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Animalogic Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
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Hosts: Danielle Dufault, Tasha the Amazon, Jess Keating
Editors: Jim Pitts and Cat Senior
Writer, Researcher, Associate Producer, Camera Operator: Andres Salazar

Ocelot: The Mini Jaguar
Fairy Penguins are Thicc
  1. LiamBlox

    LiamBlox7 hours ago

    Doesn't seem like this one delivers baby's.

  2. Jesse Corens

    Jesse Corens7 hours ago

    Nah...I mean...nah

  3. Mushuraki

    Mushuraki7 hours ago

    Can you pleeeeease do an animal logic on false Killer Whales and Also Blue Whales? Unless I missed the video

  4. Abegail Nisola

    Abegail Nisola8 hours ago

    Am I the only one who's eating?

  5. Donuts

    Donuts8 hours ago

    Haahaa giving flies mad diarrhea, nice

  6. kef0y33t _

    kef0y33t _8 hours ago



    TEEBEUTEL HODEN8 hours ago

    I don't wanna talk about it.

  8. TMR

    TMR8 hours ago

    Australia looked at the rule book and said, 'Nah, here's a platypus.'

  9. lukas0275

    lukas02758 hours ago

    I thought male bees dont really leave their hive?

  10. FRSH STZ

    FRSH STZ8 hours ago

    Monkey cat

  11. личная правда

    личная правда8 hours ago

    I just can't resist, you are so cute.

  12. ᚃᚂᚑᚐᚈᚔ ᚆᚓᚐᚇ

    ᚃᚂᚑᚐᚈᚔ ᚆᚓᚐᚇ9 hours ago


  13. Pinoy Heartbeat

    Pinoy Heartbeat9 hours ago

    So the shoebill calls are similar to language of The Predators. Shoebills are the B-52 bombers of the bird family.

  14. Dimitri Isov

    Dimitri Isov9 hours ago

    What's in its mouth at 2:55?? It looks like a gigantic insect

  15. Caesar

    Caesar9 hours ago

    That squid in the thumbnail looks like one of those spiders in the Mandalorian.

  16. song phuc nha han

    song phuc nha han10 hours ago

    video sing apik, aku pengen dadi kancamu ok?

  17. Петро Блоксторі

    Петро Блоксторі10 hours ago

    Wow! I live in Ukraine and I had no idea about battle dolphins. That's interesting. Also, that zoofilia stuff was criepy as hell.

  18. David M

    David M10 hours ago

    Video: you might be thinking this looks like a dinosaur Me: nah ...pretty sure its a bird

  19. Pro gamer Ultimate

    Pro gamer Ultimate11 hours ago


  20. Distortion

    Distortion11 hours ago

    A sticky situation

  21. Clouded

    Clouded11 hours ago

    my brothas

  22. Dicky Arya

    Dicky Arya11 hours ago

    The only ants I hate is the household one

  23. Tahzi Bizimungu

    Tahzi Bizimungu11 hours ago

    0:43 Jaguars aren't as cute as Danielle

  24. dress for the dystopia you want

    dress for the dystopia you want11 hours ago

    You forgot to mention the breeding program that the USDA promoted. That's the main reason why geese are so numerous in N. America

  25. Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix11 hours ago

    Evolved Evolved matter how many times you breed a dog with a dog you will never get a cat.....even after millions of years...

  26. lolcopter

    lolcopter12 hours ago

    Tardigrade explaining Tardigrade

  27. Moro Ent

    Moro Ent12 hours ago

    It looks so dumb

  28. Aayush vigil

    Aayush vigil12 hours ago


  29. Texas Thomsen

    Texas Thomsen12 hours ago

    The image of the frog with the spider is freaking adorable. The frog is that tiny loud mouth friend who gets in the shit and the spider is the thugish ruggish bone bone bone.

  30. Smells like Napalm

    Smells like Napalm12 hours ago

    Ha. I caught what you said in the beginning, "it's been fungi's"

  31. Someone who just tired

    Someone who just tired13 hours ago

    Imagine just sit and chilling and someone took a shit in your mouth

  32. SirTopHat

    SirTopHat13 hours ago

    Donkey deer on steroids

  33. Arush Patil

    Arush Patil14 hours ago

    That fungus reminds of something 😏

  34. savingprvtryan

    savingprvtryan14 hours ago

    Just got to say I appreciate the transformers beast wars reference brought me back to my childhood

  35. Goblin Slayer

    Goblin Slayer14 hours ago

    yeah? but can they play basketball?

  36. Terrex Corbin

    Terrex Corbin16 hours ago

    I wonder what's your favorite animal you like to be but feared danielle

  37. Spookay It's Me

    Spookay It's Me16 hours ago

    6:00 ... That's why you're supposed to douche! 🤢

  38. Spookay It's Me

    Spookay It's Me16 hours ago

    0:20 ... "It's been fun-gus" ??? 👁️👄👁️ I see what you did there 👀 👁️👄👁️ Very punny 😉😅

  39. Jonathan Lee

    Jonathan Lee17 hours ago

    The fart sound is the best

  40. Ira Antalan

    Ira Antalan17 hours ago

    Hey its Perry the Platypus

  41. Kubo Raleng

    Kubo Raleng17 hours ago

    Next Houbara bustard bird pls.

  42. David Murray Holland

    David Murray Holland17 hours ago

    Can't we send a bunch to Antarctica? Because Global warming is cyclical.

  43. Siberian Tiger

    Siberian Tiger17 hours ago

    Gibbon please Gibbon

  44. Quokka Master

    Quokka Master17 hours ago

    Sand Cat: The King of the Cuteness

  45. Spookay It's Me

    Spookay It's Me17 hours ago

    The mothers don't just lick their babies, they actually blow warm air into the fur to kinda blow up and puff them their pups ☺️

  46. -Alpha Highs-

    -Alpha Highs-18 hours ago

    Just Kardashians

  47. SirHell

    SirHell18 hours ago

    Virgin noisy house cat VS Chad fishing cat

  48. Elijah Fuller

    Elijah Fuller18 hours ago

    They've been seen eating what the hell?!

  49. GrizzlyPandaMusic

    GrizzlyPandaMusic18 hours ago

    are you single? o:

  50. Ngọc Hà Nguyễn

    Ngọc Hà Nguyễn19 hours ago

    King of Desert for being the Cutest?

  51. King Of Bel

    King Of Bel19 hours ago

    If it wasnt bad enough that parasites invades and live inside your body, imagine one that does all that AND changes your body to look like a females...

  52. Mira .45

    Mira .4519 hours ago

    For those of you in 2021 wondering how the disease is going. By 2023 they will die more but plateau at about 12,000 Devils. From these 12k they have treated and have "overcome" the disease they will bounce back. The Species is proven "saved" at the moment.

  53. Peege Clarke

    Peege Clarke19 hours ago

    He has a clam ... and a rock . Ooo we're lucky 💖 IS THAT AN OCTOPUS 🐙 😳

  54. King Of Bel

    King Of Bel19 hours ago

    These little pieces of shit are one of the worst plagues of Nature. Sometimes my previous dog used to get a ton of those, and sometimes I would see those things crawling around the walls. Its seriously disgusting to look at, and kinda makes me angry just to think about them.

  55. KP 1940

    KP 194019 hours ago

    POG fish

  56. James Cliff

    James Cliff19 hours ago

    Americans should use metric systems for length......

  57. Padget D

    Padget D19 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure predators don't hunt by looking for tracks. They hunt by scent and sight of movement.

  58. Corey Manjarrez

    Corey Manjarrez20 hours ago

    I am a tattooer in and if I’m drawing an animal and get a little stuck on structure building I just watch your videos thanks 🤘🏻

  59. amaccoy

    amaccoy20 hours ago

    imagine not knowing about these and stumbling across a devil's fingers during a solo walk in the forest at twilight.

  60. Ryading Panaakalantayan

    Ryading Panaakalantayan20 hours ago

    capitalism is natural

  61. Jonathan Stone

    Jonathan Stone20 hours ago

    How do they taste? Oh damn they're poisonous

  62. Phoebus Larson

    Phoebus Larson21 hour ago

    Would you rather: Be a bird or be a fish

  63. Mike Lentsch

    Mike Lentsch21 hour ago

    4:40 - holy smoke! Show the rest of that clip!!

  64. Samuel Monroy

    Samuel Monroy21 hour ago

    A lot of ding dong talk

  65. Raven

    Raven21 hour ago

    As somebody who only has experience with gourmet mushrooms the first time I saw the Australian stinkhorn I thought I would get some spores and cultivate it like an ornemental houseplant but then I learned that they were called stinkhorns still disappointed about it

  66. Michele Cipko-Zhang

    Michele Cipko-Zhang22 hours ago


  67. Jefferson Villatoro Osorio

    Jefferson Villatoro Osorio23 hours ago

    So yesterday I went to the San Diego zoo safari park and I saw this animal and I never knew they exist there amazing and there pure yellow color is cool too

  68. Cajun Beats

    Cajun Beats23 hours ago

    i want to hug it

  69. JR Williams

    JR Williams23 hours ago

    Great exposition. Too bad you weren’t able to record the underwater hunt of the octopus; which would have garnered your video 3x as many views. 😞 👍next time you will get’em! Btw was the otter a male or female?If the 🐙 hunter was a female did it share it with its pup; if male did it consume it all, keeping i all greedily for himself? lol

  70. Yoko Banana

    Yoko Banana23 hours ago

    They also glow under black light!

  71. thetubefish

    thetubefish23 hours ago

    WAS NOT expecting Waspinator reference!

  72. Rocky Dubois

    Rocky Dubois23 hours ago

    Fake news. Coconut crabs are not poisonous to humans!

  73. Mischift

    Mischift23 hours ago

    0:09 Risky move there buddy...

  74. The Atlas Joker

    The Atlas Joker23 hours ago

    Let’s just be happy he’s the size of your pinky and not your forearm

  75. Calebe Dantas

    Calebe DantasDay ago

    ''fEmAlE rUlEs'', result: they eat rotten flesh

  76. Pure Gold

    Pure GoldDay ago

    Wombat poo looks like Moroccan hash

  77. D. Sylvain

    D. SylvainDay ago

    come on, in terms of species classification, it is just the cousin of the hyena.

  78. Amar Basu

    Amar BasuDay ago


  79. Shane Williams

    Shane WilliamsDay ago

    “Gharials can’t sprint on land” 6:29

  80. Moose

    MooseDay ago

    As a Moose myself, I say that this is accurate