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  1. Nico Tiotuico

    Nico Tiotuico2 minutes ago

    is this a shiny rayquaza

  2. skankhunt42 skankhunt42

    skankhunt42 skankhunt423 minutes ago

    if Danielle ain't narrating, I ain't watching

  3. Rekha Agastya

    Rekha Agastya7 minutes ago

    Can you make a vedio about snakehead fish

  4. Ken W

    Ken W9 minutes ago

    I know that i was subscribed to this channel in the past but for some reason I stopped getting suggested videos and today I had subscribe again.

  5. Anubhab Das

    Anubhab Das10 minutes ago

    Maned wolf's legs be like: 🦊 / \ / \

  6. Lola Ryder

    Lola Ryder13 minutes ago

    Why have I never heard of this animal after 50 years?

  7. Cyril

    Cyril14 minutes ago

    Sure that wasn't an Egyptian Vulture curved into that wall?

  8. Ami

    Ami15 minutes ago

    I'm sorry the maned WOLF isn't a wolf...

  9. The Daily Egg

    The Daily Egg18 minutes ago

    I think I caught one of these in a pokeball

  10. Aaron French

    Aaron French25 minutes ago

    Nice of her to talk over the barking video

  11. Sleepy Pup

    Sleepy Pup27 minutes ago

    I saw a picture of these things in my science book when I was little, I always thought they were tiny. Just now do I know they're actually huge

  12. #Here's Your TRIGGERWARNING

    #Here's Your TRIGGERWARNING37 minutes ago

    I wanna see her maned 🦊 wolf

  13. Quinn Grey

    Quinn Grey45 minutes ago

    Why did the thumbnail change?

  14. Ko Zero

    Ko ZeroHour ago

    My spirit animal!

  15. Judith Walker

    Judith WalkerHour ago

    Funny you don't bother to mention that citizens the world over raised their voices together in the 70s? demanding that hunting of humpback whales be stopped! And it was! Without the worldwide outcry, they too would be gone!

  16. B P

    B PHour ago

    Kim kada family in general

  17. Mr. Smiles

    Mr. SmilesHour ago

    I guess you could say there the ufo’s of the sea

  18. Markoosh

    MarkooshHour ago

    You have a loose definition of the word "Cute"...

  19. Salvador Reyes

    Salvador ReyesHour ago

    I hope people don't just buy into the evolution and bogus dates they throw at you.

  20. Manasjyoti Rabha

    Manasjyoti RabhaHour ago

    Gha not gaa 🙂

  21. Aladite Crystal

    Aladite CrystalHour ago

    I cant believe they made Alf into a real thing

  22. Dimas Gilang

    Dimas GilangHour ago


  23. Z32 Nissan

    Z32 NissanHour ago

    I bet humans are more dangerous than Cassowaries. We need to respect their space, because they become unpredictable. After all they are beautiful dinosaur's.

  24. dancingclo

    dancingcloHour ago

    Hey ANIMALOGIC :) I love your channel and you Danielle! I have been working with humpbacks and I just wanted to flag to you that your footage at 7.22 ish is actually right whales ;) And that no one has been able to conclusively tell why they sing. A male singing for example, has never been witnessed finishing by being selected by a female to then mate. But there are many theories and until we can actually communicate them we we may never know. You should go to TONGA and swim with the mums and babies. It will change your life. They mate and birth there. Ye deserve it :) Also, they have incredible altruistic behaviour and make the same hormone for empathy and connection as we do: OXYTOCIN :) (Part of my research.) If you want a great fictional read, I recommend "FLUKE" really funny and all about their songs. If you want advice on what companies are respectful of the whales in Australia and Tonga, where you can swim with them without harming their natural behaviour or indeed freezing to death, etc. Just message :) KEEP up the Super work! Love to ye all in these tumultuous times x

  25. darkburn star

    darkburn starHour ago

    Jaime Fox 🔥🦞🦐

  26. Gary Gene Mckenzie

    Gary Gene Mckenzie2 hours ago

    Is there any way to REINTRODUCE this species back into NORTH AMERICA ???

  27. Tsch

    Tsch2 hours ago

    200 reais

  28. J

    J2 hours ago

    Damn that Bambi joke... too soon bro

  29. LlamasRBest 9327

    LlamasRBest 93272 hours ago

    Bandicoot 1.0 rejected

  30. Bale Monte

    Bale Monte2 hours ago

    I think Fiona is a total fox and a dear. That lucky guy.

  31. MyTube

    MyTube2 hours ago

    Evolution class: Fox eating radioactive rabbit --> maned wolf

  32. I am become Seth

    I am become Seth2 hours ago

    What was that folk song that played toward the end?

  33. Thiago Oliveira

    Thiago Oliveira2 hours ago

    Wait, you play rocket league?? Tyr_Caesar, that's my nick, add me

  34. Graeme Gunn

    Graeme Gunn2 hours ago

    "I'm sending them NEW DIRECTIONAL COORDINATES. They'll find JIMMY HOFFA before they find any HUMPBACK WHALES."

  35. The Wild Report

    The Wild Report2 hours ago

    Such a neat video, amazing cinematography and information throughout! It's insane that individual whales can be recognized by their tail alone, what an easy way to keep track of them. I'm an undergraduate student at NC State and a amateur wildlife videography whose been creating content on USlikes for a little over five years now. I've reached out before, but would be really interested in working with you to collaborate on some videos or really in any other capacity that I could be useful if that's something you would be interested in. I have in the field videography experience, as well as plenty of hours logged video editing and marketing. Please shoot me an email any time ([email protected]) and hopefully we can find a way to work together! -Ben Zino of The Wild Report

  36. NoWork NoFood

    NoWork NoFood2 hours ago

    Logic does not add to 8 million years - try again!

  37. Nerdlin Geeksly

    Nerdlin Geeksly2 hours ago

    They should try to immunize the sagas from that bacterial infection in their nose

  38. Lil'Autistie

    Lil'Autistie2 hours ago

    Imagine trying to explain to the cops that, "Sorry officer, I got high off of a wolf". But your high, so it would be more like, "Sorry man, got drunk of a wolf, or a fox, or a deer, or a wolf, but it was a fox, and then it turned into a deer, then barked like a wolf"

  39. EuphAsta

    EuphAsta2 hours ago

    The most dissatisfying part of of the video 5:53

  40. Nerdlin Geeksly

    Nerdlin Geeksly2 hours ago

    "You guessed it Western Mongolia" No I didn't, I thought it was eastern Mongolia:/

  41. Roger Enright

    Roger Enright3 hours ago

    LOL...that chic doing the narrating bounces around like she has to go pee really bad.

  42. Emily Kovacs

    Emily Kovacs3 hours ago

    The video got really interesting until you mentioned evolution. Such garbage.

  43. jinni jinn

    jinni jinn3 hours ago

    So we can pet him

  44. Raissa Oliveira dos santos melo

    Raissa Oliveira dos santos melo3 hours ago

    Lobo guará filhona

  45. Urban Pimp

    Urban Pimp3 hours ago

    'Evolution' my ARSE!!! Can you or these so called scientists prove that?

  46. Madam Delphine Lalaurie

    Madam Delphine Lalaurie3 hours ago

    i find myself binging these videos

  47. Lecram Pierre

    Lecram Pierre3 hours ago

    I now love her. Saving my self for for Tina Fay though..Then if by chance Tina never becomes available, then Calista, the Dragon Queen of Game of Thrones fame shall have me.But if for some STRANGE reason that doesn't happen, then she is third in line to get a crack at all of this.

  48. Avery Wynn

    Avery Wynn3 hours ago

    When you said that the roosters were black on the inside I thought you mean that they were mean 😭

  49. Phuck You

    Phuck You3 hours ago

    You said crime scene clean up crew of the animal world. I would say that many other animals are cadavar eaters if i am not mistaken. Great channel

  50. Nova Linosvaeth

    Nova Linosvaeth3 hours ago

    While they're not domesticated moose can technically be tamed and lose their fear of humans. There's a research facility in Palmer Alaska that has a few moose and they research how they're digestive system works and other such things. I went there on an FFA trip once and it was really interesting seeing moose get really excited at the sound of a chainsaw. they knew it meant that trees would be downed and they'd be able to strip the branches.

  51. Alliewassogood

    Alliewassogood3 hours ago

    Legg-wolf-deer-fox-4/20 boi

  52. Blazus YT

    Blazus YT3 hours ago

    5:19 Does this mean im unique? I can clap my hands and make sound!

  53. Grizzpuft

    Grizzpuft4 hours ago

    Australians should throw away their lawnmowers and get wombats instead

  54. Lisa Guinn

    Lisa Guinn4 hours ago

    I almost feel like I see hyena in that

  55. Peter M

    Peter M4 hours ago

    How much force is needed for an adult humpback to breach ?

  56. Luxurius Litten

    Luxurius Litten4 hours ago

    Insects will die to this plant, except for this spider this spider dous not give a shit

  57. Chris Holder

    Chris Holder4 hours ago

    Did she say her name was "Just Kidding"?

  58. Cn Kuik

    Cn Kuik4 hours ago

    Why do I feel like I’m always watching vice on this channel

  59. skankhunt42 skankhunt42

    skankhunt42 skankhunt424 hours ago

    I'd make a single momma outta thickness anydamnday Also, some bs about a spider idk

  60. Lecram Pierre

    Lecram Pierre4 hours ago

    Guess Coyotefoxonstilts was too long a name to give it.

  61. Graciella Daniel

    Graciella Daniel4 hours ago

    can you do a gaboon viper? please?

  62. camau79

    camau794 hours ago

    timber wolves avoid the siberian tiger

  63. Wesley Hunt

    Wesley Hunt4 hours ago

    I've heard of BrutalMoose but this is ridiculous.

  64. Bella Z love science

    Bella Z love science4 hours ago

    COOL adaptions!

  65. High Lonesome - Colorado Bluegrass Band

    High Lonesome - Colorado Bluegrass Band5 hours ago

    i dont know how folks unlike these videos. Yall are doing great!

  66. 2 Tone Danger T

    2 Tone Danger T5 hours ago

    Evolution? Get outta here

  67. Phuck You

    Phuck You5 hours ago

    Wow. I did not know about the 3rd eye..