'm from ontario this makes me sick. keeping wolves in cages. wtf let them free

  9. Saturnian Rings

    Saturnian Rings23 hours ago

    Such Beautiful creatures.

  10. Donuts

    Donuts23 hours ago

    Do all whales have single lobed lungs making the breathing out pretty much always a sneeze? I saw somewhere that sperm whales are like that but I'm not sure about other species, I believe it was super dangerous if they got pneumonia!

  11. lilsplace

    lilsplace23 hours ago

    As an English UK person, I'm gonna take the wolf / dog society "Mirrors ours" challenge... In UK english english.. "Mirraaz auwazzz".. no probs mate.. US / Canadian english... for some obscure reason.. "Mirroaarrwwwwss auoowwwwrrrrrrrzzzzs awuoooooo".... turning into a werewolf cry.... 🤨😏😄

  12. PSYCOMMUnist

    PSYCOMMUnist23 hours ago

    Love your Monster Hunter hoodie Danielle! Would love to see coverage for boa constrictors.

  13. Tsula Agenati

    Tsula Agenati23 hours ago

    I love how victorious the music is

  14. Eypick

    Eypick23 hours ago

    My compliments to your composer.

  15. DeadZeroX

    DeadZeroX23 hours ago

    Pretty sure one of these days someone will be offended by the animal great white shark.... coz of the term white.. sigh what has society come to... still great vids tho. Nc way to promote awareness to earths animals

  16. Cidney Lysander

    Cidney Lysander23 hours ago


  17. Dimas Maheswara

    Dimas Maheswara23 hours ago

    Do bowmouth guitarfish

  18. wizo kuro

    wizo kuro23 hours ago

    9:00 the phone...

  19. TeeKay Couture

    TeeKay Couture23 hours ago

    Give me a baseball bat

  20. Miss Magpii

    Miss Magpii23 hours ago

    People that let their kids pull lizards tails (there's several yt videos) need a smack. Thats so unfair and the parents act like it's a joke.

  21. Tree the oak

    Tree the oak23 hours ago

    You remind me of David suzukis daughter who had a show called "Nature Quest." It was essentially Canadian kids version of krats creatures; which as a boy living in Northern Ontario was awesome. But seriously animalogic and the whole team behind the channel are just awesome!

  22. Crysta Leitch

    Crysta Leitch23 hours ago

    Best job ever. 🥰

  23. Turbo Kong

    Turbo Kong23 hours ago

    Always love a new video from yall. Nature is so cool!

  24. KeysAndOs#5 HatesYouTube #2

    KeysAndOs#5 HatesYouTube #223 hours ago

    And my week was made the second I heard Danielle speaking. I love watching and listening to her, absolutely beautiful in every aspect!

  25. CaidenSmay The great!

    CaidenSmay The great!Day ago

    Little do people know..., it’s a gentle giant :)

  26. Brisan Comstock

    Brisan ComstockDay ago

    ive never noticed a wasps body design because i run the second i see one

  27. Robert Quinn

    Robert QuinnDay ago

    Have you don a video about magpies? And if you dident, then please make one!

  28. Dread Mage

    Dread MageDay ago

    Thank you for another amazing video

  29. catbyte 06

    catbyte 06Day ago

    They're such magical creatures. I go to Maui every chance I get in the winter to watch them. I was bummed out this year because I had to cancel due to you-know-what, but was able to roll over my condo reservation to 2022. I can't wait. They really are breathtaking. You'll never, ever forget the first time you see one of them launch his/her body entirely out of the water.

  30. Pamela Mays

    Pamela MaysDay ago

    I love the animation of your art work.

  31. Rodasart

    RodasartDay ago

    That soundtrack tho 👌 🔥 🔥 🔥

  32. Penitent Hollow

    Penitent HollowDay ago

    I love Japan but they are the worlds third largest economy, they really have no need to hunt whales and I wish they would see and understand that.

  33. theo roelofs

    theo roelofsDay ago

    can you do another reptile video?

  34. RoboDuck

    RoboDuckDay ago

    What an experience 🐳💕🥰

  35. Rajendra Limbu

    Rajendra LimbuDay ago

    Pizzatoru anyone???

  36. S M

    S MDay ago

    Why does the title have me so confused?

  37. ZttackFrmBhind

    ZttackFrmBhindDay ago

    I'd love to learn about Angel Sharks



    My Friday is complete

  39. Jennifer ofHolliston

    Jennifer ofHollistonDay ago

    Plans to move whales ... can we not? Can we just let the whales figure it out?

  40. Booty Bandit

    Booty BanditDay ago

    PLEASE, do a video on American Bison. I would love you all forever if you did.

  41. Isaias Diaz

    Isaias DiazDay ago

    Can you please do elpahants or or some kind of mammal in Canada I know there Aren’t elephant in Canada but do like research and use videos already online please

  42. Liam Brandley

    Liam BrandleyDay ago

    Grey whales are absolutely majestic. I would love to see a video on blue whales quite possibly the largest animal that will ever exist

  43. Idk . Trey

    Idk . TreyDay ago

    3:10 they're so magical they shoot rainbows

  44. Kimi

    KimiDay ago

    Gesundheit <3

  45. Sarah J

    Sarah JDay ago

    Out there chasing tail. 😂❤️

  46. felicia garcia

    felicia garciaDay ago

    Adds adds adds WOW 5 adds in 12min. Done with your channel. Bye

  47. Mac Dietz

    Mac DietzDay ago

    Omfg im so sick of vague assumptions of data from before we were keeping records being presented as fact. Id love to hear how anyone could even speculate how many whales there were before the EVIL HUMANS came.

  48. DSS1998

    DSS1998Day ago

    The person who disliked this video should be fed to the.........whales.

  49. Nick Rogers

    Nick RogersDay ago

    I love whales❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  50. Blue Battlecry

    Blue BattlecryDay ago

    hamsters like bubba sawyer.

  51. TZ Gaming

    TZ GamingDay ago

    "look at the tail, what a fluke!" 🙄😂

  52. Brace For Impact

    Brace For ImpactDay ago

    @2:54 is that a dang Beast Wars reference?? Awesome.

  53. Seedhill Bruiser Music

    Seedhill Bruiser MusicDay ago

    you're so lucky, seeing whales in the wild! How totally cool. I'm disabled and housebound in a council estate in scotland, so to see these amazing animals in the wild is fantastic and I'm so glad your youtube channel lets us housebound people see these wonderful animals. Thankyou, you lucky things you!

  54. Eh h

    Eh hDay ago


  55. Eliandro

    EliandroDay ago

    Hahaha gezondheid indeed

  56. KoldBreeze 3100

    KoldBreeze 3100Day ago

    I remember reading somewhere that Grey Whales were once called Devilfish centuries back because they had a predilection for attacking and capsizing small hunting boats

  57. Gathsidespoison

    GathsidespoisonDay ago

    do fin whales too!

  58. Matthias Morse

    Matthias MorseDay ago

    danielle you're like the canadian edition of steve irwin i love you 💕

  59. george fleming

    george flemingDay ago

    Sorry, but at 1:09 those images are sooo wrong.

  60. Dethchainbern

    DethchainbernDay ago

    Is this where you get knuckle sandwiches from?

  61. Jimstaboodle Ooferson

    Jimstaboodle OofersonDay ago

    Can we learn about salamanders next episode?

  62. KoldBreeze 3100

    KoldBreeze 3100Day ago

    If I have to be honest, I come here for the animals, but I stay for Danielle

  63. Spaceshark Writer

    Spaceshark WriterDay ago

    Yes, the hobbit of the penguin world

  64. D347H_45H

    D347H_45HDay ago

    Idk man, the title is a bit sussy

  65. Dameion Rose

    Dameion RoseDay ago

    Love the videos‼️ but how do u not get scared being so close 😨

  66. THE lettuce

    THE lettuceDay ago

    Roadrunner please.

  67. Sonny Evans

    Sonny EvansDay ago

    27,000 KG😮😮....jeeeeez!!!!

  68. Zanir

    ZanirDay ago

    3:56 now we know what are Made the kangreburger...

  69. Zinxler

    ZinxlerDay ago


  70. Corbin Fitzpatrick

    Corbin FitzpatrickDay ago

    Such beautiful creatures

  71. مغامراتVFX

    مغامراتVFXDay ago


  72. Mathias Van pee

    Mathias Van peeDay ago


  73. Robloxian Orange

    Robloxian OrangeDay ago


  74. Quim Medina Rubio

    Quim Medina RubioDay ago

    There's a fish whose name is literally xenomorph fish

  75. Russian duckling 0w0

    Russian duckling 0w0Day ago


  76. ali abdullah

    ali abdullahDay ago

    Gharial snoots must be booped

  77. Animalogic

    AnimalogicDay ago

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  78. BasicCatastrophe

    BasicCatastropheDay ago

    A wasp that can literally dissolve skin.... Not the highest on the insect pain index... Me: "I'm out. Laters all. You have fun with that shit."

  79. deenibeeniable

    deenibeeniableDay ago

    Leave it to the chinese. They think anything remotely phallic looking is the "traditional" form of viagra. It's disgusting, primitive.

  80. Squiddy

    SquiddyDay ago